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    The locals shop near their homes. The Big Box stores do not affect the corner tiendas. Mexicans in the neighborhoods can run a credit with the tiendas and they can't do that with the large stores. They can walk to the corner tienda and the large stores are too far away. Walmart and Sams do not take business away from the neighborhood tiendas.
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    Yes, good call bmh. That is why I did not post the gossip surrounding the rumor my wife heard. I have 2 school aged granddaughters, step daughter and son-in-law in addition to my wife to worry about and think confirmation if true or false is important in order to take some precautions. Guess they will find out soon enough this coming week if true or not. A few years back there was a "run"on kidnappings in Joco. I just worry being stateside and unable to be vigilant over them.
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    The annual show Feria Maestros del Arte is Nov 11 - 13 this year. However, the only glass artisans attending are Christmas ornament makers from the State of Mexico and beautiful etched glass items from CDMX. http://www.mexicoartshow.com/2016maestros.html
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    Water gun works too. If you spray water in the dogs face they will get shocked and let go the biting/victim dog.
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    Sure Mike. the landline is 376-108-0180 The cell phone which is a better option until we open is 331-797-9812
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    The last time we had the poisoning scare I bought basket muzzles for my dogs. They can run, play, breathe easily but they can NOT pick anything up. I was fortunate that some one coming down brought them after I purchased them online. They weigh very little. Here is a link to purchase online. https://www.amazon.com/Basket-Cage-Dog-Muzzle-Size/dp/B002KWZXUS Good luck and may we catch this bastard soon.
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    Best choice for safety, and are exercise workout/pant friendly, are lightweight muzzles. Those were mentioned elsewhere on Harry's thread. I simply place the muzzle on when I want a break from being in surveillance mode, but most leave it on all the time. I personally know of a good 10 dogs which have been happily muzzle trained, and more have said they have the lightweight muzzles on order. I thought it would be difficult to condition an 5 year old dog to accept it, but it was a breeze.
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    I would simply quit walking my dog. Or take my dogs out in the country and let them run on a dirt road. Why would anyone want to walk their dog where poisonings have occurred?
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    This is disgusting and scary. I'm almost afraid to walk my dog anywhere. All it takes is a second or two of a dog owner being distracted, and most dogs can already have something in their mouths and swallowed. Whoever is doing this is one depraved, angry, self-centered and sick CREEP. I sure hope it doesn't continue for very much longer.
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    Hola All Above, I can personally attest that the Microdine sold at Wally, if taken properly does kill amoeba. This was done with before and after tests. Some amoeba Lakeside is resistant to Flagel. This is scary, see your doctor and pay for the tests if you get sick. These ifections can kill. Again, most of the fruit and veggies bought around the lake have chemicals that were used at one point or another. Use precaution and wash products with appropreate products. I consume alot of produce here and have not had an infection, cancer, or other issues.
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    The worst thing about a big box store locating at the intersection of the Carretera and the Libramiento would be the added danger from the additional large semi tractor trailor delivery trucks coming down the Libramiento from Guad. to stock the store. Most would be overloaded (80,000 LBS +) and some would have brake failures at an intersection that would be even more congested than it is now. The idea a of a big box store located at this location needs to be addressed with the Municipality of Chapala for what that is worth.
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    Ahh - the Dalai Bennie. Maybe the undiscovered 17th Buddha?
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    I'm sticking with GSE (grapefruit seed extract) for the disinfecting process. Thanks for the heads up Snowyco. I used to eat ALOT of street food. Mimimizing that this time around. I do disinfect everything i put thru my juicer as juicing will intensify the amount of anything negative you are getting. I do eat the berrie but less frequently as i have more than once picked out a bucket of them when the vendor then decided to give me other than i pointed to and get them home aqnd they are half moldy on the bottom. I'm over that Trick. You win a few and lose a few I guess. With fruit that I gather from the ground, such as guavas, I usually boil and make a jam or jelly. Bennies idea seems like a good solution for her. Ned Small, it is really "small " of you to put others down when they are trying to protect themselves from dire health problems. Take what you like and eat the rest.
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    We are VERY glad to hear that the music start time has been pushed to further in the evening. We do not enjoy band music with our meals and conversation. Our last 3 trips there we had to drive on by and go to Tango. Once it was just the 2 of us, once we were a party of 6 and last week a party of 5. Dining out is getting harder to find. Pedro's GO now has music twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. At least he's left some nights for dining with conversation.
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