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    Great Cedros, there will be more space for us...
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    Of course. If it's on the internet it has to be true. No?
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    Here's another example to consider: I replied to an inquiry about availability and price. Gentleman replies with the question "Since I'm coming by myself I assume I can get a discount since you only have to provide one breakfast, right?" Now breakfast doesn't really cost much to provide, just the labor either yourself or in our case we had a cook. She comes whether we are full or empty so there is no cost savings there. You learn, after a learning curve, that a statement like that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once into their room, there will be request after request for this that and the other thing. So my reply was, "Sorry, we just booked the last room for your dates, you might try xxxxxx". With xxxxx being a place I knew would take anyone at almost any price and then cheerfully deliver exactly what the client had paid for, if you get my drift. Contrast that with another gentleman who inquired and then sent this response: "Great, I'll take the room. It sounds like just what I was looking for. Your breakfast sounds wonderful (It was!). Let me ask, I'm by myself and I love to eat a big breakfast so is there any chance I might be able to ask for seconds if I'm still a little hungry?" My reply was simple: "You sound like just the type of guest we enjoy. You can have thirds if you want. By the way, let me know what you really enjoy for breakfast and I'll try to see that it's on the menu when you're here." The point being when you make an inquiry to a B&B you want to word it differently than to a hotel chain. The owners are looking to book amiable people, not problem children.
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    good morning everyone I'm just here offering my service, I just moved from California an I'm starting my own business here. I'd worked for 16 years in a landscape company as a irrigation tech and crew leader of gardeners. That picture is of my business I had in Cali. I would leave my number if anyone is interested you could contact me at 3314245332 my name is Juan Luis Castañeda thank you
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    The last couple of days the house has been invaded by little black ants and they're everywhere! Some are no bigger than specks but there's a lot of them roaming over the tile floors, especially at night. They're ignoring my ant baits (Terro liquid) and I don't know what to do. For health reasons, I'm worried about spraying or laying down powder and don't want the cat ingesting toxins either; she would pick up the chemicals on her paws. Please, does anyone have a solution or Is there a professional I could call in to fix this (preferably English-speaking)? Can't stand it much longer...
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    A friend is wondering if there is such a thing as a tequila club. She is here for a month. Any info welcome.
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    SWAG = Scientific Wild A$$ Guess
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    The INEGI data is pretty extensive and detailed. Yes, I trust them certainly more than the wild-### claims of 1M Americans in Mexico, 40,000 in PV and 54,000 in Yucatan! I've also seen claimes of >20,000 at Lakeside! BTW, just how would the US Department of State have any idea how many Americans are living in Mexico?
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    El Barco has a great selection.
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    You really trust the Yucatan Times?
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    I bet she meant a club like a wine bar.
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    The Mexican Census data do not support the assertions in the opening post.
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    The second part of your statement is pure nonsense and was not even mentioned in your link to the university of chicago link explaining virtual colonoscopy in great detail. Can you explain?
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    Your month's cost will be directly related to which month you want. Jan.-Mar. most decent B&B's don't need to offer much if any of a discount. Best to try any that look appealing to you as discounts often are given by the "feel" the owners get from an inquiry, at least that was true of us when we were innkeepers in Ajijic. How not to do it could be summed up in this actual inquiry we once received. "Hi, I'm Canadian. What is your Senior, Monthly, Canadian rate?" Reply: Take the weekly rate times five.
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    LCS in partnership with Lake Chapala Resource Academy presents From the LCS homepage..... INTRODUCTION TO LAKESIDE Thursday, October 12, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM LCS Members Only Sign-up at Service desk Cost: $250 pesos. Learn all the basics: *Banking *Shopping * Restaurants * Medical * Getting around * Entertainment * Recreation * Housing * Communities * Culture
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    Is there a place for recycling or getting rid of household chemicals and paint? Please advise...Thank you...Mick
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    I got a call today from the friendly Microsoft fraudster with the Indian accent. I swear the quality of these people is slipping tremendously. His English was so bad that he had no idea what a "Fraudster" was. I told him that I knew his mama and she was terribly disappointed that he had turned out to be a con man and a fraudster and he didn't catch on. He was just no fun at all. If these people want to call and annoy me, they are going to have to improve their language skills. Otherwise, how can I lead them on?
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    Thanks, Sea--I'm in touch with Mike.
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    They are no longer taking dim sum reservations by email. You need to stop by to reserve and pay your deposit. You can call ahead to determine if there is seating available for a particular day.
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    No one ever catches the sarcasm... Just plonking down one-word questions, like "Location?" or "Times" or "Cost?" is to me both the height of laziness and the spear of rudeness. This is a place for sharing information, so please ask nicely. We are not here to serve you.
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    I know we are not NOB , but some of the practices here may explain the chicken issues. First in meat/ dairy there is suppose to be below a freezer line. No product displayed above that.line because it is not the right temperature.. Second, places like Cosco only allow their chicken to stay out on display for so many hours, then they pull them.. Third, I recently had chicken from Walmart ( I didn't buy) and it was so dry, tasted like saw dust. probably from being out so long as it was bought late in the day.. As for freezing meat. Lowering the temperature at night is done here and NOB. But here the temp is way low which may account for the smell. Check ice cream at Superlake and don't be surprised if it is crystallized because it melted and refroze. I also have had to bring it to their attention that some of the dairy products are way expired. I won't buy cheese there because I find the cheese they package often just had the mildew cut off. So how frozen the chicken is when it arrives, how long it is kept "frozen" and the low freezing temp. may play a part.
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    While there is a comprehensive guide to Mexican laws and tips for Jalisco drivers from Spencer posted here, I want to suggest a very short list of points for new residents. This is a selfish post as I've nearly been hit 3 times in one week by cars with tags from WA & FL states, and one from Ontario. You know who you are! The lights on the carretera at La Floresta have a white and black sign hanging in both directions. On it is a diagram of a 'glorieta". That is a roundabout. It means that you cannot turn Left in front of me as I'm driving in either direction. Instead you need to turn Right, drive around the big tree, wait for the light and then cross over to your lower or upper La Floresta destination. If you would have hit me (great brakes on my car) you would have suffered a large degree of inconvenience and discomfort. If you want to turn against the traffic from the carretera, you are required by law to move over to the right (unless this is in a narrow passage that would prevent this), turn your left blinkers on and wait until traffic is clear in both directions. I have seen traffic backed up for kilometers because someone has stopped traffic while waiting to turn. Oh no no no. I'm not posting this as an invitation to malign other drivers, especially the Mexican ones. This is, after all, their country and if they choose to break the law, they will deal with the authorities in their own way and time. However, if you are not used to sitting in a Mexican jail for 24 hours, without your phone, water or food, then please, learn how to drive here. It's not the same as where you came from.
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    Playa del Carmen as bad as Acapulco?? Someone is dreaming- Playa del Carmen has a long way to go .. so there are murders in clubs.. nothing like Acapulco.. Playa is a small place, Acapulco is a city... it is apples and oranges.
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    There is: TECA, Tequila Education Club of Ajijic. It meets the last Wednesday of the month.
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