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    This is not a condemnation of your posting this comment, but..... it is things like this that get repeated and repeated and before long become quoted as FACT. IMO, this statement is just plain nonsense, stated originally by someone who didn’t actually know the truth nor had any data to back up the statement.... but made it anyway. There are MANY people who are full time on the road... RV’ers for one. They don’t have a home state. So by the comment above, they could not possibly have either a driver’s license nor plates on a car. But we all know that this is not reality. South Dakota originally began issuing title/plates to just these sort of people. Oregon did it too and probably more states that I am not aware of. Anyway.... end of rant. Sorry to have taken your time.
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    A few years ago I had the flu that went untreated. Testing in hospital revealed a strain of the flu. This In turn affected my heart. I had myocarditis and pericarditis.with only 40% function.which led to the start of heart failure. I was in the hospital month and then rehab. I was only 36 years old ( and this was in the middle 1990’s .). I have always been in good health and thought some of my symptoms were due to stress. These included chest pain, cough, vomiting, Shortness of breath. I was placed on a heart transplant list, but thankfully my heart issues were resolved. When the medical ‘ professionals ‘ say the flu can kill you. Well...they mean it ! Apparently what I had was pretty rare though . But still. Why take the chance ?. I highly recommend flu vaccines.
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    We signed up... A big kudo to Tom for this and his past efforts dueling with TelMex...
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    Our new enhanced menu was introduced yesterday. We have added the following: Oysters Rockefeller, Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Rack of Lamb, Sirloin Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, with more additions to follow next week. We have kept over 90% of the existing menu with no increase in prices and we believe you will be very happy with what Chef Julian has done.
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    I had been reading that a new type of cooking appliance was the rave of the hipsters. I took a flyer and ordered one from Amazon US. It is truly the best product, perfect for many reasons. I suggest you investigate and be ready to be amazed. History The Instant Pot® Company was founded in 2009 by a team of Canadian technology veterans who set out to explore the food preparation category based on their own personal life experiences. Their objective was to find solutions that would enable busy families and professionals to prepare quality food in less time, promoting better eating and reducing the consumption of fast food. What is an Instant Pot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alv9gMorz8A
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    We just got back to town on Wednesday and went to Toscanna, our favorite pizza place in the whole wide world, last night. Their caprese and tricolore salads were wonderful and their thin crust pizzas were as delicious as ever. The only negative was the lack of patrons. There were just 3 other customers at a table when we arrived at 7 pm and they left shortly after, leaving the whole restaurant to us. We fear that if business doesn't improve they may be gone soon which would be a terrible shame' So the next time you feel like a state-of-the-art pizza we hope you rush to Toscanna!
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    We use Ooma in Puerto Vallarta also and the call quality is excellent and with the app (free) for our smartphones we can make calls to the US when out and about only using whatever wifi data is needed, which is minimal or pesos from our balance and the person called sees our US number. And yes, the robo calls have stopped. Once purchased, all you pay are the US phone taxes associated with whatever phone number you have. We ported our old number which we have had for over 20 years so no having to notify folks of a new number. Very handy when dealing with banks, credit card companies, etc. as there are no questions of why we are calling from outside the US. 800 numbers work just as they do in the US.
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    I got one last year too on Amazon Prime Day and brought it back in my luggage from the States. I KNOW TSA opened that bag to inspect LOL. It does take up a bit of room, but you can put stuff inside it too in your luggage. Didn't have any problems at Houston airport or here, but I did get a green light. Oh, and I love it. I'm been cooking chicken breasts in stock and 20 minutes later on slow release i have yummy moist chicken for salads. So easy. Great invention.
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    https://www.vallartadaily.com/news/puerto-vallarta/earthquake-5-6-degrees-recorded-jalisco/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Vallarta+Daily) Here is a short article about it.
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    I understood one would get internet, telephone and TV, so then it would be associated with a telephone connection. Q3 What does the Triple 50 Residential service include? A3 It includes 50Mb (75Mb first year) asymmetrical internet (downstream 50 Mb - upstream 12.5Mb), 1 Chapala area phone number, and 100 TV channels.
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    Most of the early Canadian arrivals seem to have cough and colds and are blaming the flu shots they received in Canada!!!
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    That part is the heart of the Instant Pot's magic.
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    Talk to Ismat at restaurant "Gossips" in Ajijic. If anyone knows, he would, since the menus at his two restaurants in our area are far more adventurous and interesting than, well, any of the others.
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    Read the FAQ. The company is a registered federal carrier that has been in business for 22 years and currently provides high quality service in Zamora and other Bajio cities. However your point is why we are asking for pledges first. If enough people are interested, it'll go to contracts, and provide guarantee of returned monies if the project does not consummate. The current contracts the company has registered, where they already offer service, in English and Spanish versions, are posted in the FAQ and are registered with Profeco. The capital investment required to extend to Lakeside is significant, but because they already have the fiber ring crossing at Joco, is not too onerous. They need about 15 guaranteed 1 yr contracts per Km beyond Joco towards Chapala to trigger their internal justification. Critical review of the current contracts and suggestions are welcome.
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    Pot lovers unite! LOL
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    You can buy one at the kitchen store in Mall Galerias, third floor, all the way at the end by the theaters.
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    Not knowing how to cook and coming from the state of WA where pot is legal to smoke, I was dumb enough to get confused about the title of this subject Yes I know, that's pretty dumb. But that's me
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    My insurance company (AXA) and one other said the opposite to Angus above. They (AXA) said the foreign plates do not have to be current for your insurance to be valid. The police here do not care whether your foreign plates are current or not. So for me the only consideration was whether or not my Mexican vehicle insurance would be valid. So check with your insurance company as they vary.
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    Actually your initial questions were answered by the very first Post by Cedros... look at it. He just also made an incorrect statement that needed to be corrected. I'm not aware that we Posters get to control what will be discussed in a thread..... especially if something needs to be corrected. YMMV
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    I forgot to mention, I ordered a Victoria. The wait person brought it to me with a low rocks cocktail glass to pour it in. I went bareback.
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    Some members may be aware of this but for those who are not, here is the way to delete posts. Sign in, click on your original post. At the top of the page look for the word Moderation Actions. Click on the downward pointing arrow next to the work Moderation Actions, and the drop down menu will display the Delete option. Click on Delete to remove that post from the board.
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    Why would you post this when it's quite obvious that you didn't go to Madero which had even more amazing alters than last year and they started working on them before dawn. Everything has moved to Madero. No mas Cinco de Mayo.
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    Wow! Now that is an interesting proposition. Pay up front and have faith. Hope it works out for everyone and if so it will raise everyone's property values. Money back guarantee if not built? Cash in an escrow account?