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    Walmart created the exit problem when they moved the baskets so they could rent the local in the designed basket area. When you enter the store you get your basket turn and go to the door. Walmart could now fix this by changing the exit to the other (east) door. Then folks could leave their now empty basket in front of the rented local, good riddance. The problem of employees blocking the dairy aisle. It is just one more case of not caring about the customer. Almost all businesses in Mexico allow their young employees park at the places closest to the entry. This doesn't happen in Canada or the USA. My employees and I parked at the further fringes of the parking lot to help our customers. Customers are not viewed that way here. This attitude runs up hill as well when the municipality takes actions that make it impossible for your customers to get into shops with street closures and bike lanes that carry hardly any traffic. If the store goes out of business the municipality cares less. Another pet peeve is the utter disregard for traffic laws. Too many drivers and moto riders seem to have NO clue as to the rules. They go around to run the reed signal light and moto riders wander up through traffic when it stops or slows. The law says they must have their own lane and not share one.
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    Well, I am from Ontario, raised in area that the fires are approaching right now and say a big Thank You to all who help. Lots of family and friends who are very scared and concerned. And, have never known anyone in Ontario or anywhere in Canada who has had a problem saying thank you to any country that sends aid...just saying...
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    My pet peeve is misspelled words. Other than that, I walk and drive defensively.
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    Finally talked Heidi into giving Southern Sisters another shot. Breakfast this time, same results! Won't be returning...'nuff said!
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    Why why why...does there always have to be someone to digress from the issue....and make a negative comment...as people who LOVE Mexico and Mexicans...and have lived part time for many years...we are grateful to their help at this time...that was the point in Oatsie's comment!!!! As Canadians we are grateful...but in the present hateful political climate created by dt towards Cnds. it is difficult to feel warm and fuzzy towards them...but grateful we are. Geesh........... Again....VIVA Mexico!!! Gracias
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    Sometimes disabilities or "none of the above" are not visible, please keep that in mind.
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    Hope House, the home for abused or neglected/orphaned boys in Ixtlahuacan really got blasted by that hail storm on Friday night. Photos of the severe damage can be seen here: https://facebook.com/casahogar.unaesperanza Please consider helping out, some of the damage needs to be repaired immediately to keep the interiors of buildings from being further rain damaged.
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    In the spirit of common courtesies that make society run smooth, I offer up several things that drive me nuts 1. People entering Walmart through the exit door. 2. People with more than 20 items in the fast checkout line. Walmart again! 3. Drivers not following proper procedures at the La Floresta glorieta. 4. Drivers looking down at their laps (at a cellphone??) and not looking ahead. 5. Drivers passing on the right going east through La Floresta.
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    Supporting your suggestion that it is 60 years not 65 as I was told, is that one has to be 60 or more to get his/her senior discount card or INAPAM card. I know my passport says that I am only 39. I am not sure what the 19 before the 39 means. Maybe the 19th month. It is getting too confusing for me
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    They were looking at a quote of 21,000 pesos plus removal and install costs, vs now being able to do it for 13,500 (about 725 US / 940 CDN) with no added costs.
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    Hope House has about 75 broken solar tubes in total as they have (had...?) 7 systems in operation. We've been in touch and offered a significant discount and they are very pleased about it. Their first priority is fixing many broken windows / other glass due to safety and weather concerns, even as they do w/o hot water. All fund raising efforts are needed and appreciated.
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    They do that on purpose so the NOB's have something to gripe about. HAHAHAHA
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    I know that this web board is about Lakeside, but Lakesiders should know that Ontario is experiencing an unusually high number of forest fires this summer. Mexico has sent 20 - five man fire crews to assist other out of province firefighters. With 28 fires out of control, Ontario gets help from U.S., Mexico, other provinces Gracias y Viva Mexico....
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    I agree with all of your points. I also find it very irritating when Americans and Canadians ignore and violate traffic laws just because they are in Mexico.
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    People that say Paninos instead of Panino which is it's name. Same with El Toritos (El Torito) and Sorianas (Sorinana) Etc.
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    Are you certain it isn't because she short changes gringos or charges the incorrect price because she doesn't know a Red Delicious from a Gala.
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    Another Walmart feature: being the only store that stocks the shelves during shopping hours instead of at night.
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    Ours are the plastic ones by Truper and we've had then for 3 yrs ...so far.
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    Obviously saying also "Gracias" to the US is just to hard to say....(lived in Ontario for 11 years , so yes I know its impossible to say thank you to your southern neighbors)
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    Probably all of us? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    In both Walmart and on the roads, the only rule is this: "Solo los paranoicos sobreviven"
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    Also people who are gawking at things and place their cart diagonally to block the entire aisle then look at you grumpily if you try to get by
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    Yeah, here in PV it's clearly marked as being for disabled, pregnant and tercer edad so no need to apologize if we're using it solely because we are geezers.
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    Have Hammers Bingolago to help Hope House raise funds for to fix hail damage. See Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/casahogar.unaesperanza Bingolago Tuesday Aug 7, 2018 12:30PM at Maria Isabel restaurant HHWT will partner with Sweet and Treats chocolate shop. Where all money raised from chocolate sales go to hope house to help fix hail damage. Chocolate truffle tasting several free samples to taste for bingo players, Please help make an impact by attending and help the boys at hope house. Bring a friend and get an extra bingo package free with purchase of one package for yourself. If itโ€™s your birthday month August get an extra bingo package with purchase of one package. There will be over 30 door prizes of chocolate. Bingolago players can use bingo points to purchase chocolate form Sweet and treats to help raise funds for Hope house to fix Hail Damage. The founders of Have Hammers back in 2008 traveled to hope house by car with woodworking tools to help teach the boys.. See events page
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    S/S Auto 376-765-4800
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    Actually I will NEVER fly VivaAerobus again. I flew them twice and HORRIBLE experiences. Yes, it was cheaper but they were horrible with communication. My flight got cancelled and it wasn't scheduled until like 15 hours later. But the worst thing is they gave out wrong information. They told me to come to the airport and the flight time they told me was wrong. It got delayed another 6 hours so my family and I were waiting in the airport for hours and hours. Nobody knew anything. I fly back and forth with Volaris from TJ all the time and always been dependable and on time. Yes Volaris is more expensive but I agree with Intercasa. They are super reliable.
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    Sent you an email with the contact information. Thanks Ron!
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    Just remember that what you think of as laws and rules are really only suggestions in Mexico. We're not in Kansas anymore.
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    Perhaps we should take our handicap parking placards in with us? But if you decide someone shouldn't be in that line tell them you bet the $500 or 1000 pesos they are not disabled. Go out to their with them and look at their palca or placard and pay them their money. Everyone is happy and you have paid them for their trouble. I wouldn't object and you'd get a valuable lesson.
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    The "chefs tour" at Tlaquepasta, the restaurant in the Quinta Don Jose hotel is quite good.
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    Thanks for the information. The problem with that location is parking.
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    Yes they are. But not for many of the very clearly "none of the above".
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    Lanes 1 and 2 at Wal-Mart are for disabled people, pregnant women, and anyone of "la tercera edad."
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    The way that I read his last paragraph in the original post made it sound like that......"It is a good idea to make sure that when you use any of the aforementioned forms that you use the new ones as using the old ones may cause a delay or rejection when you do any business with the National Immigration Institute or INAMI. It is unknown when immigration / airports / border crossings will have the new forms available as well as if there will be any grace period for use of old forms" I just wanted to make sure that I had the correct information from Spencer himself. I hope that's alright with you RVGRINGO.
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    Okay, my time to be grumpy. I most definitely use the seniors/disabled line at WalMart. After 66 years, and with this exciting new sciatic problem, I've earned it. The shopping carts are beside the Exit doors at WalMart; perhaps they would be wise to change the overhead sign or move them back outside where they used to be. Who most often blocks the aisles in Walmart, besides old friends bumping into each other? The staff. Who yells at the top of their lungs to all their friends in WalMart, no matter which aisle they find themselves in? The staff. What's the best part of my trip to WalMart, aside from getting out alive? Trying to make the senior ladies who bag my stuff raise a smile.
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