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  1. Sorry CG, but I have to disagree with you. Just brought home take out. Ordered 9" with tomato sauce, pepperoni, bacon, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. This is the worst pizza I've had here. Thin crust that was undercooked - how does that happen? It tasted like an undercooked baking soda crust. The following is not an exaggeration: No tomato sauce - non- nada, each slice had 1/2 a pepperoni slice, a smattering of bacon bits and one slice of a mushroom. Absolutely no flavour. The price is too good to be true hence lack of Ingredients. I will not be back. Yes, I was at the right location across from Telmex, next door to Panache hair salon. My experience.
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  2. Unfortunately, this is so typical of restaurants here. Many of them can't manage to be consistent. One of the main reasons they go broke. Just when someone says it is great, someone else says its terrible. We were supposed to go there to try it with friends tomorrow, but I hate to recommend it after reading what I just did. Maybe they need some time to try to get their act together.
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  3. Maybe a Pizza - Nazi - "How dare they order one of my creations for takeout - What are we Dominoes?"
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  4. Maybe our Pizza Police Trolls should confront the owners with the two reviews and report back....this has to be resolved quickly and painlessly so that we can move on to more pressing matters and sleep peacefully at night!!!
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