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    If anyone one can offer some about the access of renting federal zone land, it would be much appreciated. We are in the process of doing this and have been for many many months. It has also cost a great deal of USD. The person was recommended by a notario and all we know is that the name on the concession property has not paid about 8 years back taxes. So we had to pay that plus surveyors and layers of people. Now it has been almost 3 months and we were told any time now. That has changed to well maybe a year and there is still more to pay. We are hoping there is someway to speed this up. It really would help . If you want to PM me that is fine. Please no questions why we want it or any snarky remarks. We are just asking for advice.
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    Another newbie who wants to change life here in Mexico. ....if the lights worked it would like living .. NOB.... I would like to say it ... But I won't....
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    I suggest instead that you write more clearly, with less vitriol, a tad more compassion, and a general healthy regard for other people on this board. Now that that's out of the way, I still don't understand, and you can berate me all you like (because that's what you like), but I'm sure others would like to know how butter made in Mazamitla is European style "as per Lurpac", whatever that means.
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    As someone on this board posted back in 2015: "Where can I get real butter, and not this mantequilla stuff?"
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    Oh, yes, big problem. They want to see the car at the border whether it's drive-able or not. They won't accept police reports, insurance reports, photos, even the sticker on a piece of windshield, nada. Only want to see the car.
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    If there is an engineer reading this board, I would appreciate your input. I heard, I repeat heard that the many many traffic lights which cycle on and off all day along carretera need the correct voltage. Many appliance manufacturers know that voltage is different in other countries. So they developed circuitry to hand a wide variation. The LCD lights in these traffic lights cannot handle these LCD's. So either the lights need to change or the circuitry. I think this is a very dangerous situation, especially for visitors. So here we are at Pranza, all cars stopped because they cannot see that one little light ( if working) on the corner. Please don't use the hackneyed phase " this is Mexico". We expats exacerbate the problem, maybe someone could come up with a solution.
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    They try to discriminate and you could fight and win but you would spend more than youd save on discount
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    Sorry, I'm just not a drama queen...
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    My 10 year old G.E. oven will not catch the pilate flame, hope I don't have to buy a new oven. Need recommendation for someone who is just not a "handyman" please.
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    A friend of mine was in Superlake and an obvious snowbird said to her husband"there's no butter here" as they stood in front of the fridge, so my friend told her the packages that say mantequilla on them are butter.
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    I would discuss it with Roberto at Chapala Tree Services, who is very knowledgeable and speaks excellent English. 331 411 0242
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    I am sorry, I didn't mean buy it. I know I cannot. All I want to do is lease it . A neighbor , who I know does not have concession rights, is preparing to build something on it. Claims he has permission but I know that isn't true. Thank you for your responses, even if they are discouraging.
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    Gualberto Real appliance repair 331-026-5450
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    Which agency is processing federal land zone concessions? SEMARNAT handles federal maritime concessions. It is extremely slow and expensive. I have been waiting 14 months so far for a concession on the beach with no end in sight.
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    Yeah, and you could also see the lake. I live a few blocks East of there and had a lake view. Now I have a "Tree View", They did a great job with the Malecon and it is sure a nice space for the kids and families on weekends...I walk it everyday. 10 years ago when I came, the water was all the way to the wall with a spectacular view. Shortly after this video was shot something happened and now the high reeds and brush are 3 mt. + high and over half a mile out and there is absolutely no lake view. Some say they created a bird sanctuary...I say "bird s**t".
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    Isn't Canada in the North Americas?
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    Or dilly dilly.
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    Yes. Please look on the right side of your screen and under the title Tree Services is Chapala tree services. The telephone # is shown there. It is also shown in the Chapala Directory and the LCS Directory (Telephone Books). Oh, just for the heck of it I entered the phrase Chapala Tree Service into Google search and it was shown there too. Being terribly cruel, I will let you look it up
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    You can call the concrete plant yourself and ask for the concrete with the desired resistance and slump. They will mix it up and you can have them take a slump test and cylinders for resistance testing 7 and 28 days after. If you are buying a lot of concrete they will perform lab test as part of their service or charge for it if the volume is not enough.
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    I have been here as long as you and my friend who you keep trying to mix up as me has been here 12 years and unlike you he has worked with governments of both parties and has first hand knowledge and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the people you continue to trash simply because you've read some politically motivated bs and your fanciful negativity. every slightest thing on this board is your segue into your out to lunch diatribes. i told you already that I have only been to that bar once and my friend hasn't been there in over a year. you remind me of an ex-wife who when an argument started about a specific thing would bring up all 10 years of confrontations instead of sticking to the topic at hand which in this case is traffic lights and slowing of traffic at Superlake. You are the one who has proven over and over again that you know very little of what you speak.
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    They even listen to non-hysterical and, those that don't tell them what to do, foreigners about mostly IMPORTANT issues. The 2 PRI governments run by brothers here have done quite a lot for their poorer constituents. The first brother had a hard row to hoe getting funds for major things from opposition fed and state governments And how many times do the members on here have to be told that traffic lights are under state control? By the way,the area in front of Superlake ,although used for parking, is not a parking lot. it's a lateral one way heading east and does not belong to the store. As bad as it is now,which is nothing more than a minor annoyance remember what it was like before the planter barrier and all the yahoos just coming out from there along the full length of that lateral. now if they behave themselves and drive east[some don't behave and go the wrong way] the only way to get out reasonably is with that light that you are all complaining about.
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    Okay...I'll just come right out and say it: Are you SURE you want to live in Mexico?
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    At the times when I've hired a new household employee, I make a list of the duties that person is supposed to accomplish during the course of a day, talk with the new employee about the items on the list and give him or her a copy. Then I put the list up on the refrigerator so the new employee can refer to it as needed. After a week or two, when the employee no longer needs to refer to the list, I take the list off the refrigerator and keep my copy. Both the employee and I know what work has to be done, nobody has a surprise and nobody has a problem. If the employee forgets something for a week or so, I'll remind him/her. As for the rest of the legalities (vacation, aguinaldo, legal holidays), I follow labor law. My employee and I have a work relationship, friendly with one another but nothing more.
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    Grandma used to say, " Beware the hand full of gimme, mouthfull of not enough!!!"
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    Every employer needs a contract or in the end it can become costly and frustrating.
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    Based upon the responses, it seems like there is a wide range of differences between employees and their expectations. Likewise, how employers treat their help. One couple I know have a maid and gardener 1x a week, 4 hours. They always provide their workers lunch. Another employer provides her maid with bus money, pastries for breakfast, coffee, and castoff clothing and household goods. There are those employees who pout or hint at getting something, and others who would never think of doing so. I have been an employee in the past, and I have done--and continue to do--menial labor. I shovel holes, I paint walls, I use a drill and a saw-zall. I know how hard that work is and I appreciate the effort and treat the workers more than fairly, or so I believe. However, I am feeling that the more I give, the more is expected, and it has become a vicious cycle. Yes: the best idea is to sit down and have a calm discussion to make clear our (employer) parameters.
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    Offer it to the INM people at the border. They likely don't want it but you have done your duty.
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    Speaking of things in poor repair, the Ajijic Malecon benches are in such sorry shape, with missing boards as well as warp-age, that one wonders why they installed them in the first place rather than sturdier metal benches. It's hard to find a more or less intact place to sit.
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    Tiny I understand you also don't live here and I suspect if you did you would wonder why a muncipio with such a rich tax base has managed to make such a mess of things. The items I cited and more have all been reported in the local news. I don't have to make any of it up. Ned's information simply doesn't tell anything near the real story. A few scraps thrown to a few neighborhoods doesn't change the neglect of basic services and much of the land area of this municipio. Things have gone down to the point the Pueblo Magico committee specifically noted the trashiness, inappropriate development approved by this government and the sad state of repair of streets, sidewalks and the Ajijic Malecon. Imagine having to deal with the trash mess for over two long years and I believe we'd still have it if it wasn't for the election. We should be grateful for that? From what I can tell the Mexican community has had enough and we have a real shot at reform this election. For certain with the current government all we have to look forward to is more of the same potholes, trashiness, failure to address serious local problems like the San Antonio traffic jams, and so on.
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    It would be appreciated if you tell us your experience after you have dinner there.
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    Thank you for the information. Sorry about the replies.
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    I am sure you have enough problems as it is. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Sometimes I feel embarrassed when your house keeper sees what we have and what we do.
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