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    Sam is getting tiresome and annoying flogging his cure-alls. SunFan
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    Wow, negative negative ... I was so pleased a place could see me and take an X-ray and care for my aches and pains... Ajijic Clinic Hospital didn’t have a tech on call, they claim 24 hr hospital status.... and their X-ray is old and achy anyway or it was..... the cost was a bit higher than Ajijic Clinic on past visits. I for one am thrilled we are getting better medical infrastructure.
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    Jesus. Unburying years-old threads to promote your product? Sam, you would do well for your business if you took some lessons on internet etiquette
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    I would like to see more RV parks around here. The climate is perfect for this. these people give Gringos a bad name. I agree they should be ashamed . You are a guest in this country, never forget that
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    when a good Samaritan declines a reward, for them it diminishes the deed, I offer ice cream money for their kids. It always works.
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    A lot of expats feel they own the place, I'm sure they have been favored due to the fact that they are foreigners and government sees them as having $$.The family being Mexican should know how to work things out, as the saying goes "Pa los Trompos son las cuerdas".
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    When will the Chapala office start issuing again? I understand that is in the works.
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    Personal assistant to Dr. Ramon Garcia. Present at all exams and consultations. Has now retired. She posted that as a joke to some question on TOB that Hernandez asked. Funny as hell. He didn’t get it.
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    That depends on what region you are from, Cedros. It was the lily of choice for the churches in my area, and the alters were festooned with them. Glorious array, and also minimal scent.
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    Even there, I thought "No new products" in classified section. "Free of charge, No new products, No commercial posts, No commercial services, No real estate, No homes for sale or rent by owner, No promotion of sales agents agent"
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    personally i think the johnny character and now another are the reason so many have left his board. they arent funny and just seem to wind people up. they should have been rousted long ago. Geordie my arse!
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    "When I' m Cleaning Windows"? Alan lives in San Luis Potosi Happy, if you are going to employ sock puppets, may I suggest a more appropriate handle, such as "sadwanker"
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    I’ve had issues with these two dogs before, always in the early morning around 7:30, 8:00. I think the dogs come from the same household but I don’t know that for a fact but I’ve ran into them at the same corner a few times. One is a husky or perhaps an Akita with light blue eyes, the other looks a like a Belgium Shepherd but brindle color. They’ve come after my dog a few times, always unprovoked, most times sneaking up from behind. Today, the husky/akita almost came after me. My concern is not for myself but that just two minutes after this I passed a lady in her 80’s walking her little dog, had she encountered those dogs, no doubt in my mind both her and her dog would have been injured. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of the dogs but I suspect people in the neighborhood know who these dogs belong to. If you know the Owners of these dogs, please tell them what menaces they are and how irresponsible it is to just open their door every morning and let their dogs out to terrorize the neighborhood. The Shepard like dog is more submissive than the husky/Akita, watch out for that dog, it’s definitely the aggressor. The location is 16 September between Donato Guerra and Francisco Madero. Be safe. Thanks for reading this post.
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    I don't often get involved in other people's business and I have only been in Mexico for a relatively short duration but I have throughout my life stood for what is right in the face of bullying. It has come to my attention that a group of American expats have apparently been trying to push their weight and fabricated rights upon an old and honorable Mexican family. I feel obliged to speak my mind on this situation here. The Frances family has made their home west of Ajijic for several generations. In time passed by, the patriarch was hesitant to sell land to the gringo foreigners but gradually gave in and in the process created Rancho Del Oro. Now his descendent has created a tasteful and well designed RV park on their large lot on Rio Amazonas. There are about 7 or 8 spaces for RVs behind a wall with entry through a gate. Unless one is looking for the park, it is barely noticeable as one drives or walks past. The local American neighbors have held meetings, drafted a petition and hired a lawyer all in their decided effort to rid 'their' neighborhood of this monstrosity; an RV park, representative of a class of people far below their social standing; to rid their neighborhood of this eyesore that could lower their property values. [obvious sarcasm] Who do they think they are? Do they think their American rights apply here in Mexico? Don't they know how the economy and culture works around here? Lots are rented, loaned, traded for all sorts of uses and most are accepted by the Mexican population. There are certain prohibitory regulations applied to certain areas but this is not one of them. There would be a permit to operate an RV park but the municipality offers no such permit. This does not prohibit such an operation, just means a municipal permit does not exist. The city of Chapala has given in to the spoiled Americans and have posted CLAUSURADO (closed) on the gate. Why should they (the Americans) have a right to negatively impact a family's way of life and potential income? It is especially rotten since the Americans would not have their homes without this family. These puny-minded Americans should be ashamed of their behavior. There is no noise or odors coming from the RV park. As stated, it is barely noticeable. They are just as you might imagine, nose in the air complainers. They will know who they are if they read this and I hope they know who I am so they can explain themselves in person.
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    That’s strange. If part of your intestine protrudes it can become strangulated and then it becomes an emergency. Get it checked out ASAP just to be on the safe side.
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    And I edited the thread to remove the rest of the not relevant political commentary. RVing is practically non existent in Mexico. The people using this place are very likely to be from the U.S. and Canada.
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    Pete, read the whole thread. The hospital and Dr.´s office are open and used by two people posting on this thread, including moi. In fact, I posted that in the post directly before yours.
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    I hope you get lucky but don't hold your breath. I specifically chose colours with formulas so they could be easily duplicated... except that every single can of paint is just ever so slightly OFF from the original. Colour is inside so no sun fading. ARRGGGGHHHH!
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    If you do talk to CFE, you may want to ask them about the graph information on the backside of your bill. It is only showing one period. My bills shows information for each period. I wonder if there is a bill problem.
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    The pattern is always the same. Then they get run out of town.
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    Yo1. I sure hope your are just kidding about the flooding. My doctor, Dr. Garcia, and the rest of Maskaras Clinic will be moving there. As soon as it opens, I guess sometime this month. Does anyone know when this new facility opens? I think it is this month.
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    How much THC is in it? Anything more than 1%, as I'm sure you know, would be illegal. Not that I care. But the cartel would.
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    As soon as the rainy season starts for good, their new parking lot is going to be flooded. The steep driveway will allow the water to flow straight into the parking since they didn't plan or execute a drain at the terminus of the driveway. Again, poor planning.
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    Not quite. Neither of the CFE numbers represent what your panels are producing. (unless your home is totally turned off....then 2.8.0 could show that.) The 1.8.0 is use from CFE. (For most folks with a well sized solar system, this generally just goes up at night.) The 2.8.0 is "sent" to CFE, which is NET of what is used in your home, at the time it is being produced. (Can only increase, during the day.) The difference between the two, is the "net net" amount of use (or credit) from, or with, CFE, for any period of time both are being measured.
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    Yes Alan I don't know where the moderators are these days, I sincerely hope they are enjoying this gorgeous weather. They would probably post this reminder in the forum rules:
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    He had 2,532 KWH in credits as of mid-Feb (2nd to last bill) after he used 332 KWHs to offset that CFE bill to (essentially) zero. I don't think he ran out of 2532 credits in a single billing period. That timeframe (mid Dec to mid Feb) is the coldest and often the costliest billing period for many of us here. The bill at issue with the $$$ due, is from mid-Feb. to mid-April which is usually a fairly low electric bill here. Realize it is a 12 month rolling CR, but most of us have about the same accumulated bills over most 12 month periods, yes some higher, some lower, but that 2,532 CR is super-sized. Maybe OP had a major change or anomaly that occured at his home ?? I.e., he added a swimming pool/hot tub/central a/c and/or heating system. Or he bought two dozen crockpots and opened a 24-7 pozole bar, no waiting 👨‍🍳 Also....OP, do you have access to online solar data via your installer? We have it via Go Solar's company and can query and generate reports of KWHs for past weeks, months, years, specific timeframes, etc. It's a great feature.
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    Jonny: Get rid of this - your sock puppet. - very, very pathetic of you to attack all of us Expats this way. Resentment is eating away at you it seems. Get over it if you can. You will get more likes if you are more honest and less if you are less honest. IMO. Smarten up old man!
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    Hmmm, I use Uber often and have yet to encounter a rude driver.
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    I wonder how we hire the stray?
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    You are correct, Tiny. I check my meter readings on a regular basis. Doing so shows me that my panels are still producing the expected power. Should they not be, maybe I simply have to reset the inverter and/or the system. So far so good as of late. Maybe 8 years ago, the breaker on my panels flipped and I wasn't producing any power, and I didn't catch on until I got a CFE bill showing bad results. There is also the possibility that the meter reader could make a serious error which could create a problem as well.
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    You may want to check with Transport Canada; Mexican cars do not meet the safety requirements.
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    I remember asking Jose' in Chapala about why he allowed someone to bring their dogs inside his Place and he replied that they often came in with several friends and spent a lot. We told him that then he would not miss our business and that has been 5 years that we have not returned. Liked eating there but did not like eating with dogs at our feet.
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    WOW, I hope that any of your proposed medical treatments do not rely on rumors of a potential cure !!!
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    Dr. Santiago, it is a shame that you have no connections in the lakeside medical community and are forced like the rest of us to speculate in rumor and gossip on local web boards. It’s sad.
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    I read that, too. It seems that all of us knew it was a joke, except you..
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    Before buying hemp remedies, read up on it. Hemp remedies are not the same or as good as cannabis remedies.
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    If you are looking for a high-quality full-spectrum oil locally, please stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. You will also find our new CBD Infused Coffee which after sharing with a variety of coffee experts and lovers in Guadalajara, I can say they all loved it who tried it.
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