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    How many times do I have to post this info? 4 times??? With Capital One 360 accounts there are NO NO NO fees. When I get home from withdrawing money from an ATM and check the bank-to-bank exchange rate with xe.com I find that my exchange rate was about .2 points difference. (18.5/18.3) They are allowed to make money on the exchange rate they charge me from the one they pay another bank. Where they make their money is on the float from the time I deposit funds until I'm able to withdraw those funds, usually 3 days. Then they start paying me interest on that deposit. AND I have no minimum balance to maintain. No foreign transaction fee, no ATM fee. The only money Capital One makes on a withdrawal is the diff between the exchange rates and it's almost nothing. Certainly not 1%. The interest on checking is .2%, savings is .75% (makes me sick when I think of what we all used to make years and years ago). The exchange rate I got today about 3:30 was 18.8. I think that's pretty good when I looked the exchange rate tonight and it was (day median rate) 18.75. So obviously I took a withdrawal at the right time of the trading day. So Jeb, have you finally got that there are banks out there that are good to deal with???????? Also, there are NO fees for their credit cards. And since I pay the balance off every month no matter the size, I pay NO interest. And NO yearly fees. I'm done thrashing around with you, Jeb. Go find yourself a bank and leave us out of it since you continue to question good advice when you get it.
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    I thought this thread was about Best Doctors only. Seems many are hijacking to express opinions on their insurance.
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    there are dental tools in it from scotland.
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    Can we order off the menue, the chicken is not my favorite there
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    As pretty much said by Kevin and Hud it depends as well on your comfort level or things in common with your fellow expats. I find SMA what I call classy; but, one mans classy is another man's snobby. For example the guys I met there tended to dress a little more upscale while here short pants and wife beater shorts are more the norm. An observation, not a judgement. Women dressed well in both places. Intellectual comfort with the arts more prevelant there, but we have Guadalajara close by which trumps SMA in all things if that is a criteria. So yeah, try them out to see which is a better fit for your lifestyle and your pocketbook.
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    This family is West Coast, but thin or thick, it's the cheese and the sauce that really counts. Costco is good but it's not right here. I don't get why anyone is giving a thought to Domino's when we have Perry's in town. It's the best!
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    Okay I rained on the biking parade but IMHO this is going a bit too far. My frame of reference is years spent living in Colorado and Washington state and our current home base of Tucson. Compared to these places biking at Lakeside is awful to the point of not even considering doing it, and hiking is limited and dangerous due to the trails being covered in pea-size gravel. My wife and I still get out and do some shorter hikes (1-2 hours) but with two trekking poles apiece and very grippy lightweight hikers. And it must be said there are plenty of spry 60-80 year olds who go out for hours at a time each and every Tuesday and Friday on the longstanding organized hikes that leave from Dona's Donuts, not to mention locals who run those same ~2000+ ft. elevation gain trails surefootedly in running shoes or even huaraches. There's a thriving tennis community here, good yoga instruction, volleyball, golf, the malecons and Cristiania park in Chapala for running without dealing with the cobbles and plenty of gyms. There are also a whole lot of folks who live here car-free and get in 2-5 miles a day of walking just living their lives and are much the better for it. And of course the climate is such that it's a rare day indeed that the weather keeps you from getting out and being in nature.
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    I agree with Johanson that life styles changes and different events can impact your electrical needs. With my new upgrade it is predicted that my monthly cost should be 74-80 mp at the current us/mx exchange rate, (almost near the minimum monthly charge). Could it be lower....sure, but adding an additional panel would not be economical at this point. I like the fact that with these new solar improvements I can add more panels later as CFE rates are surely going to continue to go up. As to payback....I really think that the 5-6 years that have been predicted is close to reality, but what we really like is that our bi-monthly CFE "gift card" will stop surprising us. Even a 10-15% yearly increase should be manageable....if we behave ourselves. We have already converted our lighting to near 100% LED bulbs with very little replacement costs due to their long lives. We had a second refrigerator with years on it, (more than 10), and we replaced it this month. Our primary refrigerator is five years old and we plan on replacing that at the ten year birthday, maybe. We have no pool, no airconditioning, no fountains, but lots of overhead fans which use only when we are in those rooms. Our clothes dryer and stove are gas. Our TV is new but larger than the old one. Negatives are two computers, lots of battery chargers and the TV is on most of the day but disconnected at sleep time...via a circuit breaker. We still, unfortunately live much higher on the hog than our Mexican neighbors and that is unfortunate but we are as tight as we want to be as of now. I hope that this helps people who are considering solar or whose systems are no longer producing the smalls bills that they once did. Fred Habacht
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    Not sure if this works for Americans, but I go to Intercam currency exchange in Ajijic and write a cheque on my Canadian bank account in exchange for pesos. The exchange rate is good there.
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