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    Gringal...sorry just couldn’t let that one pass on a rainy Sunday....and what pray tell makes you think for a moment that you could possibly hava a clue what” a very qualified Chef “ is .Oh..he must have told you so , what was I thinking ? Perhaps a little research is necessary try “So you wanna be a Chef “ by Anthony Bourdain may he Rest In Peace or the “The making of a Chef “ by Rhulman.Both will explain why it takes a Chef to know a Chef .I could count the real Chefs in our town on one hand and have fingers to spare .
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    Ian: Perhaps you did not see, among the booths at the border, the "Border Promotion Booth" it is right next to the bumper sticker booth. Anyway, there are expensive promotions and the very, very cheap ones like "restaurant critic"....that one sells like crazy.....some of the posters on here purchased those like crazy
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    O.K.....l give up.....”let em all eat cake “ ...just make sure it’s well done and nice and dry ! As for my border promotion to quote Angus MacTavish ask mr.google.....Ian Greenwood Chef...Florida /Vero Beach ,Superbowls ,Olympics and much more "....it does get a little boring though..fix a sandwich..make a drink....thank you and goodnight.
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    Gringal....the lady doth protest too much me thinks....I don’t consider the remarks put downs ,but more “ tongue in cheek commentaries “ My wife however does tend to agree with you . After thousands of posts I’m somewhat surprised you take them personally . I prefer to call it indirect sarcasm...the product of my English sense of humour plus over fifty years in international kitchens.You have however achieved your desired result....I am far too busy to participate in back and forth meaningless banrter so in the future I will probably only address absolute idiocies and post the odd positive review.
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    Some wear that restaurant critic medal too high up on their moo moos, eh!
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    It’s a shame...you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink...most of you probably don’t eat sushi ,wonderful ceviche , octopus...not to mention the wonderful Mexican tongue . I could go on but....move to Mexico and eat chicken fried steak and well done burgers just remember you are what you eat .
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    There was a couple that was scamming people Lakeside and in PV. I do nont want to post their names, but there was a lot of information on them. Does anyone remember them? Thanks.
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    The Tax Perks of Charitable Giving To Have Hammers Will Travel Carpentry School. Donating cash by credit card to charity can save you a bundle on your taxes for 2018 Charitable giving is good for more than just your soul and helping Have Hammers Will Travel Carpentry School. Play your cards right and it can be good for your wallet, too. Here's a crib sheet on how to make sure your good deeds get properly rewarded. Stepping Up to the Plate You probably know you can claim write-offs for contributions of cash to IRS-approved charitable organizations like United Way and Goodwill. But what you might not realize is that not everyone -- or every contribution -- qualifies. Documentation for Contributions of $250 or More to Have Hammers Carpentry School For contributions of $250 or more, canceled checks, credit card receipts or other evidence supplied by you isn't good enough for Uncle Sam. Have Hammers Carpentry will get to you written letter of acknowledgment from our 501©3 charity The Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities and if you don't get that from your charity and get audited, your deduction will go up in smoke even though there may be absolutely no doubt that you did, in fact, make all the contributions you're claiming. In addition, you must have those written acknowledgments in hand by the time you file your tax return. You can count on The Have Hammers Board of Directors to make sure you have a written receipt for 2018 from our charity Foundation For Lake Chapala Charities. We will send by email. IRS topic 506 "One document from the qualified organization may satisfy both the written communication requirement for monetary gifts and the contemporaneous written acknowledgment requirement for all contributions of $250 or more". Donation under $250 canceled checks and credit card receipts are accepted by the IRS. as proof of donation. Have Hammers Will travel will send you a letter. Help fund our goal of raising $200.000 pesos or $10.000 US dollars By Dec 2018 click on link below https://havehammer.com/ then click link for donations, fill in form then on drop down list Select Have Hammer Thank you for your donation and helping the Kids H . Wayne Renz Board Member Have Hammers Will Travel A.C Teaching Mexican Youth Valuable life skills through woodworking and carpentry "Money will be received by Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities 501©3 Then within a Few Days Deposited in Have Hammer Will Travel A.C Mexican bank account." if you have any questions or would like further information on HAVE HAMMER...WILL TRAVEL or want to have a project made please visit us at : Avenida Hidalgo 110, Shop Hours - Monday to Friday Riberas del Pilar, 9:00am to 1:pm CHAPALA Jalisco 3:00pm to 5:00pm 376.766.4830 For larger donations, or tax free donations from you IRA, or putting HHWT in your will please PM me Thank you for helping the kids learn life skills through carpentry and woodworking. and if you have a great story of success of a young a Mexican youth boy or girl who has attended Have Hammer carpentry school please post it or PM me. I am collecting great stories about the successes at the school. H Wayne Renz any amount of donation helps
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    Every so often, I buy CostCo's pre-made XLarge pizza. Good price (99.9p) although very boring in terms of flavour. Some months ago, Walmart started selling the same kind of boxed pizzed under the name "MarketPlace", but not as big, and for more money, $169. I avoided it until last week, because of the price, but finally thought I would give it a try. The all-cheese had two surprises: one, it went through at $99p, not so bad. Two, it was just awful. One of the worst I've had. I don't think they use the same dough that you can buy at the bakery counter; doughy and tasteless, no sweetness. Almost no sauce to speak of, and low-rent mozz. Yech. Even over-cooking couldn't get the dough to finish properly under the ingredients (all I added: green olives).
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    Hahaha, always enjoyed the food but the cig smoke was impossible to take.
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    Plus you can always cook with propane when the elec goes out.
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    If you're not picky about amenities you should be able to find at least something in that price range. Good luck.
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    I feel like I just saw that dog recently in a post where they were looking for a home for her. I will search a bit.
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    We had an electric oven with option of convection installed in our first home here. Our cook top was propane. When we moved and installed a propane oven our electricity bill went from $3500 every 2 months to $500 on average (I am talking pesos of course). It won't matter much if you have solar.
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    I guess it's all a matter of what you're used to or what you grew up with. I remember ordering a pizza with green peppers on it when in Detroit as a teen. Wow. They looked at me like I was from Mars. In the opinion of my humble taste buds, the only frozen pizza that's any good is Red Baron. Dress it up as you like. Even better than Costco which is not frozen.
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    You can probably get one from Tio Sams.
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    We are looking for a rental in Ajiic Centro. We need either a house with two bedrooms which will allow a small pet for under$1000/month or a house with a casita for under $1400/month.
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    I'm sorry, but I'm actually going to go back to the subject...Southern Sisters restaurant. We have an appointment at 9:15 this morning so, after reading the review on their breakfast and that they open at 8, we thought we can have our breakfast and still be on time! WRONG! We got there at 8:05, doors closed, no lights so, once again dissappointment. I don't think they have a clue about running a business! One of the owners said they will be open 8-8 every day. Maybe they meant Mexican time!
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    Bandol. Apart from your impeccable judgement I’m intrigued by your nom de plume , I was kinda hoping you have some sort of affinity or love of Bandol wines a little known appellation in the Provence which produces probably one of the most powerful and tannic wines in France. If not you ought to find one in the States ...not easy....but worth it..let it sit and then let it kick your ### .
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    I'm okay with anyone's reviews until they claim "expertise".
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    GG - he just isn't going to let this go until you cry "uncle" and choke down that rare organ meat. And bow.
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    "There is nothing (nothing!) that makes me grumpier and more prone to tears in the kitchen than overcooking liver. Liver, when cooked rare to medium rare, is so sweet and creamy, you could eat the leftovers cold, like pâté. But overcooked liver is so disappointing, so grainy and tough." https://www.seriouseats.com/2012/06/the-nasty-bis-on-not-overcooking-liver.html
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    Humm - the Hannibal Lechter special please, with a nice chiante.
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    For a higher valued item I would select the store in west ajijic across the road from the french bakery. A popular spot for more affuent tapatíos. Second choice would be Barbara’s for me.
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    Even more of the "put down" nonsense. You can lead a man to reason, but you can't make him think. "Most of us probably" don't eat chicken fried steak and well done burgers or there wouldn't be such a variety of restaurants in business here.
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    You will use a lot of expensive electricity. I have only seen one electric stove here. The house renters had to move out as their CFE bill was so high. Propane is quite cheap in comparison.
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    Gringal"..........I have to laugh at the phrases “ southern style “ and “not ever” ,I presume you’re referring more to the diner /Cracker Barrel style restaurants . Most of the restaurants I’ve worked ,owned and dined at in New Orleans , Charleston, Savanna and Florida serve mid-rare calves liver and onions unless specified ...but there again I could be comparing apples to oranges.
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    I have yet to buy anything at Barbara's Bazaar because the parking is awful and I find their prices much higher than the other stores. Even Todo Bueno could use some serious organization and marketing. My current favourite is "It's kinda Bazaar..and kinda not"... on the lakeside of the highway in Riberas. Stuff in there seems to move very quickly. Easy to park, easy to walk around and logically displayed. YMMV.
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    I apologize Wookiee if my post made you feel “ lowly and uncivilized “ that was not my intention.Traveling extensively around the world as a chef with food and wine being my main interest I have learned to check my Chefs ego at the door and enjoy the experience for where and what it is .....if it’s really bad I tend to order another bottle of wine ,that seems to help erase some of the negatives and make the experience a little more enjoyable..” Carpe Diem “...... P S raftterbr , the idea of serving any quality liver product well done should be abhorrent to a chef..perhaps however that’s the way in Oklahoma !
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    Personally as a professional chef and restaurant owner I feel that right or wrong Wookiee’s review was way out of line . The idea that anyone who eats well done steer liver and “ country fried steak “is in a position to give a kiss of death review to a restaurant that has only been open a few days is not only a joke but is just plain wrong . By all means visit a new restaurant in it’s infancy if you must but don’t write a scathing review ...your review will have prevented others from giving it a chance.Just remember someone is putting their heart ,soul and finances into this endeavor . Taste is subjective and mostly dependent on what you’ve been exposed to and where you’ve traveled...there is no one definitive.
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    Ah, Mexico. Where entitled expats come to do what they couldn't back home: break laws.
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    We ate breakfast in this restaurant this morning. We did so in spite of the negative reviews and comments about the staff and the food preparation. My wife was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia....I admit that doesn't make her an expert but she has certainly prepared and eaten a lot of southern cooking...both good and bad. We arrived and were greeted, immediately and EVERY one of the staff and the owner spoke english....good english. The place is clean and bright and you have your choice of inside or garden location. The food came quickly and it was as ordered....there was no cheese added to the grits and none was requested. During our meal, the staff remained attentive and our coffee cups were kept full. I'm sure that none of you intended to hurt the future of this new restaurant and I hope you give it another chance or don't go if you believe that it was not up to par the 1st time so it probably won't be better in the future. Was it perfect...maybe, maybe not but it wasn't as bad as some have said. We eat out a lot, that doesn't make us experts as some portray themselves, but I don't waste my money....this was worth a return trip for us. Fred/Barbara
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    They have also been banned from and a warning to members issued about them on more than one local FB site.
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    I am appalled when I see a dog's bottom resting on a chair seat or cushion which is meant for a person. The dog's owner may think its bottom is clean; I beg to differ. I don't want a naked human bottom on the seat, either. Both instances are unhygienic. I vote with my pocket book and my feet. There is no point complaining - nothing has changed in the 16 years I've lived here and it looks like nothing is likely to change. Owners who bring their dogs to restaurants think not only is their dog their best friend, it's their only friend. It's a sad situation for these owners and I feel sorry for them, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with their bad behavior.
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    I want to be delicate here...are they a mixed race couple? If yes are they the same people that I started the thread about?
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    The woman is renewed her stalking of me. Sent me a "gift" this morning. Geez... And they are NOT Mexicans - a 450 lb. white woman with 2-tone hair & her bearded Afro-American husband.
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    Computer Guy why always negative. Breakfast - Moms has more than adequate service. Several lunch places but the best would be Paninos. Dinner - there are several depending on the style of service you want - Adelitias, Tango, Elegante, Pale, Remy, Tecomintle. The consistently best service around for us is Goshas. If a server hasn't had the experience of sitdown middle-priced restaurant meals that are both good and bad experiences they haven't any frame of reference for the timing and flow of waiting table.
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    All this obsessive tracking of the peso exchange rate strikes me funny as I live here full time all the time. I have to buy pesos no matter the rate, sometimes it's better, other times not so much, who cares? Those ups and downs are just part of living here. I consider anything over 15 gravy as the peso was 10 or 11/USD when I moved here 11 years ago. The peso devaluation has been a bonanza for those of us that live here. However, not so for the Mexicans. Remember, the devaluations are very inflationary for them. Many struggle to buy things we think are so "cheap." So be generous in your tipping, give your help appropriate raises, give to the beggars, and donate to local charities. Remember, Mexico has almost nothing in terms of social services that you take for granted up north. That's why you see so many kids and others working as street vendors. And fortunately, the poor can stand living in substandard housing because the weather is so mild most of the time.
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    There's a broader swing away from emerging market currencies. Brazilian real, Turkish Lira, South African Rand, and many others have been notably weak in recent months. Eurodollar liquidity is drying up (e.g. it's harder for foreigners to borrow USD) and at this point in the cycle, global investors are beginning to be concerned about emerging markets. I have no idea where the peso is going, but my guess is that broader emerging market currencies could continue to weaken, and this will continue to pressure the peso. As for Mexico specifically, it is at the mercy of the Trump administration, whether we like it or not. Mexico has a relatively weak negotiating hand and Trump knows this. So whatever negotiations end up for NAFTA, it's perfectly reasonable to expect that Mexico won't get as good a deal as it had. All that said, if you're living in Mexico you have a continuing need for pesos, so if you buy some here, and it goes lower, you can still spend the pesos you've bought. If I were living in Mexico (which I'm not currently) I'd be thinking of buying a month or two's living expenses worth of pesos today, and then watching closely. As long as you're not planning on converting the pesos back into USD, you'll be fine even if the peso continues to drop. My two cents as someone who used to work in equity investments. (But not in forex)
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    My Canadian vet recommended the following. Dilute a small amount of antiseptic mouth wash to about 20 %. Pour some in each ear and then massage each ear. Wipe the ears out with cotton balls. I been doing this for years and it works well.
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    Thank you for the warning, it sounds disgusting. My frequent experience of pizza--in the interest of investigation and a long unfulfilled yearning for real honest-to-god New York pizza--in Mexico is that tomato sauce is generally non-existent, which makes no sense to me. Dough, sauce, toppings, cheese=pizza IMHO. The last time I ordered a pizza from who-knows-where here in CDMX, I specified EXTRA SAUCE, because there rarely is any at all. The pizza arrived with no sauce. *sigh* A question: sweetness in pizza dough? I hear this a lot on a Mexican professional baker's FB group I belong to: that pizza dough requires sugar. The recipe I use (and I believe I sent it to you) requires one teaspoon of sugar, added to the yeast to help it activate. The recipe calls for four cups of flour. It doesn't come out sweet, but it comes out the way pizza dough should be. Excuse me for the "should", but pizza dough ought not be sweet unless you are making a dessert pizza, which IMHO is not really a pizza.
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    But what was the reference to the "menus"?
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    Thanks for the big laugh Chillin. You released us from the Ian against the group and a new low of conversation? and brought us back up to a more acceptable level.
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    We have sold several many items for decent prices at Todo Bueno. Even some items we thought would never sell such as 20 year old scuba and snorkel gear. The parking is easy and plentiful, at least the times we have been there.
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    I guess anyone that has been deeply involved in the restaurant business is going to take umbrage at a scathing review. But Wookie's story was damning of almost every single part of the experience, and AFAIAC... and I don't care where in the world you are... if you open a restaurant, you had damn well better make sure you are good at it. The experience of several people who have reviewed it poorly indicates that their heart (bless 'em) and soul is into making money, not into making a great experience for diners. Personally, I have not provided negative reviews of many, many places after visiting them only once, because that might have just been the night there were one-time problems. But the disaster was so all-encompassing that it warranted public notice. And Wookie knows I have rarely taken her side, so now you know I am not pandering.
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    No, it's always parked way out in the open. I housesit at the Lake and try to be considerate of all involved.
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    I didn't say it would be impossible, just difficult. According to Trip Advisor, there are at least 119 restaurants in Ajijic. The vast majority are disorganized and unprofessional. When I want to impress a visitor or even myself, I have a difficult time deciding where to go. Then, for me personally, other things come into play that have nothing to do with service, per se. But that is a different topic.
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