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    We have only have one side of the story. Period. I never posted anything the OP posted was untrue, I only posted that there are two sides to the story. Not All of the facts of the story have been posted until we hear from the other. And we have not heard from the other side. So no rush to judgment until all of the facts are revealed. And if anyone wants my passport number or permanent visa status pm me to make sure I do not own a Range Rover or whatever. I have no secrets. Chill out.
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    Woo! You people are getting a little argumentative,,,n'est pas? I thought this was the POLITE board! GEEZ, Louise! Do we need a THIRD board so that we can relegate you to the category of the truly disgruntled??? IMO the 2 boards that I post on are getting WAY beyond polite, not to mention that they are NOT disseminating useful info to those of us who would like a clue or 2 as to how things work here. I've been here 11 years and am still learning...but not from youse guys who are posting diatribes.
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    Now we have a lynch mob of Harley riders cruising the area to hang some expat from the nearest tree. They only know what has been posted by the OP who was not at the scene of the accident. I am a motorcyclist for 45 years and I ride daily. I too have been rear ended twice, the last time about 4 months ago in Guadalajara. So my bias rides with the motorcyclist in this case. However, not all of the facts have been posted in this thread. There has been no reply from the other party. Off topic...., but a reminder for expats who are following this thread>>> Piedra Barrenada is well known for being a gringo$/bump traffic opportunity. A moto or car will quickly cut in front of a vehicle at a tope and then slam on the brakes to come to a quick stop. The moto gets rear ended. The rider threatens the expat and claims they work for immigration or they are a govt employee ....blah blah blah. He takes all of the money the expat has on him and then agrees all is good. Then guess what? The next day the extortion begins. He rounds up the valet guys in front of the fish restaurants and pays them off as witnesses to back his version of the "accident". Did this happen in this case? I have no idea. I am only saying there are always two sides to every story. Disclaimer: I am not pissin´ on Mexicans here, all of my moto buddies are Mexican. My wife went thru this twice in Piedra so I know the drill.
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    Maybe we would have the other side of the story if the guy had not run off. As far as a lynch mob of Harley riders? No one is looking to Hang anyone, only to locate him so the police can investigate. Let's don't make this into something it is not!!
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    I accept what the OP posted. I do not agree that anyone should accept that as the gospel truth until they hear from the other party. That area is a known gringo trap. Whoever hit the guy made a mistake and paid for it.
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    So now we have an unseen lynch mob, a statement pretty much calling the OP a liar, another that says "not all the facts have been posted" (because obviously you know), an admitted bias, a story completely unrelated as an example of what you assumed happened, and a conspiracy. Ever heard the expression "kangaroo court"?
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    We bought our CRV from S&S. He did not charge a fee for getting our vehicle.
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    Agree. ALSO...... good practice is to always check that the item on the shelf and the ticket below match. Stuff gets moved around..... sometimes people put in wrong place, etc. Be pro-active..... keeps your blood pressure down and avoids unpleasant surprises at the cash register!
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    It is amazing how threads are deleted for just about zero reasons when serious accusations and attempts at destroying someone´s reputation are ok...
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    Blanca, our beautiful street girl is now spayed!! All her big cuddly puppies have now gone to loving homes and she is doing well. We are hopeful that now her motherly duties are over she will choose to stay with us.
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    Check the square meters on the bills from last year to this. We had a doubling a few years back and found out Chapala decided we had a 2 story house instead of 1. They're using Google street view to make guesses on your property. I had to talk to the guy in back about the discrepancy and in the end they sent someone out to look. Avoid that at all costs. They'll always come up with more taxable square meters.
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    You did a wonderful thing. I too hope Blanca decides to move in. Keep us informed.
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    I don't see why. It is not like a bulletin board where notices crowd each other out and space is limited. Newer posts push the older ones down and claim top space. I am guessing many of us have things that annoy us and for which we'd like a rule. When it comes to rules I am a "less is more" person.
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    Yes, please clarify, as my husband needs to renew his chofer's license in February.
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    The U.S. private sector already controls the oil industry all over the world, and has done so for many years. To explore for, drill for, refine, pipe and transport oil requires a huge infrastructure with very unique, specialized equipment. This activity also involves staggering maintenance costs to avoid accidents, or environmental disasters. The high tech equipment to monitor the process, and all the maintenance nuts and bolts - are 99% controlled by U.S. Companies, made in the U.S.A. They make huge profits. Then there is private security to ensure the safety on these technicians and mechanics while overseas, again U.S. companies preferred. The government uses this as political pressure - sure, you can run your own oil shop, but what are you going to do when it starts to breakdown? This exact scenario has been played out many times in the world. I believe this was the same problem in Mexico. The nationalized PEMEX, with rising maintenance costs (in U.S. $), way too much top management, and not enough funding for deep(er) sea drilling, really had to find partners. Partners/investor would be reluctant to pour money into a government mandated pricing scheme. The government could potentially bleed these partner/investors dry. Also in the free market they could at least attempt to influence pricing.
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    S&S is paid by the dealership on new car sales. Spencer charges a fee for acquiring a used car.
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    wrong mudgirl The Ministerio Publico investigate not the police and if it is reported soon enough after the crime the MP dust the place for prints..IIt all depends if it is important to them or not. I once helped people who had been robbed of a lot of jewelry and the place was thoroughly dusty with that black powder for prints .. of course it has to be reported to the right people to start with. Another time I helped a couple that had been robbed at gunpoint and the MP had lots of pictures for them to look at .., they do think about these things when they do want to investigate. Of course with the reform people do not go to jail unless it is a violent crime so if they get these guys and nail them on this crime all they will do is fine them ..hardly worth the effort of doing anything I would guess.
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    Brilliant video! Why don't we have such creative commentaries to describe political realities NOB? Thank you Jim!
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    http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2017/01/pena-nieto-faces-unrest-in-mexico-as.html Interesting VIDEO at the end of the article.
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    I don't know how the police go about investigating, but unless these perps are already known to them and it's just a matter of finding them, the first thing I'd be doing is checking the phone records of the so-called security guard for the day and time just after the OP left their home.
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    I quoted your words. You are denying what you stated. I first arrived in 1996, big fella. I've seen and heard more than you have now. And your bald-faced implication is that bdlngton can't possibly undertand this country the way that you do. You can rearrange your republican-like comments any way you like, but you aren't fooling any of us.
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    I agree, Computer Guy. J B seems to assume that the rest of us don't have the experience or knowledge that he does without knowing any more about our backgrounds in regards to Mexico and its people. While it is true that there are many things in Mexico that are not as we might anticipate or would like, I also would not want to be so cynical as to always expect that Mexicans will not follow laws and are always out to cheat me. I prefer to do be vigilant and am open to accepting other people's negative experiences as warnings. I don't understand why some people assume or want the rest of us to assume that being cheated goes with the territory.
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    Two sides to most every story. I too would like to hear what the supposed perpetrator has to say.
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    This whole thread still doesn't confirm who was at fault in this incident. Many opinions (and some documented traffic laws) posted on here, but it still doesn't answer the question.........was it the Range Rover or the motorcycle who was ultimately at fault?
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    .. It is libel and slander.
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    They have a price scanner or two in the store. Make them your friends.
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    So many times it is the "security guy" who is at the helm. They get to know you - watch you leave smiling, then call in the bad guys and voila - robbed. So sorry for your loss. Get a couple of big dogs and keep them in your yard while we go out people! There are many lovely dogs at The Ranch that would be happy to work for you for food & a little love!!!
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    If all your doors are padlocked from the inside how to you go back in ?
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    So sorry this happened to your husband and no insinuation intended that he wasn't operating his moto properly. But I do agree with pappy'smarket- the vast majority of moto operators in Mexico seem to be under the impression that traffic laws do not apply to them. I can't count the number of times I have been the first car stopped at a red light on a divided highway with 20 cars waiting behind me, when some moto wiggles himself between the two lanes of traffic up to in front of me and halfway into the intersection so he will be first through the light. And a couple of times I've almost had a head-on collision with some kid on a moto coming around a blind curve on a village street on the wrong side of the street. Sans helmet, of course.
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    The Rav 4 looks pretty good. Is an older Volvo wagon a feasible choice? Or would repairs/maintenance be difficult?
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    I've looked for it too and in the end decided it was mythical.
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