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    Just thought I'd share this good news story ...This morning the owner of La Bodega restaurant returned to my husband the wallet that he had inadvertently left in the restaurant last night. The wallet, which contained quite a bit of money, credit card, driver's license, etc. was returned completely intact. The gentlemen would not accept the generous reward offered by my husband, he just said that he appreciated our patronage in his restaurant. Needless to say, we are feeling a great sense of relief and gratitude today, and of course will continue to patronize the La Bodega restaurant which has always provided us with a good meal, pleasant ambiance and entertainment.
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    I've always enjoyed Javier's company. When I was selling ads for the Chapala Review magazine, he conducted business the old-fashioned Mexican way: invited me in, sat me down, offered me libation, asked about my life and family. Only then were we free to discuss the affairs of money. He is a dear fellow.
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    And a nice wife and smart children, a classy family.
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    Everyone who has lived some while at Lakeside, has heard both praise for, and judgments against, every medical specialist who practices here…and Veterinarians are no exception to these evaluations. Clearly, that sort of exchange is a two-sided coin, because both can communicate valuable information. But it seems to me that all too often our ‘sidewalk journalism’ leans too far towards the ain’t it awful? and seems to create roots as hardy and destructive as weeds in the garden! So today this note is of the ‘good news only’ variety. I come to praise the ER practices of Dr. Ladron’s Animal Hospital in Riberas…and here is Why: My little guy – a Scottish Terrier— has a liver condition. On Monday, that condition was exacerbated by our infamous ‘serial dog killer’ and his poisons. Scotties life was in grave danger. Within 30 minutes of contact with the poison (who amongst us knew that sniffing is as dangerous as injestion of poison?), Scottie was vomiting violently, racing in crazy circles, and screaming. I rushed him to the Ladron Clinic in Riberas. White as a ghost, I raced into the clinic crying ‘he’s been poisoned!’ Immediately the entire medical team sprang into action! Scottie was whisked into the OR, immediately sedated into a 24 hour coma, and treatment began – IV’s, stomach pumping, medications to draw the poison out of his system…etc, etc, etc. In less than four minutes of my rushing in the door, all of this took place! And the entire time, Hector Ladron explained every step they were taking and why it was necessary. That night, one of the vets even took Scottie home to be monitored throughout the night and make sure more seizures occurred. The next day a radiologist from Guadalajra was brought in to do an ultrasound. Blood work had shown that Scottie had suffered liver, heart and kidney damage, and Dr. Ladron felt it important to evaluate the extent of those. Clearly I was consulted about this, and was in total agreement with those steps. Thankfully, today Scottie is back home. By no means is he out-of-the-woods, but he is eating, drinking, and doing all the other vital stuff necessary for regaining his health. I want everyone to know that all of this is due to the swift reactions of the Ladron Animal Hospital team. The depth and breadth of my praise of their expertise, concern and professionalism is absolutely beyond measure! And believe me--my hope that we immediately catch and prosecute the insane person who is poisoning our pets, is every bit as arduous! Thanks for listening…and caring so much!
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    This is really shocking to hear ! Dr. Heredia was one of the kindest and most caring of souls. He helped a lot of people in this area. He will be truly missed !
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I think. I bake often, and am confident that my fruitcake will not be "infinitely inferior." I've baked them in December often, and my family and friends always enjoy them.
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    IMO getting the word directly from the horse's mouth saves errors..... and besides, this is Mexico -- what was "right" today could be a total 180 reverse by tomorrow! Good luck!
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    Are you here at lakeside? If yes, why not go right to the source and ask the INM people in Chapala?
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    This might explain it - http://atxcatholic.com/index.php/2011/12/las-posadas-and-the-devil-at-the-nativity/#.WEiUwX3ivyM Not to mention that the same question was asked last year, this was the name of the post Why is the Devil a part of Chapala Christmas Display (and Human Skulls)
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    If I fit this description and was named Mike and was not a dog poisoner I would be really in someone's face for posting this. Come on Mods, do your job.
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    This was just posted on Inside Lakeside by Trailrunner: It is with great sadness that I tell you Dr. Ricardo Heredia of Chapala has passed. He apparently passed in his sleep and cardiac arrest is being called the cause of death. His wife, family, and friends are devastated. If you have an upcoming appt or are calling to make one, be advised.PS: Could someone please post this on TOB for me, thanks.
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    I will look for it as I try and keep an open mind.
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    Dr. José Ricardo Heredia Granados passed away just before his vacation to the states to visit family and friends. A mass is at the big church in Chapala at 7 pm tonight. He was a friend, his touch and his smile were magic. He can not be replaced but he can be remembered at least for as long as I live. Many feel the same way and I will see them all tonight with tears and flowers in hand.
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    Best time to find is from March and later. Many landlords want full time renters and offer a better rate on year or longer leases.
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    January is a busy time with many snowbirds in the rentals you are hoping to see. We found our rental in March. If you see a place you like, but it is a little out of your price range, "make an offer" - two rental agents have told me this. I offered two hundred dollars less that the listed price per month and the owner accepted it.
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    Thank you so much. I will be there.
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    OOOHHHH NO!!! I am SO sad to hear this!! He was my doctor...and the doctor of many friends. A compassionate man, an excellent physician, adept at combining traditional medicine with naturopathy and Chinese medicine...such a TREMENDOUS loss...for his precious family, and for our wonderful community. I have heard there is a memorial service tonight at 7 pm...i f anybody knows the details, please post...I know that SO MANY people would like to honour him.
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    How do you know they are not? Lots of high dollar cars, lots of traffic on the Joco libremiento on the weekend afternoons. Great access now from the affluent side of GDL, Zopopan. Pretty good guess I think.
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    Again, how to you know they are from Guadalajara? A family meal at the Lakeside is a traditional thing, more popular with the conservative country people than the big city sophisticats. Lots of new developments, for every price point, near "mini" Lake Chapala, Cajititlan. Much easier access from Guadalajara, on good roads, and the local government has invested a lot into promoting tourism there. All Spanish however. Many more things to see there, but according to this article - not too many restaurants. http://www.mexconnect.com/articles/3882-mexican-artisans-of-lake-cajititlan edit: Expensive cars/trucks as a unique signature of a Guadalajaran, good grief!
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    It's no wonder that people living in Guadalajara would want to sit by the lake and enjoy the ambiance along with a meal. I wish we had more restaurants right on the lake. It was a real pleasure when Roberto's, and then Yves, were at least viewing distance from the lake.
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    PM me as I have two 16 oz containers of fruit cake mix that I bought at SuperLake last year but are unopened and have been in the fridge. I also found a box of SunMaid currents, opened, from SuperLake years ago but they are going in the trash.
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    Deborah, time consuming to chop but a possible option - use some of the local candied fruit - papaya, mango, pineapple. I thank have seen currants at Superlake but ... good luck.
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    Have you checked the grainery store beside Gossips? They may have all of those items.
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    One really good data point as to how the Tapatios have returned to the entire lakeside is the total rejuvenation of that restaurant strip just east of San Juan Cosala. That place is packed on the weekends and it ain't us expats.
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    As we all get older the Good Old Days are remembered more fondly than they were at the time. Just human nature.
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    What is the source of this name and location, please.
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    "A" list parties, life mates for Mexicans..really.. We all live in Lake Chapala area...all very close. seriously get over yourselves. By the way the weather used to be wonderful here, rained only at night, only in rainy season, and was not cold...what now..? coats heaters, and hats..tons of traffic, and too many inflated egos! MOG
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    Marco continues to send his own weekly updates to his mailing list. You can ask to be added to it. The food is at least as good as Marco cooked it, sometimes even better. His family does him proud.
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    A "horrible, visual blight"? That's very harsh criticism, considering these are children that are ages 10 or 11. Ajijic is a village where creativity and artwork can be seen everywhere, and is appreciated by almost everyone!
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    Rolly's old website that I still use. http://rollybrook.com/employee-pay.htm I believe the numbers are still good, but the examples of how to work through are invaluable. Also there is a short cut for the alguinaldo.
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    Those poles look pretty cool to me. The kids must be ecstatic, seeing their work in a "permanent" place. Perhaps a "pro" job would be nicer to look at, but for me there are few things more refreshing than a young'un creating something original.
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    When I moved to Ajijic 21 years ago, it was still a fishing village. There were a couple of good restaurants like Bruno's and Manix. There were fishing nets along the waterfront, few cars and no traffic lights. La Floresta was the only "fracc." I came from a big city and loved (and still do) that everybody kind of knew each other here in the village. There were no chain stores, the pizza store was the first. Sigh, but life here is still the best place I can be!
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    Too many street dogs not being "doctored' and therefore increasing the pupulation!
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    Expats in Ajijic were originally the artsy, hippie ones. Chapala was retired military, as was Guadalajara. Many moved to Chapala from Guadalajara. One traffic light in 2004 followed by two more in 2005 in Ajijic. Then I stopped counting. Riberas del Pilar being called a failed fracc is absolutely correct. It is. One of the main reasons that Ajijic became the hub for expat activity, rather than Chapala, was the founder of the Lake Chapala Society, Neill James, who relocated it to her home and its beautiful grounds in Ajijic almost 35 years ago and willed her property to the Lake Chapala Society upon her death giving all area expats a place to meet and socialize, gather and share information and offer helpful classes and other forms of assistance to the local community.
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    I second Pedro Malo's suggestion. Hacienda de Taos is off the beaten path and an experience that will stay with you forever... beautiful horses, beautiful people to care for you.
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    To each his own. I found Ajijic more to my taste when I first moved here 10 years ago and still today i prefer it to Chapala. I think both places have much to offer Isn't it nice that we are close enough to enjoy both.
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    Several others very recently have reported how bad 15D can be. For sake of 185 miles, known highways, often higher speed limits, familiar hotels and restaurants, no tolls in the US others who contemplated both options were happy to go via Laredo.
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    I've had several people out to my casa to witness these lights flashing. (They even came at 5:00 a.m.!) Seems I can look in three places each night to find them. I live in Chapala Haciendas overlooking the lake. On clear nights there are up to 15, some even forming triangles with lights flashing. As soon as it gets dark they are here. I know a couple who live to the West of Ajijic that see a trail of lights coming from the West side of the lake and go into the lake, often. This I want to see for myself. There is a couple I know who witness a UFO right over their heads, soundlessly moving over their property. They do not discuss this with to many people, don't need the negativity. Lots more stories to tell, but why bother when there are so many that think you're crazy.
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    I have heard the same story from a resident in Chapala Haciendas that she has seen UFO's hovering over the lake. It happens around 2am when she awakens and looks out her window with a clear view of the lake. She also said that sometimes they dissapear into the lake! maw
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