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    Best yogurt in the are is Smitty's, hands down.
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    Pwebster198, You should get a good feel for the village of Ajijic from the Nueva Posada and strolling around the plaza. The great weather will be obvious. If you can schedule to be here for the Day of the Dead you will also get to see a major Mexican fiesta in action. LCS is a great place to start, and you can spot a table of expats at almost any restaurant, and they will be willing to chat. You should also post here again about your specific interests: either things you already enjoy, or want to enjoy if/when you live here. There are extensive social groups, from local travel to cooking/eating to language classes to charities to the fine arts to hiking/boating to faith to crafts to whatever. Finding the group who wants to do what you like to do is pretty easy and important to how much you will enjoy your lakeside life. Good luck!
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    You might consider this suggestion .. set up a group of people if you want as an in-formal organization or as individuals who want to help, and DONATE cat and dog FOOD on some kind of consistent regular basis .. This will give an immediate benefit to the animals that Pape has there, AND it will give him some immediate financial relief in his food bills for his animals . This will allow Pepe to take care of his business 'better' with other bills, with the foods bill costs being decreased by donated food. I have 9 large rescue dogs, and many cats.. and I know what pet food bills are, and I know Pepe would appreciate this kind of assistance with his food bill .
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    I just went to Pancho's new and much larger Deli Market. It was fantastic. It is so much better than anything else lakeside. He did say it was a SOFT opening and that means that not all of the shelves are totally stocked. But things are getting closer to totally filled. There were many many clients and the lines were long. But the staff worked as fast as they could. Again, it is so much better than Superlake. You have got to take a look. It is just east and same side of the street as Clinica Maskaras. He is going to do very very well.
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    Heidi and I taught Alejandro and his chef at Casa Linda how to make the same burger we served at 60's and The Early Bird Cafe. Today we tasted the product...just like old times! A fat (7oz/200gr), juicy, tasty burger on a toasted bun. What more can you ask for! He says that until he sees how it goes, there will probably be a limited supply.
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    Interesting book review about how the number one public health problem today is loneliness. This, in combination with another study, that 29% are senior "orphans" in Canada and the U.S.A. We have to work on this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/we-have-an-epidemic-of-loneliness-how-can-we-fix-it/2018/10/12/e8378a38-cd92-11e8-920f-dd52e1ae4570_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c24bf3a2ec78
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    You can buy them at Pancho's, Walmart and SuperLake.
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    In driving around the village, I see a lot of activity by Izzy/Telecable, but have not seen any evidence of Ilox's presence. Does anyone know if any actual work was done after that initial picture was sent out a while ago?
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    This is what the Ilox rep posted on Sept. 1st:
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    I know Claudia personally and friends have used her over and over with complete satisfaction.
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    Having just gone back, I think I can say it was a birote, a little saltier, but I'm not sure. We went on Saturday night, and started with a spinach salad with apple, walnuts, gorgonzola, amongst other items. There was some kind of honey sauce, and I have to say, it was absolutely terrific. Not only that, it was a mountain of salad, for 65p. SO much better, and so much fresher (and I do mean fresh), than a lot of so-so salads around town for a lot more money. The pasta dishes were excellent, as usual, fresh and hot with a jug of freshly grated parmesan. We wondered why we were waiting so long for the bruschetta appetizer, and were happily told that everything is made from scratch every time. Putanesca was $115; tocino con melle (apple) over fettucini was $130. This is a place well-worth remembering.
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    I think you mean Amutio which is next to Farm. GDL. There is no Bancomer there. It is Actinver.
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    CFE is conveniently located and has self-pay machines, as well as a cashier. We always paid that way when out on other errands. If going on a trip, we simply paid ahead. Never a problem in 13 years.
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    I bought some at Farmacia Guadalajara for a recent trip. Electrolitos Polvo.
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    Claudia Gomez is a very special woman who used to handle much of the customer service and paperwork at Bellon Insurance. Over a year ago she started her own "Personal Concierge" service. Claudia grew up in Guadalajara but spent her weekends at her family's other home in Ajijic. This is when she fell in love with the Chapala area. She studied English in London before getting her philosophy degree from the Univ. of Rome. (She also is fluent in Italian!) Claudia will run errands, do grocery shopping, make deliveries, do online shopping (e.g. tickets), drive you to appointments or shopping Lakeside and in Guad, do airport drop off/delivery, house/pet sit, assist with projects, and perform other services as needed. Claudia is a gourmet cook who once ran a catering company in Guad. On top of that, she is a delightful person with a great sense of humor. I trust her completely. You can reach Claudia on her cell (331-695-4607) or via e-mail (clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx). To me her fees are reasonable, but "reasonable" is a relative term.
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    I live in Rancho del Oro... CFE bills come to the house but not on a regular basis. Also, the variance in billing suggests that CFE sometimes estimates our bill...
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    Check their listing # on Canada 411. That will give you a local Canadian number which is toll free from Mexico. Just dial 001 +10 digits. I use it all the time. Works for both landline and cell. I call Canada on a weekly basis. Works for the US also but not the Canada 411 part.
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    I had round the clock in home care after bypass surgery and was very happy with the help I received. Contact Lidia Zamudio Cerda, cell phone 333 156 9080 or email lidiazamudio@yahoo.com.mx - much better to call. Lidia speaks great English and can arrange whatever you need including rental of medical equipment. She arranged and managed a group of very helpful women who rotated on 24 hour shifts.
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    Just a suggestion- do not limit your visit to Ajijic. The other pueblos on the south shore are all wonderful options for expats and each has there own flavor, as well as good and not-so-good points. The American Legion in Chapala is a gathering place for local expats and has a much different vibe than LCS. It's worth checking out, too.
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    Have been using Teresa at the O'Rourke office on the Carretera (Centro Laguna). She has provided service for about the last 8 years for home and auto. Had claims for both and handled very efficiently. She is very personable and provides excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
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    I’d imagine the boy knows where/when all his friends play
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    You may wish to consider a short stay in a local nursing home more cost effective
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    It is available but not sure it's name here. If you belong to IMSS you can get it, not sure about SP
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