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    ComputerGuy....do you even know if the OP is in any way involved with this RV park? How pathetic, this remark coming from a person who advertises on this site constantly. If the post on the RV park is advertising, then so is your bio.
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    Ole timers will remember when the whole of El Parque in that area was an RV park.
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    I think it's hilarious that some actually believe it's a special thing to find an "honest agent", and even more riotously humorous that agents would "hide" their better-priced properties by not posting them on MLS.
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    For everyone complaining about traffic...You should have been here in 1994,before all you showed up...
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    The Sixth Annual Ajijic Society of the Arts Open Studios Event will take place later than usual this year: February 25th and 26th, 2017. There will be over 50 artists showing at 20 locations this year. The entry ticket at 50 pesos is, again, a colorful catalog showing each exhibitor's work. These will be on sale at locations to be announced shortly. Sales at LCS will begin on February 1st. This event benefits local artists and the Childrens Art Program at the Lake Chapala Society. This year, seven ASA artists will be showing the the LCS Gazebo. For those who have never attended, this is a fine opportunity to see (and buy) a variety of art work, including jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and painting. Artists will be demonstrating their techniques and will be pleased to discuss it with visitors. Refreshments will be served. There will be a shuttle bus both days to the outlying studios. Please mark your calendars!
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    Starting Tuesday the 21st of February we will be offering Tuesday Thru Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM an Early Bird Special. The Early Bird Special will include your Entrée, your choice of either a Glass of house wine, Margarita, Beer, Ice Tea including refills, or Soft Drink plus Dessert, all for a total price of $200 pesos including Tip. If you prefer outside seating we recommend that you make a reservation by calling 108 0887. Thank you as always and hope to see you soon.
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    Check with Pepe Magana, someone told me years ago that he did it. Handfaf, under interests on your profile it says "Enjoying life". I guess not so much.
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    Charles Schwab is the best. All ATM fees are reimbursed every month. They also have great customer service.
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    Or just bring some Starbucks back or have friends bring it. Works for us.
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    Google dog wheelchairs and dog strollers once you find the item that would work take the picture to one of the metal workers Mexicans are amazingly talented and could probably create what you want from the picture. Good luck.
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    Lobos I feel for you and hope you find someone who can help. I could be wrong but I was sure about five years ago the subject came up and there was someone locally who made animal wheelchairs; I could be way wrong but I think that the man worked in the plaza across from Wal-mart (Interlago?). I will ask around and see if I can turn up any information but is it possible that one of the local vets could lead you to the information that you seek?
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    For other newbies here (like me), its useful to remember that the talk about traffic lakeside is a frame of reference issue. I came here recently from Washington, DC, where a 90 minute commute (each way) was typical, and going anywhere on the weekend was a crap-shoot, because there was no traffic flow. Last weekend, we faced a 15 minute delay on the carretera due to the parade and chilli cook-off. I heard several locals howling about it. So its all depends on what you are used to experiencing. One friend told me "you'll know you're a local when you start complaining about the traffic."
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    Like congodog said, there are no guarantees that you won't have someone move close by AFTER you've moved in that have a dog or dogs that bark too much. We had a situation like that in the last home we rented. When we first moved in, there was only one dog on our street, and when he did bark, his owners stopped him very quickly. Well-trained dog! Within a few months, we suddenly had 10 dogs on our street! The worst offender was a woman who lived directly beside us with three very yappy Pomeranians. She would let them bark incessantly, and if she went out, she left them outside in their fenced yard, which was about 20 feet from our patio and bedroom windows! It became absolutely intolerable!
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    As someone else mentioned, even if you find a place, it can change if someone moves next door and has barking dogs. We live in Chapala Haciendas and have no houses around our lot, so we never have a problem. However, we do hear barking dogs in the distance sometimes at night. And we are well aware that someone will buy the lots around us and all bets will be off. That being said, I also agree with the suggestion that you visit the immediate area near any house you are considering at various times of the day and night and listen to see what you hear. Sometimes a quiet place during the day can become noisy at night and vice versa. We also knocked on nearby neighbors doors and asked about the noise level.
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    What about Vista del Lago and Los Galapagos? I bet they are some of the quietest fraccs around due to being a little off the beaten path. There was a thread a few years ago about Los Galapagos having issues with ejido land, and it was suggested they were working on regularizing that problemita, I wonder if its been fixed yet. If so, it looks like it could turn out to be one of the best kept secrets.... beautiful and small community with some decent sized flat lots located in one of the lushest greenest areas of the lake.
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    There are dogs in all communities. In the villages around the lake there are no rules as to number of dogs allowed in a home...or number of chickens, etc. The quietist places will most likely be a gated community where there are usually rules as to how many dogs and sometimes even size of dogs. We live in a gat d community where there is a 2 pet limit. Only time you hear dogs barking is if someone is walking past their house. It is a quick few barks until the walker has past. Then quiet. Very quiet after about 7pm when everyone is back in their perspective homes.
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    "Birds of Paradise" doesn't allow animals, although some people have cats that never leave their apartment. However, "Birds" is not a villa development, it is an apartment-style gated community...but quiet, no barking dogs.
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    There is no such place. If you find one call it paradise. Dogs owners think barking is excerise. Way too many dogs and ignorant owners.
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    Las Terrazas has barking dogs
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    I don`t know any place here without dogs. Before renting a place you like, hang out inside the house or on the sidewalk and listen for a while. Do NOT pay any attention to the person renting the place who says there are no barking dogs near the rental. They will ALWAYS say there are no barking dogs nearby if you ask.
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    I agree with Chillin. At our house, we have a 3 -4 bark rule. Our dog barks at horses or foot traffic in the street on the other side of our property wall. We call him away after 3 - 4 barks. I think it is good to alert anyone on the outside that there is a big dog waiting for them on the inside if they decide to enter uninvited. We do not want to annoy our neighbors with endless barking (which would annoy me as well) but he is part of the home security system.
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    It is not the number of houses with dogs - it is that the dogs have not been trained as to when it is appropriate to bark. Many people are surprised that you can do this. These are the houses everybody ignores if a dog is constantly barking at nothing at all. If you own dogs, you will have a tough time finding a place with no dogs - unless the frac/condo committee does not allow dogs or cats -but then you can't live there. Likewise dogs off leash - that trust has to be earned, and the dog must be under control at all times. So the problem is not dogs - it is people. Then there are the dog/cat hoarders, some people in our community have 5, 10, 20 dogs. One house has 50 cats. This is not "rescuing", this is mental illness and animal cruelty.
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    I figured everyone else can ask questions like that, so why can't I ? Nothing wrong in asking. , Cheer up and have a great day!!
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    Do they treat dementia? There seems to be a contagious variety in the area.
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    Thanks for this HarryB! We should have the cloning lab at the University to make 1,000 HarryB clones.
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