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    There is no debate The dog poisoning has to be stopped. But, there needs to be equal outrage over the dogs running loose as the horrendous accident near Chapala Haciendas recently discussed here pointed out, where people were severely injured and all went to jail because someone swerved to avoid a dog that was running loose. Apparently there is no way under law to go after the irresponsible owner. There has to be equal outrage.
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    I'm sorry but what good does this post do? If you have something to say, say it.
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    And if I did would it make any difference? Some one already posted a positive review and it looks like some people are ready to condemn this restaurant for something that isn't even true.
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    So much for a peaceful and non-personal discussion, Maine. If not even you can avoid make those kinds of comments, forget it. I also found it interesting, and was happy to be involved in a decent conversation.
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    Thread edited by mod to remove personal sniping.
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    When we returned after 6 months away we had a mess under our car hood of squirrel food remnants and poop Now it has started again...and we use the car every day! How to stop this before they damage wiring, hoses, etc. So far only a mess and no damage.......but very annoying. Mothballs do NOT help at all. Help!!!
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    People: The Don has returned. He personally took the ad in the paper. There are no squatters, and there never were. I've been here since long before he opened that place. Apart from what you might think of Pedro Arrayano personally, the only problem with his restaurant was the same as so many here: quality of the meal. So, it looks like the Thanksgiving dinner was a winner, and maybe that signals a change. Or not.
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    Haven't seen a thread on this so either the locals don't know about this forum or everybody is deaf. Every night for at least the last week or more your alarm system has been going off several times late at night.....its been going for at least an hour right now. Would it be too much to ask for you to get someone who is actually competent to look at it and fix whatever is causing the fault. I'm suspecting a faulty sensor. I've even got out there to check that there isn't someone actually trying to rob the place as I know you have had problems in the past so its definitely not going off for a legitimate reason. Thank you.
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    Am I incorrect? I'm assuming you want to take it from Mexico and into the U.S. If it is coming from the U.S. probably won't be much of a problem by car. Driving north, we ran into this problem several years ago over some antibiotics that were sold OTC at the time here but required prescriptions up there. As the crackdown on this had just started, the customs officer allowed us to keep the drugs but told us next time they'd be confiscated. We crossed back three weeks later with the stuff and had no problem at all.
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    They are $500p cheaper at Costco than at either the Apple Store or Best Buy. Apple Store and Best Buy are the same price.
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    Mothballs have not worked...they sit right on top of them and chew the nuts/seeds they carry into the engine! Even super mothballs that a neighbor used. Yesterday I was nearly sick with the mothball smell as we drove around.... I put bounce sheets in the engine today...they did not poop but ate their food on top of them!! I placed chili pepper seeds on the engine and around the tires...didn't seem to fix them. But they did not take away the bounce sheets for nesting as I suspected they might. I am at my wits end! I hate to use Raid...as it will affect us in the car......and I dislike the idea of killing them...but do need to deter them!! When we leave for 6 mths we place a rag in the exhaust and mothballs under the hood, and this is the first year they are causing such a problem. Will try the ammonia rags next............. Thanks for all the suggestions........stay tuned.....
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    CG I posted this because I found it interesting. "Knee jerk" seems to be your reaction to it. Of course there are factors which affect the significance of it. For example, how does Japan get away with the debt burden they have without collapse? Why hasn't it affected the U.S. currency more? Will it at some point? Regards Mexico I find it interesting because it seems to verify that the country did learn something from the 1994 meltdown. History suggests that currency values eventually reflect fiscal prudence or the lack thereof. In 8 short years, the U.S. national debt has doubled and the country has actuarial inbalances in most of its pension schemes including Social Security. Will this catch up to the value of the U.S. dollar and when? Looking at Japan one might be tempted to say never but maybe there are factors that make them unique as well.
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    It was $300 per couple. He had an ad in last week's paper. He took the opportunity to try and attract customers with a good deal. I'd say if the food and service were good, he succeeded.
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    We are so terribly sorry. We are using the most popular alarm company lakeside and they have been a disaster. We have had them in the restaurant at least once a week since this started, and doing everything they say in order to stop this. We also have to suffer thru this as every time it happens we are called and we get in our car in pajamas, slippers, flashlight and armed with what one would call a billy club. Rush to the restaurant go in disarm the system then do a complete inspection and find nothing. This is happening as I said every week. Never have we got there when the alarm is going on. We then return and call the alarm company and get the response that they will send someone out manana to find out what is wrong. Thus far they have adjusted the sensors, secured all the doors and windows so that they do not vibrate when it is windy. As I am writing this my wife is on the phone with them tearing them a you know what. Again we apologize and assure you we are doing everything we can short of operating with no system which we really don't want to do. If you will drop by the restaurant tomorrow we will tell you what they have told us and what they are doing this time. Having been robbed twice was no fun and we have to have some system to protect us. La Mision
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    Villa Nova office is open from 10-1 tomorrow if you would care to personally follow this up. The office phone number is 766-3343 and does accept messages if no one is there when you call.
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    Or even a phone call which can be done from the comfort of the same chair as your complaint was typed. 108-0887. Always a good idea to try personal courtesy first. Especially in Mexico.
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    Also the flat panel is heavier and needs better anchoring for wind. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for. With a vacume tube the water is boiling innthe tanh. With flat panel max 180f. Just a less effecient system. I doubt you could go 4 days without sun with flat panwp but with tubes and copper tube in the tank you can.
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    Earlier this year I received a tax demand letter from SAT for excess cash deposits made in 2014. I deposited lots of ATM cash I needed for a house remodel at the beach. After documenting everything and turning it over to Spencer he found out it was a fishing expedition. SAT just hoped I'd pay.
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    Bone broth is easy to make and nutritious even though it does not actually repair cartilage. I have friends who make it all the time for themselves and their dogs and cats.
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    You don't know the science behind the claim because there is none. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/02/10/384948585/taking-stock-of-bone-broth-sorry-no-cure-all-here
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    Sounds as though Lexy is threatening that any thread reviewing this restaurant will be turned into a doggy rant. I hope I misread what she said. If she did mean that I hope moderators will not allow this highjacking to continue. It is getting tiresome.
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    What do you mean 'drop the car, arrange the test'? The test takes about 15 minutes. It will take you longer to drive from Ajijic to the emissions centre than the test takes. Geez, like you have nothing else to do. We're all just 'waiting for god' anyway.
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    I think this is location number 19...only Ruben's Grill has nearly as many. There are actually cave drawings of this guys sign. Fred Habacht
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    This fall I have gone to Pacifico 3 different days early AM & the top layer of shrimp has been defrosted. So much so that I am pretty sure they turn down the freezers at night. Costa D Alegre near Super lake has a far better selection of fresh fish, good freezers & the old staff from Pacifico who are very helpful & pleasant. Have not compared their prices but its quality that counts. Costa's fresh salmon on Wed & fresh swordfish & grouper are great.
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    You don't say where you live. There is a place in Jocotepec that could possibly do it.
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    Miriam, that was an awesome explanation. I have used mine in many houses i have lived in. I'm with Kosika. Why aren't they constructed with a drain? Who knows... I am wondering if there is a way someone could take the proper tool and cut out a drain. I'll admit that i use the laundermat because i live on second floor and have really nowhere to hang the laundry. I can use the downstairs line until the place gets rented then back to hanging on patio railings. I did not mind using mine exclusively when it was in an open air patio in other houses and the lines were right there. I used to challenge myself, and then the money I saved I used for fun money. I realize the majority of people would not at all be entertained by this. I am losing interest myself and plan to buy a washer when I move to my next casa soon. I do like using the lavadero for many other things though and am going to explore having a drain hole cut into it.
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