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    Please get your dancing shoes ready for Funky Finn's Grand Re-Opening Celebration! Music starts at 8:00pm Friday, July 6th at 8:0pm and the party will continue through Saturday night. All of the details are attached in the advertisement below. We look forward to seeing you Email: funkyfinns@gmail.com Phone: 3317911409 Address: 59 La Paz, San Antonio, 45922
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    Tingting- Thanks for posting this information. I have worn glasses since I was about 7 years old and contacts for 47 years. My prescription for contacts is -8.00 and -10.00. I am not a candidate for Lasik either.
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    It is great to read consistently good reviews on this doctor.
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    Just had my cataracts done on Tuesday by the Dra. One standard lens, one toric lens. Next day, on follow up appointment, perfect vision on the eye chart. I've worn glasses for 65 years and never had anything close to this level of vision. She really is outstanding,
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    Hi Everyone: I'm Lydia, a Canadian that is new to this forum and considering retirement in the Chapala area. I'm a homeowner and live with a cat in Toronto. If you are looking for a responsible and conscientious person to look after your house and care for pets while away, then I'm available to do that. There is no charge. Over the years, I've done housesits for family and friends and enjoyed it. I work but can housesit from 1-3 weeks and possibly longer. Prefer something after September. I'd be happy to answer any questions or message with you. Thankyou, Lydia
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    My technique is to say the person sought should be available shortly when they finish some (arbitrarily extensible) task, and while waiting ask the caller what she/he is wearing...
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    Why don't you simply block the number? I probably have blocked 30 telemarketing numbers.
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    No recomend that place, it is very expansive and very bad services. the people who was living there said no more..the owner is not a good person......the best place is in Ramon Velazquez ( next centro de salud ) en san antonio ...cheaper and goods services, also on the same block at the corner there is other small.
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    I am so happy for you Tingting! May you have continued success and joy with your "new" vision. We are very lucky to have Dra. Claudia Camacho and Co. at our disposal. I also think that she is wonderful.
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    If I needed to know the location I would Google it.
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    Just received interesting email from Intercam. "As we are fully aware of the importance of this event, we want to inform you that Intercam Banco will be available for your convenience this Sunday, July 1st to carry out foreign exchange transactions starting at 16:00 Mexico Central time." "Please contact your Relationship Executive ...."
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    What tv channels do you get with iLox?
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    Drove past there today and those were the hours posted.
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    Oops Computer guy. I was fast reading and thought they were talking about car. Please excuse me and thank you ComputerGuy for catching my error. I have no idea whether but doubt that Costco sells luggage wheels.
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    The best place I know is Costco. north of Joco, but maybe you meant something closer.
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    Well, in 6 years I've never cleaned them, and energy production has been remarkably consistent year-to-year until now. Maybe the last 3 months have been abnormally dirty?-- kinda like a 100 year event of dirtiness? Anyway I check the inverter now and then and output is as expected, so cleanliness or lack thereof is not the culprit. Something is afoot at CFE if you ask me.
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    Ruth, you've been busy this morning promoting Jose.
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