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    And maybe the kids like it covered in what some of you call 'graffiti'. To them, it may be a beautiful piece of art. If it keeps the kids off the street corners causing trouble and possibly doing drugs, then I say, let them paint it any way they like. It doesn't bother me at all!
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    There are alternatives to your immense knowledge of these women's lives--I would buy bananas, tangerines or any other fruit I could peel and give to the children. Imagine not having the education or confidence that would not permit you, a poor woman in any country, to refuse being impregnated by some :(). Try to think beyond the length of your nose.
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    Operation Feed in SJC has rented a house turned it into a library and a meeting center, has 135 kids in English classes, a chess group, free eye glass exams, a scholarship program, etc.. Maybe something along these lines would be money better spent. Just an idea.
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    Cameras to catch the offenders in the act... and community service wearing "culpa mia" t shirts to fix their acts of vandalism on their dime.
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    As I understand that, "finished with Ajijic", I think it means that they have installed that infrastructure. It would not mean that all installations are finished. If you are not at home when Ilox calls, perhaps more than once, what do you expect them to do? They will 'move on' in order to keep their installers busy, and you will drop down on the list, or even be relegated to a 'maybe they died' list. If you were a merchang, holding an order for a customer, how often would you try to contact them to come and pick it up? Eventually, you would put it back on the shelf.
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    We've had great luck with Computerland in Riberas.
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    Lent began on Ash Wednesday, March 6th and ends next Friday. No increase in shrimp prices where I buy and have bought before and during Lent.
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    why not ask the kids what they want? did they want a skate area in the first place?
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    When I heard comments like that I think back to what my wife had told me when she was in her 20's and working here in Guadalajara. One day, she had to ask people on the street for bus fare. She was so embarrassed. Sometimes, you never know.
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    Another plug for Chapala Tree Services, they grind the waste in their chipper, and sell it back to the public when it has mulched. For a very good price. Old stumps are only good for putting empty beer cans on and then shooting them with a pellet gun.
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    This is the only service we trust to get the proper permits, to do the service correctly, and to clean up 100% after they've finished.
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    It definitely could be a real skate park but as experience has shown around the world that requires that access is controlled and supervised. Otherwise you end up with a magnet for taggers, vandals and gangs. Unfortunately, they don't confine it to the skate park as experience has shown here and elsewhere. Which this one is. One of the skatepark taggers tagged the new "Ajiic" letters within a few days of their installation. Unsupervised skaters did a lot of damage to the benches around it. Hopefully Canuck Bob's solution will cut down on that. And the tagging is near constant next to it around the basketball courts. Art this isn't. And by and for "children" this isn't either.
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    We have a possum who enjoys ours.......................he has figured out how to slurp it right out of the feeder. Funny to watch!
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    Nothing happens in Mexico in 4- days especially not during Semana Santa and not when two of those days are weekend days. Better re-book your flight or tear the house apart looking for her passport.
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    Waaay back when the skate park was plunked smack in the central section of the Malecon, across from Abbeyfield and near the bandstand, I wondered what genius made the decision to locate it there where it would enjoy maximum visibility. I've lived in a number of urban areas and am familiar with what happens to any public place where kids congregate and have access to spray cans. The current situation was inevitable and is, I think, incurable. The solution may be to relocate a skate park in a place where it's not on display to the public and the kids can deface the surface to the max. Kids are kids, and to expect a different outcome is unrealistic.
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    Are you sure that they pay for the paint?
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    Paved over and make a parking lot?
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    It seems like every week, for at least fifty years in Mexico that I can remember, gringos are accosted by some seeking cash for their babies medicine, disposable diapers, their mother's dialysis, etc, etc. The breakthrough is the first time you discovered you have been scammed. Then it is a choice, do you contribute even though every sense tells you this is not legitimate or do just say no. Audacity should not be rewarded though, like the young man who showed me the name of a medicine scribbled onto a San Xavier Hospital notepad (not a prescription). So I told him the first thing he should do is get his Mother out of one of the most expensive hospitals in Guadalajara.
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    I like the fish and chips at The Brew House, but I'm up for an adventure and will give this place a try. Thanks, ComputerGuy.
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    I want to apologize to the entire world for providing information to it.
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    Gotta agree with Jonny. Leave all attachments to nice vehicles up North. Down here, I would go inexpensive and as minimally functional as needed, and purchased in-country. Parking sucks, roads suck, parking lot etiquette sucks - you will get ding-ed, sooner rather than later - and we haven't even begun to see the car jackings and thefts that will happen down here in next few years. The poverty gap is widening, and stealing a nice car is a good equalizer. Sorry to sound so negative, but don't make yourself anymore of a target with your vehicle than you already are. Get yourself something that no self-respecting car thief's wife would be caught dead driving.
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    Ficus trees can regrow from almost nothing. Get rid of the stump. Stumps with cute garden things on top are not in good taste.
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    Maybe limits for Semana Santa and Semana Pascua???
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    If it is in the power wires you definitely want to call a professional like Chapala Tree Service. You'll pay more but they have the equipment and training to deal with it.
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    Call Roberto at Chapala Tree Services 762-0602 or 331-411-0242
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    Lake reporter claims Ajijic delegado too busy campaining to fix skate park. The truth is Juan Ramon had to resign his position in order to be able to run for his position. Any action on his part during the 4 day campaign would be seen as illegal campaigning . Juan Ramon several months ago asked Chapala to fill in the skatepark bowl and cement over it and put another type skate trick for the kids. He is totally dependent on Chapala to get the job done. And as for the junk cars, he has sent letters to offenders and gone door to door to get them voluntarily removed. To get them towed, he has to rely on Transito officers to get it done.
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    Some years ago, an article was published in the local SMA paper as a result of interviewing the usual beggars that clustered around the main plaza. The results were disheartening: Many of the children with the women were "borrowed": most of the money collected ended up in the hands of the men in the family, who didn't spend it on the good of the family. I wonder if a similar situation exists here? One morning, I saw a truckload of young children being unloaded who later turned up begging or selling vegetable packs at the plaza. They should have been in school, of course. I prefer to make charitable contributions in cash or kind to the organizations who know how to direct it properly. For instance, Ninos Incapacitos.
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    Yes, I think it is probably a crap shoot as to what it might be like at any given moment of any given day. I've had great success the last 3 trips through... once literally not stopping the whole trip through town. At some level the purpose is to not subject one and one's vehicle to the terrible physical condition of the bypass road. YMMV
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    Mike Riley ( Ajijic Computing ). We have used him for years and he does excellent work at a fair price. Comes to your home. and does work there. Phone: 765 4156
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    Start by registering with SAT. To do so I recommend retaining an accountant as there are so many classifications and you will also need to be shown how to report income even if it is "0", etc. Then apply at INM for your permiso para trabajar visa. The INM process is similar to a visa renewal. You will need to provide INM with your proof of SAT enrolment including cedula. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
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    Closed per request of the OP.
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    Several of you may know of, or have used the services of the small appliance / TV repair shop in SJC. This is a long established three generation family shop, and it is the son Jesus, whose wife is hospitalized and in need of urgent surgery. As we all know medical - hospital expenses and after-care are expensive and have to be paid out of pocket. Several local people have started a collection to help this family in need. If you would like to help, please send me a PM, and I can direct you to the person organizing this effort. You can also stop by the shop and offer a donation , etc.. Your kindness and help is appreciated ! This matter is serious, and I ask that people be respectful by making posting that are helpful and not frivolous, as sometimes happens with other posts.
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    Maybe local artists could plan a mural for the skate park, involve the kids in the design and painting of it. In my experiences with these kinds of projects, kids tend to protect their place when they feel ownership. Just my 2 pesos.
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    Very well put it! ,just for the record I am not a gringo I am Mexican albeit ex Canadian, an I see it all the time people not getting insurance , when they do not have pre existing conditions, I guess they thought they were invulnerable and maybe immortal, and for the record I never had to pay for MRI, colonoscopy, CAT Scan, eye surgery, and for the other half broken bones, allergies etc.etc...
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    First about diesel.... an F150 is not going to be a diesel and if it were with 593,000 miles on it, it would NOT have to use the newer low sulphur fuel so he would be fine with the grade of diesel in Mexico. If by importing you mean get a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) then as mentioned you could only do that with a Residente Temporal visa... and after 4 years you must go to Permanente so goodbye to the truck.... and you can't sell it in Mexico to anyone. This kind of importing is NOT expensive.... $50?..... BUT one would have to also put a refundable deposit on it... yours would probably be $250. If by importing you mean a 'permanent' import, that can be pretty expensive depending on value etc. Maybe as much as $2500 for yours. Either a Temporal or a Permanente can permanently import a vehicle. This has to be done at the border by a bonded Mexican import agent and takes a couple of days as it also has to be Exported from the US by Customs personnel. The Mexican Agent would handle that process for you. IF the title to the truck says "Rebuilt" and I believe "Salvage" (you said it had been rebuilt so I don't know if the title also says that!) then the vehicle cannot be permanently imported into Mexico no matter what your visa status might be. Once imported one must also pay Jalisco state fees for title and plates in addition to the fees you payed form importing the truck.
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    I want my 10 minutes back.
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    Going north just continue on 80 (don't take the bad bypass to the left). That street will merge to the right (says Leon/San Luis Potosi I think) with another street that you will drive (2-lane) through town and a couple of lights for a mile or so... easy. That street will become a boulevard going north for a while and then you will go through the round-about heading north to San Luis Potosi. It is a very easy route through town. No surprises. Coming south, and on the north edge of town, don't take the "Guadalajara" exit that goes onto that bad bypass but rather continue straight into Lagos... 3-4 lanes at that point. When into town follow the signs now to Guadalajara on a 2-lane street for a mile or so. No signs that I remember later but just follow that street. The street will become a boulevard for another mile or two and you will continue on out of town south on it, which is 80 to Guadalajara. You'll pass the bad bypass road on the right at the south edge of town and you can give the 'three finger salute'.
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    In the grand scheme of things, snowbirds having to wait should be the least of our worries. The disruption of commerce between the two countries and the inability of people living and working on opposite sides of the border to get to work should concern people in both countries. Should he-whose-name-I -do-not-use close the border, the monetary damages will run into the billions of dollars and pesos. We will all be affected and there's a good possibility that the sudden rise of the peso vs. the USD could be due at least in part to what's happening on the border this week.
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    bontepar said: Have some foresight, Get IMSS when you are healthy, like I did, and you will not have any problems, It's apparent you don't KNOW Mexico. Do you really think it's that easy for many Mexicans to pay for IMSS? Do you understand that IMSS requires the entire family to be registered, each at a cost per person depending on age, and perhaps that is more than the family can afford? Do you understand that if a worker is registered in his employment, monthly payments come off their paycheck end the employer pays the premiums, but if a private family registers they have to pay annually like we do and that can be WAY out of their budget? ( In this case the family has IMSS but as Jackie says, there are still many outside costs involved) Do you know that SP requires payment for many medications AND many services if outside the ordinary range of circumstances, so while it is "free" and provides for essentials, it is not "free" in the sense you intimate. A Mexican friend recently needed surgery to repair severe knee injury and was quoted $4,000 pesos over and above the "free" part of SP even though he was a member! So I'm sorry bontepar, but your arrogant attitude towards this situation is unwarranted and does not bode well for your integration into Mexico.
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    Very true "kg"..... and please remember.... dogs will like everyone but cats CHOOSE. So if the kitty(ies) you are considering warm up to you, that's a good sign. If they show no interest in you, they are NOT ever going to really want to be "your" cat. Best of luck!
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    I have reached the point that I no longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. If someone really needs to be in touch, they will leave a message.
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    Well you got your wish, you have a giant gang billboard right in the middle of your Malecon. Clearly a few of you like it so go down there and enjoy the blight. And smell the dope smoke. Ignorance is bliss for some. Others have long since learned the connection of the gang signs that cover that park and figured it out. Today's lesson: http://www.oncentral.org/news/2012/03/06/know-your-graffiti-art-vandalism-or-gang-device/
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    And most of them are ugly scrawled gang letters and some of the nicer murals have been defaced as well. As well as around the basket ball courts. Gangs are who are showing ownership of this area. I continue to work on graffiti around town but I gave up on the Malecon until this blight and graffiti magnet is taken seriously and dealt with. It was taking hours once or twice every week. Others are welcome to volunteer. I have 6 gallons of gray paint I'll be happy to give you. Good luck. Seems we are bent on making the same mistake about these skate parks as has been reported in the literature all around the world.
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    Somebody seems to have enough time to cover it and the surroundings with graffiti Harry. How many kids can afford a skate board? Priced one lately?
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    He got a junk car handled in our neighborhood, thanks Juan. That highly vandalized skate park is a magnet for taggers and vandals to the Ajijic Malecon. The tagging radiates out from it. Among other things, all that paint on the skating surfaces really compromises its intended use. It should be either fenced and supervised or torn down.
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