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    Always give keys to a trusted neighbor/friend and/or your maid. Have your instructions, phone numbers who need to be contacted, info about your pets, etc. in a prominent place like your refrigerator. A few years ago there was a company called Vida Alarms here. But they didn’t have enough customers to continue. It was a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” business. Since I live alone I try to always have my cell phone with me just in case. Even if you don’t live alone, having emergency contacts is important. What if both of you are in an accident, for example. Who needs to be notified?
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    My brotha from another motha. Never in the history of my time on Earth has there been so much American propaganda on the media. Go figure, everyone with a three-digit IQ should know by now 30-40% of US citizens are dumber than dirt. What's a politician's golden rule? Stay in power.
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    I have been taking two 50Mg Tramadol tablets per evening for about three years. Per advice received here, I have cut down to 1.5 Tramadol tablets per evening with no ill effects or desire for a higher dosage. Next week I will drop down to 1 Tramadol per night and if able, ie. no pain, will stop taking it altogether unless the pain returns. Thanks all for the advice and encouragement to cease taking said drug.
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    "A person can only become addicted if he takes more than needed to treat the pain" Unfortunately, this is wrong on many levels. And it is a common misconception, based on lack of information and a "common sense" approach that has crippled suburban America. Coomon sense tells us this should be true. Experience shows it not to be. Haven't heard of a single person who wants to become addicted, yet housewifes and teenagers across the country are so hooked they are moving off prescribed painkillers to the cheaper heroin. But just ask yourself: how much is more than necessary to treat the pain? if it's not working well enough, you take more. And the cycle begins.
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    Best to talk to people in the daytime. Anytime before happy hour.
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    Lisa, I am a Canadian from Ontario. I tried to bring my mother down to live with us when I saw that her cognitive skills were declining. It was an absolute disaster. She was afraid to go out in case she got lost... she was afraid of walking on the cobblestones... she was frustrated trying to communicate with those who didn't speak her language... she was confused about the peso and was sure she was getting ripped off. imho, anyone who is losing their cognitive skills BEFORE they get here, shouldn't come. We were there for her every step of the way and it was still too much for her to handle. We certainly wouldn't have ever considered leaving her on her own in a foreign country. You need to look at ALL the options available to your Dad and depending on which province he is currently residing in. That starts with a frank talk with his GP to get him assessed as to his ability to look after and care for himself. And run this idea of yours past the GP and get his opinion too. Seniors are extremely good at hiding their disability and, at this stage, you are only seeing the "visiting" person. There are excellent residences available at reasonable cost that are not the "frou, frou" kind... or there is in home care up to and including daily by the VON. There are senior gatherings etc. Lots of info out there but you have to have a starting point and that is with his GP and then assessment.
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    Do you have any other conspiracy theories? Anyone who pays any attention to financial information will of course conclude that the FDIC is ‘over extended’ at some level. But we had a pretty big melt-down 2007-09 and I don’t remember any news of thousands of folks loosing their a**es with respect to FDIC insurance going south. Could it happen? Yes, of course, but if it does in a big way, we all are going to have a whole lot more to worry about than that, that’s for sure.
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    This is not meant to be a trolling topic, but I have just as many discussions about restaurants I don't care for, as those I do. When I first arrived here, I was in vaycay mode, and EVERY restaurant was great. Then time and experience took over. Ironically, some of the places in the "Do miss" thread were major disappointments to me. Laurent's place at Casablanca: consistently average or below-par renditions of French cuisine, over-priced. Case in point: coq au vin, cooked in white wine, no sign of brandy. Heads rolled for less. Jael's two little Egyptian-themed. Really nice guy, really greasy, heavy food, and burnt half the time, also too expensive. Have to hand it to him for trying, though, particularly when you consider the difficutly getting ingredients. Gaucho Tequila: one big miss. Just Chillin': in the beginning, these guys were great and fun. Then food quality evaporated, prices went up, and they lost interest. Taste of Thai (Interlago plaza): terribly nasty owner, rude treatment of guests, good food. La Una (first and second place). Yikes, mediocre, high-priced. Snooty. Jose's Illusion: great at first, two of us got stomach problems twice in a row because of old grease. Number 4 and Four: too many reasons to even begin, none to do with the quality of the food.
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    There are far better crypto currencies other than bitcoin. Anyone who buys it without understanding it in my opinion is "nuts". It is not asset based whatsoever and you can buy it on a platform and not use anyone. My son traded in bitcoin and made a small fortune . He is a software engineer quite educated in cryptocurrency Bought it in the hundreds but sold too early and he lives in silicon valley and many his tech friends bought close to the top and are losing their homes, all their monies and even their marriages.. Ever since it Hit Comex the market makers and day traders have taken over. Also China and South Korea were heavy into bitcoin and curtailed trading which precipitated the massive drop which coincided with the stock market drop. It still can go much higher but the risk reward for a newbie is beyond ridiculous and downright stupid (sorry). When it was in the hundreds of dollars I can recall one trade went from 100 to 1,000. People should stick with what they know and even regular stocks are being traded by programmed algorithms that can do tens of thousands of trades per minute. No place for the retail investor anymore unless you are in index funds. The whole freaking market is corrupt and the SEC knows it. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4135063-bitcoin-will-mimic-1989-junk-bond-crash
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    I asked our friends what was required other than proof of insurance and they advised that Florida required the "factura" to be translated into English. Once they provided the translation and proof of Florida insurance they were issued Florida plates. No vehicle inspection.
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    Dona Lola's was a favorite lunch stop for years. Service was very good. Food good, fresh and satisfying at acceptable prices. I miss that we don't get there any more. The waffle house--one visit was enough. Lexy
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    Sorry - been busy. I stand my my statement about criada, and accept the correction to limpia. And I would marry my maid, but she won't have me.
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    I thought from the OP that it was a hypothetical, but when the original poster began answering specific questions and did not ever correct the assumptions being made I thought it was a real situation. I don’t find it amusing when compassionate people who are obviously concerned about a person possibly in trouble are just left dangling.
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    Don't worry, the social worker is willing to cut some slack. Remember too, that Seguro Popular is also an insurance plan, and modern, well equipped public hospitals accept this a payment, or co-payment (for example an EKG using their small scanner is free, but a cardiologist bringing a bigger machine is 1,000 pesos (a bargain)). The Occidentale Hospital in Guadalajara has over 30 specialties, they just fixed their CT scanner. The main need for assistance I thought was language translation, but it turns out nearly everybody at this medical level speaks English, at least at this Hospital. Nothing like MASH at all, except for open wards. Good chance to practice your Spanish, meet some incredible people. Alone in a bed, in a private room watching Mexican cable, seems to me the most boring, depressing choice.
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    After rereading the OP, I found no question asked.
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    One more try: Does the speaker at this meeting sell Bitcoin?
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    I was informed when I asked to see NIkki that she had already been adopted.
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    1. Donas Donuts. Never disappointed! 2-5. TBD
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    Well did anyone do anything? Was the man ok? How did this end?
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    I can’t thank you all enough. I was looking for the truth, good and bad, his health and safety are paramount. I will visit this Spring and hope I can meet a few of you. Bless you all for taking the time to share your thoughts.
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    my thoughts are..come down for your spring visit and get somewhat familiar with the various areas, +'s and -'s..Then build a plan for your move in a few years with your dad..and you both settle in together..
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    Landlords in Mexico do not legally have keys. A tenant should always have the locks changed when he moves in.
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    I have a one year fixed income investment at Multiva that will pay a little more than 8%. It is a 3 part promissory note with one part maturing in 1 year, another that matures and rolls at 6 months and the last matures and rolls every 3 months. The minimum investment was $1 million pesos. Three month Cetes are paying 7.5%. The average CD rate in the US is 1.5%. For those of us living here full time the fluctuating exchange rate is not terribly important.If it tips in our favor then bring cash down. Invest it in fixed income instruments and then use it for everyday expenses. The July presidential election could disrupt the currency exchange rates just as the 2016 US election did. How many took advantage of 21:1 last November? It could go the other way too but when there appears to be a buying opportunity, take it.
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    You suggested a Spring 2018 trip down to ‘investigate’. That’s the best way to proceed. When you know when you will be here Post again asking if someone(s) would be willing to meet with you. You would probably get several takers, including Canadians who have made the move. There are/will be ‘financial’ requirements to meet to be able to move into Mexico. I will send you a Private Message now giving you a website that explains a lot that you will need to know.
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    I think they are in Mexico but I can't remember.
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    Go to a local locksmith. Tell him you lost YOUR keys. He will have the door open in no time at minimal cost. If no one is home and everything looks inorder, lock the door when you leave. If there is a problem, common sense will tell you what to do next.
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    About a month ago a friend died suddenly and unexpectedly in her home. Her daughter in the States was concerned because she had been unable to reach her. She called a friend of her mom’s whose contact info she had. That friend called another friend who happened to live next door. That friend went over and the back door was opened as it always was during the day. She went in and found our friend dead on the floor. The contact friend had the doctor’s phone number and called him. He came over. He said he had to call the police because she had been dead more than 24 hours. As far as I know that went well. We all need to consider What If and plan accordingly.
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    First of all, thank you for caring Julie. Have you contacted the other neighbours? And thank you for the reminder. One of my friends, Dru, has a set of keys but she lives in Joco. Another closer neighbor, Sandi, has moved to the coast so I need to give her set of keys to my more immediate next door neighbours. Instructions and contacts are on a magnet on my fridge. I really don't give a damn about me but I do have two dogs that are very special. Heads up! Shit happens but I believe in Murphy's Law. Hopefully, if I've prepared for every possible happening, it won't happen.
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    Unfortunately, those insured accounts mean nothing anymore as the FDIC no longer has the money to cover what they insure. They just don't bother to disclose that fact.
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    Back off modeeper. And to the rest of us, saying the economy is strong or that the stock market is up. That is not political. If we say it is going up because of the actions of a certain politician or leader, could be political. Let us all continue to be politically correct as we have been doing
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    I am not a local Mexican family nor do I live in an impoverished village. I am also not concerned with destroying the entire Mexican economy by paying the young woman who cleans my house what I consider to be a fair wage for what she does for me.
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    Tapatios seem to really love it and find the prices in line. Never has been an extranjeros hangout. Have you tried across the road at Fonda Doña Lola? Same ambience from the noisy trucks and, depending on the time, entertainment presents itself. It's a cultural employment thing IMO.
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    Quincena time seems to have much to do with it. And place too .. the Periferico is a hot spot on the first and 15th. Another factor is if they want your car or not. For example if they hauled my car away I wouldn't bother to retrieve it. That wouldn't do them any good; too old to be a good parts car or a hot item on action day. I'd say youngish Mexican boys are the hardest hit.
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    I just signed up to AT&T unlimited plan to test drive it, I also have had the Telcel unlimited plan for a while now and plan to keep it until AT&T either proves itself, or for access to the Telcel towers set up in the more remote parts of Mexico. AT&T plans to start offering towers by the end of this year. They are still battling Slim on some legal technicalities though. Slim is not giving up his monopoly without a fight When traveling with Telcel, I discovered you have to call before you leave and let them know when and where you will be traveling to outside of Mexico, be it other North American countries or anywhere else. They would then set up a plan and everything was supposed to work. Instead I found that making or receiving calls was hit or miss, working somewhat better in the USA(via T-Mobile) then it did in Canada (via Rogers which is also AT&T). In general, texting was completely frozen and emails were only available connected to a WiFi hotspot somewhere. It didn't work at all on my last trip to Europe, admittedly a while ago now. I am afraid I never had the patience to deal with such an obtuse system so I usually used a local sim on my unlocked phone. AT&T promises a seamless experience while traveling anywhere in North America, they are the largest US carrier and bought out or bought into Rogers, one of Canada's largest providers. When traveling anywhere else where they do not have ownership rights they too revert to the call first before you travel system. I was told this is because they have contractual agreements with other providers in other countries that they need to activate on a case by case basis. They also said they were working on improving that (I wonder if that means they are on the hunt for more M&A in Europe too, like they did with Iusacell/Moviestar here?). So far the new Moto X force I bought with my plan (I paid extra for it of about 4500pesos on their 499 pesos per month plan as I wanted that phone and I use lots of data and needed the extras - the phone is shatterproof and water resistant among other benefits). Their website is www.ATT.com.mx, Spanish only so far, and they are cheekily opening up their offices right next door to the Telcel client service centers downtown. So I would check Laguna's soon to see if one opens there too. I did compare Telcel service with AT&T before signing at Andares yesterday. AT&T is right beside Telcel at that mall. Telcel has matched all of AT&T rates since they lost the court case that illegally blocked competition and AT&T is the first back into the country, with Sprint and Verizon soon to follow apparently (their phones are already on sale here). Despite Telcel price matching AT&T, you still have to call ahead to use their unlimited international services. Given my past experience with that I am guessing it remains as unreliable and obtuse as ever. Also, while Telcel have matched the plan prices, they do not offer top of the line smart phones with their plans, for example I mentioned I was interested in a Moto X Force, Nexus 6P or a Samsung Galaxy S6 or the latest Apple, but they did not offer any of these with their plans. They did offer an older version of the Samsung, the S5 with 8Mb, not enough for my needs. Other models were offered that I have never heard of, none of them top of the line. On a 2 year plan they still wanted me to pay about $10,500 pesos for the older Samsung S5. Compare that with what that phone costs on eBay today (US220 aprox, new) and with the top of the line newly released Moto X Force I got for about 4500 pesos on a 2 year plan with AT&T and you can see where Telcel is failing to compete. Newer models were available at Telcel for direct purchase at a significant mark up from what buying one NOB would cost. I expect that too will change soon at Telcel but for now AT&T is offering the better deal. The people I spoke with at Telcel yesterday were decidedly down in the mouth and frustrated by not being able to compete. The test run of AT&T in GDL is working great so far. I am astounded by the internet velocity and ease of use. I sure never had that experience with Telcel. I will report back as I travel outside of major centers to compare both the Telcel and AT&T performance on highways and in remoter parts of Mexico.
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    For those of you who have been interested in the 199ps plan and what you have to do to make it work right, I just found out something on text messaging that I wanted to share. As I said earlier, when in the US trying to call US number all you have to do is use the 10 digit number, no international access or country code. BUT, when you are in the US and you are trying to send a text message to a US phone, you DO have to use the international access and country codes. Don't ask me why, that's just the way it is. The way I am compensating for all this is to have multiple phone numbers in my contacts, 1 with the international access code and country code and another with just the 10 digit number. Thought you might want to know.
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    It appears he hasn't done anything so far... I couldn't live with myself if there was something wrong with my neighbor...
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    We only responded to the information that Niki provided in her post, although she has confided more we didn't think it was appropriate to include such. We don't know who OP is,so that's our relationship.What is your interest in this topic?
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    Right on! It's rolling disclosure. They will disclose it the day after the WaPo cracks their nut. Hey, I'm just a little man. I could sit on the edge of a dime and swing my legs. I'm just happy that my grandson hasn't been shot at school ... yet.
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    How about this Mod5? Where does this fit in? Just asking so I know what political correctness is for you. Please remember this was directed to me. This reporter sees this comment as a political correct way of saying, "I know, you don't, shut up."
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