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    Kam, I recommend to you the “Ignore” feature here. Not even seeing certain people’s posts makes for a much more pleasant experience. It also deprives them of the attention they so obviously crave.
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    Thank you, Agnes, one can always count on you to be the voice of compassion
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    That's all fine and good and will Mexico "break" their dependence on a very large trade, tourism, remittance and drug purchase surplus with the U.S.? Adds up to north of $150 billion U.S. every year in Mexico's favor. Mexico already in the trade hole to the tune of $60 billion plus trade deficit with the Chinese and $9 billion with the Koreans. Per usual when "trading" with China they manage to buy only $9 billion here, mostly raw materials. Why would anyone think Mexico is going to be exploited less by China than basically every one else who trades with that country? How many jobs are already being lost to Mexico because of the deficit with China? How would adding to their trade deficit while attacking the principal source of their trade surplus benefit Mexico? Great to ventilate on how Mexico should outsource to others but not so easy to consider and weigh the consequences of doing this with someone who already buys a lot more from you than you do from them or how such large inflows can be replaced any time soon? Perhaps Chillin you'd like to share with us just who out there is going to take the U.S. role in pumping large trade and currency surpluses into Mexico? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Sonia - you know the Mexican Congress is a calamitous mess - it always has been. Many outrageous statements, outright blowhards, and "fake news" accusations. Does not mean the Senators or Presidente will pass into law. Of more concern is the dipping peso. As per the strategy of Prime Minister Trudeau, they will select retalitary tariffs on items which can be sourced from other countries. He gives the example of writing pens. Mexican Congress has already raised the possibilty of out sourcing corn, which would be devastating to U.S. corn farmers. It could be a good opportunity for Mexico to permanently break the dependence on U.S. manufactured goods, maybe building a global alliance of trade partners would be a good thing. Something to be fiercely proud about indeed.
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    I used the BAJA message to 2222 several times and UNOTV continued to send me daily messages. I finally got fed up and went into TELCEL and show them all my attempts to stop the message. The clerk used "2252" BAJA instead - it worked. So if you continue to receive the UNOTV messages - try 2252 instead.
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    Yup. We are now too old to die young. Anything past 70 is the bonus round as far as I am concerned.
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    The problem here is that according to several people rhat I know who live and work there, Lisa's account is much more accurate than the Condo's account of the man "passing away". It would have been better, in my opinion, if the Condo account had accurately said that a neighbor was shot and killed during an argument with the President of the Condo and his wife over a dispute about the dead man's dogs. They then could have correctly stated that the investigation was ongoing as to the circumstances. But to simply say the man passed away is just a little over the top. Of course the Board of this Condo was very well aware of this person's nature and his violence in the past when he was voted in as President .... Not the best choice maybe? However, there seems to be a consensus that the wife was being attacked ... However, you would think that a man that knows martial arts could have done something less permanent than shooting a man to death.
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    And yet somehow you don't - we are all "cracked vessels," some of us just acknowledge it and move on.
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    Igno How about the American Medical Association, for one of several. The constant anti-science voices need to be called out for what they are. Keep up your sadness, or take a micro-micro-dose of aspirin laden water for it.
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    Thank you, Gringal, our bodies are not wholly run by logic and, really, who among us knows for certain what works and for whom it works? I think it is decent and respectful to let individuals pursue their own beliefs without scorn. I am saddened by how important it is for some contributors to prove how "learned" they are at the expense of others.
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    I was there last week and had a wonderful meal . Three people were smoking in the the outside area where I was siting . Couldn't smell a thing , no big deal. It's outside people ! Why the uproar ? If you don't like the smoking area , go inside . Some people aren't happy unless they find something to bitch about .
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    Smoking being allowed is the deal breaker for me. Too bad.
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    I get constant annoying "messages" from these clowns and there is no way to reply. How to stop? This is not a smart phone it is a dumb phone. I have stopped other spam by replying with "baja" but there is no way to do that with this spammer. Anyone getting this and have figured out how to block? Thanks.
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    Anyone tried them? On the Libermento, just east of the El Dorado towers, on the north side of the highway.
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    I have now heard that you have to file for securidad popular within a certain period after you get your temporal. Say it isn’t so!!! Thanks for this eye opening and nerve shattering exchange!
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    I don't know - there always great strength in economic alliances. Nafta was working pretty good - if you now include China, Europe, Canada - all have been targetted in this upcoming trade war - the prognosis is good, if a little uncomfortable at first, all these allies have been through this in their histories. The question is, if the U.S.A. keeps building it's moats, and other countries stop buying their products, they will end up with a squashed economy, and no allies to call upon - including it's closest neighbours. This policy does not work in a game of chess, and most certainly does not work in the world of international politics and economics.
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    I just wish these strutting and pontificating politicians would recognize the real economic enemy is on the other side of the Pacific and pursue a policy of fostering the return of those jobs to this hemisphere to the benefit of all. China is successfully waging war with all of us using trade and we are too stupid to realize it and do something about it. Instead we are squabbling among ourselves while the Chinese laugh all the way to the bank. Imagine if all those jobs were distributed across Mexico, Central America and some to the U.S. and Canada. There is NOTHING made over there that couldn't and shouldn't be made in this hemisphere.
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    Have to agree with MC. I'm looking forward to getting 30-40 pesos per USD if Mexico takes that path. Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
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    gracias, Xena, I found it.
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    Heading west there are two exits on the Macrolibremiento at Lopez Mateos. The first one is marked GDL, don't take that one if you want to go to Colima. Over the overpass is the second exit and it puts you directly southbound towards Colima. They got this interchange right, too bad they didn't do the same for Chapala highway.
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    No. You type baja in the message box and send that message to 2222.
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    Agree with Ferret and since PV is also in Jalisco even within a given state the rules may bend. Knowledge (of how it's done where you reside) is power.
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    Even if CURP is not on your visa it may exist. Chapala INM was one of the few offices that did not for a long time add it to you visa You can search as per my web site: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/etc..html As to RFC I obtain them for clients frequently as it is all done on-line. There is no need to go to SAT. I mention it here: http://www.soniadiaz.mx/real-estate.html A temporary or permanent resident is to get tax exemption on the sale of a principal residence every 3 years and not just a PR. If told otherwise find another notario. I am processing 5 Seguro Popular memberships today just in case expats are excluded from SP starting next week.
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    Add thanks from me, it also worked for me immediately!
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    I like making oatmeal in my Instapot with steel cut oats. We brought some down with us from the states but that's long gone. Where can I find some here?
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    I guess that depends upon the restaurant. Those few who smoked at the tables in front of Salvador's Restaurant occasionally bothered persons sitting very close outdoors if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. But the smell of smoke never made it inside Salvador's any time I was there.
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    Also, the problem with a smoking area outside is that the smoke inevitably finds it's way into the interior of the restaurant where it hangs in the air. For someone like myself that is allergic and absolutely can not breathe when around smoke it is impossible to continue eating. I have to get up and leave and my husband then has to have the food bagged and we continue our meal at home. By then, it just doesn't taste the same. So, yes, we tried this restaurant when it first opened and really liked the food but had to leave and will never be back. Our loss but when you can't breathe you can't eat either. That, Gcaschetta, is what the big deal is.
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    I believe there is one table inside. The rest of the seating is under roof, in what is a converted carport. This was the only factor to damper our experience, which was enjoyable in every other way. And we were eating when the other table arrived, so our option was to sit put. Gcaschetta, I said "small and close" space, which it is." And not everyone appreciates second-hand smoke. The Ley de protección contra la exposición al humo de tabaco, article 2 (albeit poorly enforced) says a terrace that has a roof and two walls is not considered outdoor, open space, and smoking is prohibited.
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    Then, this letter was posted on FaceBook yesterday: From Ken CorbinVP & Treasurer, Vista Alegre. 12:06pm May 30 Please note the following letter that's being sent to the residents of Vista Alegre: I wanted to give all of our residents an update on the tragic situation that occurred at Vista Allegra this past Tuesday morning. As you may have heard, Antonio Novoa from house number 15 passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Latham at house number 55. There have been a number of obvious inconsistent and incorrect remarks made regarding the situation. In addition some inflammatory and outrageous reporting has been done by a local source that has a reputation for slanderous remarks. I have been involved with the situation within minutes of it's occurrence. In addition I have spoken to the local authorities and the District Attorney's office. As I write this, more interviews are being conducted with additional witnesses and individuals close to the situation. I have been at the residence of Mr. And Mrs. Latham and the District Attorney's office during each of these interviews. Walter spent Tuesday evening at the Chapala Clinic and today remains in custody (which is standard procedure in Mexico) while the authorities continue their investigation. No charges have been filed. Debby had an examination done relating to some of the injuries that occurred during the initial attack. It's anticipated that additional examinations will be necessary. Debby's also been involved with numerous interviews from the authorities. I promise that future consistent and accurate updates will be provided to our residents. Finally, I ask for your prayers and thoughts during this time to the families of Antonio Novoa and Walter Latham. VISTA ALEGRE, Ken Corbin, Vice President & Treasurer
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    I sure hope Mexico can come up with something more effective to retaliate against steel and aluminum import duties than banning a few thousand mostly retired/senior Americans from enrolling in a national healthcare program that most of us will never use, anyway. Almost laughable.
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    Based on a phone call a few minutes ago from Seguro Popular staff MX government will decide by Monday if they will stop all expats from joining Seguro Popular in retaliation for the steel and aluminum import duites. I also suggest anyone who wants to get pre-approved for a temporary or permanent resident visa do so now just in case rules change. Nothing may happen but anything is possible. And, even more so in a time of election. Mexicans are fiercely proud.
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    Although RV's statements are indisputably logical, my point is that there is no productive purpose served by ridiculing and/or disrespecting others who "believe" differently. In fact, some of the posters have claimed demonstrable benefits from homeopathic medicine. This may be entirely a result of the "placebo effect", but if it worked for them, they give it credence.
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    So, if it's all OUTSIDE, what are you saying? " If you don't like the smoking area , go inside ." Does or does not this restaurant have both indoor and outdoor seating? jrod's post was clear enough about the smoker being inside, but perhaps he could clarify further. No, I have never been there, and will not be there if smoking indoors is allowed. Artsnob's post also indicates that there is both outside and inside space: " the place was crowded at 3 in afternoon so we sat inside" I don't like to nitpick, but your attitude begs for it. 😄 Maybe the heat makes people testy?
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    It's not a " small closed space " It's OUTSIDE ! Got that ? Obviously you have never been there .
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    And some people aren't happy unless they find somebody to bitch about...
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    Very good observation.
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    I was able to help a 6 year old boy with autism with 35p worth of homeopathic medicine. He was mute and still in diapers. His mother was a nurse, but unfamiliar with these remedies. I gave her a 30X bottle of chamomilla, something usually given for teething babies because he seemed to be stuck at that level. two weeks later she came to me asking for more. I asked her what happened, and she told me that her son's seizures stopped. He had 4000 a month and they couldn't afford the anti-seizure meds which were 950p a month. He took it for one month and reduced to 2000 seizures. He had brain surgery to separate the hemispheres of his brain...to no avail. And a 35p bottle of "worthless" homeopathic drops stopped all that. Last year he graduated from high school, albet special ed, but he speaks, can feed and dress himself , interact with people and hold a job. But I guess that's just anecdotal evidence....he must have just been trying to fool us all with his antics. And the big bucks--35p--must have been the overriding factor .
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    I don't understand why we just can't put the information out there, let people believe what they believe and do what they chose to do. Life is not a zero sum game.
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    And, golly gee, anecdotal assertions are usually what kick starts double-blind clinical studies. Of course, homeopathy or ANY therapy that doesn't make the pharmaceutical companies a bucketful of money is unlikely to be pursued... and then, on the other hand, you have the medical marijuana groundswell... and the proof is coming after the observations.
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    And I'm firmly on the other side compared to Angus who has never tried it. Do whatever works for you! It has helped me on two separate occasions in my life when Western medicine failed miserably.
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    Our dogTracy escaped through the Chula Vista Golf Course early Tuesday morning. She weighs about 45 pounds, is black with white feet and stomach. She's very friendly and vivacious. Please call 766-2517 if you see her or have her. A small reward will be offered.
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    I hope the shooter has to wear a dress and dance for his roommates at Altiplano.
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    Tell us more, that is a very convenient location, gracias.
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    Apparently you didn't read the statement: "The only negative is that someone was smoking which, in a small and close space, is uncomfortable for those who either don't or are having breathing issues, especially at this time of year. " Got that?
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    The correct way to pay a homeopathic practitioner is to leave a small coin in a big glass of water for ten minutes and then give him a tiny drop of the water
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