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    All these last few days squabbles over a brand new hospital that provides convenience to expats and nationals who may not want to travel about 50 minutes away at night or maybe they don't have cars?! It's impossible to get all equipments in one day. It's perfectly fine for anyone to travel to any hospitals as his/her choice. Choices are wonderful. However, this's just my opinion - put your thumbs away and keep some negative thoughts to yourself - Hospital San Antonio deserves a chance. Do not attack. I'm entitled to my opinion.
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    They have been fighting forest fires for a week. Please bring energy/electrolyte drinks to firehouse on Libramiento .or Ajijic delegation (the south west corner of the Ajijic plaza)
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    Please do not assume that all people without cars cannot afford to buy them, or that they cannot afford to pay for a ride to Guadalajara or they cannot afford to pay for hospital services in a private hospital. Why would someone not want a quality facility nearby ? This new hospital is within spitting distance of me, and I am thrilled not to have to rely on the Cruz Roja for emergency care. I hope the new hospital is a success and, I , too, am thrilled with the option of immediate care/stabilization prior to a transfer to GDL if needed. If not, then decent care close by is just plain wonderful.
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    chillin in Chiapas the poorest state in the nation specialists charge between 600 and 800 pesos a visit as well so 800 in jalisco is not such a rip off . It is what most specialists charge.
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    Jumping the gun on pricing aren't you? It is an unknown as of now. Why do you assume that people can't afford a car? I know someone who doesn't drive any more because of medical issues. Go where you want to go and be comfortable with where you want to be. I'm delighted with the new hospital since it's five minutes away from me. Emergencies happen and I will be very grateful to have such a facility so close to me. We're not talking about elective procedures here, it's about life and death. YMMV.
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    We have a new local commandante of the state transitos. Gordo is GONE thanks to the good people who wrote letters confirming extortion. Hector is planning a town Hall to introduce the commandante.
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    This is not accurate. My favorite Quality Care doctor tells me they have been invited to use the San Antonio hospital but they have no connection with the hospital being built on the libramiento.
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    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6122668/ " The anti-vaccination movement was most strongly rejuvenated in recent years by the publication of a paper in The Lancet by a former British doctor and researcher, Andrew Wakefield, which suggested credence to the debunked-claim of a connection between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and development of autism in young children. Several studies published later disproved a causal association between the MMR vaccine and autism. Wakefield drew severe criticism for his flawed and unethical research methods, which he used to draw his data and conclusions. A journalistic investigation also revealed that there was a conflict of interest with regard to Wakefield’s publication because he had received funding from litigants against vaccine manufacturers, which he obviously did not disclose to either his co-workers nor medical authorities. For all of the aforementioned reasons, The Lancet retracted the study, and its editor declared it “utterly false”. As a result, three months later, he was also struck off the UK Medical Registry, barring him from practicing medicine in the UK. The verdict declared that he had "abused his position of trust" and "brought the medical profession into disrepute" in the studies he carried out." Maybe they are full of it. That major anti-vaccination website I read some of follows what the UK's Socialized Medicine National Health System has debunked every fraudulent claim it makes. The history of this movement is included in the link if you are really interested. All of mudgirl's claims are debunked as well including the false claim about polio. Check it out. It is a scam!
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    Well my friend, I think that we can 'all' agree that our immigration laws were not written to address the current kind of problems we are seeing caused by the sheer numbers of folks attempting to enter under our asylum laws. But I, for one, am not buying that your 'assurance' about the intent of the 'current crop' is more than just an opinion of how you see it and wish it weren't and, in my opinion, is a gross misrepresentation (easy life, milk, gold, unwilling) of a group of people none of us really know or know much of anything about.
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    Get ready to grease the new feller on the block...
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    Over what timeframe does your 500 deaths occur? Since the vaccination was developed I believe... and that was 'reported', not necessarily confirmed. Only 1 death reported since 2015. The vast majority of deaths from measles worldwide, 95%, come from undeveloped countries which have little or no vaccination programs. It is my understanding that the current outbreak is most prevalent in areas where either for religious or cultural (foreign) reasons children were not vaccinated.... something like 85% of the cases reported were from non-vaccinated persons. Me, I'll continue to believe in vaccinations in general. YMMV
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    There are many second hand stores east of Wally World on the highway... and Barbara's Bazaar in central Ajijic (just west of Colon on 16th de Septiembre). For me "iron" is a four letter word.
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    You assume too much. One of the prime objectives of the San Antonio is stabilization for transport if necessary. One of the principals is Dr. Garcia Garcia who is well known for all things to do with the heart. You are making judgements without facts.
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    Lily H is spot on! How can anyone bitch about an upgrade of medical care availability close to home?
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    All of the new Congress that comes from minority ethnicities, religions, racial makeups, seem to read, write, and understand English, as well as the laws, good or bad. So what is your problem about all this assimilation? Oh I see, they should be white. blue eyed Christians (preferably non-Catholic) A total red herring argument. Attrition of your point of view is more important to me than your idea of assimilation.
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    And parents that think they know more than doctors.
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    Beside spending 3 lousy days in a private clinic in CHiapas I also spent some nights in the general hospital there as a friend of mine´s child had to be there with her son who had fractured his skull.There were no bed available so her son spent 3 days in the emergency room on a cart. The parents or family slept outside on the street and in the waiting room on cardboards on the ground... and it is cold in San Cristobal. The patient had to have a parent or tutor with him at all times. That person was given a tiny chair to spend 6 hours at a time. Once I entered to help at 8pm and had to stay until 2 am like it or not. The doors were locked and a guard had to let you in or out. One woman came in on thursday night after a 2 hour van ride from the mountain. The boy was crying or howling all night, and vomiting, he probably had a skull fracture.. The x ray machine was not working so they sent him by ambulance to a lab. The woman had to pay 200 pesos to the ambulance and 1800 to the lab. She had no money so a hat was passed around. Once she got the money she went to the lab , came back. with the x rays.. but the doctor was gone and would not be back until the following monday so the har as passed around so the woman and her son could take a bus back to their house.There was no bed so they were told to come back on Monday..She went off with the screaming boy.. and never came back. I was there on that MOnday and she never came..It was just heartbreaking .. and we bitch because the hospital may not have this or that?? get serious.
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    I took a cart full of electrolytes, water, fruit. and bar-type snacks by earlier today and they were very grateful to be receiving support from the community. I am guessing that leather work gloves and tools like sturdy hoes, shovels, and machetes would be appreciated, too. Also, the American Legion is collecting items to be delivered to the Bomberos as well.
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    The vast majority are asylum seekers, and are therefore not 'illegals'. They either appear at a border entry point, and suffer the long waits, sometimes for days, during the 'intentional slowdown', or cross more quickly elsewhere, and then walk the roads and turn themselves in to the first border patrol officer they encounter; also legal. It is true that the numbers are overwhelming, but that is not the fault of Mexico, which treats them humanely, rather than turning them back to face the dangers they seek to escape. They need help, not punishment, from both Mexico and the USA, as has always been our traditional policy; until 'recent changes in certain personnel. New temporary facilities are now opening in Donna and El Paso, TX., and local shelters and other organizations are doing all they can to help. No, our USA immigration system was not designed to handle such a large influx of refugees, nor were those in European countries also facing similar overloads in recent years. Migrations have always resulted when civilizations begin to crumble. The crumbling is well under way!
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    Gosh, no honorable mention for asylum seekers?
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    Great news. He got me, too. Good riddance.
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    Today is Friday and you need to leave Sunday? Not one of those advance planners, eh? I hope it is not because of a family emergency. Why don't you just take a plane or a bus to Houston and then get your paperwork done there and then come back the same way when you have your paperwork in order. I know this requires more money than you might think is practical, but less than it will cost encountering problems along the way. Alternatively, I think there is a service that can get paperwork to transport a vehicle with outdated paperwork to the border for you... not sure how, but maybe you can ride along with them and get the travel papers in the link Angus provided above once you get to the border. If nobody else chimes in and mentions the service that gets you car to the border, I think Spencer knows about it and you can reach out to his office. Or, you could just roll the dice and hope you get lucky. I did that once and got married. It cost me two houses and three pension funds.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the number of ill people is irrelevant to the success of these two hospitals. They will simply adjust prices accordingly as they have a growing and virtually captive client base. Good luck everyone!
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    Curious. Where is the nearest heliport to Hospital San Antonio? Jocotepec hospital has one. Ten minutes to Guadalajara. Advanced life support on board. Something more than a crash cart. I know that you don,t live here Tiny, if you did, and if you had common sense, you would realize that the majority of medical practitioners here are chasing the gringo dollar. Even Quality Care, which generally has top of the line specialists has now raised their price to 800 peso per visit.
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    Cesar has been adopted by a nice Mexican family with older children. YEAH
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    That is exactly the point I am trying to make. If you go into cardiac arrest, let's say, they don't have the specialists and special equipment to keep you alive. Even Jocotepec hospital would have to fly you to Guadalajara. The public hospital in Guadalajara I like has a brand new heliport it is very busy with air ambulances and I have also seen Federales copters land there.
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    I am still trying to my head around how people who cannot afford a car or driver service to Guadalajara or Jocotepec are going to afford an expensive private hospital, paying as much as $500 U.S. per day? This based on what Ajijic "hospital" charges and also what lower level private hospital charges in Guadalajara. They be willing to provide some dressing, and maybe even some stiches, but after that they will want to see a credit card (which they will block out like hotels do) or a pile of cash, which they will keep for safekeeping.
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    Well, that's scary!!!
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    Any doctor who is Board certified will be given privileges at SAH.
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    see link to doctors who oppose mandatory vaccinations maybe they know something that we do not know https://worldwidechoice.org/mandatory-vaccination-blog/
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    It used to be. I wish it were again.
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    Look again. Those are median salaries. Highest is about 22,000 pesos. That's quite a high salary for what is pretty much barely a middle class job. Doctors here don't make anywhere near what doctors make in the USA, and being a general practitioner isn't a glamour job here. Understand that these doctors are employees of Farmacia Similares--that's who pays them. What the patient pays is 40 pesos per consultation--could be 5 minutes, could be 2 hours. I was in a Similares waiting room in Mexico City when a young woman was brought in by her companion. She looked about half dead; she could barely sit up in her chair to wait and was grey of face. I gave her my turn. When I left, after a standard-for-me 15-20 minute consultation, she was still in the other doctor's consulting room, with much bustling about by other personnel. Her companion told me the ambulance was on its way. Those people paid the same 40 pesos I did for much more urgent and lengthy services.
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    I thought politics was a no no on this board. A troll from Texas has special privileges?
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    Anti vaccers[sp?] should all be put away for child abuse of their own children and assault or causing the death others. Yes some of them have even killed their own children.
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    Dennis - I don't think so - I have dealt with her three or four times, always in Spanish.
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    " Also, vaccines do not make a child sick with the disease, and they do not weaken the immune system. Vaccines introduce a killed/disabled antigen into the body so the immune system can produce antibodies against it and create immunity to the disease. That said, it's not uncommon for a child to develop a mild runny nose and/or cough after receiving the flu vaccine. This does not mean, however that your child "got the flu." Also, because it takes about two weeks for the flu vaccine to become effective, and because flu symptoms do not immediately appear, a person could unknowingly already be infected with the flu when receiving a vaccination. Someone in this situation might assume that the flu vaccine gave them the flu, but this is not possible or true." https://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/immunization/vaccine_safety/misperceptions.htm
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    There is a pool available to anyone just east of S&S, actually in the same parking lot as Puritan Chicken. You'd have to go to see about open swim hours.
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't those most vigorously demanding a humble assimilation were, and still are, old white dudes and evangelical christians?
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    On a more constructive note, I called the SAT hospital this morning and asked about CT scans. I was told that the equipment is installed, but not yet operational. "Hopefully next week" was the prognosis.
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    Well? - attempting to sort out your dissociated comments, bringing Canada in as an unrelated country to this subject, I will tell you that all the touchy feely emotions are rendered irrelevant because the US, America (if you will), is a country and society of laws, and the plain, unabashed fact undisputed by any legal authority, is that crossing into the US illegally is a crime. All the smooze, touchy feely emotions etc is a mask to cover the reality of that fact that there is essentially an "invasion" of illegals into the US - which is increasing in an attempt to swamp, overcome if you will, the border security. NOTE: On a specific note, Frum was attached to the Bush administration - not really a proforma validation of Conservatism, maybe a member of the Republican establishment, but not Conservatism I can assure you. PS: Here's something most folks don't know, the legal immigration system in the US was mostly shut down from the mid 20's until the early 60's - for one simple reason, to allow assimilation of incoming non-Americans. I assume you live in MX, I lived there, let me assure you the current "crop of immigrants" has little or no interest in assimilating into the American culture. They are there, by their own admissions, to access a "better life" etc. In other words, they seek the easy life, the milk, the gold and are unwilling to follow the previous generations path that came to America to find those same things, but learned the language, that assimilated into the American culture and knew that doing so causes a rising tide that floats all boats including their children and prodigy.
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    Deaths from measles, as cafemediterraneo points out, are almost all in underdeveloped countries without access to clean water, good nutrition, proper sewage treatment, people unable to afford to go to a doctor, and where there may not be proper hygiene. Vaccinations do save lives, and it's wonderful that people in those places can be protected. But most of us of a certain age all had measles as children, my own 3 daughters all had measles as children. Yes, quite sick for a week, but no one died. Chicken pox and whooping cough, as well. And letting the body fight off those diseases bolsters the immune system. If someone is strong and healthy, those diseases don't lead to hospitalization or death What is interesting is that while the polio vaccine is credited with wiping out polio, polio actually disappeared at the same time all over the world, even in the many countries where there was no mass vaccination. The virus simply ran its course and petered out, altho there is still the odd case of polio here and there. And all those tetanus boosters we're urged to get every ten years? There has never been a case of tetanus in anyone who has ever been vaccinated, even if they were only vaccinated once when they were 3 years old. It's hard to know what information we're given is correct and what is driven by the pharmaceutical companies trying to rake in the $.
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    The only vaccine i ever had were the original polio when I was 4 and the small pox when i went to college. I think the whole model for vaccines is wrong and Louis Pasteur repudiated his own work at the end of his life. There's an interesting pdf file on the internet entitled "Beauchamp vs Pasteur" written in 1923 that outlines the whole conflict of ideas on the origins of disease. Anton Beauchamp said that it was the Territory of the body , not the germs which were there for everybody. Pasteur insisted that there was a specific germ for every disease that had to be identified and killed. Pasteur was backed by the moneymen--the Boneparts--and so here we are. Many people connect the start of vaccines with homeopathy, but they aren't alike. Homeopathy uses the normal paths of infection and microdoses to stimulate your own immune system while vaccines are done through the bloodstream. I find it interesting that many of the really bad diseases of our childhood like dipheria, scarlet fever and rhumatic fever don't have a vaccine or any recent cases. At this time there are more deaths from measle vaccine(500) than from measles.
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    Often a divergent point of view allows a person to arrive at the truth, especially when those divergent views appear to come to the same conclusions. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/05/us/crossing-the-border-statistics.html Or https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/us-has-hit-breaking-point-at-border-amid-immigration-surge-customs-and-border-protection-commissioner-says/2019/03/27/d2014068-5093-11e9-af35-1fb9615010d7_story.html?utm_term=.3fdf18e5da00 I presume these sources are acceptable.
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    None so blind as those who will not see, nor so deaf as those who will not hear. Often the truth is shocking.
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    a great article. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/04/david-frum-how-much-immigration-is-too-much/583252/ I. The Wave That’s Still Building Through much of the 20th century, the United States received comparatively few immigrants. In the 60 years from 1915 until 1975, nearly a human lifetime, the United States admitted fewer immigrants than arrived, legally and illegally, in the single decade of the 1990s. If you grew up in the 1950s, the 1960s, or even the 1970s, heavy immigration seemed mostly a chapter from the American past, narrated to the nostalgic strains of The Godfather or Fiddler on the Roof. The Ellis Island immigrant-inspection station—through which flowed the ancestors of so many of today’s Americans—closed in 1954. It reopened as a museum in 1990. Yet rather than fading into history, immigration has only been accelerating. From 1990 to 2015, 44 million people left the global South to find new homes in the global North. They came from Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
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    There is a need for small hospital and larger top notch ones. For some o the everyday stuff and some emergency the local hospitals are fine for some other emergency we need to go to Guadalajara.. We chose to live an hour or more of the good hospitals so be it.. take your lumps and live with t, I say.
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    I got bored after reading about 10 of your posts. I can't believe some of the people on this site. Quit griping all the time and give the hospital a chance. There is also another one coming. i wonder what the gripes will be about that one. If you don't like the new hospitals, then take the trip to GDL, but grow up.
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    To all you guys bitching about this or that here, get sick in San Cristobal de las Casas and get a dose of reality in Mexico.. There neither hospital or doctors are great. Actually some hospitals are pretty scary. You have no idea how easy and good you have it here. My husband just got surgery in one of the private hospitals there and we do not even have facturas yet and probably will never get them, I just will have to report them to SAT for cheating on the texes on top of being no good..
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    FuMiGa- Libertad 240, San Antonio Tlayacapan, 45900 Ajijic, Jal. 33 1464 6705
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    Went to the doctor at the Benavides Pharmacy adjacent to Soriana. Older man with salt-and-pepper hair, a "real" doctor. Pleasant man who spoke excellent English. 70 pesos. BTW just went to the link https://www.indeed.com.mx/cmp/Farmacias-Similares/salaries and I see that a Doctor/a averages 9,600 pesos a month. That is about as much as my housekeeper makes working for me 15 hours a week, and no university education! Something definitely wrong with the payscale here.
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