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    Easy solution fair to all concerned! NO DOGS ALLOWED! Problem solved!
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    Why don't they all host "pot lucks" for all that have separation anxiety from Fido? ........And please record and post on YouTube
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    You speak the truth cedros. The world is full of folks who think laws are just suggestions and are to be broken whenever they find it convenient. Human nature ain't gonna change anytime soon.
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    I am quite familiar with this illness. Any group which can help the family to deal with a loved one I am for it. With Dementia the brain literary loses mass. There is no magic pill. Just dignity, respect, and love.
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    Any talk of dogs in restaurants outside this country is moot. It is, flatly, against the LAW here. Which akes any talk of bringing your dog with you also moot. Why this insatiable desire to bring a dog to a restaurant? Don't answer; it's a rhetorical question.
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    To make this a painless adventure, I suggest seeing Spencer McMullen (lawyer) or Spencer Shulman (S&S auto sales)... If you by from S&S there are no problems. If you buy elsewhere, I would suggest Spencer McMullen....
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    Here's a thought that no one has mentioned yet. All the dog owners who insist on bringing their dogs when they go out for lunch, what did you do when you were working? I'm sure that you never took your dog with you then. Why is it necessary now?
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    That is not only fair...it is the law made by our host country.
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    Computer Guy can clarify, but there appears to be 2 approaches to VPN. You can hire a monthly service, or presumably, you can hire Computer Guy to set up VPN on you computer on a one time basis and avoid a monthly charge. I guess there is that annoying Netflix strategy of blocking VPN which presumably a monthly service would seek ways around for you
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    Dr. Diego Herrera at Quality Care, is a very caring oncologist. He is here on Fridays, can be seen in Guadalajara on other days.
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    Yeah, that's too easy for some geniuses. They want to reinvent the wheel.
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    Its rather obvious on Netflix - as you will see a LOT of Spanish movies and tv programs if your in Mexico. Or you can look and see what the source IP address is of the Netflix being accessed. I have NordVPN and Canadian Netflix - though I can pick and choose where I am "seen" or really am. Not going to matter in a year or so as Netflix builds a robust "global" service that provides more equity in the library of the films and tv shows that are available in all regions.
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    To get American Netflix, you need a DNS proxy service; a VPN won't cut it. And how do I know that I have Netflix USA? Apart from going into Settings > Get Help > Member, the easiest way is to see if you have the latest Star Wars movies. If you can play Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, you have Netflix USA; if you can play the original or The Empire Strikes Back, you are watching Mexican Netflix. Different broadcast licenses for different territories. Just because the menus and descriptions are in English doesn't mean that you are accessing Netflix USA. Waaay too many people down here are fooled into thinking that.
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    Oh, ouch. Well, they say it is much harder to read the minds of trolls and angry and befuddled people. Couldn't read yours at all.
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    pappysmarket said "...When we lived in San Antonio, many years ago....." Apart from the fact that living in a carport is a pretty sad existence for a horse, you are not qualified to use San Antonio and "...very inexpensive place to live..." (as requested by OP) in the same sentence. Yes it is cheaper than Ajijic, but certainly would not qualify any more for OP's requirements!
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    Someone will get the idea to call the right person to inspect the restaurants for breaking the law, if it’s against the law and then the whole discussion will be over. We were in Plaza Andares, the classiest mall in Guadalajara, eating last week and dogs were barking and making a fuss as they walked through the breeze way. Maybe they’re allowed outside in the patio areas or something. There should be some courtesy by the humans for other humans. I tried to bring my pup into a restaurant in Guadalajara and Costco inside a pet bag, years ago and was kicked out of both. lol. My daughter in law managed to get her pup into PF Changs one year and pulled the pup out of a purse after they’d eaten and no one said anything to them. I think it’s ok if the dog is well behaved, really well behaved and clean, lays down like you don’t notice they’re there. If I were to take my European boxer, he’d be expected to lay down but he’s so big, I’d be afraid someone would trip on him so he stays home. Dogs sitting on chairs at restaurants is definitely a NO. Eating from plates also disgusting and beyond rude. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to bring Fido back to dine outside again. So who is going to talk to the restaurant owners about doggie rules? You’ve got 4 pages here and valid points. If someone can take care of the nasty distasteful real estate advertising on the libramiento put up last week by just going out and pushing the signs down, someone can take care of the doggie business. Doggies Allowed in Patio areas ONLY IF Humans give preferred courtesy to other Human diners or be asked to leave: No doggie butts allowed on chairs. No feeding doggies from table with dishes reserved for humans. Dogs must lay down by owners, be confined to doggie bags or strollers and be silent or doggie stays home
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