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    Thank you for posting this lady's explanation. I think it sort of closes this subject. It was unfortunate that the feces came out of the bag but it seems to have been thrown after she had received much harassment on her part. Sometimes there is a breaking point and she had reached hers, obviously. I am sure we have all had a melt down at one time or other ... I am so very glad that I have not had one in front of the people that have been posting here. Of course, they are all perfect and have never lost it once in their lives so they don't know of what I speak.
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    I have had many occasions in life where it was difficult to hold my tongue and my temper, but I cannot think of any excuse for throwing feces at anyone. This was a malicious assault, and blaming the victim is clear in her post. No excuse cuts it, IMO. That does not mean I'd like to see her deported, but the least she could do is offer a sincere apology to the gardener and avoid returning to that area and having further contact with him, as he requested.
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    And, you never will. She does not do apologies. I have seen this woman in action at another off-leash area. She did not watch her dogs nor did she pick up after them. I saw her in a screaming match with another dog owner. It was so nasty and unpleasant. I totally believe the gardener’s version of what happened.
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    They have the basic Navarro cheddar, which is quite mild and close to the taste of cheese curds from back home, and Extra Anejo, which is aged longer than the Anejo. Very, very much like cheddar back home. I was in Farmacia Guadalajara on Saturday, and even they are carrying the Navarro brand (which sells any type of Mexican cheese you can think of, just about, including slices). This year Navarro is really pushing their product. I stopped buying the good stuff (Tillamook and one other) at CostCo because of the size and the cash outlay, too. And as Canadians, I like to think Ferret and I know our cheddars.
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    WOW a new high to just how BITTER the people are here...
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    This was posted in FB - "Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Funky Finn's will be closed for the foreseeable future. I appreciate my friend's & patron's support. Please stay tuned for future updates & events! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon."
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    Some of you have been here long enough to remember hearing about these topical symposiums. 2005-6ish. A panel comprised of a social worker therapist, a medical person nurse, a self-styled philosopher and somebody with an opinion all shared their thoughts on the subject and then opened the meeting to discussion. The one I went to devolved into a "share your feelings" fest. If he wants to go a more intellectual direction with an well-vetted selection of tracts to read that could be interesting.
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    Vitamins are considered medicine in Mexico rather than supplements as in the US. Sometimes they take them at the border but this seems to be less and less. Have a perscription from your doctor up north if you are bringing down vitamins as it might stop them from being taken. Big difference between vitamins and it can be difficult to get certain types of vitamins. Sure you can get all the all in one type chemical based pills you want but it you want more natural vitamins rather than chemical based ones it takes some shopping and research. Do your homework if you care about such things.
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    I agree with Bisbee Gal and Xena, and would add that common decency does not have an age limit. If you read my original post and follow up posts, I have said that the only thing the man wants is that she NEVER return to the field. If she does she will knowlingly face the consequences. Blaming the gardener, me or the other posters for her outrageous behavior is adding insult to injury.
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    Taaffe, this woman doesn't look much younger than the gardener. She also comes with many good comments from her friends. The trash she threw around in her anger was trash she had already picked up. She did not run home and get her trash and bring it and throw it around. Since you nor anyone else, including me, that is commenting about this incident were there it might be a good idea to quit fanning these particular flames. Fighting fire with fire has never worked and there are always 2 sides of a story. The woman admitted to throwing HER dog's feces that she had picked up in her doggy bag at the man. So, therefore, she was picking up her dog's feces so the man had no business getting on to her for not picking up her dog's feces. If you take a moment to think, she could not have thrown a bag of feces at him if she hadn't picked it up in a bag. She admitted to throwing it and to being very frustrated and also that it was unfortunate that the bag hit him. If you go on facebook and search her name you can view her page. There is post after post of her helping with injured and starving animals. She is not all bad as I am sure the man you have known for years is not all good. Not one of us have the right to be judge and jury and to exile this woman from anywhere. I hope you reconsider your requests and everyone calm down and try to think that maybe there is more to all this than meets the eye and I am not just speaking about the gardener. This woman seems to stay very stressed about all the unfortunate animals that she sees on her sojourns. What she may need instead of ridicule is help in dealing with the burden she has put on her own shoulders for some reason. .. Read a few of her posts and you will understand what I am saying, I am sure.
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    This man is 78 years old and a respected and hard working member of the community. He has never harassed anyone and I have known Don Luis for a long time.. everyone knows him and this woman is lying. There is no excuse for throwing feces at anyone and this is what she did. She also threw all the garbage all over the field. If you know her please tell her never to go back there.
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    I think the Día de los Muertos celebration at Lakeside is completely authentic for your area. "Authentic" is a tough word to define: what's authentic to you might not look at all authentic to someone else, but it's what you know, and that's what counts, IMHO. If you're looking for a truly indigenous, traditional celebration of Día de los Muertos, the closest place to Lake Chapala where you'll find that is probably Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, as dichosalocura said. I just did an availability check on Booking.com for hotels over there, for Oct 30 until Nov 3. There's one room available in one of the many Pátzcuaro hotels listed on Booking.com--and for those four nights, the room cost alone is almost 34,000 pesos. In this modern era, almost all of the hotels in Pátzcuaro are listed on one or another or several of the booking services, and most also have their own websites. I also checked the Gran Hotel, the Hotel Leal, La Casa Encantada, and a couple of others: no rooms. Tourism numbers in Michoacán are very high this year compared to the last 10 years. Waiting till a month before Muertos to book a room is probably futile. There are still lodgings available in Morelia, though it's about as far from Pátzcuaro as Lake Chapala is from Guadalajara. Oaxaca is also home to beautiful and traditional indigenous celebrations of Día de los Muertos. Again, I was just talking to someone who's looking for lodging in Oaxaca from Oct 30 to Nov 4--she has so far struck out completely. It seems that these dates are really, really tight this year. http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com
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    What this woman did is obviously horrible. But it is equally horrible to read the comments of the mob baying for her blood. Several of the comments above are disgraceful.
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    We visited last night as alternative to Chef Pian's new location on Colon. We had intended to go to Chef Pian's having recently read positive comments. However, on entering, to find only two other diners at 7:00p.m. on a Saturday night is, to us, more than a little unnerving particularly when we've had such disappointment at the prior location. We really don't go out to restaurants all that much anymore as we hate wasting an evening and being disappointed. So, just a few steps away we decided to give Garufa a try. Wow, terrible mistake! The wine menu, although extensive, isn't much of a fit with what we know of Ajijic and, as we frequent popular higher end Guadalajara restaurants often, we were surprised to see several well known wines on Garufa's menu at prices higher than in GDL. Definitely much higher than Tango's prices! While carefully going through the menu we decided to order their large mixed salad to share. Our waiter, an older man, who we had never seen before, was obviously very experienced, attentive and spoke very passable English. Our salad arrived and shortly after, a basket of mixed rolls and an assortment of sauces. The salad, served in a very large bowl,was closer to soup in consistency and appeared to have been made quite some time in advance. It consisted of quite a variety of interesting vegetables and cheese cubes but the oil and mustard dressing was so overpowering that, for us, it was pretty much inedible. The lettuce was almost translucent from having soaked up so much liquid. We each put a "ladle" full of the salad on our plates but found that the taste and the texture made it, at least for us, totally inedible and more than little off-putting. The basket of buns looked good but it turned out that they were either stale or undercooked. The restaurant was not all that busy and in the 15 minutes following the service of our salad, several of the numerous serving staff passed by, clearly looked at us and our uneaten salad but never attempted to intervene. Our waiter finely noticed that we had barely touched our salad and the salad bowl itself was still 3/4's full. He approached and asked if anything was wrong. We showed him the salad and explained that it must have been made quite some time earlier and that as it was virtually floating in an inedible dressing we simply couldn't eat it. (It really did look almost like a thick soup and every item in the salad tasted exactly the same......like a strange oily mustard!) We had already decided to not risk attempting to order anything further so we asked the waiter for our check. He told us that he thought the salad had been made earlier in the day in a large container and that to ensure prompt service they would be able to fill a bowl quickly when an order was made. When we explained that we didn't think that was very good idea he seemed to agree but surprisingly didn't ask if we would like anything else as a substitute. When the $400.00MN bill arrived for our two small Perrier's, a single glass of wine and the salad, I simply told the waiter that we had no intention of paying for the salad (which was just shy of $200.00MN) and handed him the leather wallet containing the bill and a $200.00MN note. He returned to the cashier's window and an assembly of staff quickly convened. After quite a discussion and lots of stares from those (the 5 or 6 wait staff and one who looked like possibly a manager) assembled the waiter, looking quite embarrassed, returned. He handed me the bill which had been completely reversed, showing a $0.00balance. However, the $200.00MN we had given the waiter was not returned. That was fine and wasn't, in the least expected. The waiter apologized. I handed him $100.00MN and we left. This is a new restaurant. The appearance suggests that the owners are not new to the industry. Our experience last evening suggests that they will have to do far better that what we experienced last night or the Ajijic location will not prosper and once again, another restaurant attempt will fail due to a single "industry wide mistake"..........The lack of attention to details! One of which is so very important: The reason(s) why pre-existing local competition is successful? In six months we "might" give them another look! But, we already have a very bad feeling!
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    I have know this woman since I moved here and her efforts for the community towards animals and picking up garbage has blown me away. I’m proud to call her a friend. She admitted she did what she is accused of. The man has taken no responsibility for his long term harassment. Also, I have had problems with the man in question too. The first and only time I went, he first pretended to not speak English then got in my face clearly speaking English. So, I totally believe that he was the initial aggressor. He was so ugly to me I never returned. Yes, he is in his 70’s but he has no problem harassing a woman in her 80’s. And please tell me if he was having to get on to her for not pooper-scooping, how did she have a bag of poop to throw? She is KNOWN for picking up trash through out the area. For years!!! Ellie has been depressed for a while now that she has so many animals to feed, vet, and advocate for with little help. If this site causes her physical or emotional harm, there will be no shortage of her friends to remind those posting here of their hand in it. I have taken screen shots so if this does occur, the people who were not there but feel free to pass judgment can be reminded how inhuman they truly are.
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    Anybody know if it's possible to grow russets locally
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    Yes I use him for plummbing, electrical and handy man - liight construction projects and have for years.
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    When these panels were initially done in 2004, there was a lot of interest and sometimes SRO (Standing Room Only). This is a tried and true way of discussing thought provoking topics. All of the topics were not only well received, but had a lot of audience participation. Some people commented "I always wondered about that but never asked or talked about it." It takes work putting these together. Getting a venue, getting panel participants, getting the word out (The Guadalajara Reporter also listed them). I will take an investment of time, however I feel it will give something worthwhile to the "community."
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    There are always two sides to any story....this lady happens to be very concerned about the way dogs are treated in Mexico. She uses a lot of her money to neuter, and feed lost and abandoned and mistreated dogs and have them adopted. An unfortunate incident as she also picks up the trash on the field. Have a great day everyone whichever side you are on.
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    I can't see how anyone could possibly pickup after six dogs and control them. The caretaker was justified and she was wrong.
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    Drew it depends where you live and whether you are using a cell phone or land line . If you are using a land line (Telmex) and live outside of the Chapala area code (Jocotepec, San Juan Cosala, parts of west Ajijic, etc.) you have to dial 01, area code and then the number. If using a cell phone you need the area code first.
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    You don't have to figure out which side to take. The woman admits to assault in her statement. She threw a bag of dog crap at a person and it hit him. No one has the right to do that. Assault is a crime regardless of whether the assailant is otherwise a saint. The lame excuse that she was frustrated and 'lost it' is absurd. That is how most assaults occur; someone gets mad, doesn't control their impulses and assaults someone. It is up to the caretaker to decide whether to pursue this assault with the MP. I hope he does. A woman who admits to throwing a bag of dog crap at someone is certainly capable of doing that or worse again, especially if she gets away with this after being exposed, fails to apologize or take any responsibility for her admitted assault and instead blames the victim.
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    I do not see any place in her message where she says that she is sorry or apologies. Just blaming others.
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    She is old, she is cranky, do we all not run the risk of being the same at some point? She advocates for injured and abandoned animals, and I want to believe this was a one off. Instead of slamming her, why not go out of your way to offer her assistance, help her understand the error of her action, not by violence, not by throwing shit at her, but by kind words and guidance. I posted her name and photo to help the caretaker and Taaffe identify her and get the proper help they need in resolving this issue. Update: Two wrongs don't make a right, but this is her response about what happened from another page. From Ellie Egan TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED ON CHAPALAS WEBBOARD ABOUT WOMAN THROWS DOG FECES ON CARETAKER. please listen to my side of the story. On Saturday, like many other days I took my dogs to the football field to exercise. A few weeks ago when I started going there I noticed tons of garbage everywhere so brought large plastic bags and every day filled it with plastic bottles, beer botles and other items, I also collected garbage at the edge of the lake, where this man would never go. THIS caretaker harassed me the whole time I was there, following me everywhere and taking pictures of me and my dogs. He told me the day before and again on Sat that he wished that foreiners would not go there with their dogs,because THEY dont pick up after their dogs. I was so furious, tried to show him my poop bag with the poop I collected, but he would not stop to listen, so through the bag after him, unfortunately, it hit his shirt. A few older MEXICANS who are always in that park, thanked me every day for collecting the garbage. By the way the garbage I threw on the field was the garbage I collected at the lake, thought he might wanted to see what I did. By the way I could not respond on CHAPALA WEBBOARD FOR SOME REASON, SO DO HOPE THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO SO NICELY CONDEMNED ME WILL READ THIS
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    Ok. I'll just say it. I consider FB to be Sarin for the soul. Again, I'd like to see those menus posted elsewhere.😉
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    Also, just so we stay clear, all the conversation was about needing a lady/woman/female co-host to balance the masculinity of the host. No one said anything about no need for a balance of panelists. Also, Eric should be grateful for the side talk. It keeps his post up at the top. Without it his OP would have been buried by now. You’re welcome, Eric.
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    Her name is Ellie Egan and she is German, Here is a better photo.
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    Post her Photo on the main board and on Inside Mexico..She will be identified in a heart beat and then the community can inform her NEVER to return to the area after she apologizes to the the Caretaker and buys him a new shirt.. Another crazy in our midst...
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    One way to tell: When your water pressure seems to be diminished, it is probably time to change your filters. That always worked for me. If you mark your calendar, you will get the proper interval figured out after a couple of filter changes. It isn't rocket science, nor is the timing critical.
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    Could some of us get together and at least buy this nice guy some new shirts? I'm in.
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    I may just hang on to a bag of my dogs' feces so I can fling it on her if I ever see her. B*TCH!!!
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    I agree with scharderone. Just donate the money to the Red Cross. If you feel compelled to do this silly thing then use an envento! Does it have to be in public? Probably not good for young kids.
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    Does she have to be a “lady” or would a woman do?
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    Your activities cost money, money that could be donated to good causes instead of used to scare innocent babies. Nothing thrilling about your gross and ugly faces.
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    I try to get Manix to reduce his portion size. But, he responds that many of his customers count on the dinner being large enough for a second take home meal. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
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    I had Dr. Rios do cataract surgery on my left eye last year and am going to have the right eye done in the next month or two. I was aware of all the posts and concerns from folks that have had bad experiences and went into the process with that in mind. After visiting with him and having several tests done in his office and considering all the options I decided to go with him. I was very comfortable with the entire process and the results. I definitely understand that this is a very personal and important decision. I am just describing my personal experience. There are several great options available in our area and lots of good recommendations on this board. As far as the process here is how it went for me - An appointment for an initial consultation including discussion of the process, options, types of lenses, etc. Scheduled the surgery and went in for another detailed examination including what they referred to as a "lens measurement" I had the choice of a couple of places for the actual surgery - Puerto de Hierro or a specialty eye clinic. I chose the specialty eye clinic. One the day of the surgery my wife dropped me off at Dr. Rios' office and they had a young man there to drive me into the clinic. Another patient was also going in for a different type of surgery so the driver took both of us to the clinic. We arrived at the clinic in Guadalajara in around an hour. Nice young man drove us in his car. Nothing fancy but a good experience. The clinic is also nothing fancy and was quite busy. We checked in at the front desk and filled out a little simple paperwork. Not much English but it was all pretty straightforward. The other patient was having trouble with her Spanish so they did have a nice young lady come to the desk who spoke great English. The check in process was easy and maybe 10-15 minutes. A very busy waiting room but we were taken straight through to the back where the surgeries are done. Again nothing fancy but great equipment and really nice people. A bit more English once we got back there and got ready for the surgery. They had us change into what I would sort of describe as "white room" clothing to preserve a clean, sterile environment in the surgery area. Head to toe lightweight suit including foot and head covering. Got set up and received an IV for sedation during the surgery. Dr. Rios arrived very shortly after we were made ready and the surgery began very quickly. I don't remember anything about the surgery and there was no pain or discomfort. Following the surgery I had a patch over the eye but it was not uncomfortable at all. The driver brought us back to Ajijic and took us directly to our homes. The next day I had a followup appointment in Dr. Rios' office. Had the bandage removed and was given some drops to use during the healing process. Another appointment the next week - just another checkup. I am totally happy with the entire process and am looking forward to getting the other eye done in the near future. Again, we are lucky to have lots of good choices available to us.
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    It appears that Pancho (formerly the manager of Superlake) despite considerable success in his new (but very cramped quarters next to El Barco) is opening in new quarters in October. Hopefully he'll become even more like "La Casita" in Guadalajara which, for those that know, has, for years had no equal in this part of Mexico for quality U.S. food products at "sensible" (That's a word simply no longer used at Superlake) prices. Certainly hope so Pancho! Good luck and keep up the great progress! See: https://maps.apple.com/place?address=Avenida Terranova 594%2C Lomas de Providencia%2C 44670 Guadalajara%2C JAL%2C México&auid=1349427535502621759&ll=20.68593488612068%2C-103.38678084204615&q=La Casita Delicatessen
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    Just west of Donas-Donuts, there are a few food trucks. Saturday evening after enjoying the amazing globos, we headed over (cold and rainy though it became). Oddly, the two big ones were closed before 8, but I guess that's the way they operate. So we stepped into a tarp-covered joint called RAMEN. Run by a Mexican Brit named Brett, it serves a very small menu of Ramen soups: one with pork, one without. And a curry wrap, which was not available, so they gave us edamame instead cooked in butter and soy. Deelish. The soup was very tasty and very interesting. The pork slices are wrapped with their own fatty exterior, marinated, and then flash-grilled using a butane torch. That produced a uniquely tasting bit of meat. The rest was comprised of a $3-peso package of ramen noodles from WalMart, and some yummy veg and broth. At 70p for the edamame and 130p for the ramen, it was seriously over-priced, but it tasted great and I was full. I'll go back, but I'll really have to be in the mood to pay that price, I think.
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    Eric, Lexy made an excellent point about people being more responsive if you filled us in on your background and experience in putting together such panels. Do you have any besides knowing how things were done in 2004? If you want buyin from the community people need to know more about who you are and what you bring to the table.
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    Does anyone know where this new store is going to be? He has a sign up at his old place saying to visit his new store ... but there isn't an address listed on the sign. I really don't understand paying for 2 big signs advertising a new store with no address given.
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    This is a response from Ellie, there are always two sides to every story. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED ON CHAPALAS WEBBOARD ABOUT WOMAN THROWS DOG FECES ON CARETAKER. please listen to my side of the story. On Saturday, like many other days I took my dogs to the football field to exercise. A few weeks ago when I started going there I noticed tons of garbage everywhere so brought large plastic bags and every day filled it with plastic bottles, beer botles and other items, I also collected garbage at the edge of the lake, where this man would never go. THIS caretaker harassed me the whole time I was there, following me everywhere and taking pictures of me and my dogs. He told me the day before and again on Sat that he wished that foreiners would not go there with their dogs,because THEY dont pick up after their dogs. I was so furious, tried to show him my poop bag with the poop I collected, but he would not stop to listen, so through the bag after him, unfortunately, it hit his shirt. A few older MEXICANS who are always in that park, thanked me every day for collecting the garbage. By the way the garbage I threw on the field was the garbage I collected at the lake, thought he might wanted to see what I did. By the way I could not respond on CHAPALA WEBBOARD FOR SOME REASON, SO DO HOPE THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO SO NICELY CONDEMNED ME WILL READ THIS
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    Although I totally agree with what all the posters have said, I only saw the good side of her. No I am not defending her, she did have pleasant side during the very few times I have had contact with her. All I'm saying, is, I sure was fooled.
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    I have been here some 21 years (most of each year when not up north) and I still have a lot to learn. Thank you all for helping provide information to so many interesting topics. I love this forum
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    I feel sorry for this person! Can't imagine they are enjoying life very much. Why are they here?
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    I actually enjoy large portions. I despise artsy-fartsy nouveau cuisine miniature pieces of art that won't satisfy an ant. The vast majority of Tapatio tourists here wear goofy sneakers and shorts, just like everyone else. They come for vacations and weekend getaways, and just like everywhere else in the world, they don't dress up to go out for supper in a tourist town.
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    “The focus this year is to help raise funds for a much needed ambulance for Cruz Roja.“ i suggest you stay safe in a closed, dark room until the threat of being traumatized by people having fun is past.
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    I second Prasad, next to Telmex in Ajijic. It is in the first little strip of stores on your right when you turn onto the service road at Revoloution and head toward the Telmex. Great people with a pretty good selection (lots of Puritans Pride brands) and even some unexpected items like refrigerated Royal Jelly (a fairly rare bee secretion supposedly reserved for the Queen Bee that allegedly has a myriad of health benefits) such as preventing certain types of cancer, lower blood pressure, treat sexual infertility, lower cholesterol levels, protect the liver, reduce inflammation, heal digestive disorders, prevent premature aging, help in weight loss, and increase circulation.
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    When I was a kid we played “Let’s Pretend.” We’d agree on a basic setup and who wanted to play. The rest was improv. “Let’s pretend we’re lost in the woods.” “Let’s pretend we’re a family moving into our new house.” “Let’s pretend we are cowboys and Indians at a fort.” Looks like Trump is playing “Let’s pretend I am a president who can do whatever I want because there are no laws, rules, policies, treaties, and regulations” He expects everyone will play along and pretend too. And, at least in the Oval Office, that is what happens.
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