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  1. Unusual that two pizza places would open at the same time, but it has happened. Pizza Disco is located in the strip mall just west of the old Casino, across from TelMex. Went on Saturday night and sat out in their lovely garden with a view. Dare I say it: the best pizza I've had lakeside. Yes. As a point of reference, my first love is Canadian pizza, which means a medium thick, bubbly crust, and a tad sweet. Started dinner with a very tasty bruschetta, which came with caramelized onions. Those elevated the average tomato-based covering to a yummy level. A side of romaine was provided with a very good Caesar dressing that tasted homemade. Sadly, the limp and browning lettuce seemed like an afterthought. It was 8 at night, so maybe it was the dregs, but their posted hours are 1 to 10 (I think every day). Service was good, very pleasant, very helpful... but we were the only ones there. They tell us they are quite busy during the week and not so much on Saturday nights. Basic pizzas are 65p for a 9" and 95p for a 12". You get three toppings and a choice of cheeses, including fresh mozzerella, which is so superior to regular... I had both. (Owner is married to the woman who runs Pasta Trenta, and that is where the mozz comes from.) The toppings number in the range of 25 or so choices. I had bacon, pepperoni, and green olives (not listed). Big pieces of bacon. Both pizzas arrived bubbling hot, and I swear they were 12" around, not 9, but we were told no, that's the size. Dee-lishus. The second page of pizzas listed on the menu has what I would call "gourmet" toppings; various vegetables, clams, mashed potatos, all kinds of interesting and weird stuff. And thus you have your choice of sauces, as well: I think pesto, tomato, and a white sauce. I must say, the sauce is a hugely important ingredient, and my pizza came with plenty of above-average tomato sauce. The place also offers sandwiches, soup of the day, milkshakes at 50p, salads, and a variety of other specials. I did not get their number, but they do deliver to Riberas, which is where I am. Anyone who knows me, knows I rarely use the phrase "the best" for anything. But at 65p for more than I could eat, "Yeah baby".
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  2. I must say, that place sounds great and we'll be sure to try it! Thanks for the detailed review.
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