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    Potatoes are the new butter.
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    Having this feature (ignoring a user) makes the web board much more enjoyable for me . . .
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    They planned as best they could. What they didn't know was the number of Pemex stations selling both legal and illegal gas. Kinda put a monkey wrench in the planning.
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    I agree. Three weeks of pain for long term gain is worth it.
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    DeborahM, use the word petate and ignore the rest of the thread.
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    Understand it is also called "home" by many spiders and scorpions, from those who have had it.....! 😉
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    On this page with a pc, place the cursor over their pic/letter. In the pop-up, scroll down and click on Ignore User.
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    Interesting discussion. We have a lap pool 11 metres by 2.5 meters average depth 4.5 feet, volume approximately 9700 litres. With a variable speed pump running 6 hours per day, 10 of the thin flat black solar panels and a standard solar blanket, our pool at this moment is 88 degrees. Definitely warm enough for us to swim.
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    Hello are there any pitfalls to selling your house without a realtor ? 🙏 thanks
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    I see you've been a member of this board less than 6 months, and I'm assuming you haven't lived in this area long, so I'll make a serious answer to your question. The pitfalls are legion, and listing them would not be helpful at this point. I would suggest you visit Spencer McMullen, a local attorney, and ask that question. You may or may not wish to do without a realtor after that. You will need the services of a Notario (who oversees the legal paperwork), whether you list with a realtor or not. You could ask the members of this board to PM you with the name of the realtor with whom they've had a good experience. The PM is because this board is owned by a real estate company, so public comment would not be appropriate. Best of luck, whatever you decide to do. Personally, after living here well over a decade, my choice would be to list my property with a well recommended realtor.🖖
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    Selling your house in a country where you are not fully familiar with the laws and probably not totally fluent in Spanish. What could possibly go wrong?
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    Top quality flat pool panels (like Techno Solis, used all across lakeside both residential and condo / commercially) are 4 feet wide and rated at about 4000 BTU per foot of length. So a 10 foot panel rates at about 40,000 BTU per day, and a 12 foot panel at 48,000 both are daily figures. So to compare to Ferret's link, a 400,000 BTU heater costs 2500 US, and 10 of the 10 foot flat black Techno Solis panels also equal 400,000 BTU and cost would be about the same., both as the equipment purchase cost. Installation additional on both. Differences from there: The pool panels have a 10 year warranty and no ongoing fuel needs or maintenance costs, and cause no damage to the environment from burning massive amounts of fuel. Sun is required of course..... The propane / natural gas heater does heat faster; people who have had both like the slow, steady, and "long term free energy" approach.
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    But it is not. The pipeline we rely on is closed again, two days ago, after three major cartel taps in the two hour period after it was open. Mexican newspapers are full of these stories. My take is that it was happening and we were getting gas, so let it happen while you attempt ways to fix it. Don't be stupid and ruin the economy of many states while applying the same $%&/()ic techniques of the "war on drugs", that last year resulted in 33,000 murders in Mexico.
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    The way it was, was massive theft and damage to the pipelines. The crackdown isn't perfect but it is really stopping the theft. I support the government in doing this, that level of theft simply had to be stopped.
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    While the queen size Mexican mattress are somewhat smaller, I have found the American size queen sheet do it. They are not just as tight a fit.
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    I read on a Facebook page that the truck that they use for recycling has broken down and will take a day or two to be repaired....
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    DeborahM, it's not thatch. It's petate, and not patate. Petate is a woven reed mat used to create a ceiling, usually with beams underneath and tile on top to make the roof. Thatch (at least around Lakeside) is made with palm leaves, still on their stems, layered onto a framework. And that guy jonnywhatsis is wrong about screwdriver, too. It's desarmador, not what he said (desamador). Spelling makes a difference to pronunciation. http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=desarmador
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    I have a Wendy, also. Really nice and comes with a warranty. The furniture store in Chapala, on the corner across from the big fountain and the lights.
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    My favorite is Wendy brand. I do not remember where I bought it.
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    Per request of OP this thread limited to specific reports of local gasoline availability including the roads between here and GDL. Others deleted.
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    Gasoline available just north of SPL at the station on W side if hwy with the control tower with no wait.. I bought gasoline further north with no wait at San Pedro hotel and fuel station in center of toll road.. Monterrey NL only saw one station with fuel . Lines were backed up and totally blocking the highway across from the small airport across from City Express Hotel. A little further north at Garcias on the E side of toll rd there was fuel with very short lines.. Nuevo Laredo fuel seemed in short supply.
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    My pool is 70,000 L and I have 8 of the 4'x12' Israeli panels. I cover the pool as that is the only way too keep the pool above 86 degrees 9 months of the year. In just didn't have roof space for more panels. I bought my panels on ebay USA and drove them down to Ajijic. Just any plumber could install. They charged NO duty or tax at the border. Panels cost about $100 each.They all eight fit in a big SUV. They are in boxes about 49"X10"X10" each. If you use a roller the cover is easy to remove and reinstall.
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    I finally figured it out. It is so simple, that most of us miss the option. I would always put my curser on the picture and then left or right click. NO NO. What I discovered after more tries than I want to admit is just put your curser over the picture and back off for a few seconds and up pops a very small rectangle that gives you three options on of which is "Ignore user". Left click on that option. It is that simple, say I after many many failed attempts I am afraid to find out if I can put the curser over my picture and click "Ignore user"
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    Another very good option is the Ginger Brew store on left side heading towards West Ajijic. Has many pro-biodic beverages and products.
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    I do not see this option when I view a member profile on my iPad. I have always had to do it the way Al Berca does. Ignore makes life so much more pleasant.
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    Thanks, go solar. You are correct, gallons not litres. My brain went one place and my fingers another! Just came in after a very nice swim.
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    That is perfectly sized, plus the cover benefit. For anyone interested, the calcs work like this with the 4.5 feet converted to meters pool volume: 11 x 2.5 x 1.4 = 38,000 liters (38 m3) or 9700 gallons Each standard size panel is rated at about 4 to 4.5 m3, so 10 should cover up to 40 m3 easily, plus they have the cover to "keep what they make". No polar bear swims for this casa! 😉
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    No, things sure aren't getting back to normal. More than 80 percent of gas stations closed in GDL. About the same here. Less than half the normal supply getting through. People can conserve and drive less some but it is pretty hard for that to cover a reduction of this magnitude. I'm assuming the car wash is closed temporarily. Every time they try to open the pipeline, it is tapped by the thieves. Amazing these people can't be apprehended and stopped.
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    It was such a retro statement. The use of gay was uncalled for. So was underground. Could just as easily and accurately have said an after hours bar.
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    Two comments: First, what you are planning leaves your ex open to Federal fraud charges because she will know you have passed and still be taking the money. There are suvivors' benefits. Secondly, this thread is not about you. It is a general discussion of the correct and legal way to handle the death of an expat in Mexico. Please don't distract from that.
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    Really dangerous situation in Monterrey NL with cars backed up blocking the highway north in front of the small airport across from the City Express.
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    It is almost impossible for pool solar panels to heat the water to a swimmable temp. during Nov, Dec, Jan and parts of Feb. Fewer daylight hours and the angle of the sun are mostly to blame.
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