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    Definitely Dr. Briseño. After years of having a cardiac problem, he is the only Dr. who solved it and I am back to normal. He knows his medicine !
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    I've used them both and would not now consider anyone but Dr. Briseno. Dr. Garcia may be a good cardiologist but he definitely got into gringo pricing in a big way. I have not found that with Dr. Briseno who did my last angiogram and has been my cardio for 5 years.
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    Does anyone out there have a salt water pool-especially in the Raquet Club? My salt water chlorinator is acting very odd. Rather than boring everyone with the details it might be better to PM.
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    I need to renew my Mex drivers license in a few days and I'm not seeing any recent guidance on my search on this forum. Can I do it in Chapala? I'm driving a Mexican plated car. I did not get my emissions sticker this year. Will that be a problem? What do I need to bring? If I have to go to Guadalajara, I'll need a facilitator with a car (or to drive mine). Any ideas? What a bad time of the year to have to renew. Lexy
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    Not surprised. The Tuesday market has become a zoo. Too many people and too many vendors. Like Monday much better plus the acoustics at Sunrise make it more pleasant.
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    A U.S. notary operating in Mexico (other than in the U.S. consular office which is of course jurisdictionally the U.S.A.) is not taking the acknowledgment in accordance with the laws of the place where the acknowledgment is made. The White Paper is concerned with notary acknowledgements taking place within the United States and relies upon the constitutional principle of full faith and credit between the states within the United States. Notary acknowledgments are typically required for real property transaction or for documents controlling real property transactions. Title companies and title attorneys (depending on the state where the transaction is taking place) who take their responsibilities seriously will require an expat to either return to the U.S. to sign the document or obtain notary from the nearest consular office.
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    And many are blistered.
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    It would be an invalid notarization, as a US Notary Public cannot operate outside of his home area; except for the consular official. Use a Mexican Notario and be legal and not have to worry about the document being contested. Yes, there are US expats in the area, who will take your money and wink. Avoid them. They know better!
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    It always amazes me that people ask such important questions here.. When it is so easy to go to the people that make the decisions..
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    Some people who have responded to this posting and lauded one of the aforementioned as excellent were right about what they have written about past status but changes in health and age change things.
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    I've done research on building a custom home, somewhat upscale and I've received from 6,000 to 9,000 Pesos per m2. A good average would be around 8,000 Pesos m2. These do not include appliances, solar panels, pool or anything very fancy. Another issue is cost of land. It's NOT cheap. Price will depend on view, which town, which development, etc. If you have a nice view, you'll pay between 2,000 to 3,500 Pesos m2.
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    The key guys in front of the CocaCola dist. in San Antonio made a duplicate of my Honda ignition key that has a chip. Wasn't cheap but it works just fine.
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    We needed a Mexican notario for two different documents, one time it was 1800 pesos and the second 2000 pesos, a little more than $50US.
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    Don't be an a**, just a response to an earlier post about new cars not being able to jump or be jumped.
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    Trying to get the meds "right" is not easy, it requires trial and error to get the proper dosage. I had the same problem until we fine tuned the dose and it worked very well with some time and patience. However as you stated it is "awful" till you get it right...IMHO and experience...PM me if you have any questions....
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    Of course. Would they give sketchy ones?
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    Many Mexican businesses do not accept American credit cards for one simple reason: The card owner can "challenge" any transaction for any reason and that puts a hold on the funds. A real hassle for a Mexican to go through the dispute process with an American bank. Bars and restaurants are the biggest targets, especially when tourists have too much to drink and then try to insist they couldn't possibly have run up that big a bill. It's the old "for every action there is a reaction" principle. Perhaps Pemex is aware some of the employees short people on their gas purchase and don't want any disputes after the fact, LOL.
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    I think Pemexs are a risky place to use a credit card. I never do.
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    I agree with gimbychimp about Dr. Nieves. However, I have been a patient of Dr. Marilu Sanchez at Quality Care for the last three years and she is excellent in my opinion.
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    Sorry to cause confusion for the OP by disagreeing with this, but my experience was definitely not good.
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    You will not do better than Dr. Briseño.
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    Moonhill I do not look as being a big investor in a hospital as a recommendation .
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    This has got to take the cake for this week, I think.
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    Talk about a deceptive post - title says SHORTCAKE disaster; I had visions of a shortcake, layered in berries & whipped cream that ended up on the floor and the dog ate just before company showed up = disaster Shortbread, now that is an entirely different item and, for a few, a christmas tradition. Hmmm, personally we like whipped shortbread - melt in your mouth goodness. Never developed a taste for Scotch shortbread.
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    Knock off the personal comments.
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    I'd be embarrassed to admit I knew so little about medical marijuana. Don't worry Ferret, the cool kids understand what you are going through.
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    You call taking a half a grain of rice worth of cannabis oil before bed at night a "stoner"? I'll just call you unbelievably ignorant and stupid.
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    As an investor/owner Dr Ramon Garcia will have ready access to all emergency and non emergency facilities at the new hospital. He will also have his office there and will head the Cardiology Department as he has done at hospitals in GDL. He is also a lakeside resident so in case of emergencies he is here, rather than an hour or more away in GDL. He currently sees local patients at his cardiac facility in West Ajijic. I recommend him also.
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