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    Superlake stocks things that are vital to my existence, products that simply aren't available anywhere else, not even in Guad or P.V. I know it impresses a lot of the Tapatios when they visit. I don't want it to change or I might have to move! Pancho's done a terrific job of keeping up with trends and fulfilling requests over the years and I'm sure it hasn't been easy.
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    Went to Superlake today. Since I’m not a regular shopper there I am not attuned to every nuance and the moods of the employees. Everything seemed the same to me. It was busy and I got the things I went there for. Like Gringal, I wish Pancho well and the rest of it is not my business.
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    The level of innuendo has just about hit the ceiling. Would it be possible to conclude that it's none of our business and no good purpose is being served by this speculation? I wish Pancho well AND it's none of my business.
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    I wonder what would happen if you made your purchase offer subject to builder seeing that home has TelMex line and phone number working prior to closing? He will probably have more influence to get it installed than you do and be motivated to do so, since he has a home sale depending on it. Might be worth a try. Otherwise, you could be waiting for six months or more.
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    But what you paid in the States is a moot point
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    Then again there are those of us who bought rapidly and 20 years later have no regrets - the fourth day here!
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    Better yet get directions from Sasha herself when you make your appointment. She works in her home and does not like her address to be published for security reasons.
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    Yes, going along with the new topic have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Me? I ate too much, but it was a great Thanksgiving.
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    Don't book an Uber driver without using the app. Uber decides the fares, not the driver. There is also insurance protection in using the app. I am a sometimes Uber driver. I took a couple to the airport on Tues and fare was $152 from Ajijic.
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    You could probably get a more accurate answer if your question was "How much does a TV cost at Costco?" For anyone to give you a meaningful answer they would have to divulge age, sex, actual coverage, deductible and any and all medical conditions they have. El Saltos' advice above is the way to go.
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    Maybe you don’t care but FYI you ONLY get an UBER driver through the Uber app....and you pay the fare only through the app .If you’re calling them on the phone & paying directly you are not using UBER. And if you’re paying 450p to go to their airport you’re not paying UBER prices but rather the going rate for a private driver. (In September 450p was what I paid the licensed yellow taxi from airport to SAT centro ) Many drivers these days are calling themselves ‘ Uber drivers ‘ but’ they are simply local private drivers - as opposed to licensed taxi drivers . I guess leveraging the popularity of the Uber name. There have always been lots of local drivers but many more these days.
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    I hope they play really loud, preferably in a restaurant where they can anoy someone that hates loud music in restaurants
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    There is no phone line at this house, new construction. Will try to find out just how long a LONG time is. 5 mbps mentioned by computerguy would be ok, we can do without streaming. We sold our home nob in October 2016, have lived in our motorhome since then. We have friends in San Antonio and in Jocotopec. We like both areas. Riberas seems to check most of the boxes for us. I’m too old (70’s) to spend a lot of time deciding, and my wife needs to feel she’s in a place she can make her own. Time to take a few chances.
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    If signed in as a user, the wait between searches is 15 seconds, mas o menos. If viewing as a guest, not signed in, the wait is 300 seconds, mas o menos. I just tried it both ways.
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    My point was that ,as Mainecoons states, we are living in a functioning anarchy especially when it comes to traffic. And I'm perfectly OK with that! I see fewer accidents here than NOB. But for police and other officials to make claims that whatever they decide to do is in the name of safety, well, that is just b.s. and we all know it. If it wasn't, then some of the common infractions I mentioned would be strictly enforced. They aren't. I also frequently break traffic laws, expect others to break traffic laws, and am not only willing to pay the consequences for that, but I still love living here. I lived here 45 years ago and I've lived and traveled here since then. The traffic "laws" that are being broken today are the same ones I saw being broken back in 1972. I got used to it then and I'm used to it now. Don't expect it to get better or safer with the new cops... just get really good at driving defensively. Alan
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    I'm hoping that post was created with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek!
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    Wow, why did you move here knowing you would be in such danger on the road?
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    It is a great new restaurant , six weeks,maybe.Not a fried fish restaurant .Maybe first time go on a Sunday . Sunday Special, shrimp tacos, for 20p. get them grilled, and have them chopped in the taco, with a great slaw, or the fish taco. grilled or fried, they give you there daily appetizer while you wait for your order. Very good service without the hugs. Not hating on the hugs, but a very comfortable feel.I think maybe one of the best values lakeside.
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    Another suggestion, if you've got a good, reliable pastry recipe for the tarts, you might sell ready-made shells, as some of us just aren't talented that way. My last effort was all over me, the floor, the ceiling and the cat.
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    What exactly do you mean by "mold hidden away on a plastered and painted wall"? Sounds strange. Are you confusing mold with salitre? FYI bleach will kill mold.
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    INM is requesting that you take them a standard letter, formally describing your 1.name, 2.passport no, , 3.What you want (renew my Residente Temporal visa for ___ years, 4.. Residente Temporal isa number (back of card), finishing with the standard language that everything you're writing is the truth: Here's a simple request to renew an RT visa letter, requesting 2 years of renewal. I'm sure that someone out there has a more polished version, but if you print it out DOUBLE SPACED in the body of the letter, then your local INM office has room to cross out whatever they don’t like, and then they can add their handwritten changes in between the lines. * * * * * * * * YOUR CITY and State Fecha: (ENTER DATE HERE) Asunto: Re Extender la Estancia por Expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovación Delegado de YOUR INM OFFICE Enter NAME OF YOUR INM Delegado Instituto Nacional de Migración Delegación de _____________ Address of your INM office Distinguido Delegado, Por medio de la presente, yo, (NAME OF APPLICANT AS SHOWN ON PASSPORT) , con pasaporte numero: (INSERT PASSPORT ID NUMBER), solicito extender la estancia por expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por renovación, para dos mas años, para mi INM tarjeta de Residente Temporal, Numero: (INSERT INM CARD ID NUMBER FROM BACK OF CARD). Adjunto copias de mis comprabantes solicitados para este trámite. Bajo protesta de decir verdad. Atentamente, APPLICANT SIGNATURE – sign here Type/enter APPLICANT NAME APPLICANT’S ADDRESS Tel. domicilio (ENTER HOME PHONE) Cel. (ENTER CELL PHONE) ================================ Happy Holidays
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    Hi... it is actually a list with contact information of about 14 Chapala (only Chapala) landlords, who all together have approx 100 properties. It is up to the expat to contact them and check what is available and what is not. Prices of those rentals start at 2000 pesos and are in mostly safe areas (not all,... but mostly Mexican prices). I know most of these landlords/properties and can share the good and the bad. In the last (almost 20) years, I have moved around quite a bit myself (Chapala and Guadalajara). It is not a list with rentals. This list makes it easier for newcomers to get something fast. I dont send it around, as I like to give some personal/verbal info/advice with it (sometimes, I happen to know of additional places, that actually are available). And I do adapt the info on the list regularly. Every Tuesday at 1 pm, I stop by at the Chapala American Legion, with some copies . The barman will tell you, who I am. Unfortunately, I look older now, than on this picture. I have tried to change it (the pic), ... but have not been able to. Just a few pesos for the copies, and a smile. It is 3 pages and an additional map of Chapala. At this moment, it does seem to be more difficult to find something (last week, I knew of 4 places,.... and they are all rented now). Still.... with patience, time and networking, you can still find excellent deals in Chapala. And as mentioned in previous posts,... do your homework before signing. Happy Thanksgiving, Rony
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    The only reason to get satellite internet is that you have no other options and then one would still complain. If a stable connection with 20 Mbps is important, I believe you will want to settle in the center of Chapala.
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    I hope that they have great success playing in a restaurant, The Avocado Club, where people can hear them.
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    I found this FOUR year old thread: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/48227-noise-in-mexico/ I do not think a non-Mexican, land owner or not, has sway. I think it is time to give up or move.
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    I am so sick of having to wait (in this example) "279 seconds" to perform my second search? This happens all the time and makes your search function almost useless. Thought you might like to know. When I tried to contact customer service, I was presented with a "security" feature that was beyond understanding (mine at least) asking me to "align pictures" with ... with WHAT? Does this security feature have to differ so dramatically with ANY OTHER security feature I have ever seen.? So much so that customer service can't be reached? Sorry ... out of patience. This kind of stuff happens every time I attempt to use this site. That's it. I am prepared for the onslaught of criticism.
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    It is good to hear the opinion of deaftards.
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    Wow! That says a lot for your taste in men.
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    Hmm, kinda like my ex-husband! Looks like him too
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    I guess tomgates scheduled with the only Uber driver he really trusts.......himself!
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    I thought you could pre-schedule Uber, no?
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    "I am a sometimes Uber driver. I took a couple to the airport on Tues and fare was $152 from Ajijic. " tomgates Why didn't you use Uber?
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    Big difference in price, but 420 pesos that the lady quoted at today's rate is $22.54 USD. Not too bad for a 30 plus mile ride IMO. I was recently quoted $65-70 USD (plus a tip) for a 21 mile ride in the US.
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    As you go into Chapala, she is in the last block on the right, upstairs. I usually park in the lot across the street and walk over. Can't remember the sign on the front of the building, but look for a balcony running along the 2nd floor--that is her place. PM me for a phone number and email address.
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    Hard to type when I am laughing to tears!
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