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    So how do the dog and the owner share the meal? Does the owner get down on all fours and eat off the dog plate on the floor, or does the dog have a special booster seat so it can sit at the table? My dog would go for the rib eye, but the veggies and mixed berries would lead her to leave a bad review.
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    Yes I think it does. The doctors who work at those Pharmacies are paid a wage similar to that of an uneducated construction worker, ( or less) after attending university and doing their service for 6 years. That wage will not attract the best graduates of medical school, nor will the very limited and repetitive nature of the patients' complaints they will hear. Anyone good at medicine will not settle for a job like that, in my opinion. To me its shocking that any doctor will work for those wages. I have seen jobs advertised in the past at those pharmacies offering a wage of 200p a day. For a doctor. Imagine.
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    Well, she must be a psychologist that can also write prescriptions.
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    Great news for calling both within MX and to it, from outside.... https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g150793-i46-k12385914-Reminder_Simplified_phone_calling_begins_on_Aug_3_2019-Puerto_Vallarta.html
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    My iPad works with my Ilox hookup. Like RV said, you have to go to your settings on the iPad or phone, click on WiFi, then click on your Ilox network and enter your password.
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    They have probably not given those items the new wireless address for the new modem.
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    But what is scary and a bad guy finds the keys, you do not want them to know where they just might fit. So I don't know whether I would advertise stating that you lost your keys. No point in telling the bad guy where the keys will work. I don't know what I would do. It is sort of scary I wish you the best of luck.
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    All doctors affiliated with "local" farmacias have "village" consulta prices, ranging from 20 to 50 pesos, and that includes writing scrip. This is intended to benefit the poor working class, and says nothing else about the doctor (who is usually still in training).
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    Each of us who have seen an orthopedist will have our own recommendations. It will be up to you to decide who is BEST for you. Personally we like Jorge Gonzalez Uruza and as he is one of the doctors at Hospital San Antonio AND it means no traveling to GDL to have surgery. I believe knees, hips and shoulders are the majority of his practice.
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    Normal oil/filter would be no problem. Toyota in Guad 'might' be able to do a bit more but don't count on it. Many Lexus parts are unique and not available in Mexico. It's really a risk to have one here although I have friends who kept one here for several years before I took it NOB for them. They had no problems. I personally would not. R
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    It is not Dr. Haro who does the cleaning. He has a trained dental hygienist that's why I said "Dr. Haro's office". She's very thorough and shows you a before and after digital photo. I've been getting my teeth cleaned every six months for most of my life. She's good.
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    Dr. Haro's office now charges 600 pesos and I think that is probably the most expensive but it's a half a block away from me and I've been going to him since 2013.
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    I wonder how we hire the stray?
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    How about a dog biscuit?
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    Someone here mentioned the Mueller Report, and after a little confusion I now see how it relates. The Mueller report absolved ALL AMERICANS of any collusion with Russia. The american public wild celebrating this fact (NOT). The Mexican law does not bar dogs from the DINING AREAS of restaurants. Hurrah for freedom of choice here...restaurant owners can make their facilities pet friendly, and the public is FREE to choose the restaurants they want to patronize. The expat community here went wild celebrating FREEDOM OF CHOICE (NOT).
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    I wondered about those pet elephants in India. Maybe when they are babies and fit under the table...er... I mean under the roof. Talk about discrimination, I wonder if the pet shelters around the area allow humans to dine inside of kennels, cages, or carriers.
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    "share on an outdoor patio" Does the dog sit at the table or does the owner get down on the floor on all fours? Do they get separate plates and who divides the meal, dog or owner?
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    from the "The Week USA" Pampered dogs, after The Wilson, a restaurant in Manhattan, debuted special dishes for dogs and their owners to share on an outdoor patio. The menu includes a $42 grilled rib eye with baby vegetables and a $14 bowl of mixed berries.
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    How about my pet alligator? I bet I could train him to go after and eat those loud barking dogs.
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    Actually if it was Juan who cleaned your teeth, he is not a dentist. He is a student and does not have a licence to practice anything yet. Be careful
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