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    But you do win the award as most negative comments regarding this area of Mexico, in my opinion. Fred Habacht
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    Maybe edit to take names off of the post for security reasons? I certainly wouldn't want the world to know when I would be gone.
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    "We have read comments on the foreigners' webboards and decided to completely change our policies and procedures and rewrite our laws because they are absolutely correct about how unfair, inept, and corrupt we are," said no Mexican official ever. Give it up, guys.
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    funny I just returned from Oaxaca where I attended a quinceañera fiesta. I am talking about a party in a village here we were the only white faces. The day started at 7.30 with breakfast. When we arrived my husband was shown the men's table and I was shown to the women's table where we were served corono beers and shots of mezcal.... then on to a reception where we congratulate the family and gave them gifts and blessed al the food and alcohol that guests had brought. Then on to hot chocolate with a mountain of bread and doggy bags to take the leftover food. then on to a caldo de pollo with eggs and atole. The home to take the leftovers and then to church where a full brass band was awaiting us.. Fabulous music but very loud was played during the mass and them procession following the band back to the party home.. We were about 500 people.. then full mariachi band and oaxaca band taking turn at playing.. very loudly. Both bands were good but very loud... Then the hors d'oeuvres were served around 3pm delicious crickets with lemon and hot sauce and peanuts and more beer and mezcal.. then a birria with more mezcal and beer then traditional indigenous dancing where each guest had to dance with a bottle of alcohol in one hand some wild smelly plant in the other. The plant was used in pre hispanic days and is called hierba de borracho. Maybe called this way because as the story goes it can be found near a river in a very deep cañon where the pressure is so low that you have to drink shots of mescal in order not to pass out.. the music went on very loud from these 2 bands until midnight , then the third band a rock band started and ended at day break ..It blasted the whole town.. No one complained as everyone was out to have a good time. There were no foreigners around so you cannot blame the foreigners for the loudness of the band or the choice of music or say that all that music is not traditional. Everyone had a great time.. Too bad none of you guys complaining about loud music were around because the complaints would have had zero effect, the police was not called , actually they were at the party as well and the whole town was quiet for a long time in the morning so that the people who did not sleep at night could sleep in the morning, which I though was very civilized but then I alway thought Zapotecs were more civilized than most people.
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    I have been coming here since 1996 and purchased in 1997 and I speak kind of sort of Spanish. What bothers me is not the fact that the rules are so much stricter about drinking here, but the fact that I never bothered to learn this fact. Luckily I do not drink and drive but I did upon occasion when I first got here almost 20 years ago. No I was not drunk by Washington State standards but I might have been down here. You know I might have one glass of wine or one beer with my meal. And it sounds like that might be dangerous. So thank you all for sharing this information with me and my fellow posters.
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    OK, I'm a little confused. Some of them blew below the "take to jail" level didn't they? Were those people taken to jail? Reading the guidelines it looks like they should have been ticketed and released. Were they?
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    Too bad this thread is about to be closed because it is getting very entertaining.. I think the fat lady has sung several times so it will close soon unless we need to hear about more defenders of the downtrodden victim...
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    If you reread her version of what happened, she stated she FAILED the breathalyzer test. Law broken, not innocent by her own acountl
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    RV, that's not accurate. It's very misleading, you should check first before you post erroneous information. First, in the mind of INAPAM, Guadalajara to Chapala (or vice versa) IS long distance. The 50% INAPAM discount has nothing to do with interstate routes. Furthermore, even the little buses that trundle around in the north shore villages offer an INAPAM discount of 50%. I just spoke to the Chapala Plus people in Guadalajara. The Chapala Plus employee told me that the cost for the directo from Guadalajara to Chapala (or from Chapala to Guadalajara) is 55 pesos per person. The discount with an INAPAM card is 50%; the cost with the INAPAM discount applied is 27.5 pesos per person. Nothing has changed. If anyone has other questions, call the Chapala Plus people and get the information straight from the horse's mouth. http://chapalaplus.com.mx/ The website doesn't work for many things, but the telephone numbers are there.
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    Thank you for location of office in GDL. Last week I spoke to the woman at the ticket counter at Chapala bus station asking about the discount rate. It seems that she said that the new discount was only 5 pesos for "directo." Currently it is 55 pesos one way to GDL, and in the past, folks told me INAPAM got you the ticket half price. I does seem something changed, and I will ask again there since I may not have heard the Spanish with 100% comprehension. I MIGHT try DIF in Chapala before venturing to the city, but if i get the run around, I'm not going to play the game. GDL has better reputation for actually giving you the card from what I hear.
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    This is just another example of foreigners who willingly moved to another country and then expect it to meet their standards of "whatever", be it legal treatment, garbage collection, or road conditions. Yes, this is harsh treatment and is probably rougher than wherever we came from. We have the usual options which don't need repeating. Stay off the Carretera if you want to avoid the checkpoints. Or.......the other solutions mentioned, including offering to comp the dinner of a non-drinking friend.
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    Bingo! I started to suspect as much yesterday when he seemed to enjoy just asking the same question over and over. How long can I string these people along.
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    This person is posting the same “problem“ on multiple wegs, and under different names. Maybe a troll? One who just enjoys playing dumb and watching our futile attempts to help? Georgey0 is also Ronnieand, so does George y 0 mean George and nobody, while Ronnie and .....? Maybe just a bored teenager who has been sent to his room.
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    This is not about "culture" and I don't think people should "get used to it". Chaining a man to a vehicle for hours, really........ Poor treatment and abuse by government employees is not acceptable regardless of what country we happen to be in. Tyranny is Tyranny regardless of geography. When type of behavior is accepted and tolerated, it escalates and becomes the norm until one day it's much worse and you wonder how it got to that point. It's easy to make sarcastic remarks and be equally insensitive to someone else's plight when it's not happening to you. Wait til you are the one jailed for a night or two when you have broken no law......The lack of kindness and calousness of people really is sad. I thought we were here to help each other.
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    Muchas gracias from the confederation of Lakeside thieves! Have a nice trip, what day did you say you return?
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    Given the influx of Guadalajarans these days one could argue we are a suburb of that town now. So you may be mistaken to a degree. Their community standards are increasingly relevant to ours. Certainly much more so than Oaxaca, San Cristobal or other points far to the east of here. The Oaxacan artisan was cited to illustrate my point that Oaxaca has drastically different community standards and a party there has little relevance to this discussion about local noise issues and standards. I stand by that suggestion. And no, the artisan family aren't planning to relocate to Ajijic, I didn't suggest that either. Once again, please stop reading things into my posts that aren't there. I posted they are considering "moving out of state." That means Oaxaca state. I did not say anything about them moving here. Thank you Oh and also thank you for the Spanish spelling correction. I freely admit because of hearing and cognitive issues and just being too darned old when trying to learn I will never be very fluent in the language despite many hours of effort. However you can rest easy as I am not a competitor in the "More Mexican Than You" local competition and I gladly cede the game to those who are.
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    Per a stem cell center in Denver.... the procedure has more/better success on knees than on hips. This doesn't mean they won't do it on hips but just that their experience is that knees get better outcomes.
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    betty we have louder than lou rockets in San Cristobal and quiet in Ajijic.. and that is the way it is .. I have a choice I do not have to be in Chiapas in July or August.. I have a choice to do not have to accept an invitation to long and loud parties. we are lucky in Ajijic and the place is quiet not everyone is that lucky.. there are pluses and minuses everywhere . Yes pappysmarket, locals wanting to move there are forewarned it is noisy because of the cohetes and serenades and dead quiet in between.. Noise is what it is and our neighbors are pretty respectful otherwise. We have zero regrets and are not planning to move for any reason. The other place is an indigenous town in Oaxaca and it is dead quiet when it is not noisy..
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    GeorgeyO, after all this are you still convinced the way you are attempting to pay is the simplest way to do it?
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    no you do not know about these festivals they happen a lot and on a very regular basis.... Right now where we are we had loud cohetes every single day since we arrived 2 months ago.. I am hoping today will be the last day since we are the 15th of August but I would not bet on it. The cohetes start at 5am and go on until midnight.. We are surrounded by churches so we get it in surround sound.. This culture is a culture where noise is part of life like it or not...Clubs are just the latest addition.. How about the loud speakers with town announcements or the tires stores advertising whatever and blasting noise all day long on the street.. those are not clubs and can be extremely long as well.. Each barrio has its saints and festival and we have more than 30 something barrio, enough to last the whole year everyday of the year.. Thanks God some barrios are far enough that we do not hear them but believe me it is plenty noisy. All of this racket is not better than clubs . lets not forget the serenades n the middle of the night as well....
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    Keep in mind this is a web board, not the Help Desk of Mercadolibre.
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    It was an attack on the allowing of personal attacks.......by anyone, of anyone else. How about this one; "The "elitests" have started piling on"? by another poster? That's name calling. I would like to see this board's members post in a civil manner to one another; disagreeing about ideas, not calling a person by a pejorative label. "Know it all" certainly qualifies for that category; as does "elitist". We don't have a "Octagon" on here; we are expected to behave like adults on all the threads, even when we strongly disagree. When things get personal or insulting, one of the mods usually closes the thread. I would like to see this one treated appropriately. ,
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    Exactly how many hours was this poor soul deprived of food and water?
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    I think I hear the Fat Lady singing.....
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    Where did I read in the rules that there were to be no personal attacks...........you know, like this outstanding example?
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    The problem with all this is it was badly handled and people were not well treated. I spoke with one person who was stopped, cuffed to a chair for hours, then jailed. She was shoved and mistreated. It took hours for her to get her phone to make a phone call. That entire group of people was charged, no one was fined or charged as they passed the breath test, then because the car was impounded was forced to pay quite a bit of money to retrieve the vehicle. This is how an innocent person was treated. For those of you who thinks these stops are a good idea, I'm not so trusting as the police typically abuses its power and that's exactly how this was handled. You may think it's a great idea until you are the one who gets treated this way. Why in the world would an innocent person have to go to jail, then pay to get their own car, when it was clearly established there was no law broken. Her vehicle should have been returned with no fee and an apology. I'm not interested in hearing about how this is Mexico that's the way it is. If no one objects to this kind of abuse and treatment , then it will continue. It doesn't matter what country you are in, this is not a proper way to handle a human being. No food or water in the meantime. Yes. Very humane treatment.......
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    Why so sarcastic? Some people are just soooo rude
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    I used Dr. Hector Briseño for years and for many cardiac interventions. He gave me all of my records and DVDs, which I passed on to the VA Hospital in Tucson. They translated them and entered copies into my record. No VA cardiologist has made any changes to Dr. Briseño‘s prescribed medicines, and were impressed by my many stent placements, etc.
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    Start with Dr. Hector Briseño at Quality Care .766-1870
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    Did you use your telephone to order any soft drinks?
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    Lol, there were two of us, and we took home 6/8ths of the pizza, half the appetizer, and half the lasagna.
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    I applaud this effort to keep drunk drivers off the roads. We expected the same in Canada. I do however expect to be treated with dignity and respect at any roadside checkpoint. Would also be great if the Police would check for those famous "burnt out tail lights" that are as well dangerous and so very common here.
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    I use a dual headset with a mic. You would be surprised how much more you can hear. Amazon has telephone sets like that
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    There are many, many, many scams that are perfectly legal.
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    good post. no expectations should be expected.
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    The "elitests" have started piling on, and becoming personal with their attacks. What started as a decent thread has been sabatoged by those who seem often to be the same ones. Time to close this thread, as it has already become "ugly".
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    I'm not going to get into a debate with Chapala residents, full (you) or part time about an issue that affects full time residents of Ajijic, me, my spouse and neighbors. I'm sure you think that about the local government since most of everyone's pesos (not dollars) go where you live but most of the money comes from where I live and the other communities of the Municipio. As I said, you are welcome to that opinion. Over here, it doesn't hold up to reality too well. I just look at the facts as they are being reported and as we are experiencing things HERE and the facts are that services have declined drastically where I live and I don't know anyone where I live including me who thinks the money from Pueblo Magico will suffer any different fate. We are concerned we will have still more congestion, more trashy potholed streets and noise and the money meant to deal with those things will "magically" disappear like our money does now. Let's leave it at that.
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    No problem, quote the post you think I cut and pasted. Also, my post was responding to bmh, not you. I am confident in his/her ability to respond unaided. bmh is not here full time. We are. And the same suggestion applies to you--if you don't like the topic, threads or poster it is easy to ignore all here. You are welcome to continue to be an apologist for the local government and we are equally welcome to not share your opinion on same.
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