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    .... and I heard that it was not all fiber. They mix in some high-fructose corn syrup.
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    We get it, Rv. You like Chapala. But 3 posts on the same subject saying the same thing?
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    Stop listening to rumors and stop spreading rumors. Not true.
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    Which one does the easiest and quickest application for a Permanente? Friend needs to obtain one very soon, is Naples, Florida a good one to go to? She can make a quick trip up and back to get it. What documentation does she need in the States? Thanks for your help.
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    I have recently signed up and only paid for the first month. Is there an extra charge for the hook-up and the modem? Also concerning the TV package...are the channels in English or Spanish? Also most channels seem like they are analog...what kind of picture do you get on a large flat screen TV? Anyone have this package and your comments please? Gracias
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    These threads become resources for many other people besides the OP. It never hurts to have a complete picture. I was unprepared for the high step the first time I took a bus here. I was neither old nor feeble but found it a challenge.
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    Until they screw it up... overfill, cross tread plug, or as was done on a Subaru changed the transmission oil with engine oil. One very expensive mistake. NOT IMPLYING WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE..done at 2 different locations.
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    Are you old, feeble, wheelchair-bound, or carless? There is but one choice, Chapala Centro.
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    We go to GoodYear near Soriana.
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    What could be more "democratic" than standing down the country's military armed forces and replacing them with a National Guard composed of "civilian" police agency members to combat a "civilian" criminal organization. It's this what our Constitution protects us against? The use of the military against our civilian population? Sounds like AMLO is moving in a less "dictatorial" direction instead of what Alan is suggesting. It's obvious that Alan has a hard on for AMLO so I doubt he will agree with any of his policies or attempts at making real, positive changes in Mexico. Do you think we should just go back to another 80 years of corrupt PRI control? Lets give AMLO a chance before berating his every move. Time will tell.
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    Thank you, Shortstop. I am a not very tall woman of a certain age with the usual age related joint problems. When I was first here, I could (sort of) hop aboard the buses - now, I am not so hoppy. I live in Ajijic Centro and limp around the cobblestones. I still adore Ajijic and the home I own here but, in retrospect (which is always 20/20) Chapala might have been a better fit. I use taxis as we don't have a car.
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    Why, do you prefer chocolate?
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    And once they (Maskaras) moves to the Hospital that it is building, they will have an MRI and several other pieces of technical scanners to include CT scan. They are scheduled to open in early April. We need a hospital here, and from what I have read they will have a good one with all kinds of testing equipment.
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    Thank you Xena. I too forgot how to get rid of the hemorrhoid.
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    It's true that the buses here at Lakeside are very inexpensive & frequent. However, it is often a big step up to enter & some drivers take off "like a rocket". Exiting is also not always easy if the bus is crowded. Luckily the very polite Mexican people will often give up their seat to someone older. My advice to anyone considering using the buses as their main mode of transportation is ride them first & see how you manage.
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    Did I read it right that the sushi chef and his son put in the time, effort and money to sponsor the event for the kids? Then we can be grateful at least.
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    Any recommendations where to get an oil change for a 2009 KIA? In the past I used Francisco in Riberas but as you all know he is no longer there. Thanks
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    Some folks will disagree with this ‘recommendation’, but..... Car City in Riberas is another convenient place. An oil change is NOT rocket science.
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    I'm hearing rumors that ilox is hooking up new subscribers ahead of those who prepaid a year ago to get things started, That would be a piss-off for those of us who were promised earliest service. SunFan
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    Don't forget neighborhoods like Marisol and Riberas. There are sometimes inexpensive rentals, quieter than SAT or Chapala, and within walking distance to the carretera for easy access to everything.
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