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    I think expats move to Ajijic over Chapala because that is where the majority already have moved. That is where most of the gringo businesses and restaurants tend to be. That is where the higher end neighborhoods and expensive homes are already located. Basically, Ajijic is much more nicer looking! It just boils down to money, that is where all the money happens to be these days. And because of all that money, they were able to build a really cute looking plaza and put up some really nice looking murals all around. Ajijic has its charm, it is predominately artsy, compacted, claustrophobic, with super narrow streets where even the sidewalks are roughly cobble stoned. Chapala, the city itself has much less charm than Ajijic, it is has less of the money, hence less high end restaurants but the infrastructure is much better. That means that the streets are much wider, the sidewalks are wider and better paved, the area is much flatter, much better for walking, it doesn't have that claustrophobic feel. It is a larger town. We have the more classic looking boardwalk which has a lot more action. The shopping is good meaning that there are more stores and shoppes in Chapala, but the fancier stores, the Super Lake and Walmart are in the San Antonio-Ajijic area. I think that Chapala is the next up and coming town, if you NEED to be within walking distance of lots of gringo neighbors and lots of gringo oriented entertainment, shopping, and fancier homes......the Ajijic area is your best bet. If you desire a town with a more real Mexican vibe, with much more affordable living, a city that is more pedestrian friendly and easier on your ankles.....Chapala is your town. The good news is that Chapala and Ajijic are just 10 minutes apart. If you choose to live in Chapala, all the fancy stuff that Ajijic offers is just 10 minutes down the road.
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    Well, things have changed in both areas and in fact you could consider them a single area now. I first lived here 45 years ago and "way back then" Chapala was where ALL the infrastructure was and where most of the gringos lived. Chapala is where you went to eat out, bank, go to the doctor, do your shopping, hang out at the American legion, etc. Or you had to go to Guad. Ajijic was a very small artist community where a few hippie and beatnik types mingled with writers, musicians, and painters. Most gringos lived right in town and town ended where the panteon is. The only Tapatios here came on Saturday or Sunday night to dance to live bands at the old Posada which was the only nice hotel in town as well. There were no two story buildings, streets went all the way around the plaza, the one public phone was in a tienda where the everything store now sits and the movie theater on the plaza showed mostly Mexican films. One traffic light, one Pemex station (also only one in Chapala and one in Joco) and no malecon. Just a flood plain and a pier that went under water during the rainy season. No libramiento and a highway that washed out regularly just this side of Chapala. Yes things change and much of the change makes things a little more congested and noisy but change also brings in more more options for those of who decide to make this place home...options that much of the world can't even fathom. Alan
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    As usual this post drags on and on and gets into slamming and rude remarks! Why can't a person ask an opinion..as was done...and just give your ideas/opinions and shut up! Grow up people...we are here because we love many things, dislike many others...and made our choices. Its not about snobs, rich people...etc etc.... Viva both Ajijic and Chapala and every place surrounding...for their own particular charms!! Just enjoy.....there is enuf hatred and animosity in the world without turning very discussion here into a battle ground!!!
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    This is real easy - much easier to promote a quaint, fishing village, than a market town, serving an agricultural and ranching community. Same as Puerto Vallarta, promoted as an old fishing village (not true) filled with Spanish Colonial treasures (not true). BS trumps brains, every time. I'm sorry, Ajijic makes no architectural, town planning, or artistic sense whatsoever. Fake Corinthian columns around the bandstand - what is this Sadaam Hussein school of decorating!?!? Murals? Please direct me to even one which can hold a candle against the great Mexican muralists. And those Tapatios MC sees everywhere? Spend a day in Ocotlan or Ixtlahuacan. The are many very wealthy farming and ranching communities about. Yes they drive very expensive vehicles, their families wear nice, expensive clothes. Demographics have changed a lot over the past ten years.
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    Moderator: Please shut down this thread. I posted about an exceptional breakfast that my wife and I had this morning and, as usual, gringagal has to continue to beat a dead horse. We lost City Sandwiches today due to lack of support and with her continual beating of the dog and smoking thing there are many people who won't even give Jimmy D's a chance. It's a great place deserving our support. Rick
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    Please leave it alone. Let's comment on the food and service. Negative comments like you always make are what caused the moderator to shut down the previous thread about this great restaurant. The restaurant business is hard enough witjout people like you that never go and yet beat the place to death.
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    Please leave it alone. Let's comment on the food and service. Negative comments like you always make are what caused the moderator to shut down the previous thread about this great restaurant. The restaurant business is hard enough witjout people like you that never go and yet beat the place to death.
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    I jst moved to the "failed fracc".Riberas. So quiet and peaceful. great place to walk. People take care of their dogs, thus no dog shit, dog packs, and minimal barking. Why???? people take care of things. Animals are in at night. There is no garbage thrown around. Chapala is a lovely walking town. So enjoyable to walk on the main drag. Driving is easier , too, IMO. I like some of the things that go on in Ajijic, so enjoy LCS stuff and the like. Tried living there 3 years ago. Lasted 4 months. Everyone has their preferences, that's for sure, and it is nice to be able to access all the communities so easily if you want a little variety in your day.
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    Rick, glad you and Heidi enjoyed your breakfasts. Gringal, it really is unfair to repeatedly comment on restaurants where you have never gone. Since you will never go there, leave the commenting to actual customers who can review whatever aspects they wish. Besides, you have repeatedly made your point. Give it a rest.
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    It's very easy to fix....don't go there! I'm sure that will break their hearts. We did not "mentor" them into anything other than food. The dog and smoking thing has been beaten to death. Get over it!
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    Too many street dogs not being "doctored' and therefore increasing the pupulation!
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    There is enough fakery, snobbishness and reverse snobbishness to go around here. Our importance or lack of it in the big scheme of things isn't dependent on which lakeside town we chose to live in. Let's hope it's based on something more substantial.
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    That's the snobbiest thing I've heard in a lonnnnng time.
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    And Gringal singlehandedly closes yet another restaurant thread by changing the topic to dogs rather than the food? Damn.
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    Aren't you the folks who mentored them into the problem "other" than the food? Now the patrons are supposed to comment as though the situation doesn't exist? The new people could change their policy to align with the Mexican laws and then......there would be no problem with just talking about the food.
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    This blog will never surpass the knowledge and experience of our More Liana. Nevertheless, it is a dense body of information, and interesting. I now know how to order "critter" tacos - Zorra. https://panamaniancookingterms.wordpress.com/spanish-cooking-terms/
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    Four or five days per week would be heaven. Try an erratic two these days. I get a chuckle out of about how half the Chapala residents here like to gloat about getting the lions share of services and repairs that others pay for while the rest try and deny the obvious.
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    I think it is based on the number of your posts. Some of us just can't help ourselves.
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    Question: Do the expats who prefer living in Chapala speak good Spanish? Otherwise, how could you relate to the majority of the people? As for the rich appearing Mexicans living in the farming/ranching communities, is it possible they earned their riches in the, ahem, "alternative" economy? I've considered Chapala vs. Ajijic. Chapala has its charms but I noticed years ago how totally congested it was all through the central area on weekends with traffic jams on side streets, air pollution from idling cars, noise, etc. It had a much more urban feel to it as opposed to the more rural charm of Ajijic where charros ride up and down the streets you live on which I find immensely charming! And I find the murals and art scene of Ajijic also immensely charming. We are blessed to have Jesus and Antonio Lopez Vega right in our midst plus other notable artists. Each town/city has its own unique culture and traditions and even gene pools You can see that if you go to the fiesta processions in the various towns. Which reminds me, Guadalupe Day in San Juan is a richly abundant and beautiful fiesta and procession with many residents putting large, elaborate Altars IFO their houses, more so than the other villages. Coming up this Dec. 12, which is Guadalupe Day all over Mexico, it is almost a legal holiday. Enjoy!
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    We don't live in Chapala and moved from Ajijic 3 years ago because of what I see on this thread plus the noise, lack of parking and the general vibe so in my case, it's not defensiveness. The "better than thou" attitude is just stupid in senior citizens. One would think by this age some would know better but I guess not.
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    Not sure what other towns have to do with the Lakeside towns being discussed here but, hey, if it makes you happy to believe that those places are as big a draw as here, go for it. Funny, I rarely see Ajijic residents posting covert or otherwise slams of Chapala here but the opposite doesn't seem to hold. Y'all sound a bit defensive. Why?
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    Chapala attrascts much lower class visitors
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    We removed a couple of tiles to put up a cabinet in the bathroom in our rental. We put the tiles inside the cabinet so we would remember where they were. The landlord was fine with this solution. We left the cabinet when we moved as we did not need it and the landlord was even more happy! Most of the tile workers here can patch in a tile and make the grout look just like the aged grout that exists as well as the holes in other walls, even the ones with artistic finishes. Like any good renter, we always leave a house in as good a a condition if not better condition than when we rented,
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    When we first started coming here 25 years ago it was simple. Chapala was for enlisted and Ajijic was for officers, with all that implies. Chapala is a city and Ajijic has been able to stay a village and wants to stay that way. The houses are more expensive in Ajijic because they are usually updated and up to NOB standards. 60% of Chapala's tax revenues come from Ajijic, but, the votes are in Chapala hence the focus of the politicos.
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    T. Falcon lived here for many years before she died a few years ago. T said that there was no road between Chapala and Ajijic and the Hollywood crowd brought their boyfriends/girlfriends here to party. If their mates showed up, they had to come by boat from Chapala and someone would call and warn them to ditch the lovers before their spouse arrived. T said there were some great parties in Ajijic down on the lake that would go all weekend. I live here because of the view of the lake and mountains.
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    Expats in Ajijic were originally the artsy, hippie ones. Chapala was retired military, as was Guadalajara. Many moved to Chapala from Guadalajara. One traffic light in 2004 followed by two more in 2005 in Ajijic. Then I stopped counting. Riberas del Pilar being called a failed fracc is absolutely correct. It is. One of the main reasons that Ajijic became the hub for expat activity, rather than Chapala, was the founder of the Lake Chapala Society, Neill James, who relocated it to her home and its beautiful grounds in Ajijic almost 35 years ago and willed her property to the Lake Chapala Society upon her death giving all area expats a place to meet and socialize, gather and share information and offer helpful classes and other forms of assistance to the local community.
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    I second Pedro Malo's suggestion. Hacienda de Taos is off the beaten path and an experience that will stay with you forever... beautiful horses, beautiful people to care for you.
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    This is right down your alley! Celina Reynolds originally from New Mexico has a working cattle ranch on the way to Manzamitla on the south side of the lake. She has a number of horses of different temperaments that she rents out for excursions or gives lessons with. I can't wait to get back to Joco to check her place out! Here is her website. http://www.saudicaves.com/mx/taos/index.html
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    The traffic got very bad very fast. It seems that lakeside has been rediscovered by the Tapatios. I say rediscovered because it was a destination for them for much of its history and then it seemed to ease off a bit before a big resurgence starting about 3 years ago. Chapala isn't immune to this, try getting through that traffic light in the middle of town on Hildalgo on the weekends. The entire area is flooded with Tapatios these days. Other than the fact that most of our tax dollars are diverted to Chapala and hence things are better maintained there, I don't see a big difference in the quality of streets and sidewalks. Both towns are pretty primitive when compared to places like Mazamitla or Tapalpa, for example. Both have very nice Malecons for walking. WalMart and Centro Laguna are more convenient to Ajijic. We have a very decent grocery 3 blocks away at Plaza Bugambillias and now we have by far the nicest gym in all of Lakeside there. There are two pharmacies, 4 hardware stores, four banks/investment houses all easy to walk to and geared to expats. There are numerous restaurants within easy walking of Ajijic centro and although Chapala has that very nice market next to its plaza, we like the greener more artistic feel of the Ajijic plaza. We have a decent movie theater at Plaza Bugambillias and nicer ones at Centro Laguna. Heck, now there's even a BMW moto shop two blocks away. Homes cost more in Ajijic because a lot more of them are higher end, with more land and landscaping. That's obvious as soon as one actually walks around both towns. San Antonio is more like Chapala, denser and with fewer expats. Riberas is a failed fracc and it has the layout of a fracc like La Floresta, which is adjacent to Ajijic and one of the very nicest in all of Lakeside if you're up for fracc living. To each his own. We wouldn't consider moving anywhere else Lakeside. Judging from the popularity and the many magnificent homes owned by prominent Mexicans here I'd say we have a lot of company for that sentiment.
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    To each his own. I found Ajijic more to my taste when I first moved here 10 years ago and still today i prefer it to Chapala. I think both places have much to offer Isn't it nice that we are close enough to enjoy both.
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    How we got here from a simple request for contact information mystifies me but this is turning into a debate. It wouldn't be necessary to be constantly locking threads like this if we'd simply answer the original request if we have the information, otherwise not comment at all. Closed.
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