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    One important aspect to many of us here is the availability of doctors and specialists... Because of the increasing size of the local aging population, many specialists come to the north side on a weekly basis... We have one new hospital scheduled to open early next year and another in the works... The downside of living on the south side is the distance to Guadalajara for medical treatment.... This is important as one ages...
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    Currently remodeling an older Mexican house which had ugly tile on top of a thin layer of mortar over dirt. I love the look and feel of wood floors and prefer it over tile. Anyone here install a wood floor, either real or laminated ? I also like the warmer and softer feel of a wood floor over a foam underlayment.. For those who have installed a wood floor, can you share your experience so far ? What flooring ? where purchased ? etc. Thanks
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    Here is a blog by a young Mexican photographer. Some very good comments here. It takes a rather special person to move to one of these pueblos, these were the types of expats who first moved to Ajijic a long time ago. Immersion Spanish and an academic grade tutor for two days a week will take you fluent within six months. Life is good in these places - can walk to everything, usuallly social, and very safe. Then a funny thing happens. You become at one with the community, the heartbeat, and no longer crave the attention of fellow gringos, in fact, maybe even avoid it. I have seen gringos actually cringe when a tourist thinks they have uncovered one - "HEY, Hey, you, where are you from? Canada! I'll be dammed, how did a Canadian find themselves down here! - etc, etc, drawing a polite crowd. Many, just pretend they don't speak English. Many Mexicans do the same. Gringos assume they are Spanish speakers (which of course they are) and practise their Spanglish on them, only to find, as they open up, that the person they assumed was uniligual, uneducated Spanish, was actually an academic for many years in Canada or the U.S.A.. Food for thought. http://fulanitoviajero.com/11-municipios-impresionantes-de-jalisco-que-pocos-jaliscienses-conocen/
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    Actually, next person that comes along doesn’t like the floor doesn’t buy the house. So, resale of the house is another point to consider.
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    Thank you for your responses:) We are visiting the area for a few months starting in December so we will be checking it out for ourselves but I just thought I would check on other peoples experiences that are already in the area. The Lake Chapala area is on the top of my list for areas that we are considering but I do have quiet a few:-) Internet I love but I lived without it for the majority of my life already so I think I could manage. My husband does not use a computer and barely uses a cell phone so no issue there. I have been studying Spanish for quite some time and I am no where near fluent but hope immersion will help. We will have our adult daughters and grandkids living with us at least eventually, so when there comes a time that we can't or don't want to drive we will have drivers:-) Even if I stay in the states I will not be living in any sort of a city unless that is the only possibility and I hope that day never comes. I am very social and make friends where ever I go so living in a rural situation is not something I consider a negative. My husband has never met a stranger so he would be good on Mars I think:-) Again...thanks for your responses! Susy
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    Friends put in a wood floor when they built in Ajijic. It looked completely out of place.
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    Please come down and see this area before considering any further. At least explore the area on Google Earth. Living 30 miles from anything is very different as you age in a country not your own — especially if you are not fluent in the language.
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    We got the service a week or so ago. I needed my immigration card, something with my home address (I had my Mexican Driver's License) and 3 people to "vouch" for me. Also, I needed almost $3,000 pesos to walk out the door with my modem. It took about an hour and a half. Half an hour to do the paperwork and a "wait" time (?) of an hour. I asked why the wait and I still have no idea. The 3 prepaid months are not for the first 3 months of the service, they are the LAST 3 months of the first year. I just got my bill for November. So, for me, I prepaid next year for July, August and September. I know that it is very weird and I asked twice if I was understanding correctly as my Spanish is just OK to survive. Yes indeedy I did understand. So, to sum up, you need to pay for the modem, a pro-rated amount for the current month and pre-pay for the LAST 3 months of the first year of a 2 year contract. You can get 1 modem for the first year and up to 5 thereafter. Even weirder, you must pay a 200 peso fee to continue with the REQUIRED 2nd year. Somebody spent a lot of time thinking these things up. The modem, like a phone reports your location. If you move your modem to another house, for example, you must pay an additional fee- the amount I have forgotten. The service is very good but the speed is variable. Early mornings I have gotten as high as 85 megabits/sec. and in the evenings -about 9 pm- as low as 8. 150 gigabytes goes very quickly if you watch HDTV shows with IPTV as I do. Add to that the computer and tethered phone and the gigabytes fly out the door. I still will get ILOX as planned and be happier with the unlimited data. T.
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    Yesterday I lost power for several hours, while the CFE crew continues to replace poles and cabling. Down by the Presbyterian church there is a stack of 20 or so new poles waiting to be erected. I've had several email notices over the last few weeks, which is decent, but I am getting tired of this. It will great when finished, but hurry up already. Today these areas affected: San Jorge lado Sur, de la Ribera, San Marcos, Santa Isabel, Santa Amelia, and half of San Luis. and tomorrow, Calles del Pilar, Los Lirios, Los Tulipanes, Las Malvas, Tabachines, de los Angeles, de la Ribera, Paseo del Lago, San Fransisco, San Antonio, San Diego y Santa Monica. A couple of us have noticed what appears to be "more power", or perhaps less fluctuating. One person discovered her ceiling fans moving much faster, and my own fridge suddenly started freezing things. I turned it down and all is well, so it was not a maintenance problem with the fridge. So far, I have lost Internet for about 15 minutes, but the power is still on. So far. Water buckets are full in preparation, because I have a pump on the roof for the tinaco... when that goes off, so does the water. Good thing there is still gas for cooking and making tea...
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    I was told by 2 "master plumbers" that CALOREX is the Cadillac of these types of boilers.
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    Soreanos office closed Telmex office closed Web site is worthless-anyone have local phone or local office for repair & service?
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    Thanks for the replies I think I found the tubing I'm going to use at a Fereteria hidden in Chapala behind Soriana. They have thick wall plastic tubing for water which is somewhat flexible. Comes in four different varieties, cold, hot, super and super hot ( all blue color) and they also have a rust colored one which has threading. The blue ones need to be melted to connections They also have the heavy duty black water/ septic pipes which nobody else seems to carry.( rust colored ABS)
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    South side of the lake is cheaper now because the gringo population is sparse (but on the rise). The more northerners will move there the more expansive it will become. It's just matter of time. Ajijic and area is getting crowded. My vote is for Chapala Haciendas too. Nice area which feels like a country but close to Chapala. You do need a car to live there. It is only a short drive to town. I have a feeling that you will be happy wherever you're planted and that the whole area will appeal to you. All the best.
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    Land and house prices are much cheaper on the south side. The communty's are mexican with a sprinkling of gringo's. The areas are much more rural and the area starts at Jocotepec and winds around the south side of the lake with several small pueblos of around 1,000 to 2,000 people. There are small stores which stock all your basic requirements. The North side is getting very commercialized and prices are sky rocketing. Traffic on the north side is also beginning to be a problem.
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    I have a friend who just moved to the south side, she loves it already. She told me she gets better cell phone service over there, drives over here often for social engagements, etc. With Telcel now offering internet service, which has been reported to be better than Telmex or Telecable, that is no longer a problem over there either. From that area it is a straight shot up to Guadalajara and probably takes the same time or less than from the north side. It appears it is a viable a;alternative to this area, cheaper too. She tells me the view of the north side at night with all its' lights is outstanding.
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    Not true, I have a few friends who have rented with no problems, all over 70.
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    If you come, check all the various mentioned here. The south side of the lake is definitely more country like and you may love that.
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    Is There A Problem With Embedding Copper Tube In Concrete? https://www.copper.org/applications/plumbing/techcorner/problem_embedding_copper_concrete.html
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    mudgirl, the plan you have, and with tethering, is certainly one way to go and would work for me as I don’t stream movies. And while the cellphone ‘signal’ is probably the same with either, the ‘new’ modem plan is just that.... ‘new’. And different as to capabilities and restrictions and speed and cost and..... Another ‘benefit’ of your use of tethering is that you can move around with it.... take your iPad and cellphone to the park and surf etc. Take it to the beach and you’re still good to go. But for others who want a lot of gb’s for streaming which they will do at their casa, and at a VERY attractive price once a modem is purchased, the two plans are night and day different.
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    Was there anything special you had to do when you installed the new modem. Was it just plug and play? I need to get another one also and rather go the new route then play the telmex game of hide and seek.
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    Very good points. In my ancient casa, the original deep reddish brown tiles rise and fall with the seasons. Keeps the place comfortable in the hot months. (Nothing like going barefoot on cool tiles in May.) The bi-weekly cleaning service knows just how to take care of them. I did bring in a 6' X 8' locally made rug for the living room to soften the effect of all tile. Too many potential problems with a wood floor, and I prefer to let my Mexican casa be Mexican.😉
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    Well then, go ahead and do it. I wouldn't because of the termites and also wouldn't because there are very few reputable installers of wood floors here. I've heard of people going to great expense to do this and having to have it ripped up within a couple of years. Your choice, your money.
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    I'm aware of termites, but we will be pouring a new slab and sealing around the perimeter. Also the wood doors and frames in this house are untouched after decades. Humidity here is no worse than many places around the US where they use wood floors. Need to leave room for expansion of course. Yes there are tiles which look like wood but they are cold and hard like all tiles.
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    I have seen tile designed to look like a wood floor that looks quite nice. In fact Pancho's new Deli, just east of Maskaras Clinic, has such a floor tile. Very impressive looking.
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    there are tiles that look like wood?
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    Yes, iLox will be an option shortly... also the Telcel modem which is discussed in a recent thread has promise. Having options is good and competition may help. These are the modems I ordered and the sellers from whom I bought. Both models were recommended by a Telmex tech in Mexico City and both are new (as in a sealed box and sealed plastic with all the sealed components and instructions). More importantly both work. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-572189720-moden-tg788vn-v2-nuevo-repetidor-_JM#reco_item_pos=2&reco_backend=machinalis-seller-items&reco_backend_type=low_level&reco_client=vip-seller_items-above&reco_id=f055e3a9-3dc7-4837-b217-78ba29034e77 https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-631134344-mode-huawei-hg658d-telmex-infinitum-en-caja-sellada-nuevos-_JM#reco_item_pos=4&reco_backend=machinalis-v2p&reco_backend_type=low_level&reco_client=vip-v2p&reco_id=5b548cb6-f5be-479b-b989-4f068f69e018 I used the ishop/imail address to send them to and ishop/mail charged me 20 pesos to receive each of them.
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    New Telmex modems are only for new customers according to the Ajijic office. After getting an authorization number from the 1-800 number, I went into the Telmex office here with my dead modem (confirmed incidentally by ComputerGuy as a house call) and they gave me a replacement modem. That one was dead too. The second authorization number I got from the 1-800 number, also resulted in them passing me a modem that had just been turned in... which I refused. They have no way of checking or certifying that a turned in modem is functional. It's kinda like playing musical chairs... as in revolving modems. I finally bought two modems on Mercado Libre and they both arrived in two days and both work fine. Here's what I would do: 1) do the factory reset as suggested by ComputerGuy 2) If that doesn't work, call ComputerGuy and he will show up with a functional modem to prove that yours is dead. Charge is very reasonable. 3) Call the 1-800 number and ask for an English tech... Ingles por favor. Get your authorization number and trundle to the Telmex office. OR, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, ask Telmex in Mexico City (the 1-800 number) to send you a new modem. Sometimes it gets there fast and sometimes takes a while longer. 4) Just buy a new modem on Mercado Libre. It's yours, it works, it's guaranteed... and you can take it with you even if you are renting. Just keep the old dead modem if you're renting. I would also suggest that your new modem is plugged into a surge protector that is plugged into a voltage regulator that is plugged into a definitely grounded outlet. Be aware that if ComputerGuy's modem doesn't work that it may be your wiring or it may be Telmex' wiring on the street. Either way, you will have to move heaven and earth to get it fixed. Telmex will always put the blame on your house wiring. I hope I explained that well enough. I've been through it all. Best of luck to you.
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    Before anything else, do a Factory Reset. Get a pin or long pen tip and hold it into the little hole on the back. It will take 30 or 40 seconds, and the lights will go crazy. Five minutes later, try your devices again. The local office will not replace modems anymore, without authorization from Mexico City. ( They might give you an old one that has been returned. People on this board will tell you the chances of the old modem being completely dead are likely 100%.) They will not call Mexico City for you. (01-800-123-2222... get through all the ads and then ask for ENGLISH, PLEASE.) All three people at the desks at TelMex here speak some English. Enough, anyway.
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    Yep . It is 150 Gigabytes when you convert the stated 150,000 megabytes to gigabytes. It may be, if they are using the old standard of 1024 megabytes per gigabyte, a bit less; about 146 or so. If you find that hard to believe, stop into the Telcel office in Centro Laguna mall and speak to a representative. Streaming HD is a data hog. For full day TV viewers, they would eat through that in less than 2 weeks. A lot of folks leave their TV on for background noise. Add computer and phone use to the total. T.
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    "a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to d istract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain.” You are all free to disagree, but I am not trolling any of you. I was 100% sincere. Seems I'm up to my arse in snowflakes who get triggered quite easily. Sorry about that folks, I am entitled to my opinion. Get over it. This is the CIA. I have entered your post to take it over and end this topic. You are posting top secret information
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    Ah, but they are already deaf therefore they have to play it loud so that they can hear it! 😉
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    Two or three generations ago most Mexican homes had the main living area and kitchen on what we would call a porch or veranda. Completely open. So these days "good enough" is all they strive for in the building trades. Most windows and doors don't keep out all of the dust, wind, rain, cold, or bugs. But that seems fine with most of us. We live in a paradise where we never have a hard freeze so bugs are plentiful all year. Something is always under construction or repair and most streets are dirt/rock so there is lots of dust. Big wind storms before the rain blow in dust and debris. Something is almost always burning so smoke and more dust. But if you are retired and not working 40+ hours a week, it makes all the extra little chores that life in Mexico bring to our lives, a little more tolerable. I wouldn't trade it for life in the US! Alan
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    When i check my bank of america account online, it does show amazon mx and pending on it for that amount. So that should be fine? Only thing that im thinking of is because i picked longer shipping time which is why the order hasn't been shipped yet right? Im just worried that the order gets cancelled... then i can't order the item again because its the last one. Does anyone know if amazon mexico has a phone number where i could speak to them in english on this issue? Or this is fine and how it works if you order something and it says 4-5 day shipping. As of now when i click on the order details, there is one check mark that i ordered it yesterday. There is 3 more boxes below that is unchecked. But because my shipping takes close to 1 week, thats why the enviado is not checked right? Last time when i ordered with 2 day shipping, i recalled it checked enviado the same day or early next day etc. Also im assuming i didn't receive that suspicious activity email again from my bank of america for a purchase with my credit card because i did a purchase not that long ago right? Im also curious if anyone here has capital one debit card and ever used it for amazon.mx and if they had any issues? Or does everyone here use a credit card for purchase. Also last time i tried to get a free month of amazon prime but i got message it did not work. The reason is because my credit card is not a mexican one right? Thus you can only get a prime membership free trial only if your credit card is mexican? I saw no point of getting it because i didn't plan to use amazon mexico much at all. Thanks.
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    The Joco. Police office needs office chairs, does anyone have one or more to donate? They would sincerely appreciate the help. PM if you could help them. Thank you
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    Don't know how you're. getting here. To explore you will need a car. Driving in Mexico takes some doing. If you are 70 they will not rent you a car. Hire car/driver can get expensive.
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    I also had to do a floor repour. Get it in wriiing. I ended gettin g another guy to finish the job. The 1st guy wanted extra $$ for finishing the job. As what type of you want. Your house your money. Next person that comes along does't like the floor his problema!
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    ...Just a nibble for thought: I don't know how old you are now, but for most people, driving 30 miles for groceries becomes less appealing as time goes on.😉 In general, I suggest you come on down and look the area over, including the South shore area. You'll know when it looks comfortable.
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    Política de Uso Justo 150000 This is from the Telcel website. Notice no units are given. Are you sure it is 150 GB, as that is a lot? Mudgirl was getting 6.5 GB per month on prepay plan for 500 pesos.The average SD movie is 1.5 GB. The site says it will slow to 2 Mbps once the limit is reached. Can anyone verify the limit?
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