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    money talks, the rest sleep in the street or with da' fishes....
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    It would be if one were talking about which person or party is good or bad. But to let folks know that a service is provided to help people vote, is not pushing one party or the other.
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    So common as to be expected in GDL. Not common at all here. Rare, in fact. If a landlord demands a co signer for a lakeside rental property I would just walk away.
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    I had a mandarin at two places of residence 8 years apart. I had Chapala Tree service come out to look at both of them and was told it was citrus greening and to pull them out and start over. There is no cure. Citrus greening is the bane of commercial trees all over the world. Some of my fruit looked just like your picture. If you think "pull out you tree" is callous, too bad. That's what I was told because the disease will infect other trees because the insect that carries it will carry it to other trees. I would be guessing if I hadn't talked to an expert.
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    I have actual knowledge and have lost two mandarins. So you ask for help and when you get it you insult the person. Try Señor Google next time before you bother the rest of us with your problems.
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    Up to six months, as long as you are just visiting and not moving there.
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    All valid points. You must do what makes you comfortable.
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    Doesn't the Mexican Constitution forbid discrimination against foreigners?
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    No, moderator isn't a friend or even acquaintance of Pancho and yes this thread probably belongs in La Cocina so I am moving it. Speaking personally, I've noticed the community benefits from increased competition and choice in the retail sector. Truthfully, we hardly ever patronized SuperLake and probably won't be a big user of this store either. We've developed a system of buying Mexican and supplementing that with trips to Costco and annually NOB.
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    Our installers source it in Ixtlahuacan as that store has the full range of sizes and all fittings, plus the thermo-tool. There are also stores in both Chapala and Ajijic that stock it. Yes, safe for boilers, it is rated at 190 F +, and most gas boilers run at 140 F, and typical solar hot water temps are in the 150 to 160 range.
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    If that were to become the rule around Lakeside, it would be very, very difficult for a newbie to find a place to live. It takes a while for anyone to know someone well enough to be willing to co-sign, to put it mildly.🤑
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    Makes sense -- they don't want you to kick off owing them money.
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    Volunteers will be available this Friday at Lake Chapala Society from 10AM-noon. We will be there to assist voters in ballot requests, voting questions and emergency backup ballots. See you there if you need help. Info-MX-LakeChapala@democratsabroad.org
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    Is this not considered politics?
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    A friend tried to return to Mazatlan on Wed but was turned back at Tequila due to road damages and still flooding in Nayarit....be very careful!
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    I would bet that Hurricane Wilma did a number on the highway. We came down that way in 2013 and ran into a tropical storm north of Mazatlan and could see the asphalt coming apart in front of my eyes! There is no appreciable milage difference if you head east on I-90, then southeast on I-82 into Oregon, then Utah and head south thru NM into Texas and down just north of Laredo to take the Columbia Bridge crossing (opens 8am). If you spent the last night in the US around San Antonio, the next night would be in Matehuela. Then easy drive to Lakeside. You could do the whole drive in one day, staying in Cottula, an hour north of Columbia Bridge. BUT you are traveling in the shortest daylight of the year. The last hour or so will be in the dark but the highway from east of Guadalajara to the new Microliberamento to Chapala is good, well lit highway.
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    On a side note, Abarrotes del Pilar gets fresh bolillos every day around 3:15, and they are excellent.
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    I was referrng to the small store Pancho has in Ajijic not the new store or SL SL and Pancho´s new stores have ok location except for the lack of parking at SL.. It is easier for me to go to SL so it will take for Pancho to have special items for me to go but both locations seem ok as far as location goes.
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    Mezcala is an Indian area and not only do they not want gringo's there, they don't want Mexican;s either.
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    Michael Ritchie used to respond on this board, but he's out of the picture now as far as the restaurant goes.
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    Do check out Chapala Haciendas. It will be on your left when you drive/taxi from the airport to Ajijic, after you go up the hill then back down.
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    I read the article in the paper which says there will be new limits on drones and only citizens of Mexico will be able to legally fly drones. Also some more strident limits on really large drones. But as we all know, Mexico has MANY laws that are not enforced. To the local non-citizen drone operators...be aware of the new laws and be ready to pay a mordida if somebody catches you. Otherwise, enjoy living in a functioning anarchy! Viva Mexico! Alan
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    Sounds like Ilox got somebody going. Ahh.....competition.
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    As if Mexican citizens could not possibly be thieves......and expats only would. What nonsense that would be.
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    Well, gosh, Yo1. I'm so sorry. Maybe it's because 90% of the posts you've made since you created your name for this board, especially to me, are both patronizing and callous. I don't see why you would not expect the same in return. But I'm so glad you picked up on the fact that I've never used Google before. That's a real win for me. On the other hand, you Googled and picked a completely incorrect answer, because THAT'S NOT IT. So when I say "don't guess", I guess I mean... "don't guess".
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    It's a store, not a restaurant, with benefits. Eventually, the new side will have all the other grocery items, like pet food, cleaning materials, paper towels from Costco, mops, etc. Today Gossips was there dishing out some very tasty chicken picado, among other tasty things. So, Alfa, why do you keep reading this thread if you find it so unpleasant?
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    i think this items should have been moved to the La Cosina forum ages ago. It is hardly an information topic but just plaudits for Pancho. I can only guess the moderator is also a fan of Pancho's
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    Immediately east of Chapala (Santa Cruz to Tlachichilco) are a few pueblos where a few American/Canadians live though some with slow internet service. The small villages east of Mezcala have rarely seen American/Canadians and are not well-disposed to have them in their pueblos, even as merely visitors. Some simply do not allow non-Mexicans to live there (including Mezcala). Local ejido/communidad law rules here, i.e., no police force. The large towns in that area, Poncitlan and Ocotlan, would be fine. The villages on the south side of the lake are better disposed to expats, they have had expat visitors for some time now, though few expats live there, mostly in the little subdivision Puerto Corona near San Luis Soyatlan.
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    Don't know about your friends. My brother thats 70 not able to at airport. Than again it Mexico.
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    I can imagine our local drone fans loathe the thought that some of us have already imagined that scenario and thus don't want drones flying over our property. I am hoping that the problems described above will be addressed by appropriate legislation soon. Covering events open to the public is a good thing, but quite different from our walled yards, which aren't.
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