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    You do realize you are in Mexico, right?
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    I miss Salvador.s. Since returning from stateside I have not found a decent reasonable redneck breakfast cafe. I like eggs. bacon. hash browns and maybe pancakes. . I've given up ordering ham for breakfast as no one at lakeside knows what a slice of ham should be like. I have tried 5 restaurants and none of them have a straight forward breakfast like this. My morning breakfast cost over 200 peso' s putting these supposed sides together. I have never at Lakeside found decent biscuits and gravy. I hope the new restaurant replacing Salvador's does well but what we actually need is another Salvador.s. If anyone has a good old fashioned southern breakfast place, please let me know.
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    Often taking food home after dining out (one of us is a light eater, not me), I am getting tired of the styrofoam containers. So I picked up (Walmart) a couple of Tupperware-types, with divided interiors. I'll be keeping those in the car from now on, for every trip to a restaurant. And they don't leak.
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    I agree. But sooner or later you or going to have to figure out how to beat everyone if you ever want to win a World Cup. But beating Brazil would be a great step forward. Still I'm very proud of my adopted country's team!
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    I hope all of you Lakesiders enjoy reading about your wonderful Teocintle restaurant. I loved it. http://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2018/07/you-cant-go-home-again-restaurante-teocintle-maíz-ajijic-jalisco-.html
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    I just cannot bring myself to go back to Cocinart, even though I always enjoy the food and the reasonable prices. Surly waitstaff, overly-loud drunken patrons, lousy acoustics. So, Saturday we ordered from their PDF menu and got it via Lakeside Food Delivery. Delicous and hot creamy pesto spaghetti with portobellos, and those tender, yummy Chinese pork ribs (listed as an appetizer, but could easily be a meal for some) with the nice little salad. We called the restaurant first to get the specials, and were sent a photo via WhatsApp of the daily blackboard.
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    Well you are just going to have to make it yourself. Pillsbury canned biscuits at Freska (sp?) grocery store on Lopez Mateo, about 1k south of Costco on the other side of the street. SuperLake has a fresh supply of Jimmy Dean sausage ($234p), eggs and grits. Gamsa pancake mix is the best.
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    Nothing they have done has made anything better..Pitiful service..they only survive due to no viable alternative..
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    Having been to many beach towns, Bucerias is our go to place now. Several good grocery stores plus Costco a short drive away. Great fish market in La Cruz and nice outdoor market there on Sundays. Lots of restaurants and more than several are really great. Walk the beach for miles.
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    I will make two suggestions. One, make your first point of contact your local Mexican consulate. They can tell you, exactly, what is required. While every poster here is well intentioned, the rules change, there is a new government taking over, and you can expect prices to rise for government services. Two, there are many areas of Mexico that are pleasant, have excellent resources and are way cheaper than the Lakeside area to live. Do more research before choosing. I lived in Lakeside 6 years before relocating to Cuernavaca, which suits me better. There are lots of option in life and the obvious choice is not always the best. Good luck.
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    Please let us not nitpick.😉 I know a number of people who are living on their Social Security checks with savings from a home sale as a backup fund for unusual expenses. Some of them simply do not have enough in retirement income to live as well in the U.S. and are here for that reason as well as enjoying the Mexican culture and a new life experience. Let's be real about this. Mexico is requiring that new immigrants have enough to live on. Who can blame them? They have enough poor people already. Personally, I'd much rather live in Mexico than in Tucson.
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    Oh, of course I get their reasoning for it, totally understandable, but anyone who is not yet retired and has a monthly income from NOT working is by definition independently wealthy. Or maybe just "financially independent"? independently wealthy : Possessing enough wealth that one does not need financial support from others or income from employment.
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    Actually what they want is to make sure that immigrants do not become another source of drains on the finances of the country. "Independently wealthy" is not a term that I would use to describe many of the foreign folks I know who are living in Mexico. Able to live a decent life si, independently wealth no.
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    Trust me, Doug, I'm an actual professional. or once was. OS/2 was discontinued back in 2001and for good reason, it was complicated, expensive, and was difficult to troubleshoot and to obtain adequate support for. And I include IBM's own helpdesk here. It was fine used as a simple desktop, but start adding 5250 or 3270 emulation into the mix, then all bets are/were off. System resource tuning was a nightmare. At the point of it's demise, and it pains me to admit, MS had a better product with Windows 2000. The fact some people continue to use OS/2 is no reflection on the viability of the product, after all there are user groups for Atari and CP/M.
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    Glad you were able to get that straightened out with Spencer's help. Lot's of hysterics in some of these posts and in the U.S. press about how "harsh" Mexican immigration laws are - especially compared to the U.S. Mexico's laws changed in 2011 so the IT'S FELONY comments are no longer accurate. Always good to do a little research (like 2 minutes) and state actual facts. Welcome back to Mexico, Gerry. https://www.quora.com/What-happens-to-illegal-immigrants-in-Mexico-when-caught
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    American Legion in Chapala has grits, hash browns and biscuits, all reasonably priced. Their bacon is good, too.
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    I am glad my comments were helpful. Don't let anyone talk you out of giving something you are interested in a shot. Of course you need to be informed about the realities - both good and bad - but anywhere you go there will be trade-offs. It might be practical to do the 180 day tourist option for quite a while - under current laws pretty much forever. You would just have to budget for a trip to the border twice a year to get another 180 tourist visa. The cheapest way would be by bus - not sure about the cost but you could probably find that information online, The "first class" buses in Mexico are very comfortable. About 700 miles each way so a pretty long trip but totally doable. Unfortunately under the current immigration laws I don't think "earned" income from a job or freelancing counts to meet the financial requirements - no matter how much a person earns that way. They are looking for "permanent" sources of income likes pensions and/or social security. But that would not come into play for the twice a year tourist visa so you could do that. I am sure you will make the best decision for your situation. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
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    Update: Good news. Problem solved without any difficulties. Here's how: I contacted Spencer at his Chapala office. Based on comments on this web and my evaluation of his professionalism (I am a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario), I retained him to deal with the matter. He needed an Ontario driver's licence, proof of ownership of the vehicle, proof of insurance, and an Ontario address. After a meeting in his office (of no more than 20 minutes) the Application was in process and we were on our way. Five days later (there was a weekend in between) the Import Permit was received in Canada and on its way to Spencer's office by prepaid Fedex. We picked it up from him 2 days later. Simple, and well worth the fee of about $200 USD. Remember, you pay lawyers for their knowledge. The more they know the simpler the problem looks particularly once it is solved! Apparently the problem of closed customs offices is not an uncommon one. In future I try and get the permit before leaving Canada. Failing that, I would ask at the actual crossing where the nearest open customs office is and hope to avoid the problem altogether. Still, if you do have a problem don't let people panic you. It can be solved easily.
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    Well, we went on the Bucerias trip many years ago and liked it just fine. I have heard that maybe some of the food/ facilities are not quite as good any more (via friends who were the 5 years ago). Then I went with friends to Friendly in PV at Valentine's this year (6 nights, 7 days). I LOVED it! No need to wonder "where will we eat today / tonight", lots of variety in food (not necessary to make a pig of yourself), water activities (little kayaks, paddle boards, etc., ), plenty of programs each day (jazzercise, aquarobics, etc. Rooms are fine and service was friendly and accommodating to the nth degree. So it's all in the eye of the beholder.......... but I would have to vote for Friendly as I think they have a few more things on offer than Decameron.
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    How about noise, traffic and garbage pick up?
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    How about "Golf Carts"?
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    Ja! Well it has been a few months since we tackled that topic...
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    FIVE pages on this topic. Again! Congratulations Chapala.com!
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    Their menu changes frequently. There was no tempura on the menu the evening I was there, although there were some menu items that were more modern than traditional. Like you, I prefer traditional Mexican food and was served precisely that. As I mentioned in the article, I left the choice up to the chef and the manager.
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    Go by all means! And yes, that would be me. 😎
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    What is the brand name and model of this unit so that we can order one from Amazon?
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    Be aware of builder that insist on brick over block. Brick is more labor intenstive, that equals more cost.
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    On telecable are there options to change the language on the channels from spanish to english?Are there a variety of english speaking channels.I have heard that they are moving towards more spanish channels and less english.
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    I am just waiting for the Android OS on my PC. HAHAHA
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    Mom's is probably a very good choice. Tried it a couple of times but it didn't agree because of the very things our OP is seeking.😎 Tasty, though.
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    Check your pronouns! Great advice, though.
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    Good points. Lakeside is definitely not the most budget friendly area, but the main issue here is whether he can meet the requirements for temporary or permanent residency in Mexico anywhere. His source of that kind of information needs to be the Mexican consulate, not a local web board. We mean well, but that's seldom enough.
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    Someone else said that too but I had my doubts and checked at the Mexican Consulate website. I thought it just said "income" period, but I could be wrong. If that's the case, then they definitely only want the independently wealthy and retirees to be able to get temporary residency. And as you say, we could try that 180 days visa method. But your particular area is indeed getting pricey and isn't all that much cheaper than Tucson, so we may as well stay in the US... unless Handmaids Tale shit happens, and then we flee....
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    If you are not a resident of the club you should pay to play.. the club NOT CARLOS!!!!.please keep it locked!!!!
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    I think you should have told of this move by Carlos...part of an ongoing issue between Carlos and The Club...yes you can enter via the main gate...enjoy you game
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    Go see Azucena she is near LCS and a great lawyer and person. You will not get ripped off money wise
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    It's no fun unless we can Americanize everything...
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    To expand a bit on what Mainecoons said, the idea of "mobile home retirement communities" which are so common in the U.S. just hasn't caught on in Mexico. There are many gated communities in this area which might fit your needs and might be worth checking out. They are in different price ranges.
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    Sooner or later Mexico is going to have to figure out how to beat Brazil if it ever wants to win a World Cup.
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    Unfortunately, the only microscopic bug (a mite), that I can think of is scabies. See a dermatogist (Dra. Daniela at Quality Care is very good) who can quickly identify and treat your condition, whatever it is. Not caused by poor hygiene, but possibly from touching a street dog or street cat? The best treatment for surfaces would be all natural, superheated steam, this is also very effective on bedbugs and dust mites.
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