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    AirRanger Reflective Inflatable Bird Scare Deterrent Set with Blower, Orange/Blue, 12'
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    I think you can print the needed forms out from this location and you should find information on the form you need to use there also: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/renew-by-mail.html
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    I had been going to a certain clinic for years and they recently told me that my U.S. insurance was no longer paying for my office visits because the visits were no longer connected to my surgery. What one has to do with another I do not know? They would no longer see me for any visits. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from my insurance's fraud investigation department saying that they were investigating the clinic. Apparently, the clinic was charging my U.S. insurance company $450 USD for office visits, which is usually MUCH less in Mexico. They also charged them $45,000 USD for a surgery that they arranged, which really only cost $15,000 USD, a $30,000 mark up. The insurance company was also under the impression that the surgery and office visits were being done in the U.S. and not Mexico. They do not pay for office visits or surgery in Mexico unless it is an emergency, which they were was not. I had no idea this was going on. Fortunately, I am not being held responsible for any of the fraudulent charges. On an added note, if you do a Google search on a doctor that runs a clinic, you can find out his previous criminal background in the U.S. This may help you figure out what they are up to.
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    Oh PLEASE don't rob them of even more of their habitat! Try hanging old cds in the branches if you must, and hope real bird experts chime in....they will know much more than me!
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    Love animals, birds and all wildlife (have 3 rescue dogs)...but not very noisy birds in the trees just outside my bedroom windows! The back story; I have lived in this very beautiful home (rental) on a large piece of lakefront property in San Antonio for almost 11 years. I have seen the Egrets come and go in their yearly migrations and admired them for their beauty and grace. A few years ago they began nesting and having babies in the 2 huge, centuries old trees in the front of a small garden apartment building, also lakeside, just down the street from me. Last year the birds were so prolific and noisy that tenets started moving out. So what did the rich Guadalajara owners do? After the birds migrated they hired a crew and over a 2 week period they took down these trees (with about 6 - 8 ft. diameter trunks each) and totally uprooted and covered over the entire area. Most likely illegal, but this is México! Now guess what? They are coming back and since their trees are gone, they have found mine! Not as big, but on the front of the lake so they think they have found a new home. At this point there are only a few and have started building their nests. I am sure they will be inviting all their friends and family and soon I will have the same mess as my neighbors...but right next to my bedroom! I talked to the landlord about this and he suggests that maybe he can hire a crew to lop off all the top branches where the Egrets seem to prefer building their nests. I have my doubts but thought that I might get some better suggestions here. Gracias.
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    You have no FULL TIME maid or gardener so don't compare apples to oranges. Full time is not a cleaning lady a few hours per week or a gardener for even less hours per week. Full time is all the time and the salaries reflects that. Don't be condescending towards workers who need to fit into their enviroment and work with the skills they have to make an honestl living without some people looking down on them. Some of them can tell.
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    To me, it is pretty simple. You go to a new country or a new city, and you ask around ask what is the going rate for a particular service like a home nurse or a nursing home, and you pay accordingly. What is wrong is when expats choose to change the going rate. It is not fair to your Mexican neighbors.
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    That could very well be the case but would then suggest being pretty mean spirited in a lot of his posts. But then, who hasn't been guilty of that on occasion?
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    Morality is a private choice. $1,995 pesos cash per week or $8,645 per month in Mexico for this service is acceptable for them. IMO. Free meals and perks usually are included. Sitting around and watching TV. etc. My mother in law had 4 of them before she passed. Brick and cement laborers get about the same but work usually 5 1/2 days not 7 days per week. They work much harder and no free meals or perks. Possibly you don't know what they do compared to where you came from and maybe your judging this is inappropriate without first knowing "what it is".
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    I think he was just having his form of fun.
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    A lot of airports used to have a TWOV lounge...transit without visa, but I don't think any US airport has them any more.
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    On a December 2018 bill the breaks were still 150 and 130.
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    You might try contacting Proteje Fauna Silvestre at Lakeside Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation at (376)765-4916.
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    Yes absolutely. It is where I go up the toll roads to Laredo and around Lakeside and through Guadalajara and over to Colima and Cuyutlan. It was fine down the coast from PV to Acapulco. Good in Guatamala in metro and tourist areas, Good in Columbia and really spotty to non-existent in Chile. It is great in the USA as well. Unlimited calling to and in Mexico, EAU, and Canada.
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    The DAC rate in Chapala cuts in only after the 12 month total KWHs exceed the subsidized 3000 KWHs and stays there until your 12 month average goes below 3000 KWHs not everytime you go over what you described as causing the DAC rate to cut in. When in the DAC you have no subsidized KWHs at all. You pay about $0.32 dollars per KWH on what you consume. Example 500 KWHs for 2 months will be about $3000.00 pesos. That usage is what the maximum average usage is to keep you subsidized when averaged over 12 months. 3000÷12= 250 × 2 = 500 KWHs per billing period if it is every 2 months. You can go over the 500 KWHs sometimes as long as you go under other times in 12 months and get an average of 250 KWHs per month with no problem. The chart on the bill shows where you are at every billing period. The part where it turns red means you are over that billing period. Watch the chart and keep the bills and add up your total comsumptipn to see how close you are and adjust usage accordingly. Your last 6 - 2 month bills will tell you without messing with the CFE website.
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    At their prices they should never be unreliable.
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    Switch to AT&T. I have had AT&T for 2 years and have no such spam, for now. You won't have to change phones just a new SIM card as they share the same frequency range.
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    Part of the story reports: ".....After the victims were rescued, Greenwood said they went to a Barrie and Area Victim Services centre, where they were offered hot showers, food and clothing, and given medical assessments. Interpreters were made available, she said. "I am pleased to announce that all of the victims have been offered employment and accommodations at a local resort," she said.... ... Barnum added the workers are now here legally. ....." Very proud that Canada took that option, rather than shunting them on to a bus and sending them packing!
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    .... and the officials to bribe.
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    I guess Pete people are not looking for luck , but rather a professional who can fix their problem
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    Remember, who gave Chapo to the US ! The Elites will sacrifice anyone to protect their power. That is true in any country, NOB or SOB.
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    Caleta de Campos, Michoacán.
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    San Pancho. Quiet, adult, good restaurants
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    Maybe his unemployment benefit ran out
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    LOL! I found his post somewhat annoying and incoherent and when I "proded" him, his responses seem rather "telling" which evoked some compassion in me. I got the sense that he's a "troubled" soul and decided to no longer engage him here. I wish him the best in life.
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    Just go on line and check your CFE bill or if you have not set that up, you can still go to the CFE home rates information page, and it still shows 75 for the first and 65 KWH for the second step. So yes it is still 150 and 130 for two months. Oh and for the exact charge per KWH, we are in the Tariff 1 zone. It has been the same for ages. And having solar does not change the 150 and 130. Having solar lowers the amount of power you consume from CFE, not the charge per KWH schedule.
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    Is it only me that is confused by this discussion and where it is leading too...he said she said...please what is the point of this discussion
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