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    Since everyone is chiming in and I held off for four pages of posts...my pet peeve is anglicizing and abbreviating everything about Mexico rather than attempt to correctly spell or pronounce the major locales where we live. "AJ"? Really? Can't we write out "Ajijic" (without the newly-substituted final "x")? "#24 September 16 Street"? Get used to "16 de septiembre #24" if you want to locate it on a map. NYC doesn't use "Glorieta de Colón" for Columbus Circle; why are some now imposing the reverse?. The "square" and the "highway"? Let's stick to "plaza" (we don't have a "zócalo", either...they are different) and t's apparently just find to jaywalk on the "carretera" and "libramiento" rather than walk safely to a (rarely functioning) light. We have done so much to change our villages; let's at least keep their identities and pronunciation alive instead of creating another divide between locals and expats.
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    Not sure why you said "the only parking space". They have sufficient parking there. Directly in front, you can fit at least three SUV's, and there's plenty of room to the east along the lateral. And until there is something else in the old La Bambola space, there's at least another four spots in front of that.
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    And the good news is... word on the street is that Pancho hopes to open his new store (east of Maskaras) 22 September.
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    I very rarely go to Walmart any more but I forced myself today. A Saturday afternoon. Ugh. Parking lot was pretty full, I gritted my teeth. I had a weird list of about twelve items and figured if I got nine out of twelve I'd claim victory. I found EVERYTHING. Carmex lip balm in abundance....eye drops....bigmouth size tooth brushes...tons of OFF Mosquito repellent. Even a simple shower curtain with no ugly design or "art" on it. SCORE! Riding that wave I rocked over to the cereal aisle and filled my cart with almost their entire inventory of plain Cheerios. (Apologies to patient family who stood there waiting while I reached all the way to the back of the upper shelves.) And they had tons of checkout lanes open, no waiting. I felt like I'd won the lottery. (Admittedly, not sure about the Gala apples yet, they look suspicious...). PET PEEVE: I guess CFE. They is all messed up this year.
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    The fun begins turning left into the Super Lake parking lot when coming East to West and the mis-timed traffic lights cause all the cars behind you to have to wait until the traffic passes or someone coming the other way flashes their head lights to let you go... and you politely hurry and in so doing, you flatten the muffler on your car going over the excess rain bump/barrier. It is almost like hitting an unpainted tope at 40MPH, but you know this one is here and you still flatten your muffler! Then you look up and hope no car is coming out of the mechanic shop garage directly in front of you, while you skillfully avoid hitting a bicycle rider in the middle of the parking lot going the opposite of the flow of traffic, while slamming on your brakes to let the not-slowing down car that came in from the Fenix Real Estate entrance to the parking lot! When you finally get to resume your adventure, the three parking lot men and a windshield-wiper salesman all motion you to move forward so you can mow down shoppers who jump out from between cars and start criss-crossing in front of you after buying DVD's or shopping at Super Lake, naturally without looking left or right, as they wander aimlessly into the parking lot. When you finally spot a parking space, and calculate what angle you need to use to get into it, due to the haphazard angles used by your fellow parking lot adventurers, you have to slam on your brakes again because someone is trying to come into the parking lot the wrong way.... and this clueless wonder expects me and the 4 cars jammed up behind me to all back up, because they have no idea what they are doing is incorrect and have even less of an idea as to how to use their reverse gear. Eventually it dawns on them that "R" means "reverse" and they correct their folly and you pull into your long awaited parking place only to have beggars whose feet are partially in your parking space motioning you with hand signals to stop, so they have more room and so that you have to park with the tail end of your car stuck out n the parking lot traffic. You press forward sufficiently to ensure the rear end of your car does not get totaled by incoming traffic, yet no so much as to hurt the beggars, other than their feelings about getting their begging station space curtailed slightly. Phew! You made it, almost. You get out of your car and a parking lot guy comes up to you and wants you to buy him a coke and some 15-yr-old girl with 2 kids comes up needing money for food and the windshield salesman is lifting my wiper blades and insisting that I need new wipers and quotes a price that drops 50% from the first offer he made, all before I have even had a chance to lock my car doors. There are two older women beggars who are there all the time (except Wednesdays, when the work the Tiangues) who sit and do needle-point all day or something -- each with their own "station" at either end of the huge entrance to Super Lake. They used to smile, but now punish me with scowls for not having given them money the last time I was at Super Lake (in spite of giving everyone money at least once per week) and make motions with their hands to their mouths implying they want me to buy them food. Then I go through the gamut of some lady and her brood of little girls who have set up an expansive begging/bean selling station in my parking space, on the sidewalk and usually all of the area inside the store by the ATM machine. This group has given up all pretenses of trying to sell me beans and now the girls all just say "money, money, money." Yes, I know they are all worse off than me (but not by much after unexpected medical bills wiped us out!) Nonetheless, it rubs more of harassment and guilt-tripping than begging. I often think about sharing the old adage about catching more flies with honey than vinegar, but never do. It is what it is. Then you finally get into the store. That is a whole separate chapter in the adventures of a Super Lake Shopper, perhaps to be written at another date.
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    Thanks CalGal. I will try that. I think it did it. I have visited a number of GMail forums without success. I think they do these updates to confuse the old folks. My cell phone had an update the other day-confusing now.
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    Has anyone taken their vehicle to the border to legalize willing to share their process/experience and advise? Merci!
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    Who would I contact to remind the Mayor that there are significant opportunities to attract internet technical workers from all over the world to Chapala/Ajijic. All that would be required would be access to the Federal internet super high speed connection (which runs along the toll road to CDMX). Maybe even the Federal government would pay for a limited connection. It would attract a younger crowd, with good paying jobs, who would rather work in the great weather and easygoing, healthy lifestyle here. It really wouldn't take too much to attract these people here. Once started, word would get around very quickly. Maybe even Carlos Slim could get behind this initiative. If Telmex was gifted access to speeds up to 100mps, I'm sure they would be willing to technically support it, etc. Yes, they will probably attract call centres here too - but that creates a lot of employment.
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    Outside of Mexico motels can be convenient, low cost, no frills accommodation for travelers. Traditionally that is not the case in Mexico. Sometimes the name says it all. For instance the "Motel" just before the airport at Guadalajara called "Motel Viena"! is not a misspelling. Think in French! There are other clues such as: roll down doors not to provide security, but to prevent anyone seeing your car and licence plate, no room key, no closets to hang clothes in, no drawers for clothes, carefully placed mirrors around the bed, overly generous bathrooms, Room Service Menus which include lubricants, condoms and champagne! This is not to say these rooms are not good value for money, but you need to know what you are getting into - pun intended!
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    I'm really interested to promote the state of Jalisco as a technology and share the vision as a tech hub for the riviera, but for this first things first, tech talent must be skilled and have a work and community culture. For this to happen must attract and generate talent but most important generate such opportunities. I offer my services to generate such culture by generating meetups close to Chapala and Ajijic on weekends and maybe one weekday so people get interested on technology. Thinking first to attract people, on the meanwhile the entepreneurs of the lake must be generating projects to develop this new talents will arrase. For all this to happen I need to first generate touch with some people and community to generate a good plan to touch this great community. I know this is an old post but if it is important for you all, please if you are in.
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    Come on out and try some brisket, ribs or Pulled pork. We smoke daily with only Mezquite Wood! If you don’t like what you tasted it’s on the House!!!
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    After just spent another ten days care in a public hospital, accepting Seguro Popular, I may be able to offer some insight. First of all cost of membership = 0 pesos if you are over 60. This is currently is a three year term. Who knows what comes next? Seguro Popular is "free" in the sense of universal healthcare in Canada and the U.K. - it is actually funded by taxes. In Mexico the 16% I.V.A.. Seguro Popular is still rapidly expanding facilities, equipment and staff, this trend is expected to continue because it is always popular with voters. The hospital I was in, for the third time now, with 250 beds is always full at this time. They have another 350 beds coming online in September, the brand new building is already built. The old hospital is run down, physically looking, it will be renovated. Some patients, used to state of the art hospitals in the North might feel intimidated - but it is very clean, and the staff and doctors are first rate, and seem to enjoy working there. The fourth floor, which I call the "comedy" floor has some of the funniest characters I have ever met (imagine three "Mexican" Robin Williams, all on the same shift - i haven't laughed so hard for years.) There is still the need of private fundraising, and this is an excellent opportunity for expats. For example, the Guadalajara Bomberos are fund raising for a Seguro Popular specialised ward for children burn victims. If you see photos of their Guadalajara fundraising efforts, you will see a lot of (mostly elderly) pale faces, and a lot of people having fun. The idea of hiring a lawyer to join Seguro Popular is ridiculous. Imagine bringing a lawyer along to signup to B.C. Medical or OHIP in Canada! Actually getting out (discharged) from a Seguro Popular facility is much more difficult. Firstly the issue of discharge papers, which list every procedure/pharmaceutical (I always supply my own), takes two to 4 hours, depending on case load. Which then has to go to the Social Worker, who determines any charges, not covered by Seguro Popular. Then to Seguro Popular office, in the hospital, then to cashier, the back to Social Worker for final signature. Yesterday, Ms. Chillin performed all these steps with very little Spanish (our usual translator was already booked), I am quite proud of her. The whole process can take up to 6 hours. As far as costs, private email me as to the type of costs you might anticipate and I can probably give you with some "what ifs". These are public ward beds, and I have (again) met some wonderful Mexican people and learned much more Spanish and a greater appreciation of some finer points of Mexican culture. Sorry, I just can't imagine sitting in a private room, for $500 U.S. per day, watching a very few English TV channels -to me - sad and boring, to others a necessity, well worth the money.
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    Do you serve wine by the glass? I don't see that on your menu.
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    There seems to be a bit of confusion right now about exactly where that bus stop is going to be. They moved the bus depot to just east of Colon, so now people aren't sure whether the bus stops on the west corner or a few doors east of Colon. They should put some painted lines where the actual bus stop is going to be, then hopefully drivers will know not to park there.
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    Cars parked in the eastbound bus stop near Colon. Backs up eastbound traffic to La Huerta. What are the new Transito Municipal for anyway?
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    I changed it back to classic also. Now it has reverted to the new G Mail and I can't go back to the classic. Hardly functioning.
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    FYI, they have posted their menu and more info under Restaurant Happenings Sub-forum. http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/80024-purple-garlic-pizza-brothers/
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    It sounds fantastic. I looked in the phone book and could find a listing for The Purple Garlic Pizza. Where is it located? Thanks in advance for our help.
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    It must be done how you describe. It is so obvious.
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    The Vet across from the Wednesday market has helped a number of people with feral colonies. He gives you a good break on the cost of Spay / neuter. You can borrow the traps from LFA as well as some of the Vets.. If you keep them from having kittens than they tend to wander off when the food supply ( ie Rats etc ) are no longer sufficient they look for other homes. The cats do a great job of keeping the rodent problem under control
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    I live in CH2 also. The CC&Rs are outdated on that. A few weeks ago it changed. The pickup is Tues, Thurs, and Sat. They typically come sometime in the afternoon, and as late as 7 p.m. Garden refuse is picked up any of those days now. I think the garden refuse may need to be in bags now. But I can't guarantee that.
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    i predict they wont be there long. on my last and final visit it was raining and the only parking space was taken up by the delivery motorcycle. there were 3 other people eating there at 1 table. there were 5 or 6 employees and all were loud and playing among themselves. the price for a glass of wine was 50 pesos on the menu, we were charged 60 and told that the menu hadnt been changed yet. i will not be back
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    Pay them well in advance with a credit to your account..as much as you want at the CFE office/machine outside their lobby..You will get your bill as usual showing nothing owed and after several months you can stop by CFE and get an accounting of your remaining credit balance, they are accurate to the centavo..No muss, no fuss and no depending on anyone else..So easy..
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    I have received at least two warning from Gmail. They also told how to go back to classic Gmail which is essentially what mudgirl said. I have always been told that change is good but at my age especially when it involves my computer or smart phone phooey.
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    I had the problem on the sidewalk in front of my gallery, I got a spray from Vet that is meant for rugs to keep dogs away, I sprayed sidewalk ,it lasts thru about ten rains I resprayed again one more time, the dogs changed their habits and went elsewhere ...
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    Many people catch spy/neuter and release the feral cats back The cats do a good job of taking care of mice rats etc and as long as they are not producing kittens you would be surprised at how quickly the colony starts to shrink.
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    Hire a needy kid on the block to pick it up and dispose of it every morning before you open the door. The kid will thank you, and you will be happier and the whole neighborhood will like you more and they will know that the dog owners are not taking care of their dogs' business. It is not going to stop since the dog has chosen your stoop and the neighbors are unlikely to stop putting their dog out.
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    Yep. I own real estate in several different countries in South America and I have a last will and testament in each country for those specific properties. I'm not sure about Mexico but several countries don't even respect US wills and you have to have one in that country. Yet other countries are really old school and you can't really write out relatives for real estate so always good to consult an attorney that specializes in this.
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    Bushels of apples and oranges there. What sort of pension Australian retirees may receive is not the same as the EARNED Social Security retirement system. It is bad enough that we can't use the Part B Medicare but must pay for it monthly or risk a huge penalty if we ever want to use it again in the States. Yes, of COURSE the U.S. would prefer we retire there and spend our money even though most desirable places are un-affordable on retirement pensions and whatever we've managed to save. Frankly, I don't give a damn what the U.S. government would prefer!!! These latest intrusions into citizens' privacy are looking too much like ....TOO MUCH.
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    Now that is pretty funny - considering that 95% of the houses constructed Lakeside suffer from poor concrete, leaky roofs, electrical short circuits, plumbing failure, salitre. Very few of them would pass even basic building codes of Canada or the U.S.A. The OP is seeking an architect/builder - my point is that Mexico has produced some of the world's finest, especially in modern architure style, which many modern Mexicans prefer, especially urbanites.
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    A "technology village" in the sun, with English speakers, would appeal to people who spend up to 12 hours a day in front of a computer. Maybe someone at the media centre and technical college could promote this? It is sad these students work very hard on developing these skills, but have to leave the local family nest to move to Guadalajara for work. Another potential option, is that the new hotel/condo development in Chapala Haciendas and Las Brisas is rumoured to be installing fiber optic. They probably mean that the units are fiber optic ready, when such an upgrade becomes available. If it is not, they may be able to host a powerful local wi-fi hub, with paid subscribers. This could become quite lucrative for them. That would be good for us hillbillies, but would not be powerful enough to reach Chapala or Ajijic. I have to contact them.
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    Mayor doesnt care and nobody wants competition, if that were the case they would have more police and fix the streets to attract people and industry not just the weekend drinking crowd, and people that work for the private sector dont need government freebies so they cannot be controlled as easily.
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    I totally agree. we are still planning on moving to the area but a serious concern is our ability for my wife to keep consulting with such low internet speeds. Right now we are used to 100mips on the download and upload . yes, it is fiber , but before we switched to fiber it was about 75 on the download and 40 on the upload. Our son would like to visit often. He works in Silicon valley as a software engineer and can work away from the office but raised serious doubts of his ability to work within his network as a result of the speeds. We have passed on house rentals that dont have internet at all. I would also agree that getting better broadband service would be an attraction and in turn make for a better economy and a more robust housing market. Just my 2 cents,
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    I expect you would either ignore the statement (people do it all the time) or manage to express yourself in a less juvenile or trashy manner.
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    Another rumour yesterday, from a professional driver with a lifetime in Guadalajara, that AMLO, the new President of Mexico, is looking once again at an amnesty for foreign plated vehicles. This will be the fourth one. The idea is to get all these vehicles registered, and then get all the "stinkers" and heavy polluters off the road. A compromise between auto manufacturers and environmentalists - an experienced politician's way of thinking. And the farmers get their low cost, used pickups, and AMLO votes.
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    Returning the cart at most stores NOB just takes a low skill starter job away form someone, just like cleaning your own table at McDonalds. Even the self check out at Walmart NOB helps to kill the jobs that can't be exported. There are few enough of these jobs left anyway, even though folks that are only qualified for them seem to be increasing. How will their moms ever get them to move out of their basement?
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    I try to do everything online. Problem is that CFE will only accept Mexican credit cards. Not a problem with Telmex and Telcel. Getting a Mexican card is too much of a liability IMHO
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    Although I admire your forbearance in resisting for four pages, I can't resist pointing out the worst middle of the block crossers and jaywalkers I've seen are the local Mexicans who cross anywhere, often with little kids in tow. Fortunately (I guess) the traffic movement lately is so slow that drivers can see them pop out in time to stop.😎 I do agree about the anglicizing issue. Let's let the words be what they are...in Spanish.
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    As I mentioned before, the rodent problem was well under control ten years ago when there were a couple of neighborhood cats doing the job. I'm not understanding why keeping them from having kittens would result in their wandering off. They would need a larger food supply when having kittens. Right now, they all look well fed. LCS is in my neighborhood. I'm hoping they aren't getting the food from the LCS cats supply. What is LFA?
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    hors d'oeuvres
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    And with this information you are going to do what?
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    It is not good to hear so many problems. My husband thankfully has not had problems with his Military and VA checks but he will soon file for SSN. It seems, to me anyway, that the little people pay for what others with so much have caused in laundering and such. Yet I continue to read stories of all these offshore things still going on. I hope that they would put a bigger burden on those people. Withholding a SSN payment because of fear of laundering is ridiculous.
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