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    Wow, that was wildly unfair. I've never had a problem when I've gone into the office. They've always been helpful and give me an explanation when there's a glitch. They're only allowed to do what "corporate" allows them to do. While I have some major issues with the crap internet speed we get, I don't hold the local folks accountable for something out of their control.
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    For us it's always Burritos Dahlila (formerly Los Burritos de Mojahua). Open 365 days a year, 24 hrs. a day.
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    If you want to take time to sit down, enjoy waiter service, and eat really wonderful birria, Chololo all the way! Look for it on the right-hand side of the road, at Km. 20, just before the El Salto exit as you drive south from the airport. Chololo is closed on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Christmas Day, otherwise open from about 10AM till 7PM. If you're picking up visitors at the airport, Chololo is a wonderful first experience of Mexico, especially on Sundays. If you want to get in someplace, eat, and get back quickly on the highway to Chapala and Ajijic, go for the burritos at Dalila.
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    before turning, check left and right....before changing lanes, check left and right....as responsible and knowledgeable drivers, motos are everywhere, right left, all over. don't ever be surprised.
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    For something fast and delicious, for us it Los Milagros de Dalila, or Dalila's Miracles. It is a Mexican style burrito restaurant, fast and delicious. Don't expect them to be like the fat California burritos, they are Mexican, so order several of different guisos or fillings, it is cafeteria style. They are very famous in the area for being some of the best this side of the Rio Grande.
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    Good morning! As a cast member in the current LLT Production of "Chicago", I'm excited to say we have sold out the run (even with the added two shows March 1st and 2nd) BUT, we had Opening night last night and there were about 4-6 empty seats! Often Season ticket holders don't make it and those seats are up for grabs 15 minutes before curtain. For those who would like to see the show but weren't able to get tickets, I encourage you to come to the Theatre an hour before showtime (7:30 pm) and matinees (3:00 pm) and ask to be put on the "stand by" list. While you wait, you can enjoy a beverage on the Terrace out back. Hope you'll join us! Valerie
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    When you have been to that office the number of times I have over the many years, you begin to see a pattern. This is brought on by their near-government-job status, and the fact that they will all have super pensions as long as they can stick it out. I have personally witnessed them abusing their "powers" on any number of occasions, always with a smile on their faces. Even getting to know them quite well over the last 20 years has not always helped. They have gotten up from their desk, ostensibly to do something, and come back 15 minutes (!) later smelling of smoke, or rolling down their sleeves, or with no replacement item. They have spent ages inputting forms to Mexico City, reports that mysteriously never arrived. They have lied about stock for modems, about installations, about swapping policies, sending linesmen, and in particular the reasons behind your slow Internet speeds. I'm happy that you have been treated well, but I'm also willing to bet you don't have to face them on a weekly basis, and that your problems were probably a little less convoluted tha the ones I deal with. I certainly do not hold them responsible for corporate or for lousy speed, but I most definitely hold them responsible for how they deal with it. And for anyone to suggest that I do, based on what I posted, is just poor rhetoric. Here we have another example: bald-face being told no more exchanges since Jan 1, being followed by posters who tell us they had no problem doing just that since then. Knowing I am a técnico, he also told me "tell everyone!"
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    you really dont need this. as long as your american/canadian/mexican licence is valid you are fine.
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    When I drive to Chapala early mornings I get the egg burritos, yummy and some beef ones to go and heat up for dinner.
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    Went by the cat shelter with a visitor yesterday. The new layout is excellent, the shelter is spotless and there are over 30 cats, most of whom are really handsome animals and very social which means the volunteers are taking a lot of time with them to get them accustomed to people. I'd be happy to help with the posting and advertising but I'm not very good at computer things like making up postable photo collages. If someone can help with that, let's get 'er done.
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    Ditto here. Never had a problem dealing with the office here and when I compare my service/price to what my brother gets in Phoenix it looks like a good deal to me. It has gotten steadily faster and more reliable since we moved here. And TelMex pay as you go cell phones are a screaming bargain IMO. I've had to change modems once in 9 years. Not bad.
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    I've flown Volaris many time but my last trip up I used interjet what a pleasant surprise very, very accommodating, no comparison to the other guys !!!
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    Not enough profit in stopping the scooter guys for the cops, Phil.
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    Answering your question is a good thing is it not? Why would you expect more,that makes no sense-in general.
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    Phil, You are on point and right on. I have done more then a few OMGs, HOLLY SH!!, did you see that and quick jerks of the steering wheel especially on the right side where two wheelers were zigging and zagging around cars. NOT are friends on Harley types, but on the smaller type sold at Walmarts and Soriana's that are used a lot by local restaurants and carry out food places for home delivery. Stay alert at all times and try to not swear so much PLEASE. I hear you some times.
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    Its my lucky day; a question I can answer! We have owned in La Reserva for 5 years, but we just moved in 2 weeks ago. Club dues are $1972 MXP per month; this gives you access to the bar/restaurant/pool/small gym and the right to rent the 20 or so guest rooms (which go for $1900 MXP per night). The rooms are very nice, with a small kitchenette and either mountain or lake view. There is also a boat storage area and boat launch. Club is closed every Tuesday. The HOA feels are $1942 MXP per quarter, which includes grounds-keeping and trash collection. Water bill based on lot size; ours ran $232 MXP for last quarter. There are about 70 homes in the east development, which is almost complete. Many Tapatios, some of whom come down on weekends, but clearly not every weekend. There were a lot more people around on the Constitution day long weekend than on the other weekends we have been here. Some children, but I haven't seen more than 4-5 around at any time. Not at all noisy: we haven't heard anything from the two nearest eventos. We can sometimes hear a guard dog outside the community, and of course roosters every morning. The west development, which has more than 100 planned homes, has been cleared but no construction has started. It is on the other side of the entrance road to the club. The club truly is gorgeous, with a long grassy field down from the pool to the breakwater. There is a children's playground, a trampoline, volleyball court, and hot tub in addition to the pool. Visitors have to pay just to access the club, but the fee (about $150 MXP) is applied to your drink/food purchase. Some expats find the club dues too pricey for around here, and I certainly get that. The development was designed to attract Tapatios with an exclusive club that they could not get elsewhere at lakeside, so some of the offerings are indeed "high-end." We have been very happy thus far, and our expat neighbors agree. The biggest "con" is being so far west of Ajijic, but we are close to the Farmers' Market and the route to Guad (Costco/Mega/Home Depot) via Jocotepec.
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    The reason it looks brown and murky, close up, is that it is fairly shallow and the loose sediment bottom is clearly visible from the surface. It is contaminated like nearly all of bodies of water are in the US these days. I have heard it stated that it is cleaner than 70 percent of beaches in the US. Now that the lake is much fuller with water than it has been for several years. Fuller means the contaminants and naturally ocurring metals in the lake are less concentrated, hence a more healthy lake!
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    I second this studio. We used them for passport photos last year. If I remember correctly, it is called Studio Zaragoza.
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    And they love to pass on the right, be very aware of them there. They definitely have possibilities as a rich source of organ donation.
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    I would spend some time there on the weekend to see if it becomes inundated with kids. Ergo noisy. I'd then compare it to Arroyo Alto.
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    Boy is this guy great!!!...thanks to his info there was no one waiting when I exchanged my modem whose light panels have failed. Fred Habacht
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    On Lopez Cotilla; a block east of the mercado publico and on the south side of the street. They will be ready in 24 hours or less. We used them for years.
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    So enjoyable we couldn't stay away, and were back last Saturday. Hugh makes a mean paté, and once again the creamed soup was deelish. He has also started offering a special each week.
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    Good leather furniture at Furniture 4 Less. Next door to Sunrise Cafe.
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    So, where do you find those nurses? I would love to have a name or two, plus phone numbers, if possible? thanks,
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    My doctor at Quality care ordered me to take 150 ml of Alpurinol. He also added that this treatment will be from now on Fred Habacht
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    I have been cursed with gout, but allopurinol keeps it at bay: Allopurinol: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects - Drugs.com https://www.drugs.com › Drugs A to Z Allopurinol is used to treat gout or kidney stones, and to decrease levels of uric acid in certain cancer patients. Learn about side effects, interactions and ...
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