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    If you are taking the bus because you don't want to have a car that is good. Be aware that the buses are more crowded than ever because so many have chosen this route and there is nothing wrong with it. Many say the bus company should just put on more buses. That is probably not going to happen. Please look around you in the morning and evening at who is waiting to get on the bus with you. Let workers and students on before you. As a courtesy. Also pay the full fare even though you don't have to it is a small price to pay for transportation.
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    My 2 centavos..... 4 years is a very long time. MANY things can change during that period. One is probably ‘overthinking’ the situation if this is high on their to-do list at this point in the game. Personally I would ‘forget about’ the car license thing and concentrate on making a new life in another country. In 3 years, if you are even still in Mexico, begin to think what you want to do with regards to your Immigration status and your car. Then. Not now. YMMV
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    Over 11 years of rental these 4 real situations stand out - couple with no dogs (so they say) viewed on FB with 3 german sheperds, 2 less than a year old. When questioned they figured that I wouldn't turn them away after all they are going to pay 3 months upfront. But everyone pays short term high season upfront. Well its a smallish house with an interior patio maybe 25 x 12 and no place for big dogs. We have taken small terrier who was fine inside and a deaf support dog but of course he didn't care about being outside. Second - the politics thing, how about the rabid white is right guy from Louisiana. Who wants that kind of trouble? Third - I see this woman on FB pages looking for a house with 5 dogs and the most she has ever had is 11. She says right up front she is a animal rescuer. There is now a woman on Chapala.com who is similar and going to bring her dogs in 3 at a time. I would want to know that. These women are upfront about it and many are and many are not. Fourth - the woman on SDI in a panic yet again because her check is a day late and who shows herself to be seriously depressed and her FB page is filled with kudos from family and friends each day she gets up and out of bed. Her pictures of her bedroom and living room had piles of clothes and other stuff everywhere. Like other posters said if you put it out there it is mine to use. When I ask for yours I give you mine. If you don't give me yours and I don't know you and you are not a direct referral then the answer will always be no.
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    You have chosen the worst time to come and look for a place, in my opinion. Yes, in the winter we are saturated. With the rental market being so tight right now, all the rentals will be full and the property management companies and individuals who run the rentals won't be able to get you in to look at properties. I think you would do much better in April or May when the snowbirds are gone. More places will be available. Last year and this year the number of people wanting to move here has increased substantially and it is making it difficult to find accommodations if you are a renter. There used to be a lot more rentals available but new arrivals took a lot of them, and the rule of supply and demand drove prices up, and then a lot of houses which used to be rentals were sold because real estate prices went up as well due to all the new arrivals. I have heard that some renters rent all year long now even though they are snowbirds, just to ensure they have their spot for the winter, although they don't want to buy into the market. I don't know if that happens much but perhaps some people do it. Things have definitely changed here. If you still want to come Jan through Mar, you need to book something very soon.
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    My quality of life would be much lower without a car.
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    Lots of dogs or a very big dog: unfurnished is the only realistic way to go. No landlord wants their furniture put at risk of damage. Many rental ads say something like "small pet considered". I know people who rent with both multiple dogs and large dogs, so it's not impossible, just more challenging.
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    You can buy a Mexican plated car with a Temporal visa. You can have a Temporal Visa for 4 years after which you must get a Permanente visa at which time you can no longer own a U.S. plated car here. Generally it is not worth the trouble and expense to import a U.S. car in order to "change" to Mexican plates. Most people take the U.S. plated car to Texas and sell it. Sometimes you can sell it here to someone returning to the U.S. depending on type and condition. Obviously that saves a lot of trouble and you can do it at any time in the 4 year period. The advantage of not immediately buying a Mexican plated car and getting rid of the U.S. plated one is that 4 years is usually enough time to decide if you want to stay longer. The disadvantage is the U.S. plates make you more of a target for crooked cops and thieves. Note there is a process for renewing the TIP when you renew the Temporal. Most people find it wise to use a facilitator to do this. Spencer McMullen (Intercasa) posts regularly here and is a well known provider of that service. There are others. A lot of threads on this topic can be found by searching the Customs and immigration section.
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    Flooding is common almost always in certain areas such as in front of Plaza del Sol but it is a matter of waiting for water to recede which could be 1 to 3 hours. Major rains will flood most streets only temporarily. At peak traffic times it is a real mess, just plan and know that the majority of big rains are in the later afternoon so plan accordingly.
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    I had a mastiff that was stung by a scorpion and I had to take him to the vet as he seemed to be in pain and have problems but he was ok after a shot. I would imagine small dogs could have problems.. My neighbors had 7 dogs once and they found rentals but that was a long time ago and dogs make it more dififcult to rent. They would rent unfurnished houses and I think that is what you have to do if you have more than one or two.
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    I am always shocked when this subject comes up. Because I am reminded how many of you by choice do not have a car lakeside. I bought a new car in 2000 in Texas and drove it to Ajijic. It's been 13 years now and has 32,000 miles on it. I guess I'm spoiled. I can't imagine not having a car, especially when I drive 37 miles (59K) to Costco and load up. Or when I drive a dog or cat to the vet some 5 miles away, or when I have to drive to pick up a 50 Lb bag of fertilizer or a large bag of dog food, or pool supplies, etc etc. Yes, I suppose I could live without a car. But it sure would be a bitch to do for me.
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    I foster dogs for rescues and animal shelters in Austin, Texas. Right now I have seven dogs of my own. I try not to have more than nine dogs at any time, but these seven will be staying with me. If I move to the area, I want to continue to foster and rescue. Is it going to be a problem finding someone to rent to me?
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    Having lived in the Hollywood, Florida area for 10 years, I will tell you the storms are different here. Like mentioned before, the storms occur late afternoon to early night. For example, I had to get out of bed last night to close a window. Most of the time, the rainfall is very heavy, short in duration with very little wind. Of course, I am talking about the area of the city we live in. We live in an area not that far from Plaza Patria. Yes, we had heavy rains the two times Plaza Patria flooded but there was no flooding on our streets. Most of the areas I know have good drainage. Yes, there are areas with poor drainage, some natural or man made. Those you can learn about. Just like any other city. The problem is the new man made ones, like the construction work around Plaza Patria.
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    You can't worry about it or the infrequent hail storm.
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    How does Aguagente purify the water or is it a pyramid system? I have not been able to find out exactly how they purify the water.
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    P = Mississippi "M, eye, crooked-letter crooked-letter, eye, crooked-letter crooked letter, eye, hump-back hump-back eye 🤓 ( I remember that from High School but I can’t remember where I put the car keys now!)
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    By Googling "Gringal's Content Chapala.com" you or anyone else will find 230 pages of your over 6,000 comments since you joined this forum in July, 2010. Open to the world for their perusal.
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    G-gal, share with me how it is intrusive for someone to look at information that a person has willingly slathered all over the Internet. How does one intrude into a life that has been broadcast for any and all to see. If I have an asset I’m trying to ‘protect’, I’ll use anything and everything I can to make sure I don’t share that asset with a no good scoundrel.
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    There are no filters for renting to people here as there is up north - references are for the most part useless and there is no credit history information. So a Facebook page can tell a lot. However color just isn't important and never occurred to me to use for that purpose and I doubt any of the nationals running rental services think about it either. Anyway what can be told is if people keep their homes and yards neat and tidy. Do they have family and friends or are they loners? Are they consumed with politics of either bent? Do they seem to have an angry personality or a needy personality seeking validation from others? Do they have an extreme focus on animal rescue? Are they curious about the world? Have they travelled? It's just one of the tools now that people use to decide who to rent to just like others use it to decide who to employ or who to date. The world is changing.
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    Depends on where you want to be, and how well-behaved your dogs are, and in some cases the size of the dogs. Better luck renting from a Mexican landlord, and not right in the middle of established areas (noise and nuisance factor for neighbors who could get you in hot water). Ixtlauhuacán, San Nicolas, and Santa Cruz are all good options.
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    You may have a problem finding people that want to be your neighbor.
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    I realize not everyone has a large enough yard to do this, but I really can't understand why those who do would put out garden clippings with the garbage. If you pile it up in a far corner of the yard, and keep it damp, it will break down within a few months to a year- you move the newer stuff off the top of the pile and what you have underneath is beautiful rich composted soil. Instead people put it out with the garbage, then go buy bags of potting soil and compost. And using it as mulch around plants is great- conserves the moisture so you don't have to water so often and keeps the weeds from sprouting up. Just because Mexican gardeners love to rake everything bare doesn't mean it makes good gardening sense.
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    Totally agree! The work she does as housekeeper, on day(s) she comes, in totally separate from being housesitter and pet caregiver, plus she is taking time away from her own home where in all likelihood she would do necessary household chores for her family that she cannot do if she's at your house. Pay her $200 to $250 a night like any other housesit person. And be grateful you have someone who (1)knows your pets and (2) is proven to be trustworthy!
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    The housekeeper is not paying water or electricity when she house sit and she is also not staying with her own family neither can she take off when she wants to so she should be paid for that. The amount is between her and the owners of the pets.
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    Wow, your neighbor is a very special kind of cheapskate, trying to justify not paying her because in his mind she is having some kind of a holiday at his house. That's despicable, really. Most people pay 200p or 250p a day.
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    We pay 200 per day for house sitter to stay and take care of our two dogs. Professional person with references not an employee of ours.
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    Here's another unfortunate situation. At the Tuesday market today, I was sitting in the car waiting for the time to get in line when a woman debarked from her car nearby with a medium sized dog which was obviously not obedient to the owner. It was wearing a "service dog" wrap and she was heading to the door to take it into the market, regardless of the "no dogs except service dogs" sign at the door. This was clearly not a service dog and this isn't the first time I've seen this happen. People should be ashamed to take advantage of the "service dog" exception to the normal rules. It is my understanding that real service dogs are very well trained.
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    Or do you mean "outside expat areas"?
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    We have about 2400 sf in a village two story 2/2 with 2 living rooms and a dining room and an extra den office on the second floor. Pantry shelving, windows, polishing and kitchen cupboards are on a monthly rotation. Wiping out the rerigerator and freezer are every other week. All the weeks laundry is done, folded in the basket for the ironing lady and the personal items taken to the bedrooms and towels/linens put away stocked in the baths. We have 4 cats so every upholstered item is vacuumed in addition to numerous area rugs. We also have a 2/2 single story 1000sf rental next door where all the same things are done. Our household help comes once a week, Tuesdays so we don't hit any holidays, and is scheduled 9 to 5 for $500 pesos for both houses. She drives, walks or rides a bike. She prefers to hustle thru the day and is always moving so she often does not have to come until 10 since we are not that messy, an she can sometimes be done by 4. However she keeps meticulous track of that hour before and after and uses it to accomodate us when tenants move in or out on a day between her regular cleaning days. If the days are adding up she makes arrangements to come for an afternoon to dust and polish the dinnerware closet items. She has her routine, she starts at the top and works her way out the door. I provide all her preferred products, all the old towels and tshirts she wants to cut up for rags and a new mop and broom whenever she says. We also pay her vacation, a two week bonus in late July for school expenses and her aguinaldo in mid-November plus for new years we gift her with a full meal with liquor certificate to Ajijic Tangos - her choice and onher birthday I pay for her lunch celebration with 5 girlfriends at a restaurant of her choice. I asked her once if she wanted money instead of the meals and she said no that she and her husband can provide well enough for the kids but there never seems just enough more for she and her husband to go out to a nice meal without a crowd of family along and this gift lets them say, "no just us". Also most of her girlfriends (since grade school) simply put cannot afford to eat out for any special occasion let alone a birthday lunch but it makes everyone feel great that she is not paying but using a gift and they are all getting to go out. We pay the woman who irons for us whom we've know since 2004 - my gosh that is a long time - a flat rate of $200 pesos per ironing session. If we have been vacationing and have an extraordinary amount of ironing I pay the additional time at 60 pesos rounding the total to the nearest 100 demonination. We pay her even when we have renters in our home and we do not use her services. She too keeps track and is available at a moments notice to help especially during difficult times or to take care of the cats. So it is all about what you want and what you are willing to do. Many people I know have extremely personal relationships with their household helpers, they fix juice in the AM and lunch. They loan money, give rides into Guad for doctors etc... etc... we don't go that route. Theyhug and coo and oww and ahhh when they run into each other. We say hello so nice to see you, the children are lovely. Respect with distance. So that is why I asked what do you want.
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    We existed with a golf cart for several months and still use it extensively round the village. If Uber had been around then we may never have bought a car.
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    Hello Chapala Forum, My family, consisting of two adults and three cats, are making the move to Guadalajara in about 6 months. We have visited the city multiple times, identified areas of the city where we would like to live, talked with a local attorney, took a spin with a realtor, met with a few contacts and generally got a realistic plan for how to proceed forward. Admittedly, we were a bit excited (read: unrealistic) when we first hatched this plan. Over the past several months of research and "settling-down," we have established some guidelines for ourselves: 1) We will rent for at least 12 months. 2) We will rent an apartment in a tower. 3) We will rent in Zapopan, or in areas of Guadalajara like Providencia, Americana, Arcos Vallarta, Moderna, and Jardines del Country. 4) We will apply for Temporary Residency. (Based on requirements, we will be permitted. Most pertinent documents have already been "appostilled.") 5) We will drive ourselves, crossing in Laredo, TX. 6) We will volunteer in a local school upon arrival, as we are both professional US teachers with ESOL certifications and experience. (We are not seeking employment at this time. Only looking to meet people, give back, and stay busy.) So, that's about where we are today, about 6 months out. In early 2019, we will return to Guadalajara with a list of rental properties to view. As we get closer, I hope the members of this forum will be helpful during our search for reputable relocation services, like an attorney to assist with the lease and immigration issues, as well as the day to day stuff like water, power, internet, etc... Based on my lurking here, I have no doubt you will all be a great help! Thank you for establishing this community. Happy to be here! -Hongos
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    Just my 2 centavos: I would gladly pay extra for a cab. The bus drivers are among the most dangerous and distracted drivers on Mexican roads. Having said that, your chances of getting killed or injured in a bus accident are very small. YMMV
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    I have to drive down because I'm traveling with my 2 dogs and I can have the car as needed. Don't think it will be easy to find a ride with a 140 lb. Bullmastiff (and/or a Frenchie). My concern with a car is that after the 4 year visa, it sounds like I may need to drive back to the States. Not sure that I will be able to change to Mexican plates. Anyone know about this?
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    Yes, underdeveloped and ignored. Or robbed by city contracts and left half-assed.
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    yes just like Social Security who told us they would answer within 5 working day..we are still waiting..
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    My infinitum is out and cable is out but HTRON from telecable is still gong , I will not say anything bad until everything is out as it could bring me bad luck...
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    THis young guy if it is the same( I think he name is Gerardo , bit I am not 100%sure) has a chip on his shoulder and is very annoyed foreigners get the citizenship too easily in his opinion.. His attitude has not changed. The other people are very nice.
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    Yes, I took the Spanish test for Citizenship last month in Guadalajara. The young man that reviewed my paperwork and checked that I had everything in order gave me the test. When we went into the room for the test his whole attitude changed. There were two parts to the test. First was reading and comprehension And the second was Look at a picture and write five sentences about the picture. I was given a piece of paper with a two paragraph story on it {Probably 500 words} and was told I had 5 minutes to read it and answer 5 questions and the time starts now. So I began reading it, about a minute in he says No, read it aloud to me. So I start reading it to him. the story is about a magical kingdom of Mayans and everyone's name were like K'ak' Tiliw Chan Yopaat. He would stop me and say you pronounced that wrong read it again. He did that over and over so by the time I finished it I had 45 seconds left to answer the five questions. Each answer was long and had 4 options to choose from I managed to get three out of 5 right so we moved to the other test. I was handed a picture with a man and woman in a lab looking in Microscopes and told to write 5 sentences about the things I noticed and that I had 3 minutes. I wrote the 5 things and when he started he grading it he said: First is wrong you didn't put a period at the end of your answer. Two and three are wrong because you misspelled a word in each and 4 also you didn't capitalize so you have failed this test He then gave me a big FU smile and left the room. When I went back outside he said to feel free to come back to take the test again if I so choose.
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    Too bad about the hours. Many, if not most lunch-eaters at places like that are retirees waiting for the lunch hour, like my Mom used to. Man, she'd be at the entrance to Panino at 11:30, no fooling around. Waiting 'til 1 seems like a long stretch for some.
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    FIVE pages on this topic. Again! Congratulations Chapala.com!
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    Any talk of dogs in restaurants outside this country is moot. It is, flatly, against the LAW here. Which akes any talk of bringing your dog with you also moot. Why this insatiable desire to bring a dog to a restaurant? Don't answer; it's a rhetorical question.
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