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    The servers at a restaurant are not "petting" the soles of shoes. The soles of my shoes are not resting on the seats of chairs like some dog's asses. I am not stroking the soles of my shoes and sticking my hands into my food plate unlike owners of dogs who are feeding their pets. The soles of my shoes remain firmly on the ground where they belong. I've seen servers pet animals and then continue on to serve food without washing their hands first. If dog owners want to practice low levels of hygiene in their own homes, that is their prerogative. But they do not have a right to impose their habits in a restaurant open to the public.
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    Ï "learned" enough from artsnob that i will never go there. Just particular who i dine with in public places. To each his own choice.
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    We ate lunch there today. Grilled fish tacos with salad, fried shrimp tacos with french fries, shared guacamole, lemonada natural and they brought salsa and chips. The food was delicious. We will not be going anywhere else for fish tacos for sure. Quality ingredients, great service by young women that really take pride in their work. Comfortable and clean with fans to keep cool. Did not see a dog ... but I will say this ... there are not many restaurants we have been to lately where there wasn't at least one dog. You don't always see them as sometimes they are kept under the table but if we made the decision not to eat at a restaurant that didn't allow dogs we would not be eating out very much. These young women deserve better than what is going on right now with people taking over this thread with rather disgusting commentary. Trying to make a go of a restaurant or any business is hard enough. Some might stop to think that these young women are doing everything they know to do to make a go of this endeavor and allowing the Ex-pats to bring their dog is a concession on their part as they probably think it is necessary in order to get our business which they will need. Many of us think dogs should not be allowed in restaurants and it is the law for them not to be but there are plenty Ex-pats that get in the faces of restaurant owners or simply just walk in with their dog and dare the workers to say something to them. In our experience the Mexicans will bend over backward not to have a confrontation so they are put in a really bad spot. Then others have a hay day trashing them for it.
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    It is a shame some "entitled" expat's are forcing restaurant's to make business decision's about breaking the law and allowing dog's in their restaurants. I think maybe if we print signs and distribute to restaurants saying this is a pet free premise or zone the expats will take the hint. Otherwise the restaurant could simply point to the sign. If a majority of restaurants do this the dog owners cannot discriminate against one. I think most restaurant owners are afraid to confront the dog owners and they should not have this burden put on them. I know their have been many posts on this forum about the dog problem but it is getting worse. Anyone else have a good idea?
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    I'm glad restaurants like Ajijic Tango and Fonda Dona Lola obey the law. Their business model works and they're doing just fine. Restaurants who break the law, who need to depend on dog lovers bringing their pets for business may not have the quality of food to compete for business. This is their way to compensate. I don't need to eat there. The law exists to enforce hygiene. What is the level of hygiene in these restaurants?
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    I have lived here for 11 years. Every year people start saying they have heard rain birds, very early, and rainy season must be going to start early. It doesn’t start until June no matter who hears what when.
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    All traffic laws in Mexico are merely suggestions and the longer you are in Mexico the more true that statement becomes.
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    One aspect to check into is how many owners are not paying fracc fees owed. This is a real problem with fraccs and condos in Mexico as the laws and tools management have here to collect from the "morosos" are very weak.
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    PLEASE get off the dog thing, or start a new thread. I like to learn about restaurants, and I could care less about dogs
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    The major concern would be for unstable ground, as it is a common problem in that subdivision. Many lots are on rather unstable rubble and 'fill', with a tendency to shift. We looked at a home there, which needed "a bit of TLC". It was severely cracked and tilted. We thought it time to move on to another area. We were also concerned about the prospect of being so 'car-dependent' for every little thing, and by not having the ambiance of a nearby plaza, or various 'tiendas', etc. That is when we decided upon Chapala centro. You know us, and the rest of the story: A happy decade!
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    Thanks for the advice. Yes, when we moved to Ajijic back in 2002 one of the first things we realized was we needed friends in high places. We got them and it has always served us well.
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    While in China many years ago while my wonderful wife was working for a couple of weeks, we went into a nice restaurant frequented by the expats working there. On the menu, in English, was "Wild Dog". The next item was "Best Parts of Wild Dog" for a few extra Rm. I have always wondered what the best parts are. No, I didn't ask.
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    Oh, lord, here we go again. Check the area. Talk to the neighbors. No, the rules aren't restrictive; most are common sense. The majority of us who live here like it. This area is really hopping with a lot of construction and "gentrification." It's not a gated community, but that's never been a guarantee of protection. Use common sense and take precautions like you would anywhere. The water is supplied by the fracc's own well. We sometimes have a problem with a leak that needs to be fixed, but our water supply is pretty consistent. Willie mentioned land stability and he's absolutely correct. While some homes, like ours, were built on solid lava rock, others were built on the equivalent of shifting sands. Like anywhere, quality land in one spot doesn't guarantee the same for another. GET A HOME INSPECTION regardless of where you choose. No, it's not perfect, but it's nice to be away from the traffic and noise of Chapala and Ajijic.
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    Thank you everyone so much for taking the time to give advice on this. I really really appreciate it and will take into consideration everything that was said.
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    We read Rony's writing on Chapala Haciendas when we were looking for a house. How much has it changed since May 2015 when he wrote it? "The fact that you are asking the question (about wanting to live at the Haciendas) is already answering it...... and it has been asked quite often (which must mean something, no?). This is not going to help the sale of my chocolate, but ...... if I think of Chapala Haciendas I think of : lose Pittbulls that for the longest time have caused a lot of fear and harm there, I think of criminal activity (over the last 10 years, it is a looong list, but people tend to have a short memory) and easy escape routes (for potential criminals, almost immediately on a good escape route to Guadalajara), the police taking the longest time to get there (you will find posts about that here on the webboard), I think of a lot of bickering among the people who manage the Haciendas...... I have a lot of friends living there and personally, I would not even like to spend the night there. If your car breaks down,....... public transport is a problem too. If a bus passes by (even the 2nd class one), the driver might not even want to stop. Granted, lately, it seems that the criminal activity has been less of a problem, but it also appears that our region is entering another episode with a lot of turmoil. And I do envy the people there for living so close to nature and in a more quiet environment....... but not at any price. Yes, crime happens anywhere, but ... "priorities" is the key word.. To summarize.... Prices are pretty low there (compared to other fraccionamientos) and not without a reason. Check with people, who don't have any personal interest in defending it (or are able to rise above it) and use common sense (referring to the points I mentioned above). This is the personal conclusion from someone, who doesn't have a dog in this fight and has been following up the Haciendas for the last 10 years (through friends living there and the local media). And check with Mexicans. Through my employment project, I have sent a lot of people there and crime is their concern, going there to work (and returning home after 6 pm). And believe me, Mexicans know..... (they might not tell their employer directly) And to all the people living there, who will be angry with me now....... you can only really improve a situation, if you first admit the shortages and problems. You will be your own worst ennemy by ignoring it..... but, so be it. It is what it is and people will only believe what they want to believe. Did I answer your question ? Rony"
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    Whenever it is at all possible, I make Amazon my international point of purchase. I've had close to a hundred amazon shipments from the US to my home here. I never has a single customs problem. Amazon estimates the shipping, taxes and any duty in advance and that information is available instantly at time of purchase. And, as noted by oregontochapala, there is frequently a small refund from Amazon when they receive the final charges.
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    Why do people that insist on taking their dogs to restaurants feel that they have more rights than the rest of us? It's been stated over and over again that it's illegal to take pets into an enclosed restaurant area. There are plenty of open, outdoor patio restaurants to choose from.
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    This thread from Al Berca, RVGringo, Wookie, Mudgirl and mine on Thursday at 3:50pm were all on finiquito.
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    We bought then sold 1 home here, and since purchased another. Each transaction included a new measurement of the houses by Chapala government. At the time of our sale, the property was measured slightly more than when we bought it (we had added a bodega) and we had to pay the back taxes. My guess is that the new measurement is required by the Notario.
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    You don't use the return flight. We needed a specific date on our one-way from GUA to GDL. After a number of machinations she found us a cheaper fare buying a (throw-away) round trip, GUA to GUA with a "made-up" return date to GUA that bought the price down way lower than the one-way.
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    I would try Publicidad in Rose Bowl Mall, by tile store, parking in front. If you need English, ask for Juan.
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    I had a package once that was approximately $300 in value. I told the company not to send it to the mailboxes address (used for mail only), but they did. When I went to pick it up, they told me it was over $300 in customs and shipping. I refused the package and had the charge disputed. Fortunately for me, the charge was made with Discover and they're super pro-customer. I proved that I had done everything right and so the credit was given. God knows where the package ended up, but I have my ideas. Zipp transport does all of the customs paperwork, etc, and are very reliable. We use them whenever we can't order something direct from Amazon.com or any other company. When you CAN order from Amazon, it's so easy. They do the customs and shipping charges upfront, so you just wait for your package...which comes surprisingly quick in most cases. As others have said, they also refund any overpayment on customs.
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    Might also want to do your due diligence on soil stability, water supply/quality...most of the normal day to day living expectations....from an old realtor.
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    Climate Change
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    We paid our ayudante of many years $40,000 MX when we moved...he was surprised and VERY grateful. It was the right thing to do. Also paid our cleaning lady...I thought she was going to cry....it was the right thing to do.
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    They did the "new analysis" by satellite in Mazatlan a few years ago and assessed us a huge increase in predial. I took copies of Google Earth plus actual photos to catastro and disputed their assessment.....turned out the satellite showed a large shadow from an adjoining building and they interpreted that shadow as a building. Be sure to check out their photos!
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    Thanks for sharing........I guess I can move away from the telephone now
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    Go to a reputable real estate company with those questions. They will have an attorney working for them that will be knowledgeable about your predicament. And they can do the research for you. A chat board is not the place to find answers about legal questions.
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    Why in the world would you think a car with CDMX plates is "probably" a chocolate? Customs import document? Liability insurance only? Your points are totally confused. I lived in Mexico City for 8 years, owned a car for a good portion of that time, never paid a 600 peso annual fee, and don't understand your reasoning. There is no such thing as a "tarifa circular"--maybe you are thinking of the annual smog revision sticker, but cars under a certain age are not required to have that. Can you please send me a link to an article that backs up your many points?
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    Oh Lord, y'all hush now.......
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    Will dogs eat dog meat?......the dear little cannibals. Someone could start a business of breeding dogs that will eat the dogs that people take into restaurants....before they wipe their rear ends on chairs and cushions or lick the servers´ hands.
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    Maybe one way to keep dog owners/dogs away from a restaurant is to have dog on the menu. HAHAHAHA
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    I DON'T want to catapult this into a discussion of dogs and restaurants, but it's a mystery to me why a new, small, enclosed restaurant would decide to allow people to bring dogs inside when it will keep a number of people from even trying it out....nevermind the legality.
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    No offense meant, but I fail to understand why people use that service. My mail and my packages are delivered to my door with nary a hiccup.
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    DMV Treasurer in Clay County, South Dakota: +1-605-677-7123
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    The cool thing about Amazon is that they refund (credit your account) whenever customs duties are less than they've billed for.
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    I don't do business with Mailboxes San Antonio for this very reason. I paid it once and asked for a receipt, They said they couldn't give me one/ Next time a package came in they left me a not that I owed duty. I asked how much and then to please show me the info from Aduana. They said there was no paper on this. I asked how they knew how much to charge and they couldn't/wouldn't tell me. This was on a free book some well intended folks sent me and so was of course much more than the book. I said hell no, keep it. A couple of months later they asked if I wanted the book and just gave it to me. The only possible answer to this is any duty they collect (if that is what it is) they simply pocket. I left and took mu business a block west. Strange they won't just give you the bill and let you go pay it at the airport Aduana.
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    Let me guess... the Telcel store that you were dealing with is next to a second hand store. I also bought a phone from them that died. Avoid. Period. The one around the corner from them (beside Alex' Restaurant and opposite Chopsticks Restaurant) is the place to go. Ana Romero is impeccably honest and I highly recommend her. She even tried to fix the dud that the other place sold me.
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    Gracias, this is the first thing that has made sense to me. I had a 1-yr. plan in the US and could forget about my phone but it always worked when I needed it. Silly me to think I could expect the same service here. Wouldn't the shop owners KNOW that they can't pay for 1 year? Why did they lead me to believe I was paid up for a year if you can't do that? So, in other words, even if you PAY up front for a year, you still have to go in every month to renew it??? Sounds crazy to me, they did not explain that. And the couple always have sort of a "fishy" vibe about them when I go in there, they did NOT explain to me that I need to come in every month. If I had known that I wouldn't have bought a 1 yr. plan. I did have 2-month saldos on my last phone. And they did tell me that "everyone" gets those saldo messages from Telmex even if they are paid up?? WTF???
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    It's all about the plan you have. Make sure you understand same, otherwise, no matter how much money you have paid in advance, you could loose it all after a set period of time, like in one or two months with the basic amigo plan.
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    bmh, gracias, but maybe you did not understand my problem. I paid for a year so I would not have to keep paying every month. So why would I keep getting messages that tell me I have no saldo? I think the scam is that the SHOP never put the $$ in my account, that would be the scam. When I go back, I think they put 1 month in, it works once, but the problem always returns. And shouldn't they have given me a receipt for the purchase and the 1 year deposit? I am not blaming telcel but both shop owners for lying to me.
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    I just used Bestlab in Riberas for the first time at the recommendation of a neighbor who was very pleased with them. They are very thorough, especially at intake to make sure you are getting the correct tests for why you are there and have packages of tests that are available that are more thorough and less money than a battery of individual tests you request. The thoroughness of the intake procedure (fluent English, but mixed English and Spanish in my case) made me feel much more comfortable that they were going to do the tests correctly and I would not have to pay all over again at a different lab, which has occurred a few times in the past. Pricing was the same as other labs for the same work. I just had a full liver panel done (Perfil Hepatico) that contained two more tests than requested and was much less money than the individual tests I requested (at the instructions of my doctor.) Needless to say, my doctor was delighted to see the additional tests and accused me of watching too much Gray's Anatomy to know to ask for the additional tests. <g> They e-mail the results to you and your doctor (if requested) immediately. They are in the old Parker Insurance building, in between the new clinic and Tienda Pilar, in that same shopping center. Bestlab Laboratorio Clinico Hidalgo 248A col. Riveras del Pilar Chapala Jalisco, Mex. Cp. 45906 Tels: (376)6881174, 3310969173 Best Lab bestlab.chapala@hotmail.com
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    "Best Lab" in Ribera del Pilar. Excellent and fast results. Owner was the head chemist at Chopo.
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    She must be excellent to keep you and yours truckin'.
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    I used Dr Rios for my cataract surgeries in Sept and Oct and have had incredible results...for the first time in MANY years I do not need glasses! Just reporting my results.
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    My recent death of my dog, still upstairs, has caused me to question the professionalism of two vets. Christine at Pet Care in Riberas and Hector in Ajijic. Christine didn't call back and Hector didn't even come when his sister Carmen said he would. He said he would help me get Coca downstairs, but never showed up. Anybody else have problems with these vets?
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    I have never heard of the place either,
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