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    I thought some people would find this interesting. If you're not, I am good with that. Although, I don't understand why you bothered to post about something you don't care about.
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    "Here, however, people dwell on the little knowledge they have by either driving past the event or being checked out by the Police or hearing about the event second hand. " I don't think people are over reacting or need to be calmed down or patronized. "It doesn't mean it is the end of our life as we currently know it. " This forum serves as a major news outlet for this small community. We share all kinds of information here. Thanks to the OP for the heads up.
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    A bike lane connector is NOT needed. We are talking about a MAJOR construction project effecting the ONLY two lane road thru town. During the construction phase (and we ALL know how swift that is here), there will be ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC. Notice how bad that two lane road is this summer. Hummmmm, I wonder what the winter would be like? Look at the number of bikes even using the lane near La Forresta. The proposal is to tear up the road servicing the large number of cars, buses & trucks to accommodate those VERY FEW bikes thru Ajijic. The north side business will suffer greatly with the elimination of the easy access to them during construction and then losing parking. THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO PARK. Look at the side streets that are already packed - all this for a VERY FEW BIKES. The money allocated would certainly be better spent to make the sidewalks better!!
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    I'd usually put this in the charity section, but it's really more than that. Operation Feed wants to thank everyone who has helped with this summer's projects. The optometrists, volunteers, drivers, stores like Mia's Consignment, new volunteers, and more. We really appreciate the donated computers and tablets. Having 5 of these means that the kids have a fighting chance to improve skills and learn about technology. The village of San Juan Cosala has so many needs and does not have the population base of Ajijic and Chapala. Our children, especially, can't believe that so many people care about them. It really shows the depth of kindness and caring that is here at Lakeside. Thank you all. Here's the latest news from Operation Feed
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    I mentioned it because police walking around with in restaurants with automatic weapons at the ready is less than a common occurrence. That mention was a fact. I stated that I might be mistaken but I thought that was the place the murders had occurred some years ago. I did not state that as fact. in terms of being being thankful for the police presence no where did I suggest that I wasn't and clearly stated we were treated courteously when transiting the checkpoint in both directions. I usually don't bother to respond to post such as yours because I realize that some people have a need to build themselves by dragging others down. Others have a fulfilling life and don't feel the need to constantly try to show how smart the are. I'm sorry for you that you appear to fall in the former category.
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    Interesting, how Police tucks, with armed Police, become "highlights" and "speculations" of the day in Ajijic and surrounding areas. There is only one main road along the lake so this is the only route the Police or Ambulances can take. They have their sirens going to alert people they are travelling at a speed higher than normal. They only have one road to operate check points and they will stop and check your vehicle even if you aren't Mexican born, because it is their responsibility. All this sound familiar? It is an everyday occurrence in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Toronto and most other cities throughout the world. The differences in other cities there is generally more than one main road to their destination and they generally only have to close a few neighborhood streets to close and complete their searches. Also, unless it is a swat team action, the armed Police are in cars not sitting on the back of a pickup truck. The difference in other cities is that unless it has been a "shootout" or someone has been killed or it is a hugely successful drug bust, the "high speed" Police event barely gets mentioned in the media and even less so by the general population. Here, however, people dwell on the little knowledge they have by either driving past the event or being checked out by the Police or hearing about the event second hand. I say congratulations to the Police for trying to catch the perpetrators of the crime and make out communities safer by using road blocks and what ever noise and speed they must use to get to the location. It doesn't mean it is the end of our life as we currently know it. Break-ins and petty crime happen in every small town throughout the word and garnish very little attention outside the "local" populace. Of course, here it becomes an "International Press" release. Why? Because some foreigners think or dream that their retirement should be crime free, which we all know isn't 100% possible for all of us. Major crime here is really small compared to most cities and I think that we can thank the Police and their "roadblocks" for assisting in maintaining this sprawling lakeside community safe for all of us. So don't get upset if you see a few Police trucks with armed troops on the back or if there are 5 flashing light trucks, with sirens blaring, racing down the Caraterra, they are just trying to make us all feel a little more comfortable in our old age.
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    I have used chiropractic successfully for years for different problems. But I wouldn't see Dr. Birch because he doesn't hold a license in Mexico. He hasn't done his service to the community/country and won't get my support. I want someone who has done things legally and done his service period like an honest person.
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    Get x-rays and an MRI and see an orthopedic surgeon! Don't let a chiropractor fiddle with your back! Been there, done that.
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    Too bad the restaurants do not read those recipes.
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    On the way to Jocotopetec about 3 this afternoon we saw 2 State Police trucks in the parking lot across from the last of the " fish restaurants " which I believe is La Iguana. They we watching traffic with guns at the ready. Just before the bypass to Guad there was a road block on both sides of the read. We were clearly speeding when we approached it but we waived through. Car and trucks were stopped and the occupants removed as the vehicles were searched. We were not stoped and treated with courtesy when we were waived through in each direction. On our way back home to Ajijic the police that had been across from Iguana were in the restaurant walking around with their rifles out. If I'm not mistaken and this is the same restaurant a couple of bad guys were murdered a few years ago. Clearly these guys were looking for someone or something. thats all I know.
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    Last evening as I was enjoying the company of Jack West, Shirley West, and Averil Miller having their dinner @ La Mision Jack brought up the topic of the checkpoints last weekend and all the rumors floating around town. Earlier our good friend Gloria Perales came into the restaurant. Gloria is the executive asst. to the Presidente of Chapala. I then told them that Gloria was in the restaurant and I would find out from her what is the truth. To make this as short as possible I spoke with her about all that had happened and she told me, and then even came to Jack's table and repeated what was told to me. Bottom line the Presidente is not a happy camper as he was supposed to be given a date as to when this was going to take place, by the Federales , which he was not, thus not giving Chapala time to prepare and get the news out to the public . However the big news and the good news is that this is a once a year event that takes place all over the country and there will be no more roadblocks this weekend and in the future until it happens again next year. I don't mean to imply that the Validad will stop looking for impaired drivers especially on weekends but the Federales doing these organized check stops will not be happening every weekend as people have been led to believe . As a former police officer I have witnessed the death and carnage that can be caused by impaired drivers and ask us all to be responsible, but here in Mexico I am more concerned with the young who drive cars that should not even be on the road and have been drinking or doping for hours and then get behind the wheel, then I am of a senior citizen Gringo who may have had a few glasses of wine with his or her dinner and then is driving home and is in bed by 10:00 PM. Lets all be responsible Please.
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    Bicycle riders are in danger everywhere. We are killed riding in bike lanes. We know the danger. Many bike riders do not obey the laws and make it worse for those that do. An elevated bike path traversing Ajijic would not be that complicated, but the up and down ramp would turn into a nightmare as younger riders would use it for their daredevil (and impressive!) endeavors. Don Gus' death has led to huge expansion of bike lanes in Guadalajara. It makes little sense having two "bike lanes to nowhere" which is what we have on either side of the village. Automobile drivers think roads and right of ways were built for their exclusive use. Roads were not originally built for their horseless carriages, but for bicycles and trolleys. The idea of bicycle friendly travel IS meant to encourage people to use a means other than their individual motorcars to get around and ease traffic. I can get on a bike in San Juan Cosala, walk my bike through Ajijic, and continue to Walmart faster than a car can during business hours. That signifies to me that the problem is automobiles. The city needs a plan that only allows those not going to work on the main road every other day.
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    So if an innuendo was not intended, why the comment about a murder a few years ago? This wasn't the current event and probably had no relevance whatsoever to the road block. Have you never been in a restaurant where armed police have entered. Again if police are armed they are always at the ready. Reporting facts are good, a persons speculation on the facts leads to the rumor machine creating misinformation.
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    I appreciate the report, but somehow, I'm not entirely comfortable with relying on the result of a restaurant conversation.
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    I hate to disagree, but 9 out of 10 of the recipes I looked at do indeed call for bagre (catfish) "u otro pescado". Some specify substituting huachinango for bagre, but by and large, bagre is the go-to fish for Caldo Michi. Bagre, of course, is a naturally-occurring sweet water fish, a bottom-feeder, that is common in both Mexico and the USA. I grew up eating catfish and love it; catfish is still fished and eaten today in many parts of central Mexico and the USA. You can recognize it instantly by its fairly flat head, slick body, and its whiskers. Because it is and always has been so common in Jalisco, it's the fish of choice for Caldo Michi. Don Bagre.
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    I think you posted something trivial
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    Have to agree with mmga. Very few bikes and most of the locals tend to use the careterra with and against the flow of the traffic.waste of resources, much better to get the roads to a reasonable standard.
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    Angus and CG knock off the personal back and forth. Deleted the worst of it, don't continue in that vein. Thank you. This is a food thread fer cryin' out loud. Keep it civil!
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    How do you know it's your sciatic nerve and not your femoral. Both affect your hip and one the back of the leg and the other the front. At a certain age deteriorating disc disease affect a lot of people. I agree with El Salto 100% on seeing an ortho surgeon but let them decide what diagnostics.
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    If you follow the Mexican news closely there has been a lot of drug activity, killing etc in Jalisco. Besides that Both Julian Alvarez and Rafael Marquez seemed to be associated with some of the drug cartels and involved with money laundering through charities etc. Money was seized and bank accounts were frozen . http://www.univision.com/noticias/narcotrafico/eeuu-sanciona-al-cantante-julion-alvarez-y-al-futbolista-rafael-marquez-por-su-relacion-con-el-narco-en-mexico If you dig real deep it goes pretty high up the political chain. After the bust mentioned above The DOJ posted a list of businesses and people that were laundering money, there were business from all over country including Jalisco and even some with addresses in Chapala. The police activity in Guadalajara has been very active searching for stolen cars, weapons, drugs etc. As far s the police activity Lakeside a lot is due to drug trafficking a lot of it in Joco, Chapala and Ixtlahuacan so maybe they are just trying to get a handle on things and trying to calm things down. Its not just here, I made two trips to Ocotlan last week and the state police and Military are also very active there as well. Here is an article I found in English http://www.chicagotribune.com/hoy/ct-hoy-rafa-marquez-and-julion-alvarez-among-22-sanctioned-by-us-government-for-drug-ties-20170809-story.html Here is a list from the DOJ of the businesses that were supposedly involved https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/20170809.aspx
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    I read elsewhere that they had one set up just last night near Ixtlahuacan, so I wouldn't be too sure that there won't be more.
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    My point is that is was not an official announcement made to the public in general, as in one made on a news media.
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    This was not just the result of a restaurant conversation but a conversation with the Executive Assistant of the Presidente who had not been drinking but was working with my wife. in the office. She had much information in her I Phone and even shared some of that with us all.
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    While I think many of us would agree with your take on this, it is not how it was conducted. As to how often it will occur, their publicity releases suggest it will be much more regular than was suggested to you. We'll just have to wait and see what actually happens, until then at least in our household we will either stick to the restaurants we can walk to or have a completely "dry" designated driver. The lower standard being enforced by Jalisco makes even one drink too much of a risk for us given how expensive and unpleasant the fines and arrest procedures are at these check points. Thanks very much for your report.
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    Coyote, you mention large NOB cities in comparing the interest level in police activities. This area is a series of small towns and villages. If police went through Mayberry with sirens blasting and set up a rode block on the edge of town by the Dairy Queen people would notice and be talking about it. I noticed interest and curiosity in the posts here but didn't see anyone being upset. Some people entertain themselves by noting increased police activity. Other people write long posts on local webboards making much ado about those people. We are all just passing time in our own ways.
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    Agree. Bontepar if a thread doesn't interest you or you find it trivial, just ignore it. Thanks.
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    Many drug manufacturing problems in Joco.
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    It's superb! Directly across fro Sky Fitness.
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    We just had a meal at Pale. We both ordered a pizza - Margarita and a peperoni. This is truly delicious pizza. Each was made to order and much tastier than any standard pizza. Each was a little different than the norm with special touches to make it even tastier. The people who run it are a family from Spain and though it is small, it is like a tiny 4-star restaurant dropped from the sky. We will definitely go back and try some of the other dishes.
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    In the past I've done that. 'Twas a pain in the behind to locate it in Mexico so I filled out my departure info as the flight from Mexico, not GDL, but had it stamped here in Guadalajara. Never had a problem and was never challenged on it. Of course on the return flight I'd put the flight into Mexico City as it was point of entry. Hey, give it a shot, all they can say is no and then you can do it in Mexico.
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    Try it at the Fonda La G├╝erra upstairs at the mercado in Chapala. They have it in two sizes.
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    Perhaps you should look back at the OP post. ( me) . The only thing I asked is if the owner of the former Sazon , is still in the mall across the street from Walmart . Hopefully I will be able to get there soon !!
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    Yes Sonia, when one gets married or divorced in the US it is legally recored by the person performing the marriage or divorced. This happens one time, in one place and is sufficient. And, it's automatic as it's the responsibility of the person, judge, priest, whoever, performing the procedure.
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    Greats eggs benedict-taco salad etc. She is a great cook! We eat there often.
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    They are still digging and drilling the "road", and still driving everyone who lives down at the bottom crazy after at least five years of this.
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    John Shrall is right: no one is going to take a bike up to Emiliano Zapata. As a cyclist, I want the best route through town. On weekends, for touring, there is nothing to see up there anyway. The simple truth is that there is no room for a change to the highway through town. Either end of Ajijic, sure, but through town? No. And while the concept of bike paths is a great one, and has been implemented successfully in all kinds of places around the world, each and every one of those cities/towns had both the space and the determination. Here we have neither, so while it may be a highly-desirable postulation, it cannot work here. Time for this government to come up with working ideas, not high-flying ways to leave their "legacy".
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    Let me add a couple of points from the perspective of those of us who actually use the bike path for riding our bikes. For one thing, this is a public safety issue. It is undeniably dangerous to ride a bicycle along the carretera in central Ajijic...and scary too. Although a substantial number of on-street parking spaces would be eliminated, very few off-street spaces would be affected. There are many businesses along the current bike path that deal with exactly this situation all day long. Parking for both the Oxxo and Ajijic Clinic can be accessed from the side streets. And didn't someone mention that the Ajijic Clinic also has parking in the rear? The parking lot at the Montana Plaza could remain as is. Remember, this is also the main bus stop for Ajijic and similar to the bus stop/parking lot/ bike path that runs along the Centro Laguna Mall in San Antonio. Perhaps Ajijic would be best served by a public parking lot to accompany the bike path extension. And while we're at it, how about extending the bike path farther into Chapala at its eastern end? The bike path is just as dangerous, and just as scary, where it abruptly ends just west of the Lourdes barrio in Chapala. I know it's a popular myth on this board to claim that Chapala hoards all the civic revenues and short-changes Ajijic. However, this may be a good example of the fallacy of such claims.
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    The bicycle path in Ajijic has always been and will continue to be way too dangerous for general use. Even in areas protected by concrete barriers you'll often see motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs and even small cars, not to mention cows, horses and other animals. I agree with solajijic; any government plan to widen the road for a bicycle path will be quickly appropriated for a new car lane. As far as the alternative idea to use Emiliano Zapata. Has the OP ever tried to ride a bicycle up 5 de Febrero for 2 blocks? It's exremely steep for a normal bike and is very difficult even with 18 speeds. The first block of Emiliano Zapata is about the only section with sidewalks. One side has trees and the other telephone and electrical service poles. Continuing east at Juarez you have to make a quick, steep jog to get to the 1 lane section heading toward Colon, flattening out a bit there but still essentially one lane until Marcos Castellanos. Things don't improve all that much as you continue to Revolucion. Revolucion is also pretty steep and has a large tree growing in the middle of it as you get near the carretera. Heaven forbid if you try to use that street after a rain. The water comes down from the mountain making the street impassible. The large grate across from Salvador's was built to try to move some of that river down the lateral to the east. The city can't even fix potholes yet they are planning a bicycle path? Doesn't smell right.
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    I saw them working up there on the upper part of that road this Spring. Don't assume this has been stopped.
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    Construction was stopped some years ago because the mountain is ejido (native) land and one cannot build there. A living warning to other potential builders, I hope, because otherwise, it is just an eyesore.
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    Benno's is an excellent local business that served many of us very well for years. They are letting us know they are closing down for good and in the process selling their stock off and/or looking for someone to continue the business. I have no problem with them doing this.
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    News is on Twitter. Put Jocotepec in the search engine. They picked up 3 men selling drugs using a red motorcycle. Typically when state police come through they clean house and settle things down. State police was patrolling fully armed like the military the other night in Chapala. I'm told they do that but it's been a while since I've been out driving around after dark. Hehe
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    Basa comes from Vietnam,not to be confused with talapia farmed and also caught locally .
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