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    Same price as last year, according to the ads. And again, far too much. It has become a gringo-only entertainment: an average village family in no way thinks this is an affordable thing to do. Not sure why they would want to, either: gringo contests, same stalls they can see at various tianguis and other events year-round, and lesser entertainment than the much-cheaper local rodeos, for the most part. Mom and Dad take two kids in their early teens (under 12 is free, at least), and the bus, and they are down 240p just walking in the gate. Nope.
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    There are far better crypto currencies other than bitcoin. Anyone who buys it without understanding it in my opinion is "nuts". It is not asset based whatsoever and you can buy it on a platform and not use anyone. My son traded in bitcoin and made a small fortune . He is a software engineer quite educated in cryptocurrency Bought it in the hundreds but sold too early and he lives in silicon valley and many his tech friends bought close to the top and are losing their homes, all their monies and even their marriages.. Ever since it Hit Comex the market makers and day traders have taken over. Also China and South Korea were heavy into bitcoin and curtailed trading which precipitated the massive drop which coincided with the stock market drop. It still can go much higher but the risk reward for a newbie is beyond ridiculous and downright stupid (sorry). When it was in the hundreds of dollars I can recall one trade went from 100 to 1,000. People should stick with what they know and even regular stocks are being traded by programmed algorithms that can do tens of thousands of trades per minute. No place for the retail investor anymore unless you are in index funds. The whole freaking market is corrupt and the SEC knows it. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4135063-bitcoin-will-mimic-1989-junk-bond-crash
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    The reason they give these seminars is to suck people in to buying something.. They always advertise "We don't sell anything here". But they let you know if you contact them tomorrow you can buy then.
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    Seems to me the office wanted to confirm your use of a Mexican plated car. I see probable cause to challenge you.
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    It would most certainly not be worth it if proceeds did not go to charities, and that is the only reason I still support it. But the fees charged for entrance and parking are obnoxious to locals who make very, very little. And I still don't see the need to convert the cost into U.S. dollars, which may be fine for someone's bank account, but not a local.
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    Don't believe it.. Any vehicle you import into the US or Canada has to go through the the inspection process to check that it meets the relevant standards before you can get a set of plates.
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    Not sure how that example compares as the Texas cop didn't ask you for money, did he? Yep, that is the reality. Mexico is now considered to be the most corrupt country in Latin America. I've seen more than a few reports where the cops actually pulled guns on people shaking them down for money. There's a very good reason why Mexicans stay as far away from their cops as they can.
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    What happened to the restaurant that followed Chillin and got thoroughly panned by reviewers here? Same people or different ones? Tom's in its heyday was a good watering hole. Very reasonable and very cold drafts, decent limited bar food and snacks, sports on the TVs. When the no smoking laws came in Tom thought he could just ignore them and found out otherwise. I like to think that the original Tom's minus the cigarette smoke would do well here. Good luck with this, would love to have a good watering hole back in that location!
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    There are people that can be hired to help him through the initial adjustment period and trips to govt. offices. Although, one must be VERY careful of people reporting to be helpful; this area is rife with crooks who would defraud elderly folks. This also includes at least one well known doctor.
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    Notario Publico #3 Adriana Villasenor Pujol 766-2659. At the entrance to Callejon del Arroyo on the left. The first street into Villa Nova from Ajijic.
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    Yes but you look like a whitebread senior, driving a plain vanilla vehicle (Honda CRV) - big difference.
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    Yeah, Mexico is an awful place. Why not go home? Can't afford it?
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    This is a completely new operation and not the same folks that occupied that space after Just Chillin'.
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    And how long have you lived here not to know that kind of work is done after dark so it won't hold up traffic especially at that point where there probably was a bit of a landslide. Be thankful they did it to save you from a bolder bigger than your car crashing down on you during daylight hours when you can't back up or move forward because of heavy traffic.
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    The only thing we sell is food and a place where people can get together to share ideas and experiences. There is no product, just information.
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    Be aware of the "seasons". April/May the first part of June are the July/August of north of the border climes. It's dry, not so green and hot. Once the rain starts mid June everything is green and almost cool at times.
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    Proceeds all go to many local worthy charities, great deal & lot of fun for what is charged, full day of shopping, music / entertainment, samples, all for 50 p, / 80 with parking.....that's 5 bucks or less..... http://mexicannationalchilicookoff.com/charities/
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    Make sure you get all the I's dotted, and the T's crossed, and questions asked in advance, and then proceed very cautiously. This way there can be no doubt of what was said; prices quoted, and work to be done!
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    Mordidas are a prevalent problem in Mexico for all expats and Mexicans. However, just to put this issue into another perspective, I drove to Texas in my Jalisco plated vehicle in October and was stopped by the Texas DPS (highway patrol) for no reason. I was not speeding, my brake and tail lamps were functional. Nor was I drinking and weaving. I was one hour north of Laredo. I was stopped for no reason other than I had Jalisco plates. The Texas DPS trooper (Mexican American) told me so. Documentation requested was valid drivers license, then proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance), then Mexican visa ( I am a gringo born in Texas.. ?), and then also my American passport (?). Since he did not understand Spanish, he asked me to translate my Mexican Qualitas auto policy to him and I did. I also pointed out to him the toll free Mexico phone number on my policy papers with English speaking customer service reps to assist him. There is more to this story but it will go political against forum rules. The Cliff's Notes version is elections have consequences. On the same trip up on my way to Texas on Hwy 57 just North of SLP, a camino federale stopped me. The usual questions, where did you come from and where are you going? He never asked for my drivers license, proof of insurance, Mexican visa, or passport. In Spanish, with respect, I told him where I came from and where I was going. He asked me if I was a gringo. My reply was (con respeto) "Yo naci Texas pero soy Mexicano como ud porque todos los Mexicanos nacemos donde nos da la rechingada gana." I know my Spanish is not perfect, but he got it. He shook my hand and said adelante paisano. YMMV
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    Just an update on my former neighbors mom. The hospital medical team has determined that an operation can proceed, but first the family has to give 900 ml of blood to the hospital blood bank to replace what is expected to be used during the operation. Sadly, only one member of her family could meet the requirements, but was declined as she could only give 180 ml (300 ml per person) and had to stop because of a sharp drop in her blood pressure. I offered my blood but the age limit is 18 years or older and no older the 60. Apparently this lady has a lot of friend in her neighborhood so the family is going to put a posting for donors. By the way, any type of blood can be donated as long as you meet the age requirements and pass a blood screening test.
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    Termites also don't eat amapa or primavera or guapanole.
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    Be polite, smile, and ask for the ticket. If you have DF plates you will need to pay a very small fine and it is 1/2 if paid with 7 days. If you have plates from a different country they won't issue a ticket, because enforcement is impossible. If you have plates from a different Mexican state normally the states do not send the information to each other. However you can pay a DF ticket at a recaudadora in Jalisco for example as they can access the system.
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    Best to talk to people in the daytime. Anytime before happy hour.
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    my thoughts are..come down for your spring visit and get somewhat familiar with the various areas, +'s and -'s..Then build a plan for your move in a few years with your dad..and you both settle in together..
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    Lisa, I am a Canadian from Ontario. I tried to bring my mother down to live with us when I saw that her cognitive skills were declining. It was an absolute disaster. She was afraid to go out in case she got lost... she was afraid of walking on the cobblestones... she was frustrated trying to communicate with those who didn't speak her language... she was confused about the peso and was sure she was getting ripped off. imho, anyone who is losing their cognitive skills BEFORE they get here, shouldn't come. We were there for her every step of the way and it was still too much for her to handle. We certainly wouldn't have ever considered leaving her on her own in a foreign country. You need to look at ALL the options available to your Dad and depending on which province he is currently residing in. That starts with a frank talk with his GP to get him assessed as to his ability to look after and care for himself. And run this idea of yours past the GP and get his opinion too. Seniors are extremely good at hiding their disability and, at this stage, you are only seeing the "visiting" person. There are excellent residences available at reasonable cost that are not the "frou, frou" kind... or there is in home care up to and including daily by the VON. There are senior gatherings etc. Lots of info out there but you have to have a starting point and that is with his GP and then assessment.
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    Renember this is mexico and not usa, canada or anywhere else and has its own culture, laws. Benefits and hazards. A trip for a few weeks or longer is a must. If your father needs to rely on others beware of the scammers here, of all nationalities.just read some sad stories here. Health care is good privately but not cheap.sp and imss both have downsides and maybe not upto what you or i are used to.again search here. Some things you are used to doing easily can be complicated and frustrating at times(driving licence , registering for inapam, cancelling unsolicited items on bills etc.) Again read here. Very little consumer protection and little if any recourse against the scammers.seen to many newcomers recently think its some paradise.its not but the weathers nice !!
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    Look into the cost of medical in Mexico, unfortunately we didn't do our homework very well and had to return to Canada after 6 years because of medical expenses for my husband. I miss Ajijic so much and all the wonderful people we met down there, this first winter back in Canada has been a big adjustment but medical coverage has been worth it.
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    On his own, he would definitely need all of his cognitive skills intact, as dropping into a new culture and language, in spite of the availability of other expats, might be a daunting task if he is at all limited. To visit Mexico is easy, for up to 180 days as a tourist, but then one must leave. To reside longer will require a residence visa, for which there are financial income/resource requirements to meet. Application would have to be done, in person, at a Mexican consulate in Canada. Their website will probably give you the details and appointment requirements. If approved, he would have 6 months to enter Mexico, then another couple to process the actual visa with Immigration (INM) within 30 days of arrival and with proof of residence address in Mexico. Could he handle that alone? If so, a rich social life might be possible for him and you could look forward to joining him later without too much worry.
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    I think that it is 'grey' market...... I know that you have said before that you sold your Mexican VW in the US, but I still doubt that it was a 100% legal transaction. Maybe more like the 'black' market. Here is what I found when I Googled 'Grey Market' and it fits what I already know to be true (as I have said here, I've recently been through the Importing foreign vehicles into the US with Customs). ..... As a result of being practically banned,[the grey market declined from 66,900 vehicles in 1985 to 300 vehicles in 1995. It is no longer possible to import a non-U.S. vehicle into the United States as a personal import, with four exceptions, none of which permits Americans to buy recent vehicles not officially available in the United States. A vehicle not originally built to U.S. specifications can, under certain circumstances be imported through a registered importer who modifies the vehicle to comply with US equipment and safety regulations and then certifies it as compliant. Also an independent commercial importer who modifies the vehicle to comply with US emissions regulations and then certifies it as compliant.Those who import nonconforming motor vehicles sometimes bring in more than one car at a time to spread the substantial cost of the necessary destructive testing, modification, and safety certification. Destructive crash testing is not always needed if the vehicle can be shown to be substantially similar to a model sold in the U.S. Caveat Emptor
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    The fan guru here is Raphael Granados 766-3797 or 333-486-4706. He does installations for the fan and lighting store next to the Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio. That store is where you should go if you have a hard time getting hold of him to book him for troubleshooting. For those who don't have remotes for their fans, they can be installed separately after the fact. There is no need to buy a whole new fan. For the OP, even with a remote, the chain that is also the on/off switch could have been pulled into the off position accidentally. Normally, there are three chain positions that control speed and then off. Depending on which chain position the fan is put in, the remote then gives you another three speeds for that chain position. So, really you have 9 speeds for your fan with a remote. Choices, I like choices. Best of luck
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    Read: importing a Mexican car into the US http://www.soniadiaz.mx/vehicles.html You can not LEGALLY register it in an US state until it is cleared through CBP and prove it meets US emissions and safety standards. Without doing so it may be confiscated.
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    And it's going to be even bigger once all the sand has been harvested.
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    That's right, no signing up, no obligations, super easy.... sending this from the Guadalajara bus, on the paquete 100 plan. Gustavo, from the cell phone store, across from the Chapala bus station, sold me the plan, in a matter of seconds. He is well informed, helpful and speaks some English. Every time you pay 100 pesos, you are good for 30 days.
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    AT/T I paid $2,995 pesos for 2 year prepaid plan, unlimited calls within and to USA / Canada / Mexico and 2gb of data monthly. Works out to 125 pesos a month
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    Notorio #2, Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos is in lower Chula Vista, Calle del Parque #60, corner of Calle Roble--is that who you meant?
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    Is the one on Zaragoza in Chapala the only one for Chapala and Ajijic? Not interested in driving to Jocotopec.
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    I can't speak for modeeper but in the 18th century a gay blade was one who thrust and parried with usually a very ineffective thin bladed rapier. And as a person just put it to me after walking along Hidalgo you are several properties off the location so the whole discussion is moot. Must have been that horrible darkness that caused your dark anger and confusion. Let me help you. Mural,empty cliff,elevator house,big old white run down mansion then [DRUM ROLL] a high wall with an empty lot above that sometimes had a corn field on it. One should thank the new owner for having respect for all the people that use a MAIN thoroughfare during day time hours while they create access to their lot. ned not Nedro, mister cornputergay.
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    First of all, I am not talking about that barrier, and if you had any interest in this topic at all besides trying to ace me out (of which you do a consistently poor job), you'd know that. That's twice you failed to read it. Second, I did not say it was illegal: I asked if anyone supposed permits were granted, considering the hour and the circumstances... it went on until 1:30. Third, the fact that you assume that this is all above board is self-aggrandizing in the extreme, and merely an obfuscation to enable your feeble rant against me. Finally, what is it that you and modeeper have against gays, anyway? Unacceptable in this day and age.
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    Speaking of permits, do you suppose any were provided for last night's clandestine large-scale removal of a retaining wall on the carretera? Just west of the huge, painted mural wall on the mountainside, going into Chapala by the old Post Office (where the western access stairs are to the malecon). Large graders, no safety lights, no personnel to direct traffic, all done after dark. I'm surprised no one crashed into them coming from Chapala, but of more interest is: why after dark?
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    This is what happens when you have a local government that hands out building permits like candy in return for....
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    No Bitcoins are sold at the meetings,but if you are interested you may contact him on your own. Otherwise he will tell you where to find the online sites that are easiest and safest to use or help you set up a wallet for yourself. We've known him for 3 years and are happy with all of our interactions with him,but your experience may differ just like with doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers,etc.
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    I read that a curve somewhere along that road would be redone because it was the site of many accidents. Sounds like this is it.
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