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    Hmm..is that helpful? Is it kind? Are you proud of it? Will you be proud of it in the morning?
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    This situation is certainly sad and it needs more than this forum to resolve it.
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    Don't lose sight of OP's main intention. This well could be a way to get into a house to "case the joint". Good reminder to NEVER let someone you don't know get inside your house/property. Better safe than sorry.....
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    Or west. Not all readers live in the same pueblo.
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    I wanted a couple of bags of popcorn for my air popper and searched high and low in the snack section of Wally's World. Nada. Only by chance (and needing a few more items) did I think to search in...the bean section. Yup, nestled amongst the frijoles of various shapes and varieties were the popcorn "beans." Love it!
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    Does anyone know about the fastest and most reliable internet in Riberas del Pilar? We just heard San Antonio is getting 50 MB down. Pete, I hope you're online.
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    Too bad I showed up at the CHAPALA TRANSITO OFFICE on Hidlalgo at 9 am and the officer sent me away, telling me no licenses would be issued until December. Too bad the person answering from the email that you supplied said zip about WHAT TIME to show up.
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    As a tourist/visitor to the USA with your Mexican plated vehicle, you may drive it for 1 year. However, if you are also a resident in the USA, the state may hassle you. I would not make the Mexican car obvious, in the same place for too long. It will attract attention. We once had a visit from a drug enforcement officer while we were visiting a relative for a few days. No problem, but we were noticed.
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    Surprise, everybody! As Ikea HQ announced in its pre-construction announcement about a year ago, a "large percentage" of the furniture in its Guad store will be stamped "Made in Jalisco." So...if the Swedes can make Chile Rellenos with a meatball filling, they'll do really well here.
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    Yes, sort of like finding the tajin in the hot sauce section. I have found that the Great Value brand, when they have it, is better than the other two brands they carry. I usually get friends to bring me down large jars of Orville Radoodahday; much better when I can. I use a Whirley Pop most of the time, and have a jug of butter-flavoured popcorn oil and containers of yellow popcorn salt, all from Amazon. For oil, I also use coconut oil for that "movie theatre" experience. Welcome, popcorn lovers.
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    I have tried all the ways and I can assure that you would never try twice.
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    IKEA might be facing a tougher market than one might think. Here are a few of the minimalist-ish furniture companies (all Mexican) in Mexico already. https://www.mobica.com.mx/ https://www.gaiadesign.com.mx/ http://www.marqco.com/ http://mueblesinoba.com/
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    and the sheets do not have to be assembled either jaja Rony it took me a while but I got it...
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    roof .. Anything to make you happy lakeside , if that is possible
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    Yes, but now you are a commited married man with children - no more easy outs for you!
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    Actually it is a good idea to go where there is an open office in Guadalajara and forget Chapala . Pay a facilitator if you are afraid and forget Chapala.It is pretty simple to cut out the frustration if that is what you want to do.
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    Ha! "Quite capable?" You would have been there and got the number yourself if you were capable after all your googling.
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    Between my Garmin and Waze, both are reliable. The only caveat is if you don't want to go the Aguascaliente and Zacatecas route, make Matehuala your destination coming and going and once near there, change destinations to Laredo or Chapala.
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    But.....P.T. Barnum was correct. 🤩
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    Once again, I strenuously object to Dr. Santiago being able to advertise his services on this webboard.
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    despite the dire warnings of the oracle of Chapala, word is the CHAPALA TRANSITO OFFICE was packed yesterday with licence applicants. Numbers will follow.
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    Maybe start a GOFUNDME
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    As a patient and a retired RN, I would endorse Dr. Aceves to further diagnose your issue. P.Gates
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    If you're the kind of person who needs things to happen FAST, then Mexico is going to be a real challenge for you.
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