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    The term grumpy gringos is completely false as is computerguys assumption that I am new to this area. I am one of the few gringos in the area that you will find at almost every Mexican Fiesta and event and I do not live my life as if I am still north of the border or shuttered away in a gated community. I have been here almost 15 years lakeside and am not trying to re invent the wheel. If anything my objection is gringo events that are thoughtlessly planned with little consideration or respect for the Mexican community who was here long before we were. I knew Elliot and she was a fine woman. I understand that the Thrill of the world event happens at exactly the same time all over the world and local planners can not change that if they want to participate in the world wide event. I also appreciate that this event raises money for local charities. I understand you have no control over the date or time but you DO have control over the venue. I can understand perhaps in the first years how it had to be in a prominent public place to draw attention to the event. That is not the case now and it is certainly a destination event that people plan to come and see. It could be just as successful in the venue I suggested in La Floresta and you could completely avoid any of the negativity that has become associated with it. I may be the lone voice on this thread but I assure you I am not alone in my feelings regarding this, especially in our local Mexican community. It is not in the nature of our local Mexican community to get in the face of the gringo planners and participants especially by the older Mexican members of the community but this IS distressing to them. Perhaps the planners have been unaware of these feeling but they certainly are not now. When you are planning to participate in a gringo event that glorifies un-dead zombies who are living in a kind of purgatory instead of the afterlife that is the base of the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead and the goulishness on Halloween is put in the face of one of the most holy days and processions as the Procession of the Virgin of the Rosary (the culmination of a month of fasting, prayer and masses); it defies logic that you could be unaware of the cultural conflict unless you live your life divorced from the local Mexican community. The Virgin of the Rosary Procession route is from seis esquinas (six corners) to the church at the plaza and even if you endeavor to be complete before they march that route, we all know zombies do not just go home after the event. Why is that venue your choice when there are other options? I can not understand it or the push back I am feeling on this thread. To me it just feels like another example of "we are gringos and we do what we want" with no thought to others.
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    So a 660 pesos hotel in Mexico City was not up to 4-star standards. Hmm. Who'da thunk it?
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    As one of the long time Dance Captains for the Annual "Thrill the World" Event that Elliott Joaquin brought to Ajijic many years ago, I can tell you that we as organizers and participants are not in charge of the day/date/time of the Event. This is set by the "Thrill the World" organization out of the S.F. Bay area and we are told what day each year (usually the last Saturday in October) and what time in relation to G.M.T. we are to do the dance. We comply and each year have asked the Municipality if it conflicts with the Virgin of the Rosario Parade through Ajijic. We have asked for and been granted permits to occupy the Ajijic Plaza, the Chapala Malecon and this year, the Ajijic Malecon (Basketball Court) as well as the small Plaza in Seis Esquinas. We have always tried to be mindful of the religious Virgin of the Rosario and as one of the individuals who has participated in each year, I only recall one year (I believe 2016) that the Parade of the Virgin was coming towards Seis Esquinas as the Zombies were finishing "Thriller". We did finish before they arrived and stood in silence and with respect. As for tossing candies to kids, that has been done as Zombies paraded from the Ajijic Plaza to Seis Esquinas and this year from the Cultural Center, down Colon, along the Malecon and to/from Seis Esquinas. At no time did I see any disrespect from the Ajijic Zombie Horde to the individuals walking to or from participation in the Virgin of the Rosario Parade. As I mentioned earlier, these two events are distinctly different and while one is religious and the other is secular, they are designed to include the entire community. We continue to reach out and and encourage locals to participate in the Event, learn the dance, raise $$ for the Charity (usually Cruz Roja) and enjoy the fun of being part of an International Event. As Event organizers, we always ask when the Parade for the Virgin is scheduled and try to ensure there will not be overlap. As we start at the EXACT moment given by the "Thrill the World" HQ, we have no leeway in "start" time but it has never happened that we were to dance at the same time as the planned Parade. The dance lasts slightly more than 6 minutes. As we know, parades don't always start at the time scheduled and that's the one time we saw the Parade for the Virgin advancing on us in Seis Esquinas. I understand if you don't wish to support "Thrill the World", Cruz Roja or the Event in general but I do ask that you learn the facts before making comments based on mis-information. I believe we had 76 participants this year and look forward to being able to share the amount of pesos raised to go towards the purchase of a much needed Ambulance for all of us who live and spend time lakeside. Many thanks for your continued support, Zombie Val
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    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
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    I am surprised that you seem to be taking this so personally. There are numerous posts on this thread about the inappropriateness of Halloween and it's conflict with a very spiritual celebration of Day of the Dead. That the Thriller event is held in a public place at the same time that the virgin of the rosary procession IS a conflict in the community and I am not alone in my feelings about this. If it was held for instance at the La Floresta Castillo plaza it could be a non issue, that it is held on the Ajijic plaza between the two churches when there is a very important religious procession is at the least insensitive. The fact that the organizers of this event as well as yourself see no issue speaks to the problem. I have no illusion that I can change your opinion or the Thriller organizers on this. This, as I stated, is my opinion and you obviously have yours. The difference is that I choose to present mine politely.
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    Some people get sick and others do not. We are not all in the same physical health depending on habits, etc. Those harmful elements were still not meant to be consumed. I prefer to not wait until there is a problem.
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    Thank you to all our Zombies. To our local grumpy gringos, turn off your lights and hide from a bit of multiculturalism.
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    Thank you for the heads up. I'm very picky about the hooker-infested, meth-reeking, floor-flooded, dump hotels that I frequent - short and long term. I'll certainly change my Trip Advisor rating of the Hotel Corinto based on your experience. Cheers!
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    Ignorance. I have been streaming succesfully with paid and non paid services for 5 years,so have many others. Can be done with 5 download speed. Theres free apps with ads, many services like the above without .i am paying appx 800 pesos for a year 1000 uk and usa main stream channels in sd hd, and uhd quality. 5 mbps will give you sd, or sometimes 720hd for live tv.720 for movies without problems. Some people just dont want to listen or learn.
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    In our 13 years at lakeside; first on Ocampo in Ajijic, then on Lopez Cotilla in Chapala, we never had any children at our doors on the last day of October. Halloween is NOT observed in Mexico and I suggest that it not be encouraged. Join in the dia de los muertos celebrations and enjoy the vast cultural difference. It is a truly beautiful celebration of remembrance.
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    I thought wacko jacko was the devil after his past history . Not a person who i would care to remember.
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    I did the Zombie thing for 5 years because I have a background in Michael Jackson style dancing. But there is a cultural rift here that the gringos are not aware of. I walked to the plaza with my zombie outfit and make up on, and later explained to my neighbors that it was not a devil worship but an homage to Michael Jackson manifested by doing an international celebration of his Thriller video. I had to explain the difference between DDLM and Halloween in the north which emphasizes the grotesque and evil. For that reason I have hated Halloween for years even before I came here. Frankly, I was put off by some of the violent looking makeup applications worn by some of the zombies. This is NOT in the spirit of Mexico, although Micheal Jackson has many fans here. DDLM is by far the richer, more beautiful celebration, and the Virgin of the Rosary Fiesta is by far the most fun choice for Oct. 31 if you happen to be in this area. I always look forward to this fiesta and will be posting new videos/fotos.
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    Ja ja...We are ready for some good old prot-Marxist helping of the poor. Maybe Brazil would welcome those who liked it under Peña Nieto?
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    Remember my glowing review for La Nueva Posada's English style fish 'n chips? I just deleted it. We went there for lunch today and had a very bad experience, to wit: New help, hopelessly untrained, didn't "know anything about" the ad in the Guad Reporter offering free Margaritas or salad or soup with light or main course meals. It wasn't worth the trouble to take the matter further, so we didn't. I ordered fish 'n chips. It came with NO malt vinegar. The waiter had brought salad vinegar. When asked for the malt vinegar, he returned and said they didn't have any. There was enough tartar sauce in a minute container for no more than one piece of fish. I sent the plate back and asked for some enchiladas instead. After three quarters of an hour, no food arrived. Another waiter brought the check, which didn't include my order, so we paid it and left. Enough. Won't be back. Sorry to have to report this, but I don't want to have anyone going there based on my yesterday's complimentary review.😥
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    The problem that is difficult for a proto-Marxist such as Lopez Obrador to understand is that several billions of “dollars” have already been spent on supplies, studies, legal work, land acquisition et al. We’ve heard reports that as much as $10 billion shall be lost but we find that very, very hard to believe if the projected cost was $13 billion. However, as we all know, that $13 billion, by the time the airport would have been finished would have escalated to $20 or $25 or even $30 billions of dollars. Nonetheless, the Peso and the Mexican stock market plunged on this news, with the markets suddenly fearful that Lopez Obrador really is the doctrinaire Leftist we always thought him to be. Currently bid 20.08, ask 20.11 (commentary from Dennis Gartman)
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    I drank tap water in Chapala, simply filtered and sometimes treated with UV, but often not, from age 65 to 78 and still do not glow in the dark, or exhibit other symptoms. Now, at 81, I suspect that something may eventually kill me, but I am too busy to worry about it.
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    If you believe an 85 year old Mexican grandmother who lives at 6 corners and the public servants in town hall have the same core value I do not know what to say. I have made my statement and it has been dismissed and the your response, and inability to entertain any change tells me all I need to know. I had not supposed this forum would be the place to create a new awareness and it seems I was right. Thank you
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    Sorry, Hal, your comments are based on nothing you can substantiate, and you are truly grumpy. Especially when you say things like the locals don't want to get in our faces. Locals includes the municipal government that sanctions this event, and if you think they are easy to push around, well... And making sweeping statements about the communities here just doesn't add up. Exactly what and where are these many gringo activities that fly in the face of the Mexican community? Sorry, but truly your story is so full of holes that I could take several pages in refuting your points, but at this juncture it just isn't worth it. Go peacefully amidst the noise and haste.
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    The transitos are supposed to be limited to west of Ajijic panteon and the libramento to the highway. I've seen them in La Floresta when pickings must get lean.
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    Thank you Bisbee Girl for this link, which is for an adjacent lot to the one in question. It looks like the rush yo build on the mountain is in full gear. Im told the link above is an area very prone to landslides and do inappropriate for construction We are waiting for an official letter Wednesday from the authorities st which time I will let people know how they can show their support to keep this area green
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    La Paceña wins "Best New Restaurant of 2018" as far as I'm concerned. I don't care about their fried fish, batter or chips though. I like the other things on their menu.
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    I too have been streaming for several years with about a 5 download speed. I use a Fire TV Stick and take it when I travel. I do notice that download speed effects the picture quality; not sure if the app or the Fire TV Stick is adjusting resolution; but I am certainly looking forward to the high speed of Ilox fiber optic. As far as picture quality the Shaw Direct HD channels are superior to streaming quality I have now but soon we will see if it download speed, the IPTV service I am currently using, or if I need to upgrade from the Fire TV stick to a device with a faster processor and more memory.
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    JayBearII, which development was stopped? ("The gash up the mountain..."). The winding road off the Libramiento leads to Las Minas (I think that is the name) and when I have walked up there, they were still working on it.
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    Hal, sorry you thought I was being impolite. I was 100% serious. It's a job you feel strongly about, and really no one else does. Everyone enjoys both these and many other lakeside events. So take the bull by the horns, so to speak. The organizers have been doing it for years. Unfortunately, the fantastic lady who started the Thriller dance has since passed away, but she left a lot of supporters to take up the cause, and they have discussed the logistics as much as anyone, including getting the proper permits. Yes, that's right, permits are required, meaning municipal government involvement. If this was such an unwanted thing, it woulda been stopped right there, long ago. Everyone arriving here sooner or later figures they can do it much better, that we're all backwater folks who've never tried anything before, that we lack the skills and tools to get things done. What they miss (because they are not really looking) is that if you don't see it, ASK FIRST. I guarantee you it's been done or tried already. Hal, you'll know when I'm being insulting.
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    Huh???? Villa Nova is upper Ajijic, west of centro.
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    Each to their own zombie / near death experience.....
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    Thanks Gringal. This makes me feel much much better. Hopefully them dancing across the plaza and then back to 7 corners did not interfere with the virgin of the rosary procession. It still seems unnecessarily close to the Virgin of the rosary. I don't understand why they don't just avoid the issue and move it to a place like the La Floresta Castillo Plaza. Plenty of room, plenty of parking no issue for anyone
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    Don’t know why someone would think your post funny as it is the direction many are taking. However when I tried your website got a message saying invalid. Please check and repost.
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    I've lived in six locations on the north side; lake front in Ajijic (2), mountain side Ajijic, Ajijic village, San Antonio, and upper Chula Vista, as well as Jocotepec over eight plus years, and now living (happily) lake front near San Luis. Telmex does have phone and internet here, IF, you can get an available line. I've been on the waiting list for something like six months. I don't know the local speed for Telmex, but they commonly offer only a fractional upload speed, compared to the download speed (10Mb dn/perhaps 0.5Mb up). Spyderweb offers internet in many locations here (needs line of sight from their towers and uses wifi frequencies to a local modem) but their prices are quite high comparatively. However, you can choose your up and download speeds, to a point... I used them in Joco and here in San Luis, but they aren't exactly a customer oriented company, more like a buyer beware, and I haven't experienced a steady, reliable signal from them. Ilox has been here (south shore) for years. Currently, they say they will only install to "businesses", but the definition is not clear, might be that telling them you have a business is enough. Yet, I have a neighbor who's had their residential service for a couple of years. He reported there were some outages from time to time, and, you pay a year in advance. Speeds can be much higher than Telmex. When it's working, it's a good service. Ilox's system was installed at Roca Azul (rv park in Joco) around a year ago, and the residents there report continued, frequent outages of the internet (as well as with the electricity and water) and, it's only provides a 20Mb service for the ALL the RVs, which can number as high as 35 to 40 units when a caravan come in. One full-timer there uses Spyderweb and generally reports a reasonably steady service, but not without occasional calls to fix problems. The new options from both AT&T cellular and Telcel, are cell system based internet modems (essentially Hot Spots) are providing much better speed and reliability (so far). (AT&T less so while they are solving a problem, which might be from overselling their system. I have a modem from both companies. Each offers a choice between 5 and 10Mb speeds, same prices, and both throttle speeds down after passing certain monthly bandwidth usage. These will only work well ( i think), if you are close enough to a cell tower to pick up the 4g service and don't have many buildings between you and the cell tower. The AT&T office in Joco is buried in the downtown buildings and there he seldom gets much speed from his modem. For non-imported groceries, you can find a lot in Jocotepec, as well as a number of restaurants, but, they aren't the gringo oriented ones as in Ajijic. You can also get basic groceries (vegies, breads and meats) in any of the villages. The need for speaking Spanish is most relevant to how you live. If you are spending lots of time interacting with the locals (south shore), you'll need more Spanish but, MANY speak at least a little and others speak a lot of English. At the government offices, less so. Can't offer much about boat docking. I plan a boat in the future, but it won't be until I can build a secure boat house, or long (perhaps) rail based access down to the water. Leaving a nice boat unprotected on the shore is probably a precursor to giving your boat to someone else... However, if you bought something like one of the old fishing boats here, might be less threat of loss. (Like having a rusty old bicycle or rust-bucket car that nobody would want to steal.) One could easily have a trailer sized boat, stored at your home and just get it wet when needed, but if you aren't going to have a car at all, that's more complicated. NOT having a car over also offers complications. Walmart (as a point of reference) is 25 miles by road (8 to 10 miles by water) and can sometimes be driven in 40 minutes, if you drive fast where possible, but will normally take an hour, unless you are east of San Luis. The closet hospital I know of is east of Joco, about 25 minutes by car. Travel time to Costco (in Guad) is no longer, maybe a little faster than from Ajijic, about 50 minutes (+/_). You might want to have a plan in place if you need sudden transportation, such as an unplanned trip to the doctor. And, if you choose east of San Luis, you will learn to hate the road "through" San luis. It's about 1 1/2 miles of narrow two lane, with cars randomly parked on the side causing a one lane event with countless car and trucks (and backhoes/farm equipment) trying to get through. The highway is busy much of the day and night, thus, of you live close to it, means traffic noise, mostly from the countless truck (jake breaks and lost mufflers) and weekend motorcycles (in mass). Otherwise, this side seems quieter to me. And, finally, the view looking north (as compared to looking south from the north shore) is really, quite a lot nicer. One things is seeing the night lights of the far more developed north shore. Another might be just the difference between the mountain ranges on the north and south sides. And in the dark, you see the 'light' of Guadalajara over the mountain top, but you also see lots of stars overhead. Fire trucks will come from Joco, which means you should get your hose turned on while you wait... Real Estate scams and problems can occur anywhere around the lakeside (around Mexico?), caution is obviously needed if you are buying. Still, lots of gringos have purchased properties along the south shore, many have never had any "title" issues at all. A long-term lease would remove those specific concerns. Regarding water and electricity, San Luis appears to pump (pressurize) water (on the west side) three late afternoons each week, Tues., Thur. and Saturday. This water fills your own tanks, and you draw water from them. Of course, some scheduled days they might not pump (it happens), and sometimes the pressure could be lower than other times. If you design a new water storage system here, it might make sense to have a week or more capacity to avoid a possible day or two without water. If renting, buying a second storage tank is easily affordable. Electricity seems normal for Mexico. Voltage (mean voltage target in Mexico is 127v) during the day is commonly lower, and in the evenings/overnight commonly higher. There are occasional brief (a minute or two) outages, and when there's a break in the power line (storms or auto accidents) power can go out for some hours, which isn't significantly different from the other lakeside locations I've lived. However, I have a general inclination for installing a proper voltage regulator (boost/reduce functions). There are many choices and sizes available. You might find voltage Controllers, as well as true Regulators. Iso Solabasic offers both such systems. Both can function with input from about 90 volts to about 147 volts. The output is essentially flat with their regulators, but their Correctors output from 102 to 132v. A 50amp corrector has a retail price around 4,500p and the Regulator is around 8,000p. I've seen them for less in the big Commercial electrical shops in Guad. Lots of Gringos have solar panels and many pay next to nothing each month as a result. Not all include a battery storage system, but having one and a suitably sized inverter can eliminate brown/black outs. In west Ajijic a few years ago I saw voltage as low as 65 and as high as 160. That high isn't normal, but lows aren't uncommon. Also, some will probably have to debate, during the rainy season, I have observed lots more clouds and rain on the north side, then here on the south side. Perhaps I am delusional, as well as decrepit... I prefer being on the south, but, if you think about going out to eat more than, perhaps once a week, or participating in any of the countless groups and activities on the north shore, you'll spend a lot of time on the road and probably tire of it fast. I suggest you consider keeping (or getting) a car, possibly an small economy type, and use it as sparingly as you like, but, have it for when you need it. (trips to Costco?) This side is certainly more peaceful and relaxed and probably represents what the north shore was 30-50 years ago. I expect property values will climb here, but, who is going to live long enough to enjoy that? Last, take all dire warnings about anything posted on this webboard, with a load of sale (or maybe BBQ sauce). There are so many old people here passing on old stories and fears and rumors and guesses, about nearly everything, things can sound a lot worse than they are. If you crossed north by your little boat, getting a ride to shops would be easy by obtaining the local Taxi stand phone numbers (to call ahead), or by learning some of the private driver's numbers or even using Uber. In your 40's, walking might be desirable. If you were ready to motor back south across the lake, and see a big storm, there are plenty of places you could wait it out, possibly with a nice beer or music or just enjoying an art gallery. And if the wind happened to come up when you are half way back across, it's only four or five miles more which might be 10 minutes travel time, even a modest motor boat will likely get you to shore before any real trouble. I expect you're an adult and can make reasonable decisions on the fly... Renting first is one of the best bits of advice for anyone coming here to buy. It's easy be enamored with this or that location/community or house, but taking the time to learn how close that house is to an Eventos or how many dogs live next door or on the roof, or which house has parties till tomorrow all weekend long, will greatly improve your happiness. Unless you're deaf, in which case, who cares? In hunting for a house, be it to purchase or rent, get out of the car and walk and talk to everybody. You speak Spanish. Ask. Most small communities are going to have at least shop that the proprietor will know everybody and (nearly) every opportunity. Start at the corner grocery and work your way down the street. You've already spent time lakeside, you already know it can be a great place to live!
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    Just put a false first name and intial.or post code. They arent wanting id. No one will know.
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    You are the first person I've heard say that it is an insult. You do know that this thing wasn't created by anybody locally, right? In countries all around the world with Latino citizens, they celebrate Day of the Dead with street alters and parades, and I have yet to hear a Canadian or American tell them it's an insult to do it so close to Hallowe'en. Further, this is not a case of the ends justifying the means, not by a long shot. Feel free to approach the organizers of the event and let them know your opinion. I'm sure they'll stop, after consulting with the local charities affected, and once the organizers of the Muertos events see your point.
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    Then I am nearsighted. I think living in a foreign community where your charity event insults the culture because of its timing and nature is a problem. That is my opinion. You could easily create another fundraising event that would not be rude to your Mexican neighbors. I believe it is shortsighted to think the end justifies the means when there are other ways to reach that end
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    The Thriller dance is a world-wide phenomenon, and a huge charitable event. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating two causes on the same day. Doing this dance raises money for LOCAL charities. The fact that more faces are being painted like Catrinas and fewer like zombies is actually pretty cool. To suggest that it somehow corrupts or abuses this long-implanted cultural tradition is near-sighted.
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    I remember now from these posts that it was the procession for the Lady of the Rosary in Ajijic (not a day of the dead procession) that one year was coming to the church on the plaza and was met with gringos dressed as Zombies doing Thriller. Some of the Gringos got right in their faces and all their cars blocked the procession and they were throwing candies at the little old ladies walking in a religious procession. It was horrible
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    To my mind the difference is to NOT bring Halloween to the public plaza or malecon and thereby forcing it onto people (like Thriller) as opposed to Mexican children coming to your frac and you graciously giving out treats. Active celebration vs passive celebration. IMO
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    I agree with much of your post ezpz. One of the best pieces of advice I received from a long time expat resident more that 14 years ago is to remember you are a guest in this country. No matter how many years you are here. You are a guest. Act like a guest. Be polite and respectful. You do not drive the car....you sit in the back seat.
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    There's one in every crowd, right? I'm with you: what value is gained from making such a suggestion?
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    Perhaps I am oversimplifying this. But, if a topic does not fit any of the specified categories then it should be in the main forum, should it not? I have seen plenty of questions/discussions about medications, doctors, supplements in the main forum, and it has not been challenged before.
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    WOW a new high to just how BITTER the people are here...
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    I have it like it.I have the HD package.I also like it because I can order the NFL Sunday Ticket so I can at least get regular season games,Go Hawks.I can also find games not covered with it on the many other sports channels available on SKY
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    Does anyone know if there are there similar magnesium-based products here, especially in generic form?
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    I thought a Trip Advisor report was to based on the writers experiences..not a 3rd hand coment, albeit it was "R" experience he should file the report
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    But just to kid around, you said that this was rather myopic. But did you mean hyper-myopic or hypo-myopic (Near sited or far sited?) Oh or did you mean short or tall sighted? Forgive me for kidding around. But I just couldn't help it
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    Hi, If you live in Villa Nova your address is San Antonio. Not Ajijic. Maybe they will expand in the future.
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    This attitude is exactly why Mexico will never be a Free Country !
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