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    No kidding.. Walmart is a Mexican company and has many Mexican employees who would not have a job otherwise. Walmart Mexico has to follow the labor laws of Mexico just like does Costco or any other chain.. It seems to be fashionable by do gooders to put down Walmart Mexico like if it were the same busines as Walmart up north. Yes by moving to Mexico you chose a corrupt country to move to so you could live more cheaply so please drop the self righteous attitude. I was happy to see Soriana move to Chapala moved there and happy to see Walmart when they moved here. They support many local families and I am happy to shop there so local families have jobs, I also support local shops one does not have to exclude the other . If you like Costco shop there but do not take the moral high ground because you do.
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    Fish is basa, no other choice, so I won't be eating fish there. I can't speak to anything else on menu as we left and went across street to Pasta Trenta. I think it is a mistake for a restaurant offer basa as the only fish option. Although this restaurant didn't do so, I really resent any restaurant telling me that basa is sea bass.
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    Maybe they meant to name the place "Loaves & Fishes" 'cause they knew it'd take a miracle for them to make it.
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    It is the same business as any WalMart in the world, it just lives with the laws of the land. Walmart does the absolute minimum for its staff, globally. Yes, they provide employment, and yes, I shop there all the time: the future is here, friends. I really don't see the difference between American lobbyists and Walmart Mexican bribery.
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    We paid 950 pesos for Costco executive membership when we came down here two years ago. It has gone up to 1100 and we consider it well worth it. We never, ever shop at Walmart as we don't want to support a company which treats their employees so poorly. We do prefer buying from locally owned stores for most things we buy from paper goods to cat food and litter. But the quality of many things at Costco far outways what we can find locally so we make the 45 minute drive once a month. From Costco, we regularly buy frozen veggies and chicken, grains and spices, quality cleaning supplies (instead of watered down crap), and beer and wine. We buy some very nice wine for around 90 pesos with the discount we get with the executive membership. We also tend to buy nice gifts for people when they are on sale there as the quality is good and is often not something available in the local community. Just after moving here we bought a rocker chair with a foot stool that everyone who sits in it wants to know where we got it. But it is no longer available at the local stores. So just like other Costco stores, you need to buy some items when you see them as they may be gone next week. We sign up for Costco at LCS. They come about once a month and you get a 50 peso discount when you sign up there. The first time we had to get our picture made at guest services and pick up our card there. Since then we just renew at LCS. I don't know about the cost of the non-executive membership because we recover far more than the cost of the executive membership in a few visits because it gives us a discount not available with the other memberships. Please note that you need to use the card of the primary account holder in order to get the discount. Non-primary account holders don't get the discount. We use our Mexican Costco membership card in the US and Canada without any difficulty. The only challenge we have had is when we wanted to use it for Costco Travel to book a cruise. We had to call three times and finally a person knew how to enter our number and set it up in a way that allows us to use Costco Travel now. Finally, let me reiterate that - as someone who struggled to earn a decent living and was able to retire in my 50s because I was lucky enough to be hired by decent employers - the way a company treats their employees tells a lot about their morals and qualities. I try to spend my money in keeping with my morals and that is another massive difference in Costco and Walmart. Walmart has a terrible record of how they treat their employees and Costco has a very, very good record.
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    The SRE is apparently retiring the previous citizenship exam at the end of 2017. A new one will be put into place starting January 08, 2018. The old "Guia de Estudio" had a list of 100 Mexico-related questions with multiple choice answers. The new "Guia de Estudio" is a list of links to scholarly treatises in esoteric Spanish totaling over 1,000 pages. It begins with an in-depth study on the etymology of the word "history." It also touches on relevant topics such as globalization, infant mortality rates, average housing size, federal science spending, rates of sub-employment, corn production trends, & of course the entire "CONSTITUCIÓN POLÍTICA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (296 pages of highly annotated Spanish legalese). It is entirely possible to read all of the material; somewhat less possible to memorize it all; & in the end, highly unlikely to glean any relevant information that might be buried within the avalanche of fiscal statistics & academic climaxes. I initially thought they might only have changed the Study Guide & kept the actual test the same, but the man with whom I made my appointment at the SRE office mentioned that he thought the new test would be essay based. He didn't know anything concrete, of course, the lawyers I have talked to have no information about the new test, & there is no information online. I assume no one here knows anything either, since no one will actually see it until the new year. My appointment is on January 8th, 2018. I will post updates here in case anyone is interested. Please comment if you have any information about the new 2018 citizenship exam. Hoping for the best; expecting the worst.
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    Right next to our shop on Parroquia is Media Luna. Their sandwiches are excellent but, today, I noticed a sign that said "hamburguesa"! Well, I had the cheeseburger and a small side salad fo $75 pesos. It was a burger that I would have been proud to have served in our restaurant. We received a lot of compliments on the bun we served well, this one, is much, much better. Gabi, the owner, said it's a 200 gram burger. That's the same size we served at our place...about 7 1/2 ounces. Heidi often tells people that she misses having a good cheeseburger for breakfast well, now she can. If you're in the mood, highly reccommended!
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    So far, the "Fishes" don't sound too tempting, so now let's hear about the nature of the "Love".
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    Pancho's challenge: For anyone with mobility problems, be aware that there are seven steep concrete steps to get into his new place at the El Bar Co location. I hope he prospers and moves to a more accessible location.
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    No. The Just Chillin' kids are not involved in this anymore. They're concentrating on their hotel right now.
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    It is village living at it's best, or worst, depending on your tolerance for activity and noise. Lots of cute little shops and pleasant people.
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    Thank you. I.m still learning how it all works.
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    Thanks. I didn't realize there was a wait.
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    It is a very nice group that works there. Fridays from 3 to 6:30 beers are 10 pesos. I've enjoyed the food there, nothing fancy but tasty. After a few visits I was treated like family.
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    Tell that to all the devices I have repaired. But if it worries you, sure, use something else. But I have to repeat: why would I not give you the best possible advice about something like this? For one thing, the items you are cleaning will not be painted plastic or varnish.
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    Anyone know the current pricing from facilitators/lawyers to obtain Mexican citizenship turn key?
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    I agree. Walmart and Soriana provide low cost, low quality goods and don't waste money on customer service or treating their employees well. Costco sells high quality goods, has a "no questions aked" return policy and treats their employees well.
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    Tempisique across from the old El Serape can do it, as most iron workers can. Beto is the owner and speaks English.
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    I’ve used Quick Blinds for exactly this. As you know they are in San Antonio a few doors west of Super Lake
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    You will need to have the area framed in aluminum and then screened. Shop around the 3/4 places in Ajijic and Chapels as the the price difference can be significant
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    I've purchased replacement screen material from Vi Lu Ma, the glass shop just west of Colon on the mountain side of the carratera. They should be able to handle the whole job.
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    First Let me apologize for hi jacking an already hi jacked OP...and to recognize everyone has their own opinion ....that said, screwing Walmart for all the world ills , always touches a raw nerve .....whilst WM may not be saintly white, pure as snow etc etc it does provided an employment opportunity, with benefits, for Mexicans . That said, your statement......"In Keeping with my Morals", why choose to live in " number one most corrupt nation like Mexico"....."Mexico has been declared the number one most corrupt nation in the OECD group of countries by the World Economic Forum.The findings are based on a WEF survey of 15,000 business leaders from 141 economies between February and June 2016".
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    Of course I will check with a lawyer and different banks before I do anything but it is useful to get some feedback here.
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    When I moved almost three years ago I took my phone number with me. I stopped receiving the paper bills I had received regularly for four years. Over six months I made three visits to TelMex to dutifully explain my problem. Although each service rep called up my account, professed to see the problem, and “corrected” it, I still received no bill. Three months after I gave up expecting paper bills, they again began arriving. On occasion the bill is late, a couple of times I did not receive one at all but mostly they arrive on time. It has nothing to do with going paperless and everything to do with general TelMex administrative inefficiency.
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    Casi nada. I have a lot of things to check.
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