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    "IF" covers a lot of ground, Alan. I do not know if they are the "norm" for those with the same situations as those we speak about, but my guess is that it is. You know nothing of the life situations of those of whom we speak about. We can speak to what has happened in many situations. What the law says may happen, and what actually happens in Mexico, are many times a lot different. I don't believe anyone here is challenging what you say the law says. We are just speaking about actual experiences that have occurred. In a "perfect" situation and with educated people, things maybe could have been different. Sometimes, one has to proceed in life with the hand that you have been dealt. That is what happened here. No need to take offense when we describe what has actually happened.
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    You're like a dog with a bone, aren't you Alan? Just can't let it go. I already told you in the beginning that DIF did NOT help her, just told her what she needed to get done such as the apostilles, and sent her on her way to the American Consulate who gave her the INCORRECT INFORMATION that only a parent who was IN the United States could get that done. Why do people like you think that because an experience didn't happen to THEM, it didn't happen? I already also told you that the next time I run across "these types of women", I will be sending them to you, because fortunately you have all the answers.
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    Let me paraphrase in my own words what I have read in your and Gimpy´s many posts: sort of a narrative: I am a poor uneducated Mexican woman that had children when I lived in the US. I was able to live there and raise children but when I returned to Mexico I didn´t have the sense or education to know enough to safeguard my children´s birth certificates. I live in Mexico in a dirt floor hut, have no TV, no radio, no family or friends to advise me that DIF will give me food packages, sign me up for Seguro Popular, train me to get work, give me clothing and other essentials and get documents for my 4 kids if I have any foreign birth certificate, not one certified by a Mexican Consulate, all for free and give me advice on what other programs I can apply for to get help. These DIF programs are advertised on TV, radio, newspapers, events and is general knowledge among Mexican citizens. But I somehow know 2 Americans that can help me with money. I am so uneducated, ignorant, poor and isolated from mainstream Mexicans I don´t know that DIF is here to assist me in many ways including getting my children registered to get a school education all for free. Maybe next time you happen across these types of women take them to DIF.
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    Geez, Alan, give it a rest. Until you experience what we have been through, you will NEVDER understand. You are just digging your hole deeper with each post now. (:
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    Intesesting story. When myself and my wife were in many government building helping relatives and friends I noticed the people mopping and sweeping floors had normal sized brooms and small mop buckets. This was years ago. She said and knows for sure: That is because they are mariginal citizens with no school degree and earn good money because it is DIF getting them the jobs to support their family and the more the better so small brooms and mop buckets keep them busy all day.. The people cleaning sidewalks and parks everywhere are part of these programs for municipalities and other things you see around Mexico is also required as part of the National DIF to give them a change to work, get a pension from IMSS etc..
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    There still is. http://www.lakechapalagolfcarts.com (I'm the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts ... thanks for announcing its early demise?) In order to be "street legal", a golf cart needs a license plate, AND insurance, which you need a license plate to get. In order to get a license plate for YOUR golf cart, you must have a FACTURA from the purchase. Very, VERY few local golf cart owners have a Factura since most are bought via private sales, and NOT from a company that can issue a Factura. (A Factura is just like the one in your car if you bought it in Mexico - the original receipt from dealer - the "title", effectively.) A "bill of sale" or "receipt for purchase" is worthless. Just to be clear and to eliminate JayBearll's unfortunate announcement, I am the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts, and all of my carts have license plates and insurance. They are legal in town. (They are NOT legal to be driven on the carretera, but it's legal to cross...best/safest at a light!). Lastly, I'm not currently renting golf carts because I have too much personal business that requires my attention. Perhaps that is why JayBearII is confused. I get inquiries daily, thanks for your patience. Will be back open Sept./Oct. Thanks!
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    Matters not, it happens everywhere.
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    There is no arroyo in Puerta Arroyo. You have it confused with elsewhere.
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    Many Mexican hotels or motels will let an RV park in their lot for a small charge. If they have a restaurant, and you stop for a nice dinner, there may even be no charge at all, if you ask. Many have a guard at night. I suggest that you use the toll roads for the entire trip to Guadalajara, then on to Roca Azul from there. Stay in the right lane, as is required for trucks, etc., and note that the lanes are narrower than in the USA. The greatest danger in Mexico is dropping a wheel off the pavement, as there is often no shoulder and loss of control is almost guaranteed; some of those drops are severe, so be careful. Turning off onto an unknown road may put you in danger of low branches or other overhead obstructions, as well as suddenly finding that you may have to back out. Will you have a toad? Roca Azul is too far out of Jocotopec to walk, especially with a load of groceries. As you plan your trip, you may find it useful to view various intersections, etc., using Google Street View, for clues to visual landmarks, clearances, signs, etc. Enjoy.....
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    I don't know what all the fuss is about. A green card holder in the USA is also supposed to report any change in status and address (maybe not income). And SS and Medicare also want change in status I'm pretty sure. I know in Switzerland you are supposed to report all of that to the AHV (equivalent of SS). We get the privileges, they want the info. I have been quite impressed with the ease of getting residency here. Follow the rules and it goes smoothly.
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    Since this has degenerated to personal back and forth, and sniping from the sidelines, we will close now.
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    Getting married in Mexico you get married at the local civil registry. Immigration is a federal government agency where you need to notify them as the municipal civil registry does not send notifications to the federal immigration office, you have 90 days to notify from date of marriage. For change notifications they want online form, and a few other forms. Not rocket science but if not done right can mean a few trips there and waiting, some dont mind others have better things to do than deal with bureaucracy.
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    Financial firms do not email their clients. First tipoff.
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    Make sure to TEST your system. A well know alarm company installed mine, and since I checked the wiring found that the siren was NOT CONNECTED; not sure what the significance of this is! Upon further checking found that the pet senors were incorrect for the application, somewhat erodes the confidence in their competence.
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    Dra Marilu Sanchez at Quality Care. 765 1870
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    Don't buy in the bottom 2 rows, especially the lowest row. The evento centre beside it can be deafening at that level. Up higher or on the west section would be much better. There are not many places in town safe enough to live without bars on the windows but that is one of them.
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    Sorry you marriage was so expensive Jay. I hope your spouse was worth it. Then again property taxes are a fraction of what they would be in the US or Canada. Oh and that socialized medicine which many dislike sure take to Seguro Popular which costs nothing or close to it. The longer you take to report your marriage the greater the fine. :-) If you get married in the US or Canada would all various government departments know? If you got divorced in either country would all government departments know? Change in Mexican income source including no longer earning income.. This reporting is covered here where you may read the information along with the 20,000 plus viewers this month. http://www.soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html
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    There used to be a thriving business renting golf carts in Ajijic for visitors who wanted to get around the village. Another business venture that has come and gone, I think. I do see one occasionally bouncing around now. Personally, I consider them unsafe. I do understand the need to get around in one's old age--I am no spring chicken-- but it gives me the heebie-jeebies to be behind a golf cart as it bounces along among the cobblestones and craters. I tell myself to concentrate and look out for falling bodies. SO FAR, SO GOOD--I haven't hit any flying bodies yet;) I do not see golf carts on the carretera, for perhaps obvious reasons, altho once in a while one makes it as far as SuperLake. I hate to be on the carretera myself-- my poor little Honda FIT (one step up from a golf cart) trembles every time someone passes and we have to brake while they pull back into their lane. Be tolerant, folks, and avoid running over people, dogs, cats, golf carts and Honda FITs. You may be 102 some day and have to give up the Jaguar or Mercedes.
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    You obviously have not met my 75 pound poodle.
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    I speak proper English, not Texan.
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    Thanks, but BB is out for me forever. Tom's prices are maniacally high for the silliest of things. I saw a wooden spoon there a year ago that certainly wasn't an antique, at a higher price than a set of three anywhere else. And used, of course. The more I looked at his kitchen stuff, the faster I wanted out of there. Note everyone: I just want regular kitchen frypots, clad interiors, no steam vents. This is not difficult to imagine, although a helluva time on Amazon trying to find any. Should just bought them in WalMart in Canada, like I used to do, and stuffed them in a sack to bring back. All kinds, all prices.
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    Don't mean to hi-jack your post, but you reminded me of a similar incident; I was in a bank in Edmonton Canada, and the man behind me in line heard me mentioning my address in Mexico, he followed outside, and asked if we knew a Clay McAdam, who also lived in Ajijic. The man's name was Frank Waters, a retired policeman. I never did find Clay, so if he reads this he can send me a message. Oh, and I might add, this gentleman drove us back to our hotel! Small word indeed.
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    No one cares what they are called although there is a difference. The point is, it was theft.
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    Tall walls topped with broken glass and razor wire, barking dogs, bars on your windows, burglar alarms, and still the beat goes on. People work their whole lives to retire in paradise.
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    Remember CFE = Can't Furnish Electricity
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    The Wild Salmon from Canada is excellent. We purchase from Costalegre Fish Market every Wednesday. Never disappointed. Service is excellent as well.
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    No, that is not what they said They said they attempted to report it to Chapala and were rebuffed and threatened. Yes, basically the GDL Reporter accused the parents of making this up. You chose who you want to believe. I'm going with the parents. So, apparently are a lot of Mexican folks. This isn't over by a long shot.
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    I have been a professional chef and restaurant owner for over 50 years. Of the dozen or so fine dining restaurants I owned over the years in Florida the majority specialized in fresh fish. For the past 5 years I have even teaching cooking classes lakeside. Last week I had ordered 4 each extra large filets of salmon at 2 kilos plus. I was told the extra large filets would cost more. No problem. It's a farm raised product so the extra large have to be fed considerably longer. The ratio of meat to skin and head is also greater so it has to cost more. To compound matters when I went to pick them up on Wednesday it was wild salmon day. Wild salmon form Canada costs a lot more than farmed salmon from Chile. So on Wednesday they had small, medium. large and wild salmon for sale all at different prices of course, hence the confusion. I buy hundreds of pounds of fish product at Costalegre every year and have always found them to be honest reliable and a great asset to the community. Their English language skills however make things somewhat confusing but it's well worth it.
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    I guess I don't understand........ the U.S. is deporting Mexicans in droves, sometimes breaking up families, due to their illegal status, and you seem to think Mexico is behaving oddly by doing the same thing?
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    Amen to that, whatever floats your boat. Our Mexican friend Kina spent quite a bit of time in San Antonio, Texas that is. Actually she spent too much time there and now she still has almost 5 years until she can go back, LOL. She mentioned liking Taco Bell (no E on the end) and we said, what? What do your Mexican friends think of you liking Taco Bell? She said, are you kidding, they all like TB. So what do you like on their menu? Everything, they get the flavor and spices just the way we like it. Then she says next time you go to TB take a look around. You won't see a whole lot of Pink People. Memory bank kicks in and, wow, she's right. So you like TB better than that great Mexican food in SA? No, I love them both, it doesn't have to be one or the other. Amen to that too.
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    I would expect that if this rumor were true she, Lisa Jorgenson (probably spelled her name wrong) would announce same in the form of an email to those she normally emails when making announcements. I and many of you are on that list, and she has not sent anything new out about the Lake Chapala Reporter. If I remember correctly she started this publication, but not enough subscribers were willing to pay for same, so she moved on to another effort. If I am wrong, nothing negative meant.
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    I took a trip that involved Delta as the carrier of record, with AeroMexico as parts of the journey. I was treated extremely well at all airports (Mexico City (where the signs still say, inside, "Beinvenidos a DF"), Monterrey, Detroit, Ottawa). One young chap who lost his immigration stub when leaving Mexico City had a complete meltdown on the spot. I coulda sworn I saw the top of his head pop off and steam coming out of his ears at the ticket counter. He went from "hello" to "GET ME A #$@%*& FLIGHT!!!" in about five seconds; the Delta staff were super-professional and calm about the whole thing. Because I has wheelchair service, thanks to the terrible sciatica problem I've been dealing with, I was pretty much treated like a tin god. Up in Detroit, they said "You're Canadian going to Canada? No need to check anything... go right through! We love you guys."
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    So I used those HSBC ATMs enough time to see what to do. Just say no to the rate they offer and you will get a better rate.
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    Has the age of antibiotics come to an end? From a young girl thrust onto life support in Arizona to an uncontrollable outbreak at one of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals, FRONTLINE investigates the alarming rise of a deadly type of bacteria that our modern antibiotics can’t stop. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/hunting-the-nightmare-bacteria/
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