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    You mean those watching a criminal run a country into the ground?
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    I have no desire to "jump on you". 😏 But....over a decade ago I took a Spanish course from the Warren Hardy institute in San Miguel de Allende. It was a three week all day intensive course that started off with Warren giving lectures on the differences between U.S. culture and Mexican culture. To "us" money and time were of great importance. To Mexicans, other priorities, such as family needs, were more important. Also, there was a great reluctance to say "no", and rather than do so, a worker will simply not show up. This is certainly true in my experience over the years and that of everyone I know. Definitely part of the culture.
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    I agree that more civility would be welcome, but I don't see this as a generational phenomenon. Some of the worst offenders are way up there in years. I think it's about how they were raised, how they were tolerated by others when they went into "bully" mode and the current situation with social media where it seems anything goes. Anonymity facilitates saying what people wouldn't dream of saying in a face to face situation.
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    Maybe Otto Correct?
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    Get a life! You are an :()!!! I said :()! Who is changing my words!
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    If people are more rude this year, it could be due to a small influx of people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
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    WhatsApp is the way most Mexicans communicate. Just got a message from Beto of the ironworks opposite Roberto's La Terraza. We had a flexible appointment for an estimate this morning. He said he was running late and gave me three options for another appointment. I chose tomorrow at 9 am. I understand completely that family comes first and all the other little emergencies in life do too. But, if I am working with someone then they understand that I don't care about the WHY of it, that I am flexible but would really appreciate a message so I don't have to WORRY about them. I would never leave my house if I was expecting someone because, imho, respect is a two way street. If it was an emergency, I would leave a note on the door. YMMV.
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    Yes, it is a very definite part of the culture. Being negative in any way is just something that the typical Mexican cannot bring himself to do. A positive attitude, response and demeanor is all important. For an expat to fail to understand that fact is to insure that his own life in Mexico will be one long frustrating experience. It is better to understand it, and to plan for it by creating options, instead of disappointments. For example: If you are waiting for a person or event, and it fails to materialize, have an optional activity and act upon it. There is no need to wait around and suffer. If the person arrives late, and you have departed, so be it. No hay problema.
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    Maybe it is because we are being more crowded , traffic congestion and larger line ups in the stores and getting on the bus, etc etc, ..... If anyone are getting less friendly or less reliable it is the local work people who continue to make promises and fail to turn up or call..but then many Gringos will jump on me and rationalize this as "being part of the culture"
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    Mudgirl, I hope in the future you will consider the tone of your post and how you word it. You came across to more than one person as accusing and angry — as though the OP himself was considering doing something wrong. It was certainly not your message to which people reacted. It was reasonable and helpful. The problem was in the manner in which you delivered it.
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    I was referring to Nicolás Maduro of course.
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    Heading into Chapala from the west, before you get to the lights, you see an entrance to the malecon on the right covered by a huge vela (sail). The first building past that entrance was the Chapala Post Office many years ago. It became a landmark for many. I suppose a newer landmark would be the mural painted on the concrete support wall on the mountain across the street.
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    I have been reading this board since 2013. I have gained tremendous knowledge from many of you who willingly share. (For example, I have 14 seamstresses in my notebook in all of lakeside and have used 3 of them for different things. Thanks to those who shared.) I have also read so much weekly and sometimes daily the too often unnecessary quick tempered, know-it-all and ready to slam anyone at any time on any topic type of comments. My understanding is generally this type of person knew a whole lot less than his constant diatribes against people. Our baby boomer generation or the generation before were brought up to be good mannered and gentlemanly. What happened? How come very few are so loud, self-absorbed, quick to condemn, know-it-all, rude and so lack of empathy, especially towards your fellow expats? I hope more people will join me requesting "Etiquette Guides"/Board Rules to be reinforced.
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    I use Mattias, he has always been reliable (at 4 AM), and his fee to the airport from Ajijic is $400. His cell is 331.333.5961. Speaks a little English, clean car, good driver.
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    Computer Guy: Before your next bursts of snapping and judging of other people, I suggest you take a really good look at every one of your own posting here. Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.
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    No one is attacking. Since you are unaware of the scope and complexity of the problem of wannabe rescuers, please do not assume that people are being too harsh in their comments. Some of the comments were not so much aimed at the OP as in education of other potential "rescuers" reading the thread. I know the OP and know that she is well aware of the issues.
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    I am sure everyone appreciates the humor in the situation. The Director of Security (police chief) was hired as a colonel in the state police who had made some big drug busts. He was replaced this week with a new chief with similar pedigree and good state and federal contacts.
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    May I suggest we are reading a little too much into the "tone" and failing in the "giving the benefit of the doubt" department? I will admit that I was surprised at the "tone", too, and perceived it as very negative. However, the poster denies malice, so I am given the option of calling her a liar or believing her. I'll choose the latter. We would all be wise to re-read what we're about to post before pressing "send" and ask ourselves if it would be easy for others to take it in a way we don't intend.
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    USAA is a great banking option for expats in general: of course, you have to be a veteran, discharged honorably, to qualify (or the child/spouse of same). Unlike some banks that treat expats as a problem (you live where?), USAA is used to dealing with deployed military personnel the world over. It's all we use here, even when needing to transfer large sums (like buying a car) and it all goes very smoothly. Good luck!
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    I have my SS deposited with USAA & I love their service. Your ATM fees are refunded at the time of your statement and you can make up to 6- withdrawals, deposits, or transfers with no fees. I, too, have a Bancomer account, but because they always have one of the worst exchange rates I use my USAA card to withdraw cash from HSBC and then deposit the pesos into my Bancomer account. You don't need to talk to anyone to open an account. Go to- https://www.usaa.com and use the tab at that top that says "Join USAA" and follow the instructions. Once you've done that, you can easily switch your SS to deposit with USAA by using your My SS Account.
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    Yes she did. She said it intentionally, with malice aforethought.
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    I happen to agree with the OP. There is a lot more rudeness here; many people have arrived solely to take advantage of the financial circumstances with no interest in becoming part of the community. I feel it every day. But it was inevitable.
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    You really think it's appropriate to pull apart, dissect, magnify and destroy a simple statement from a person trying to help, because you don't think they phrased it correctly. Well, maybe the OP doesn't care for your phraseology. Geez.
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    Right on Mtn Mama! Since you and I both have MANY years' experience in this area re: rescue etc. we DO know of which we speak.
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    Don't have a pacemaker, and prosthetic hip is ceramic/titanium so no problem there. FYI Salud Digna has best price by far, but no appts. for a few days and minimum 4 hour wait for results. Two places over by the Basilica in Zapopan had great prices and better pick-up time but NOT willing to drive all that way! TOLSA has their MRI/CAT scan area being remodeled so cannot do these days. Chopo / CARE on Justo Sierra has better price than many others IF you have INAPAM card.
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    OFFICIAL WINNERS OF 2019 BEST SALSA OF 2019 FIRST Perry’s Pizza (8) SECOND Malta & Grill Restaurant (7) THIRD Frida Restaurante (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Forest Grill (1) BEST MARGARITAS OF 2019 FIRST Merendero Lake Burgers (9) SECOND Incognito, Casa Bonanza (6) THIRD TIE D’harma Restaurant (7) and XOLO Cocina (8) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Red Wine Margarita, Malta & Grill Restaurant (7) SATURDAY’S BEST CHILI 2019 FIRST Caribbean Confusion, Lanny Overall (2) SECOND Love In Action (8) THIRD Blue Moon Restaurant (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Mayabela & Rangers BBQ (1) SUNDAY’S BEST CHILI 2019 FIRST Perry’s Pizza (7) SECOND Pale’ Restaurant (2) THIRD Centro de Desarrollo (5) PEOPLE’S CHOICE Blue Moon Restaurant (1)
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    That's the reason we went into this without any expectations. When you are looking at having nothing else medically to help, you try alternative therapy. We did a lot of research and knew the good and bad outcomes. We also talked to people it had helped and didn't help. Our doctor told us we might not see a good outcome. We did however and have the blood test and the healthy body as payment for trying. If anyone out there is in a similar situation just remember every good thing that has happened in medicine took years and many sceptics. This is not a treatment that I imagine the medical community .. at least the part of the community that is more interested in profits.. is interested in seeing go forward.
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    I can picture that outcome.
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    I honestly don't think that the comments were "attacks". And, lumping all so-called "rescuers" into a newbie category is unfortunately inaccurate. The OP tended to sound like the information often given by a wannabe "rescuer" - "a beautiful black and tan purebred German Shepherd". She said that's all the information she was given, but perhaps framing it in a different way would have gotten different responses. Saying old and mistreated would have apparently been more accurate. Gringos stealing dogs they pretend to rescue is a big problem and has been for years. They are not all newbies. I remember a meeting I had with several other members of dog rescue organizations about 6 years ago where we discussed possible solutions. We felt education was the key. So when individuals post about a found dog or cat, folks tend to jump in with both feet. And while the local rescue and spay/neuter organizations have made great strides in reducing mistreated street dogs, and abandoned animals, way too many pets are still being stolen because someone doesn't approve of the care they are being given, even tho the animal is healthy and happy. Change sometimes comes slowly.
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    Sorry, don't see it. Why would he know or care where exactly contractors are working at any given moment? Like I said, the office is opening soon; they will be much better prepared for these kind of minute bits of info. Mr. Kessler took this project on to help all of us, but not to be a babysitter.
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    Who here remembers the old road one took from the Chapala/GDL highway to Ocotlán? I drove that road a million times and learned the 3-lane passing maneuver early on.
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    On many jobs that we need help with, we ask around for the going wage to our extended Mexican family and friends, and for suggestions of people who can do that work. Then, when we get a candidate, we tell (it)how much we are paying for the work (after all we are offering (it) work for our money) and (it) decides to accept or not. You might be surprised that many Mexicans think they can get 2-4 times the normal rate from extranjeros, or maybe not.
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    there is a job pick up site west of austin in dripping springs, dozens of men go there each morning looking for work. they want 100 dollars USD, to get in the truck and work for any one for 8 hours or so. also my mexican nephew, who is legal with a US passport and social security number just made 600 dollars working 26 hours for a re modeler that hired him, 23USD per hour. i was surprised but pleased. thats the reality around austin. most of the nursing homes lakeside pay about 1500 pesos per week for a nurse/aide.
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    If you want to overpay, based on what you think a local worker should make, based on only your awareness of THE COST OF LIVING UP NORTH, then go right ahead and continue to ruin this economy lakeside. Or, pay what people expect to be paid (by asking around instead of being judgmental of a whole country), and keep things flying right.
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    I don't know where you get the idea that 285p per day is the minimum rate that "peons" will accept. Quite apart from the slur to our Mexican neighbours there are many people from Jocotopec to Mezcala who work for less. Especially in the construction industry. That is Lakeside.
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    You have no FULL TIME maid or gardener so don't compare apples to oranges. Full time is not a cleaning lady a few hours per week or a gardener for even less hours per week. Full time is all the time and the salaries reflects that. Don't be condescending towards workers who need to fit into their enviroment and work with the skills they have to make an honestl living without some people looking down on them. Some of them can tell.
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    Morality is a private choice. $1,995 pesos cash per week or $8,645 per month in Mexico for this service is acceptable for them. IMO. Free meals and perks usually are included. Sitting around and watching TV. etc. My mother in law had 4 of them before she passed. Brick and cement laborers get about the same but work usually 5 1/2 days not 7 days per week. They work much harder and no free meals or perks. Possibly you don't know what they do compared to where you came from and maybe your judging this is inappropriate without first knowing "what it is".
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    I had been going to a certain clinic for years and they recently told me that my U.S. insurance was no longer paying for my office visits because the visits were no longer connected to my surgery. What one has to do with another I do not know? They would no longer see me for any visits. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from my insurance's fraud investigation department saying that they were investigating the clinic. Apparently, the clinic was charging my U.S. insurance company $450 USD for office visits, which is usually MUCH less in Mexico. They also charged them $45,000 USD for a surgery that they arranged, which really only cost $15,000 USD, a $30,000 mark up. The insurance company was also under the impression that the surgery and office visits were being done in the U.S. and not Mexico. They do not pay for office visits or surgery in Mexico unless it is an emergency, which they were was not. I had no idea this was going on. Fortunately, I am not being held responsible for any of the fraudulent charges. On an added note, if you do a Google search on a doctor that runs a clinic, you can find out his previous criminal background in the U.S. This may help you figure out what they are up to.
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    Good to see people objecting to unwarranted, insulting and demeaning comments which some cyber bullies enjoy making. Scroll on by is not the solution to this problem. Public rejection of the rudeness is!
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    Most newer security systems have two way security systems, usually with a smartphone app. Tell the ratons to get out of your house, remotely trigger the alarms. And if you are really sore about it, when you are back hire the meanest maton in town to find them, and administer some old world justice. Sometimes there is a very fine line between private detectives and thugs.
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    You are making two erroneous assumptions. Some of us do not feel unsafe here. We take the normal precautions we did NOB, not one thing different. We feel just as safe as we did NOB — and, in some cases, more so. We never considered this “paradise” and still don’t. It is a lovely, lively place to live. We are having fun, a lot more fun than we would be having NOB. So, when you speak, please remember that you are speaking only for yourself and those sad people who think like you do. Sorry about that pig you’re stuck with but we are loving our purses. They may not be silk, but they are a beautiful, durable fabric that brings us pleasure every single day.
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    We have short fences, one Chihuahua, and the belief that our greatest "protection" comes from good, well-known neighbors of multiple nationalities who can see anyone in our yard. After that comes living a modest lifestyle that does not scream "I have stuff you want", followed by the practice of utilizing common sense. Oh, and being believers in the law of attraction we don't engage in the fear mongering so prevalent everywhere.
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    A couple of weak places. 1. You may have a strong front or back door with a strong lock. But the door jam, when the lock goes in, may not be that strong. Some times an intruder will kick the door in which most of the time damage the door jam. 2. Sliding glass door not only the glass can be broken, the door can be either pried open or lifted out it's track.
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    I suppose I still have negative feelings about being told I needed surgery right away on my spine and if I walked out the door of the office I could be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I object to others maybe having the same advise.
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