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    It souds lovely and I am glad that you are happy. PLEASE continue to sing the praises of the WEST END and add the charms of the South Shore, too. Hopefully, all these newbies will follow your lead and move there, too.
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    I have an annual subscription since March 23, 2018. The website will not let me see two recent articles but will let me view others. I am especially upset that I cannot contact the site through the "contact us" as 3 of my emails are "Forbidden. Sender blacklisted." I will not be renewing my subscription and I will share this with others on the web board. Has anyone else had issues with this?
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    Probably a recommendation not appreciated by the owner of this forum.
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    You wouldn't be telling us anything new about the publisher of this "news" letter that we don't already know. She leaves a trail of unhappy people in her wake wherever she goes.
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    I think what vetteforron is talking about is that Joco replaced all the cobble stone streets with pavers,real improvement.I lived in Roca Azul for a year when first moving to Mexico in 2008.Growing up in the boonies of Washington State wanted to get back to the rural life to an area of south Lake Chapala.Moved to Puragua for a little over 5years,decided to move to the coast to be living close to the beach in Bucerias,Nayarit.Made it 3 years and decided we couldn't handle the heat and humidity anymore,so have moved back to southside of the lake again a little east of Tuxcueca.We have a 5bedroom 3and a half bath house on the lake with 3 hectacres.Now have 4 dogs 4 cats 11 hens and 2 ducks.My wife will go to the northside once a month to get a few things we can't get around here.Living the good life now.New hiway also helps.When they get the new bypass around San Luis finished this side will take off,not really looking forward to that actually,unless we owned where we live
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    That's all good now but just wait after the above posting. HAHAHAHAHA Some times it better to be quiet. HAHAHAHA 🤣
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    Today marks the publishing of a already passed bill by the Mexican goverment. It now must go into law within 180 days. Very wide ranging scope. I notice ex presidente Fox is right in the middle of things - he has purchased a huge, deserted silver mine to use for cultivation. Pot tourism is going to be huge in Mexico. https://mjbizdaily.com/smooth-ride-expected-mexico-marijuana-legislation/
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    I use Sr Google a lot for travel but I also don't do it blindly. If I were making that trip with a trailer I would exit at Nogales and then take I10 west. 60 miles farther but faster. Unless one has verified info about the condition of Mex 2 across there....it goes from good to bad... why drive it as opposed to 4-lane I10 & much better fuel prices and no "extraneous" conditions to concern oneself. YMMV P.S. I'd also take the Macrolibramiento just south of the GDL airport over to 15D west of Guadalajara and not go thru Joco.
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    I agree the west side has much to offer and we bought land near San Luis last year. Have a beautiful view of the lake at a fraction of the cost near Ajijic. Plan to build casa in 3 years. Expect costs to really escalate in the coming years. Probably will sell our place in Riberas or sell at this time.
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    Did i miss the availability of fast internet or basic phone service...Auerea is a grubby store that sells terrible doughnuts... Home Depot and Costco is an hour drive away
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    I would be thrilled to see thousands of foreigners move to the west side of the lake. Sure better than the estimated 200 in Joco now. Keep up the good work Westsidestory and post your reasons on every forum or board possible. I support your goal 100%. Best of luck.
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    Curses! Foiled again. Five of us went on Monday night, and everything was just as described during our last visit... except this time it too 90 minutes and several trips to the front, instead of the "mere" 50 minutes. Again, everything was ice cold. Four of us ordered arrechera, and one person ordered cannelloni. You can imagine how not difficult this should have been: four slabs of meat, medium and one well-done. All arrecheras were cold, and even after two trips back to the fire, were raw in the middle. Meanwhile, several other tables who arrived long after, finished their pizzas and left. I guess the trick here is to order only pizzas. Two massive imbroglios like that? None of us will go back.
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    For those who don't qualify for the USAA accounts, there is another institution that caters to expats as well as active overseas government employees: State Dept. Federal Credit Union. Everything can be done online, including the initial application. Good rates and service.
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    May I suggest we are reading a little too much into the "tone" and failing in the "giving the benefit of the doubt" department? I will admit that I was surprised at the "tone", too, and perceived it as very negative. However, the poster denies malice, so I am given the option of calling her a liar or believing her. I'll choose the latter. We would all be wise to re-read what we're about to post before pressing "send" and ask ourselves if it would be easy for others to take it in a way we don't intend.
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    That's the reason we went into this without any expectations. When you are looking at having nothing else medically to help, you try alternative therapy. We did a lot of research and knew the good and bad outcomes. We also talked to people it had helped and didn't help. Our doctor told us we might not see a good outcome. We did however and have the blood test and the healthy body as payment for trying. If anyone out there is in a similar situation just remember every good thing that has happened in medicine took years and many sceptics. This is not a treatment that I imagine the medical community .. at least the part of the community that is more interested in profits.. is interested in seeing go forward.
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    Do they deliver? 😀 Kidding aside, that was very nice of them to take the time to share their knowledge.
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    But.....P.T. Barnum was correct. 🤩
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    "In addition, it should be noted that while the clinical evidence in this area is evolving and one day may support the clinical efficacy of cryopreserved birth tissues for some orthopedic applications, no such evidence exists at this time." That pretty much sums it up...
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    The fact that he posted in answer to nearly everything posted suggested to me that he had a problem of some sort. Hope he is addressing it.
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    Only open 1 hour? Sound strange!!!
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    Yes she did. She said it intentionally, with malice aforethought.
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    Doesn't she look like "Beto", the non-Mexican, but wanna-bee?
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