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    Go to the Facebook page of Sergio Pichus (Chapala, Jalisco) where he posts details and a video of the helicopter tour venture. It is set to "Public" and you can leave your feedback. Moy Anaya, our municipal president, has a FB page under Moisés Alejandro Anaya, if you want to leave a note there. The ongoing noise issue here at the seems to have taken another hit. The decibel level of the helicopter was at 110 over Ajijic yesterday afternoon, a clear violation of the established, complained-about, but unenforced law that went into effect in August 2019. People whose lives are disrupted by noise from bars and Evento centers have another offender to contend with.
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    Metformina is very cheap here and since it is the mainstay of non-insulin diabetes drugs, it's widely available without a script.
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    Since my last post on this 45 minutes ago, I have been lying on my bed trying to read a book. I counted 13 flyovers in this period, some so low as to rattle the windows, and set off car alarms and neighborhood dogs including my three. My house is just behind the federal land facing the lake just east of the SAT malecon. This has been going on since early this morning nonstop, some a little off the lake shore on the lake side and some right above my house and LOW. HERE GOES ANOTHER ONE!!! If this is a new sightseeing service for tourists, God help us all.
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    Pappy, you and I probably are not "in that market".... so us not knowing what the hell 'sugaring' was is completely understandable. Maybe.
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    Me too, Ferret. Whether phoning Vancouver Island or Seattle, I dial 001 + a ten digit number, whether a cellphone or a landline.
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    There is a cheese that has a lot of red chile pepper in it. It is a chihuahua cheese, widely available. I will not eat it. The thought of all those beautiful chihuahuas hooked up milking machines is disgusting.
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    I used to maintain an account with Actinver but found their service fees punitive. Also, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires you to include, in your tax filings, foreign bank accounts with balances over U.S. $10,000. Rather than paying my accountant an extra fee to include this step, I closed down my account. I do not pay any fees to maintain my U.S. bank account, and they reimburse any ATM fees incurred when withdrawing cash, domestically or in foreign countries.
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    There are reasons some tax reporting reasons Americans do not want to have an account in a foreign country. Also if you have a Mexican bank account you still would need to use an ATM to withdraw funds. By using your home account for those funds you money is sitting in your home country.
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    If one has residency, why not set up Mexican bank account that you transfer funds into via an online currency exchange site, like xetrade, transferwise, etc? It seems absurd if you live in Mexico and have residency to have to constantly use ATMs to access money from your NOB account.
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    DEAD WRONG You should not post information unless you have first hand knowledge. From the Seguro Popular website Please read they state "residente" not Mexicano. Residente under federal law as anyone who has the legal right to live in Mexico ¿Qué requisitos se necesitan para tramitar el seguro popular? Para poder incorporarte al Seguro Popular debes acudir a un Módulo de Afiliación y Orientación más cercano a tu localidad y cumplir con los siguientes requisitos: Ser residente en territorio nacional. No ser derecho-habientes de la seguridad social (IMSS o ISSSTE, PEMEX, etc.). Los documentos que deberás presentar en original y copia son: Comprobante de domicilio (con una vigencia no mayor a 90 días). Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) o Acta de nacimiento. Identificación oficial con fotografía del titular, en caso de menores de edad pueden presentar una carta de identidad que puede ser solicitada en su delegación o palacio municipal. Si eres beneficiario de algún programa de apoyo o subsidio del Gobierno Federal, debe presentar un comprobante que lo acredite como parte de alguna colectividad. What requirements are needed to process Seguro Popular? In order to join the Seguro Popular you must go to an Affiliation and Orientation Module closest to your location and meet the following requirements: Be a resident in national territory. Not be right-holders of social security (IMSS or ISSSTE, PEMEX, etc.). The documents that you must present in original and copy are: Proof of address (valid for no more than 90 days). Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) or Birth Certificate. Official identification with photo of the holder, in case of minors they can present an identity card that can be requested in their delegation or municipal palace. If you are a beneficiary of any Federal Government support or subsidy program, you must present proof that it is part of a community.
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    Each community will vary in cost, and price depends on many variables: how many homes to share in the Assessment, whether you currently have your phone lines on overhead cables or buried underground in conduits, how old your infrastructure is and what hardware additionally may have to be replaced, how far Telmex will have to string the fiber optic cable, and whether or not they will leave the existing copper cable or put the new fiber in the conduit alongside it. It took us about 3 months from signing (and prepaying in full) the agreement until hookup began. Speeds jumped but, like now, depend on the monthly package your home selects.
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    Having driven a diesel for 10 years does not necessarily address ULSD. I know that earlier this year there were very few Mexican refineries that were able to produce ULSD and most of it was being imported from the US. Another question is "is DEF readily available". Not trying to refute your answer but I'd ask a current new-model diesel truck owner for an opinion if possible.
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    If it bothers enough people it can be stopped.. It bothers me too and I do not like having helicopers flying back and forth above my head.. Those things do fall once in a while and the vibrations and noise are a nuisance. Always something new to screw up the peace.. Hopefully they will go under fast but if that is what is going on, it is pretty obnoxious.
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    Yes sorry I mean SRE,, I have been a Mexcan citizen for a few years so I know the difference.. By the way what I say is valid for any government agency.. Each office of any agency has its own twist and thatt is the way it is..
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    To clarify, as I understand it, iLox offers subscribers two phone lines. I wanted to port my existing Telmex number to one and my existing Majic Jack number to the second line. That is if I live long enough to experience installation. I'll call Majic Jack and post their response. SunFan
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    I am sure that your neighbor was pulling your leg. After a few trips even the wife of El Presidente would be bored. This has been going on for many hours and still continuing. They seem to be concentrating here in the SAT area
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    A local Mexican neighbor told me that it was the Presidente de Chapala flying overhead along with his wife.
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    Statements like this just should NOT be made on any Forum as they are obviously made from a place of no knowledge about the subject. For several YEARS people on this and other Forums have been talking about their SP experiences. How could that have been missed?
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    I have been here for 13 years and would like to remind everybody to be polite when driving. If you are on one of those narrow two way streets pull over into an empty spot if you can so the other guy can pass. If someone does it for you make sure you wave a gracias to them. when you are on the carretara slow down and let other cars in. You can do this by either flashing your lights or giving them the hand signal that means go ahed. This signal is putting your hand up in front of your face with your palm facing your face. You do this symbol for letting pedestrians cross as well. It is also used for Gracias. And my final tip for the road is “pull out and give er”. There is no need to be a scardy pants when you are trying to enter the carretara. Just put your nose of your car out there, you will notice most people will slow down and let you cross or into the stream of traffic. Keep things moving folks!
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    Read all of the mainstream news in Mexico and see the real situation unfolding and hope AMLO reverses the direction he is going before more damage is done to many Mexican institutes.
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    there is an economic crisis and sales are down in many parts of Mexico. Violence is reported up..Many of the Federal programs are down for the majority of the people receiving them.Cutting out the corruption program is not working... I am not saying this to cut down AMLO but this is what I see in parts of the country.
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    Baloney. I have SP and I'm not a citizen.
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    The biggest obstacle facing "Scallions" is getting past people who simply remember the place as "Salvatores". The totally renovated location (next to El Torito) is no longer a cafeteria serving inexpensive breakfasts and lunch. It's a full fledged, well maintained restaurant with an exciting menu, excellent food, service and pricing. Once they become known...........providing they keep their current focus, they stand a very good chance of becoming "the place to go" in Ajijic.
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    AMLO is screwing up and they follow the main stream Mexican news and know it is bad now.
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    Interesting link and set of offers, including a kilo of pure ground stevia leaves for 268 pesos! Mercado libre is amazing. It has just about everything you could imagine.
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    "Accessing funds" can be realized many ways. The responses here immediately turn to ATM cash and which ones have the smallest surcharge and aren't empty when you need money. Banking has changed a lot in the 16 years I've been here with credit/debit cards being able to reduce the need for paper bills meaning fewer visits to ATMs. Charge as much as possible. With a NOB credit card that doesn't have international exchange fees you get a good rate and can be used in many places now. Gasoline, utilities, restaurants, shopping and other places all accept credit cards. Some however need a Mexican credit card. I set up a Bancomer checking account many years ago. Got a debit card which can be used at any Bancomer ATM without any fee. It was a long a tedious process but I got a credit card and by using it a lot got a usable line of credit. Bancomer charges too much for wire transfers so I set up a checking account with a debit card at Multiva. Inbound wires only cost $10US no matter the amount. Most US brokerage firms offer outbound wire transfers with no fee so the cost to transfer money is only $10, much less than all the ATM surcharges you might encounter (unless you use Schwab). They offer a daily balance interest bearing account where you can park money not needed immediately. I charge as much as possible using the Bancomer credit card and amass points for free stuff, more than offsetting the cost of the card. When the Bancomer balance is low I can transfer money from Multiva on my phone. Today I transferred money using the Bancomer phone app to my pipa truck driver in Guayabitos to fill my aljibe. Every month or two I walk into the Bancomer branch and get change for gardeners, maids and other cash purchases which are now very minimal. This process won't work for everyone but it has saved me a lot of time, money and aggravation. Increased acceptance of plastic over the last few years has made a huge difference.
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    72 billion, 538 million pesos equaling over 50% of the federal health system budget was just allotted to Seguro Popular for the 2020 budget. Doubt it will be going away anytime soon. Mexico, like most countries, has a difficult time downsizing any federal program. Way too many bureaucrats have to receive their piece of the pie. In truth even AMLO has said the Seguro Popular system is neither Seguro (safe) or Popular (popular). At the same time AMLO is proposing yet another health system in addition to Seguro Popular, IMSS, and ISSSTE. Yes more bureaucracy, but what else would be expected from a socialist president?
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    Fickle...? Real easy to be ultra aggressive when you hide behind a cute little nom de plum . Before I gave up on Scallions ( 3 visits) every time I went ...same performance...no idea what wines ..no idea the prices . A simple blackboard effort would suffice . Eventually restaurants , like water tend to find their own level...every time we eat at Alex’s , La pacena and Cocinart they’re busy even in the summer . Maybe carnivore’ s post was a little over your head ...restaurant exposure wise ?
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    That is simply a stupid and rude thing to say. It shows no depth, just vitriol. Not at all welcome here. Not in any way.
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    I'm sorry. I should have said I was talking about Telmex. Yes if you have the right plan, you can do as you said. I thought they were only talking about Telmex. Which plan do you have and what do you pay per month?
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    With the Sin Limite plan at Telcel, you can call toll-free numbers in U.S. and Canada on your cellphone with no charge. You will hear a recorded message stating that these calls are not 'toll-free', but I've never been charged even one peso!
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    When the medical care facility doesn't get the cash in advance, I doubt that document would be needed.
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    Yes, there is no shortage as there are many diesel autos and PU down here. I personally drove one for 10 years here. However you must change filters more often here.
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    SP is for mexican citizens IMSS is for anyone that pays for it.
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    You seem like you'd be happier in a place that isn't Mexico. Eat at a fucking taco stand, my friend.
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