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    I think Pemexs are a risky place to use a credit card. I never do.
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    Many Mexican businesses do not accept American credit cards for one simple reason: The card owner can "challenge" any transaction for any reason and that puts a hold on the funds. A real hassle for a Mexican to go through the dispute process with an American bank. Bars and restaurants are the biggest targets, especially when tourists have too much to drink and then try to insist they couldn't possibly have run up that big a bill. It's the old "for every action there is a reaction" principle. Perhaps Pemex is aware some of the employees short people on their gas purchase and don't want any disputes after the fact, LOL.
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    Purchase an International Cell phone from a company such as: http://www.onesimcard.com/international-cell-phones/ they include USA and Foreign phone numbers. Simple.
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    Cerrajeria Aragon Morelos # 172 Chapala 765-3252
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    As I said in my earlier post the choice of a doctor in any field of specialization is extremely personal and involves a number of factors. Just my personal opinion but a doctor's fees are so far at the bottom of my personal list of selection criteria that they don't even register. I can see trying to save a couple of pesos on a shirt or a box of crackers but not on a physician. But that is just my way of looking at it. Extremely personal and I completely understand that others see it differently. At least two great choices and probably more right here in our little slice of heaven.
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    I've used them both and would not now consider anyone but Dr. Briseno. Dr. Garcia may be a good cardiologist but he definitely got into gringo pricing in a big way. I have not found that with Dr. Briseno who did my last angiogram and has been my cardio for 5 years.
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    Sorry to cause confusion for the OP by disagreeing with this, but my experience was definitely not good.
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    As an investor/owner Dr Ramon Garcia will have ready access to all emergency and non emergency facilities at the new hospital. He will also have his office there and will head the Cardiology Department as he has done at hospitals in GDL. He is also a lakeside resident so in case of emergencies he is here, rather than an hour or more away in GDL. He currently sees local patients at his cardiac facility in West Ajijic. I recommend him also.
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    An excellent one here at Lakeside: Dra. Maria Nieves 33-3813-2027, 33-3813-0096. Her principal office is in Guadalajara. Her 2nd office is in La Cristina.
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    Ferret: The tax treaty between Canada and Mexico provides for maximum tax payable on monthly pensions as 15%. CRA also applies that rate to capital gains and dividends. Tax on rentals is not set in the treaty so CRA applies the non-treaty tax percentage of 25% to rental income withholding.
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    Consider Ooma, which you can get in the USA for $99 and plug into your internet anywhere. It has either basic or premier services to meet your needs.
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    Dr Ramon Garcia. He is also one of the major investors in the new hospital being built in Riberas. Big ad in this month's El Ojo. He saved my husbands life along with the surgeon he recommended, also an investor in the hospital; Dr Ferieira.(SP?)
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    The guys in the shacks around town may not do ignition keys that have chips, and certainly don't do fobs, so depending on your needs, Aragon is the best bet if that is what you need.
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    He has made some keys that did not work for me as has one other kiosk place.
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    Really? Not the case buying a house in many places outside Chapala and SMA. Most places are cash sales and pesos are counted right in the Notarios office. Because of NOB buyers, locations with lots of gringos have adopted NOB practices. Personally watched a son and daughter count out 1.7 million pesos on my GTO property in front of dad who sold me the place. That is slowly changing, but not uncommon at all.
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    I rent my house out in Canada (Ontario) I file a tax return every April. When filling out my tax return as well as my pension I declare the amount of rental income. Also declare any expenses such as property taxes, repairs or any other expense I incurred . It is very simple to do.
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    Refuse the multiple wire option. HSBC will let you transfer money between their MX, US & Can banks online if you wish. But think about it you don't want the money in your hands regardless. Wire it to an escrow account. If they want you to bring millions of pesos personally drop the deal it's setting you up for robbery.
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    “I know the hardship and the heartbreak.“ Then I am sure you also understand the being judged and how you so often can not get anything right no matter what you do, how you can not please everyone and sometimes no one. You know the need for compassion.
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    this evening I rescued the sweetest street dog ever known to man...or woman. i know...all us rescuers say that. but this time it's for real... cross my heart, hope to die...truer than true. he's neutered, so someone started him out right...deceiving him that he'd be a forever pet. only they lied, and tied him up...making him walk within dismal circles outside all day... in all weather. so naturally, today he's a meek mannered, three-ish year-old with head-to-toe mange; and feet so swollen you'd think he'd been digging the Erie Canal. the way I figure it, when his feet started swelling, is about the time he'd decided he'd had enough, and chewed through the rope to freedom...whatever that might mean. you've all seen guys like him around Lakeside...a mangy dog with a too-heavy leather strap of a collar.....with a chewed end of rope hanging off it. the escapee from a hellish 4x4 concentration post in some creeps's outback. there outta be a law..... "born free...die free!" this little guy must'v thought, and finally chewed his way out. he probably figgered' that wherever being free might mean, it just HAD to be better'n where he was. but i wonder if it was at the first street...or the tenth one that he crossed...where his timing was just slightly off, and some hit-and-run terrorist out for a little target practice behind the wheel, aimed for, and hit him....and banged him up and fractured his leg. he's been limping on that hurting and damaged leg for probably 2-3 days. until he spotted me on my walk with scottie. thankfully he followed me all the way to memo's...and laid there on the curb, quietly waiting his turn to be seen and his pain taken away. and Blessed be Memo...who has agreed to board him for me, patch him up, and start the healing. I will foot the bill....but where does this sweet guy go from there? those of you who know me, know why I can't keep him, but if you happen to know of a place with a heart...let me know too. honest folks...this is the sweetest guy you've never known. he'd be like the most wonderful surprise under the xmas tree for someone who has a kind heart, a warm floor...and maybe a strip of bacon now and then. oh-- what does he look like? I'll post a pic in the next few days when he's fixed up a bit. but for now, he's a small dalmation/boxer mix...white with light brown freckles....about 40 lbs. i will see that all his healthcare needs are met. i lay the rest in your helpful hands. in keeping with the season, lets call him Nick....'Nicky' has a nice warm "...and he lived happily ever after" feel to it, doesn't it? i hope you think so too! Nick deserves a new beginning. Merry Christmas Carrol--766-4338.
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    The little kiosk in front of the Coca Cola factory on the caratera in San Antonio does great key duplication.
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    Agree on Cerrajeria Aragon. I've seen them do some real magic in a couple of situations for both home and auto keys. Definitely the go to guys for anything even remotely tricky. Nice folks, very responsive, extremely knowledgeable, make house-calls, etc.
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    The real estate agency should have a US bank account and you will wire your money into it as a domestic wire (assuming your bank is in the US). This was the case for us for two home purchases here, in 2008 and again this year, with 2 different real estate companies.
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    I used a Realtor ( pm me for company name) they had escrow account set up. One wire, US financial institution. Funds then transferred to sellers bank. Simple. Secure.
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    I got a new key cut & programmed along with a new fob at the key store in Chapala. It's in the second block past the stoplight on Morelos on the right. There's a sign hanging over the door in the shape of a key that says llaves and a really little carport next to the office.
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    Agreed! I'm assuming your Oriental carpets are "rugs". That's a good compromise for wall-to-wall carpets...
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    This has got to take the cake for this week, I think.
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    Cora is now home. A HUGE thank you to the Ladron Clinic for knowing what to do to detoxify her. Their recovery room has both heat and air conditioning to keep the patients comfortable. Their knowledge and caring has been the reason that I've used them for the six years that Ajijic has been my home. Thanks again to the emergency vets and permanent staff there as well. Mil gracias.
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    For sixty years I lived with wall-to-wall carpeting but I would probably not consider installing any around Lakeside. Bugs, insects and other creatures getting under the carpet would concern me. Also, the amount of dust in the air, especially in the dry season would require vacuuming every day, perhaps? I guess in a high-rise apartment, carpeting would work. What I do like about wall-to-wall carpeting is soft, quieting effect. Too many hard surfaces makes these Mexican houses very echoey (sp.). Just thinking out aloud...
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    The dog's name is Dolly and she will be picked up tomorrow from the Ranch and returned to her owner. A big shout out to Team Joco for getting this done. This is what we can do as a community.
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    I have been involved with dog shelters for many years, both here and in the US, and I am just so FED UP with people who have done little themselves to deal with the unwanted pet situation but are full of criticism for those that do! I invite those of you who apparently know it all to start their own shelters and show everyone how it's done. Until then please keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Mtn Mama, your posts are full of wisdom -- and also with much more patience than I have for these people. Every shelter has the right to make its own decisions about what dogs to take. Here at Lakeside, they aren't government funded agencies. They're private non-profits with VOLUNTEER staff working hard to make life better for Lakeside animals. The different shelters have different philosophies but I can safely say that all of them make their decisions based on what they feel is best for the animal population. I have a friend whose friend worked in an animal shelter in Texas. It was a city pound, and the city council voted that the shelter MUST take every animal left there and MUST NOT euthanize except for extreme medical or behavior issues. Within six months the shelter was full of unadoptable animals. Leaving no place for adoptable animals to be left, to be able to find new homes. It had become a warehouse for unadoptable animals. Needless to say, the city council changed the policy. Everywhere, there are way more unwanted animals than there are homes for them. Tough decisions simply must be made, and I give full credit and kudos to the people who don't shy away from making them.
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    My neighbor got his maid pregnant & didn't pay a peso. All he did was marry the girl. Two years later they seem happy with another on the way
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    Knock off the personal comments.
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    I would demand a DNA test particularly if you wern't even here. You are only responsible if it was an accident in many states and the DNA doesn't involve you.
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    I'd be embarrassed to admit I knew so little about medical marijuana. Don't worry Ferret, the cool kids understand what you are going through.
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    Thanks for the warning. Crossed paws for your dogs safe recovery. A friend wrote a recent blog post about her dog eating a prescription pill she dropped on the floor. She immediately induced vomiting and the dog is OK, but this is an important heads up. Watch your meds and learn how to use peroxide to induce vomiting if needed.
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    Urban legend. Just connect the batteries and start the car!
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    makes sure the fence is built strong and secured, we do not want a fence to fall in the street, with a dog, when the dog jumps up and puts its paws on it to see the passing cat or other dogs. it seems a common occurrence in the news of people and animals falling off balcony that were not built well
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    I am with LFA and we help Mexican nationals of limited means with emergency care. It is not uncommon for a young dog to come in with a broken leg or worse from falling off a roof. I was at one of our Vets yesturday when a young blue healer about 5 months old was brought in after falling off a roof it looked like her leg was broken . Most of the ones I have seen have been young dogs I guess the older ones have learned to be careful. I would never leave one of my dogs unattended on a roof but supervised with a railing you should be OK
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    We have the 3rd floor patio at our house here. It is surrounded by a low wall that is 14-16 inches and 10 or so inches across the top. Our dogs, even though they are fairly large will jump up on the ledge and walk around the perimeter as though a street. It makes me nervous as it is a long 3 stories to the sidewalk and street below. I will usually call them off without startling them..so far no falls but I can't imagine NOT having a low barrier of some type around the perimeter. Ours is low enough so that while seated we have good unobstructed views .My take is you need a low border around your patio area.
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    Of course. Would they give sketchy ones?
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    Moonhill I do not look as being a big investor in a hospital as a recommendation .
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    Just noticed that today only, Dec. 12, Amazon has Ooma on sale for $63 US. That's on Amazon US. I have no financial interest in Amazon or Ooma, LOL.
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    We like our Ooma but they do not support texting. How do I know? I just yesterday had a "chat session" with them and was told they don't and have no plans to do so. More providers of services seem to be using texting a code to your cell phone as the basis of granting you an account. Trying to cancel out being able to use a VPN perhaps? Who knows. Example, Philo a new streaming video service that has 30 something TV channels for $16/ Mo. Of course limited to US residents only but with my VPN I could watch but no way to receive their texted code. Does Skype support texting?
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    I have both a bank account and a brokerage account with Actinver here in Ajijic. I can wire money from my US Brokerage or US Bank account to either my Actinver Brokerage or Bank Account. Wiring money to my Actinver BANK account gives me an OK exchange rate if I want to exchange same to pesos, but I get a much better exchange rate when I wire the Money to my Actinver Brokerage account and exchange it to pesos. I am also allowed to keep my US dollar wired funds in an Actinver US dollar account and exchange same to pesos when I think the rates are best.
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