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    I know why I am having problems...everybody is on line.
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    It seems the fire is out. No helicopters filling water bombs and no smoke. Let's hope it doesn't come alive again.
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    Thank you Gringa Gal for your lovely review and to everyone else for your thoughts. When you have spent as many years in this industry as I have (over 50 ) you realize that listening to feedback both good and bad is important. I came to Mexico in my 30's. First in Puerto Vallarta, then Guadalajara and 30 years ago began coming to the Lake to cater private parties and then opened my first restaurant here. I have learned you can not please all of the people all of the time but that you do need to be flexible and adapt. That was the case when I opened La Terraza as a Mexican Modern concept originally. A year ago no one was doing that type of food and now in Ajijic alone there are 4 to 10 (depending on your interpretation of the term). I admit I like to stand out from the crowd and in talking to customers I had a lot of people asking for recipes they remembered me doing 25, 15 even 10 years ago. As a side bar let me say it is humbling to have people remember your cooking so vividly. That is when I began considering La Terraza Gourmet and going back to my roots in the California French Restaurant Revolution in the 70's. One of the challenges of doing that quality of food in a retirement community is menu price. I knew I could not provide the quality without raising prices which would be a deal breaker for many on a retirement budget. My solution was to give value with that price instead of the trend in restaurants (and airlines) of charging a la carte for every little thing). So the menu is a price fixe in the evening. You can relax while browsing the menu with a table appetizer (included with your meal), You can enjoy a choice of at least 2 of my popular soups, you have a salad course and then your choice of entree. AND I have tried to offer a range of entrees depending on appetite and budget. Gringa Gal the dessert is not included in the entree price it is a la carte since many of my customers either don't do dessert or eat lighter after a 4 course meal (many chose to share a dessert with their dining partner). My vision for La Terraza Gourment was a casual elegant relaxed dining experience different from other restaurants in town - a niche not being served. In answer to just serving a single entree I do continue to offer that as a lunch option all the way up to 5pm. I hope that this explains a little bit of the theory behind the menu and as always I understand a restaurant is only as good as the last happy client. PS Computer Guy: When you are as old as I am there are some days that you do dream of retirement; but I have learned after retiring a few years ago that cooking for people is in my blood and I thrive on the interaction of customers and their feed back (it is like hosting a dinner party every day). When I am ready to finally step down I will let you know 🙂 )
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    What a nightmare! So, it still appears to me that many of these folks are going to lose their jobs. For us, it's not worth the increase, plus the added headache of having to make sure that the money is not pocketed, that we receive proof, etc, etc. I'd rather clean myself than to dive into this mess. I think the intention is good, but this isn't going to go well...
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    I like Tom Kessler, and am grateful for his efforts as part of the group responsible for enticing Ilox into the Lakeside area. I can only imagine the number of hours accrued by Tom (with no compensation) answering questions, fending off aggressive nay-sayers who know nothing of the process particulars, explaining details to many people who seem unable to lift a finger or press a single key to research and learn anything. For that I laud Tom. But when I hear "No one was expecting 60% of Lakeside to leave town" I have to marvel, because this is a known fact - happens every year, like bird migrations. To the contrary, it seems quite predictable. This sadly reminds me of the GW Bush crowd after 9/11 saying things like "no one could have predicted anyone would fly planes into buildings", especially when the government was staging exercises to encompass that very act, that very day. All that aside, I fault Ilox only for the almost total lack of communications with their customer base. They issue a sketchy email or two and promise more info, but it never materializes. We hear nothing from them, leaving people like Tom to do all the 'splainin for them. Perhaps they have very little end-user interaction experience as an excuse for this, but come on.... how smart do you have to be to realize people want to be informed of what affects them and their hopes of getting real internet service. C'mon Ilox, talk to us.
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    I made the trip many times myself, single woman. I didn't experience any problems, just random acts of kindness. Just practice the same safety measures you'd take anywhere.
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    Still down in lower SAT, also. I did go to the Telcel building in the plaza and it was packed. People waiting in line to get tickets to wait in line to see the reps. I thought for sur the issue would be solved by today but no such luck. Also this morning went to visit the local lady at the aborrotes store and she confirmed--through her local Mexican tag team--that it is still down everywhere in SAT and west to Black Coffee.
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    I got installed a week after signing up, I also have 24 stations in English and some that have now and then, I have never had such fast internet speed lakeside, I am happy with this service...
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    Telcel modem is now working... 🙏
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    That really is a great photo! And all facing the same way... concert? or the breeze?
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    Great picture, vetteforron,. Sure wouldn't want to be walking underneath. I could imagine all of the bird droppings below them.
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    What you prefer is irrelevant if your maid makes a demand for something she is entitled to you have to pay for that and not claim you are paying her more by the hour or the day.. If you pay her more ,the benefits you owe her are more as well and so will her severance.. You do understand that part?
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    In my case, it proves that those Irish nuns weren´t always successful with incorrigible miscreants.
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    I heard on Facebook that the fire is up above the street in Ajijic centro that has the school with all the skulls on it, across from the church. I can't recall the name of that street.
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    Tolls will run you around 1800 pesos mas o menos. At the Nogales border, recommend using the Mariposa crossing just west of town rather than going straight through Nogales Mx.
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    Info from december 2018 Cuenta Libretón Bancomer: saldo mínimo de $4,000. Cobro si no mantienes el saldo mínimo: $185 + iva.
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    Jumex website says: Enjoy Jumex Unico Fresco, the delicious orange juice as only nature knows how to do: squeezed directly from oranges, carefully selected to obtain 100% natural juice, conserving its nutritional benefits and without adding anything, neither water nor sweeteners, nor preservatives . Ingredients Orange juice.
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    Telcel call reception has been an ongoing problem for 3+ days. I see zero bars as I write this. I have spoken to many and it is the same. Receive notice of missed calls when my phone was on and never rang. All areas lakeside plus some other areas as well. Those with Telcel wireless internet box are experiencing the same problems because the same cellular network services them.
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