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    I have a friend chomping at the bit for ILOX and they were told when it is ready it will be well publicized. Just keep your shirt on folks.. What more could you want to know? Wisely, they are not giving out the hour, day, month of completion Which never happens anyway, in Mexico.
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    Is it just my imagination or does it seem a little less friendly around town? More rudeness? Unrelated to that are there more Canadians around now than there used to be.?
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    The only rude people I have ever experienced here in Chapala Centro were not Mexican.
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    The dog likely knows where it belongs- it should be given the opportunity to go home, not be kept from doing so while a "dog rescuer" follows their own agenda.
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    Who here remembers the old road one took from the Chapala/GDL highway to Ocotlán? I drove that road a million times and learned the 3-lane passing maneuver early on.
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    Just got back from Barra and Melaque, and as usual was pleased to see the "rules of politeness" still in effect on the roads along the coast. There is a particularly long stretch of good highway going north from Manzanillo through the "Mexican Riviera". Mostly one lane each direction, but very-well paved with wide shoulders. Slower vehicles almost without fail will pull over and continue driving partly on the shoulder, so you can pass. Cars coming at you will also pull over to their shoulder, to give you more space. Lakeside we have two such stretches: San Juan Cosala to Jocotepec, and from the Las Redes area at the boulevard end of Chapala out to Vista del Lago and beyond. The difference is most drivers here don't honour the habit: in particular, expats and tourists. This could simply be a case of now knowing. But it would be nice if they did. Generally speaking, flashing your headlights and honking only makes most of them keep a dead grip on the center of the lane.
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    To quote you, "If the dog wasn't injured, starving, or otherwise in distress", and you are assuming that was the case. Before you start telling people what needs to be done, get the full story, not what you believe with no information to back you up.In this case the dog was in distress and was taken to a vet two days in a row. Unfortunately, it needed to be put down. So get off your horse and believing you know best without knowing the full story. , Why can't "Gringos" who have not been working in dog rescue for almost 20 years stop deciding they know the rest of the story and pompously telling others what must be done. You do not know what the situation is, so should not be demanding an experienced rescuer to do as you say. I am done, as is the person who had to go through the emotional stress and financial cost having this poor boy fostered on her.
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    Sorry, don't see it. Why would he know or care where exactly contractors are working at any given moment? Like I said, the office is opening soon; they will be much better prepared for these kind of minute bits of info. Mr. Kessler took this project on to help all of us, but not to be a babysitter.
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    My guess is that the cables are being installed by contractors, and that the employees doing the actual work may not know the identity of the company responsible for the contract. There may also be different contractors hired to install in different areas, and some of them may even have sub-contractors.
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    Tom Kessler is the hero behind the whole opportunity, and he has published the details here numerous times since this started, answering the same questions over and over. I wouldn't dream of bugging him yet again. All will be revealed soon enough. And the Ilox office in Ajijic should be open any day now.
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    Why are you assuming that the dog is in perfect condition? The person who is caring for the dog at the moment has been involved in dog rescue for approximately 18 years and knows what to look for and what to do. My posting was part of the effort to find the dog's owner, it is not an appeal for someone to adopt it.
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    If the dog wasn't injured, starving, or otherwise in distress, please tell your friend to take it back where she found it. She has probably stolen someone's dog. Why can gringos not get it through their heads that just because a dog isn't with an owner, that doesn't mean they don't have a home they go back to at night?
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    No, certainly not about you. They know who they are. In fact, one or two here with whom I am often at odds are with me on this.
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    What? Are you talking about me? I posted an experience, not...well, never mind.
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    As stated, posted for a friend, If you want that info why not call the number above and ask.
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    That is where I first experienced it, many times !
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    Also west of Austin in the Hill Country, I know a man who has a construction/general repair business who works several illegals. He starts them at $7/hr, and after a month, if they are dependable, he gives them $7.50/hour. never has a problem getting help, as the local DQ and Whataburger only pay close to $9/hr. I had 2 illegals work 2 weekends for me and we paid $7 per hour. If I wanted the insurance and guarantee for the job, I would have to pay $23/hr. for a licensed worker.
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    On many jobs that we need help with, we ask around for the going wage to our extended Mexican family and friends, and for suggestions of people who can do that work. Then, when we get a candidate, we tell (it)how much we are paying for the work (after all we are offering (it) work for our money) and (it) decides to accept or not. You might be surprised that many Mexicans think they can get 2-4 times the normal rate from extranjeros, or maybe not.
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    Those who "hug" the center stripe cause me the most problems, because they refuse to move over even just a little when you want to pass them. And then the occasional 18-wheeler who does not want you to pass and as you try, he moves over to block you. These guys must be nuts.
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    I just searched for "free online libraries" and got quite a range of results, depending on what type of reading material you're after. Haven't explored further yet, but a little time surfing could be worthwhile...
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    I simply label the offender as functionally illiterate and/or careless, lazy and inconsiderate. Some, however, just don't know any better, which makes them ignorant, as well. Since newspapers are written at an 8th grade level, I think we should expect that level of writing on any good forum. Would you fly, sail or drive with people who allow such errors? If so, it could be fatal.
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    Whaaaat!!! Are they outside your bedroom window?
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    I would suggest let sleeping dogs lie, can't say I miss him!
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    If you want to overpay, based on what you think a local worker should make, based on only your awareness of THE COST OF LIVING UP NORTH, then go right ahead and continue to ruin this economy lakeside. Or, pay what people expect to be paid (by asking around instead of being judgmental of a whole country), and keep things flying right.
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    You can rest assured that a voluntary cessation of posts was unlikely.😄
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    Staples are a great source of iron.
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    Dra. Justina used stem cells for her diabetes. She is an outstanding doctor. I would trust her completely and choose her over Hernandez any day.
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    My Stem Cell Therapy has been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE . On 4/18/18 I had stem cells and PRP injected into both knees by Dr Aceves in his Ajijic clinic. He specializes in rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments and is qualified in stem cell therapy. My knees had been bothering me for a month or so, and I was treating the stem cells therapy as a preventative measure, avoiding possible knee replacement down the road. They used my own fat cells to cultivate the (adipose) stem cells, and for a week I was fine. In fact my knees felt better. Dr Aceves said there was a 20% chance the treatment might not work, BUT he gave no risk factor of what could possibly go wrong. He also claimed to have treated 60 to 70 patients with knee injections. Were they all successful.? Who knows??? This is a factual statement of my experience Ten days later, on 4/28/18 my knees started to hurt, and the left one began to swell badly. Dr Aceves gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. The next day the pain and swelling was so bad I had to be admitted to Ajijic Hospital. The orthopedic surgeon on duty drained 4 big syringes of fluid from my knee, something Aceves had attempted the day before, but was unable to do. I went home to rest but was readmitted 2 days later by ambulance in unbearable, mind blowing pain. I needed a stretcher because I couldn’t get down the steps. There I was for two days on an antibiotic IV and a lot of painkillers. It’s been 7 weeks since the initial procedure. I’ve received treatment from two other local doctors and the inflammation is slowly subsiding. Chronic inflammation (as opposed to acute) is not apparent for about a week, and the healing is slow, weeks or even months. I’m using a cane to protect the knee for now. I asked Dr Aceves to refund my money, and he did. I think he had no idea what went wrong and wanted to distance himself completely. He’s expensive, so I was relieved to get my money back, but it has cost me so much more in medications, other doctors bills, hospital fees etc...not to mention the pain and suffering. He has never contacted me to see how I was doing. Because I was totally unable to shop, or even cook for myself, I had to move into Alicia’s Assisted Living for this last month. I was so fortunate that they had an available room. The friendly care and accommodation has made a difficult situation a lot easier. I still believe in the concept of Stem cell therapy, BUT, there is RISK involved. I would recommend Dr Justina, near Dental Express for more information on the therapy. She thinks I may have had an allergic reaction to the liquid the stem cells are cultured in. She tells all of her patients of the risk factor normally will start with systematic treatment. I believe the unguided needle into the knees capsule can be DANGEROUS. It certainly was for me. My new orthopedic Doctor has really helped reduce the inflammation. I can highly recommend Dr Armando Rabadan for his insight and skill. He is an orthopedic doctor (not a surgeon) and a physical therapist. Tel 376 766 1731. I feel better with every visit. So, I’m FINALLY on the road to recovery, but it’s truly been a totally agonizing and expensive NIGHTMARE and not something I would like to see anyone else go through!
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    I totally get that. Same thing happened to me twice down here. |I have spinal stenosis and was told I would be in a wheelchair if I didn't get a 3 level spinal fusion immediately!! I ran (well, limped) away as fast as I could. Now, after a year of continual physical therapy and daily exercise I am still "not in a wheel chair!" Guess we will always be "the wallets" here. Arghhh.
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    Stem cell therapy allows non-surgeons to get in on the bloodletting of wallets too.
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    Yes this reads 34 thousand pesos. Also, he will not provide a receipt for those who could make an insurance claim.
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    ..."answering the same questions over and over. " This is a new question: "Are ILOX subcontractors in the process of installing cable in San Antonio" I doubt he'd be annoyed or offended since so many people are puzzled at this point.
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    Isn't someone who posts on here in contact with people at ILOX and couldn't he ask them and report back on here? Enough speculation, eh?😏
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    It never ceases to amaze me when otherwise-intelligent people try to give out lessons on life and driving to fully-aware posters, who make a comment but don't feel the necessity to spew reams of otherwise-obvious disclaimers every time they make a comment. We are not all morons, so please stop suggesting we are. Say you like it or you don't like it; don't presume for a second that we haven't already gone over the options.
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    As long as I know what the person means, no worries Marine can be a very difficult person to catch up with when he has something of yours.
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    Is the dog sick, injured, starving? Has he been allowed to come and go if he wants to? Is he lost and in need of help or someone’s freerange pet?
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    I'm seeing in increasing number of posts with misspelling in the subject line - maybe a little more care is needed?
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    Mr doctor NOB said that the best treatment for knee pain was utilizing a bathroom scale.
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