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    Oftentimes when a dog shows aggresive behavior the underlying cause is pain. I would have a second vet do a thorough examination for another opinion.
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    I had my own business 'up North' as well and I always notified my clients if there was going to be a scheduling conflict. None of us know the reason for Saul's no show, and that does not mean it is ok to vilify him and decide his actions are 'bad'. Find out what the problem is before assuming the worst.
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    Go see Dr. Pepe Magana. He will go and see the animal and decide what to do.
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    " Mexican friends, they tell me 'it's the culture'...." That does not make it right, it is "the culture" in Muslim countries to stone a woman to death because she has been raped, doesn't make it right. This situation needs to be reported and dealt with, the animal abuse laws in Jalisco have gotten stronger over the years. Please call the number and get some help for this animal.
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    I won't say too much, for obvious reasons, but Dr. Pinto is the reason I found Dra. Claudia (and am thrilled beyond measure with her).
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    Lexy, your husband was President for at least 2 years. Maybe you have a few scraps of documents left hanging around? It was very close to, if not actually "Lake Chapala Humane Society A.C." When you remember the name of a man, you are remembering the Haack Foundation who leased that land to the society for $1 per year. But that family name was never involved.
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    Thanks for advice...we will attempt to have Pepe or another qualified person check out this thin horse, left without water for more than a day often! Not meaning to meddle, but are just concerned. Using our property for the horse without permission, neighbors stopping to think we are doing this abuse prompted stepping up to get help. The horse can disturb sleep in our area too. Yes, we do bring water ....
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    I don't have a world of patience, and an occasional no show by an otherwise good worker is tolerated, but for example: I've been using a man and his family crew for years. He was a reliable plumber/electrician. As of this year, he was contacted to do some work and was to show up on the next Monday. As of the next Friday, he didn't show and didn't call. That's when I went on this board and asked for a recommendation for a "reasonably" reliable handyman and got the names of several. The end result is that I found a small crew who showed up, did the job and charged reasonably. They will be contacted again when I need some work. If they don't show up.......I'll look elsewhere. It a person wants the business, they know how to keep a customer happy. They also know Gringo expectations, and are willing to meet them...or not. There is absolutely no use in complaining. Vote with your feet and your pesos.
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    Dear Gringal: That sounds like a perfectly reasonable way of understanding the situation; it's a cultural contrast and conflict. Mudgirl, however, doesn't or won't accept or understand it. She sounds very judgmental to me, though she claims not to be making judgements at all. Others who take some apparent discomfort at the invocation of external standards, which "mudgirl" (love the dirty name;-) attribute to the Professional World (and herself) wouldn't agree, though the situation strikes an outsider as one full of insularity. I suspect that the woods down there are full of Gringos who earn passive aggressive responses which they neither understand nor anticipate.
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    Dra Claudia Lilia Camacho Choza Hidalgo 271, Lourdes, 45900 Chapala, Jal. 01 33 3403 3857
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    This what I use on my dog and they never got lose. The tension has to be done by the owner when you want it by pulling upwards not by the dog pullng forwards
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    Sounds a little pricey for pork loin
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    No, not either of these, it was before Geoffrey although he was involved, as were Diane Hazen, Gudrun Jones and a few others who still volunteer. I believe it was named after a man and cannot remember what it was.
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    My recommendation is for Dra. Claudia Camocho, however, I read somewhere on this forum that she having another baby and may be on pregnancy leave at the moment. She is the best opthamologist here.
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    Any of the glass stores, like Viluma, carry it and can cut it to size for you. Plexiglas (FYI) is more expensive than glass here.
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    When we worked horses they were were only watered twice a day morning and evening and infrequently at mid-day. A horse will need about 5-6 gallons two times a day. Yes, Mexicans and many others around the world do not treat animals as we would. But remember that a horse is a large investment for a young man and he will not deliberately dangerously jeopardize his investment. Many cultures live closer to their animals than we do and retain more working knowledge than many of us. Many an equine has had to be destroyed because of well intentioned intervention by people who know little more than their feelings. Use caution water if you want but NO feed or greens. The short rope is to teach a horse to stand and keep it's nose off the ground. We do not always like the local training methods but we admire the results. The locals wind up with well broke, traffic safe horses.
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    My architect/builder put in large sewer pipes in the house which connects to an even larger sewer pipe in the street. He told me that because the sewer lines were so large (by local standards) that I could flush the toilet paper down the drain.
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    We were also unhappy with Dr. Pinto.
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    I agree with the 2nd opinion opinion. Doxies frequently have back issues and you could be doing something by accident that hurts. It could be that the maid does something slightly different that doesn't hurt. If the Vet doesn't find anything wrong (and have him or her watch as you remove the leash) you might try a slip leash like they use at dog shows. When you come back from the walk, leave the leash on for 15+ minutes. Then rub the dog's ears and gently loosen the leash and slide the leash off. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/remington-nylon-rope-slip-leash-in-green#customerReviews
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    I very much liked Dr. Pinto personally but did not have a positive outcome with his work and lost time and money.
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    ... that my subscription couldn't be renewed with the credit card information that they have on file. Which is kinda interesting because I don't have a Netflix subscription and never have. I deleted it. BE WARNED that this is a phishing scam looking for credit card information.
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    I would try using a muzzle for the walks.
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    funny in France they are called Turkish toilets.
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    He bites you and do not try to bite her?.. If that is so , he knows she is the boss and you are someone he can mess with.
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    I too, have had good luck with Dr. Pinto, over the years.
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    Wow. Some good suggestions here but it seems many posters here are not aware of the Mexican household lifestyle. Bidets??? To keep from using toilet paper??? Are you people all aware that you CANNOT even flush paper down the toilet in MX? Few Mexicans or gringos in less expensive housing have the fancy water systems that allow for flushing toilet paper. Do you think Mexicans can afford to install bidets in their houses??? Huh??? I've traveled all around MX, stayed in nice hotels, ate in nice restaurants, and they ALL have wastebaskets by the toilet for the used toilet paper, which has to be disposed of somehow. My own house is like that. Almost every house I've been in here has bathroom wastebaskets lined with plastic bags from the tiendas. The only places where you know you can flush your toilet paper is when the DON'T have a wastebasket by the toilet, and that is very rare. You can't put that kind of loose waste into a big garbage can. The garbage workers handle all that stuff by hand without gloves! I don't even use a garbage can to put in the street here. I take out 4 small bags of trash per week. Singles and couples don't generate enough garbage, hopefully, to need a big trash can! The plastic bags are very convenient for small amounts of trash. Empty garbage pails get stolen. Please remember we are talking about MX here, not up north. Also, if people had the space for a compost heap, don't you think we/they would already be doing that? The recycling of kitchen waste is a great idea so we can contribute to a municipal compost heap. In the mild climate of MX, there is much greater risk of vermin getting into your food scraps. I've seen rats around town, you don't want to leave food scraps around! MX has almost no sturdy paper bags to be found anywhere. Remember the trees they come from? If shops can no longer use plastic bags for customers, wouldn't it follow that you won't be able to buy them either? That would be an extra expense for many financially struggling Mexicans. So I'm still not seeing a solution to the garbage disposal issue which in MX, revolves around plastic bags. I think this law was thought up by men who have never done a lick of housework or have never taken out the trash in MX. Yes, let's move in the direction of using less plastic, but the plastic issue has to be connected to the trash disposal issue as it is in MX, not up north.
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    Other people don't have that problem. I have not had more "no show" or "no call" here than NOB or other places.
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    I think all of you should hold back on judging Saul until you know what his health problem is. Boy- so many righteous people mouthing off. You do not know what his circumstances are. He is the best window washer, and a perfect gentleman.
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    FYI, the knife sharpener is available as a single purchase at Amazon MX for 227p. https://www.amazon.com.mx/AccuSharp-Afilador-cuchillos-ACCU-001C-Blanco/dp/B00004VWKQ/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=3DG23Z09CA09U&keywords=accusharp&qid=1557660044&s=gateway&sprefix=accushar%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-1
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    Amen, happyjillin right with you on this one.
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    The first time I got poked and prodded in all those really personal places by a lady doctor I realized the biggest difference between a lady doctor and a man doctor is the size of their fingers. I like lady doctors.
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    I am looking for a used armoire for hanging clothes; medium or large. I live in San Antonio so it would have to be delivered. Muchas gracias.
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    Last week, CFE replaced all the poles and wires on the street where I live. I was. of course, without power for several hours. When the power came back on, the Telemex phone and modem lit up, but no dial tone or internet. i went outside and found the Telmex guy who mwas woeking alongside the CFE guys. He had already passed my house and was workig further down the block. He came back to my house to check. Lo and behold, the CFE guys had cut my Telmex wire.He was visably unhappy about it, but he said to wait a bit. He climbed the pole, installed a new wire, and I was reconnected to Telmex. I don't know wny this happened to me. I was in the house reading, minding my own business, but I lost my internet and phone service anyway. Sorry, CG. But apparently these utility guys, whether line men or CEOs, don't know or don't care about what's illegal.
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    Just woke up and I've got people crapping all over me already. Sheesh. Okay 1) I rescued the e-mail from trash and put it back in my inbox 2) I made note of the address shown which is hd@cancellation-confirmation-ca.com 3) sent the e-mail to spam Are ya'all happy now? And yes, I did copy the e-mail address exactly as shown and hope that it gets buried in bot junk mail.
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    I have been a patient of Dr Pinto's in Riberas for several years...always very happy with his services! 376 765 7793. His office is located in a mini plaza just across the street from Mom's Deli.
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